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2015 Rittenhouse True Blood Season 7 Collector's Set Trading Cards

2015 Rittenhouse True Blood Season 7 Collector’s Set Trading Cards

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Goodnight, Sookie. Goodnight, Jason. Goodnight, brooding Bill Compton. And farewell all you Bon Temps vampires, witches, werewolves, fairies and whatever other creatures call the show home. The 2015 Rittenhouse True Blood Season 7 Collector's Set wraps the HBO series up on a somewhat quiet, albeit limited edition, note. The set comes with 15 cards, five of which are autographs.

The final ten True Blood shows are condensed into ten episode cards. This is half of what the first six seasons got in various sets of from the card maker.

The five autographs in 2015 Rittenhouse True Blood Season 7 come in three different designs. Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse) and Rutina Wesley (Tara Thornton), both regulars on the show from the start, are featured on Silver Signature cards. These use silver ink and are done on a black backdrop. Mehcad Brooks ("Eggs" Benedict Talley) signed with the bordered design. Finally, Christopher Heyerdahl (Dieter Braun) has both a bordered and a full-bleed autograph.

The 2015 Rittenhouse True Blood Season 7 Collector's Set is limited to 250 copies.

Product Configuration: 15-card factory set
Price Point: Mid-End Entertainment Card
Target Audience: Trubies, Autograph Collectors

2015 2015 Rittenhouse True Blood Season 7 Collector's Set Break

  • 5 Autographs
  • 10 Base Cards
  • 15 Total Cards

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Rittenhouse 2015 True Blood Season 7 Factory Sealed Card Set w/ 5 Autograph $99.95 Buy this product now on ebay
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