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2015 Panini Michigan Wolverines Collegiate Trading Cards

2015 Panini Michigan Wolverines Collegiate Trading Cards

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Exclusively featuring the sporting options at the University of Michigan, 2015 Panini Michigan Collegiate aims to honor the athletic legacy in Ann Arbor. Highlighting only former Wolverines, the multi-sport release averages at least one autograph or memorabilia card per box.

With 50 cards in the base set, several different programs at Michigan are on full display. Top football subjects include Charles Woodson, Tom Brady, Devin Funchess and Jake Long. Even former president Gerald Ford makes an appearance as a Michigan alum and standout football player from the 1930s. The NBA is represented by Jalen Rose, Glen Rice, Cazzie Russell, Trey Burke and Glenn Robinson III. Barry Larkin and Zach Putnam offer baseball options.

Signatures and Memorabilia cards apply a hit element to the release with a look at the football players. There is also an autographed parallel, numbered to 99 or less.

Focusing on the very top options, Honors looks at those players who have hoisted individual awards like the the Heisman Trophy or Big Ten Player of the Year.

The base and insert sets are further expanded with a variety of limited parallels, including Silver, Gold and Black.

2015 Panini Michigan Wolverines Collegiate Trading Cards 1

Estimated Release Date: October
Product Configuration: Retail: 8 cards per pack, 24 packs per box / Blaster: 8 cards per pack, 10 packs per box
Price Point: Low- to Mid-End Multi-Sport Card
Target Audience: College Collectors, Autograph Collectors, Memorabilia Collectors

2015 Panini Michigan Collegiate Retail Box Break

  • 2 Autograph or Memorabilia Card

2015 Panini Michigan Collegiate Blaster Box Break

  • 1 Autograph or Memorabilia Card
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Set Checklist

2015 Panini Michigan Wolverines Collegiate Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

50 cards. Player position noted below.
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver, Gold #/25, Black #/10

1 Michigan Official Logo
2 Michigan Location/Map
3 Michigan Traditions
4 Michigan History (image of University)
5 Michigan Fight Song/Battle Cry
6 Michigan Official Logo
7 Michigan Basketball Court
8 Michigan Football Stadium
9 Michigan Sports Facilities
10 Darius Morris G
11 Glen Rice F
12 Devin Funchess WR
13 Devin Gardner QB
14 Glenn Robinson III F
15 Fitzgerald Toussaint RB
16 Frank Clark DE
17 Gerald Ford C
18 Jake Long OT
19 Jake Ryan LB
20 Jason Avant WR
21 Jalen Rose G
22 Junior Hemingway WR
23 Kenny Demens LB
24 LaMarr Woodley DE
25 Leon Hall CB
26 Mario Manningham WR
27 Michael Schofield OT
28 Jamal Crawford G
29 Mike Martin DT
30 Patrick Omameh G
31 Maurice Taylor F
32 Tom Brady QB
33 Mitch McGary F
34 Nik Stauskas G
35 Taylor Lewan OT
36 Rudy Tomjanovich F
37 Tim Jamison DE
38 Tom Brady QB
39 Tim Hardaway Jr. G
40 William Campbell DT
41 Trey Burke G
42 Barry Larkin INF
43 Alan Branch DT
44 Brandon Graham DE
45 Chad Henne QB
46 Charles Woodson CB
47 David Harris LB
48 Zach Putnam P
49 Denard Robinson QB
50 Cazzie Russell F

Base Memorabilia Set Checklist

3 cards

8 Chad Henne QB
49 Devin Funchess WR
50 Devin Gardner QB

Base Signatures Set Checklist

7 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver #/99 or less, Gold #/25 or less, Black #/10 or less

111 Denard Robinson QB
112 Devin Funchess WR
113 Devin Gardner QB
114 Taylor Lewan OT
115 Tim Hardaway Jr. G
116 Tom Brady QB
117 Trey Burke G

Honors Set Checklist

10 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver, Gold #/25, Black #/10

71 LaMarr Woodley DE
72 Leon Hall CB
73 Charles Woodson CB
74 Barry Larkin INF
75 Cazzie Russell F
76 Glen Rice F
77 Rudy Tomjanovich F
78 Trey Burke G
79 Devin Funchess WR
80 Devin Gardner QB

Trey is a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options.

