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2015-16 Panini National Treasures Basketball Hot List

2015-16 Panini National Treasures Basketball Hot List

High-end brands may come and go but 2015-16 Panini National Treasures Basketball continues a storied product that has become a staple of the Panini lineup. While the price of entry is very high, the payoff can come in the form of Rookie Patch Autographs (RPA) or Logoman patches.

Although the 2015-16 rookie class is not the best by any stretch, there are several key names to collect and the clear standouts would be Kristaps Porzingis and Karl-Anthony Towns. The National Treasures RPA rookie cards are arguably their best overall piece of cardboard out there and the sales prices back that up. Huge patches and on-card signatures along with the NT quality take these premium cards to the next level and even the lesser names can push to four figures.

Also seeing high demand from collectors, Logoman cards feature the iconic NBA logo from a jersey and there are even signed versions. As the name would indicate, Colossal cards don't merely have large jersey swatches and Notable Nicknames doubles down with the most famous monikers across the league's history.

However, nothing is without risk and that is greatly amplified at this price point. There are redemptions, sticker autographs, some weaker names in the checklist and quite a few relic-only inserts that are much more swatch than patch. At $600+ for ten cards, none of these things would be considered ideal. When combined together, it makes for a huge box gamble that many would be better off avoiding by exploring singles.

With that thought in mind, we have put together a real-time snapshot of live eBay auction listings for 2015-16 Panini National Treasures Basketball. The hot list below tracks the most-watched auctions at any moment and conveniently displays the top 50 of these cards for your review. Use this to track your favorite player, team, or simply to watch the big hits surface. Check back or bookmark the page to keep tabs on 2015-16 NT.

2015-16 Panini National Treasures Basketball Hot List

Shop current 2015-16 Panini National Treasures Basketball listings on eBay.

73 watchers
Bids: 21
Current Bid/Price (USD): $152.50
Time Left: 2023/01/30 04:38:43
30 watchers
Bids: 13
Current Bid/Price (USD): $150.00
Time Left: 2023/02/01 14:49:19

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