User Reviews

Nick T
Nick T

I’m a huge Michigan collector and have been waiting for this forever. A+


Looks great, but why no hockey? And only two for baseball, how about Jim Abbott or Chris Sabo?

Also surprised Frank Clark is in there since he was kicked off the team last year.

Ed McArdle
Ed McArdle

I busted 5 boxes and all cards look the same. How can one determine the silver, gold & black parallel variations? I must be missing something.

Trey Treutel
Trey Treutel

Ed McArdle The Silver parallels replace the actual background with a light silver color fill, and the Gold and Black parallels do the same and are also numbered.




I want to alert people of the waste of money in buying the 2015 Michigan Panini set. It is unbelievable that Michigan would sanction a set like this. What’s worse is that Michigan signed a multi-year relationship with Panini. Hopefully, Michigan was smart enough to retain some control so that future sets do not waste Michigan collector’s money.

I recently purchased and broke down 2 cases (40 boxes) of this set. The conclusion is that the set is a major disservice to collectors and Michigan supporters, in particular.

The literature produced supporting the set is misleading.

First, Panini claims that “Each box will deliver one autograph or memorabilia card.” All signatures are Authentic! proclaims its web site. Yet 2 boxes in each case had neither an auto nor a patch. None of the boxes in either case contained 2 autos or 2 patches, so the average was well below one per pack. This means that 10% of the boxes lacked either an auto or a patch. This is a far cry from the representations that on average each box contains either.

Second, Panini should probably rename the set the Devin Gardner set. The 36 boxes which did contain an auto or patch contained 7 Devin Gardner Autographs (all base) and no autographs from any other player. In addition, 12 of the boxes contained Devin Gardner patches. In case you need help with the math, a whopping 19 out of 36 (52.8%) of the boxes contained Devin Gardner material.

The Gardner auto cards are worthless.

The patch cards regardless of the player are also worthless.

The set allegedly contains autographs from 7 different players. Statistically, it is highly improbable that 2 cases would contain autographs from one player and one player only unless (1) Devin Gardner cards are much more prevalent than any others; or (2) the distribution of cards is not random. The number of Devin Gardner cards offered on the secondary market and the absence of autographs from other players on these markets further confirms that one or both of these are true.

Further evidence of non-random distribution was evident in that the base cards repeatedly appeared in the same order

I have now also spoken to other collectors who have confirmed the exact same experience as me.
I believe that this is conclusive evidence that these cases were manually assembled.


The cost of the set to Michigan fans for what they might receive is unconscionable, especially compared to Michigan’s previous relationship with TK Legacy and the quality it produced. I am disappointed that Michigan would allow its name used under these conditions and sanction such behavior by Panini.

I reached out to Panini before posting this ad. I alerted them to the same information contained above: Here is its first response in full:

“We apologize for the dissatisfaction you experienced from the box(s) you recently purchased. Unfortunately, since all of our products are randomly packed there is no way to guarantee that the hits in every box/case will cancel out the cost of its purchase. Again, we do apologize for the disappointment that you experienced with this purchase and wish you better luck next time. Thank you and have a great day!”

Panini wishes me luck? The odds of getting nothing but Gardner autos in multiple cases is nearly impossible. That is not luck. Luck cannot explain an occurrence that is nearly statistically impossible if the cards are randomly distributed.

Panini completely ignores the fact that not every box contains an auto or patch card. So, I wrote back 2 more times. Panini ignored the question both times and shut down my service request. I opened up another one. Its customer service said that they cannot guarantee a hit in each pack. I have asked why its marketing and materials guarantee it. Either they are wrong or its customer service is wrong.

Run from this set.

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