2015 Panini Immaculate Baseball Hot List

2015 Panini Immaculate Baseball Hot List

2015 Panini Immaculate Baseball is certainly not for everyone, but it is hard not to be impressed by some of the premium hits found in the product. The high-end baseball release continues its reputation as a strong collecting option for quality memorabilia from current and former players. The detailed hot list below documents which 2015 Panini Immaculate Baseball cards are commanding the most attention at any given moment.

Bat Knobs, Bat Nameplates and Jumbo Cleats are just a few of the impressive relics found in the pricey baseball set. Equally noteworthy are the all-time greats that are featured among the memorabilia inserts. Many of the biggest names in Cooperstown also have relics in the checklist.

Another new spin in 2015 Immaculate Baseball works with the college license exclusive now owned by Panini. While the cards cannot use official MLB logos, several inserts feature a collegiate theme, adding to the appeal for some.

One major complaint from collectors about Immaculate Baseball centers around the sticker autographs in the set. While that is certainly not ideal, most of the designs incorporate the stickers in way that does not stand out too much. Also, there are some popular signers from both the past and present. Notable young stars include Kris Bryant and Carlos Correa. Correa is particularly intriguing given his new deal with Topps means there will likely not be many more (if any) signed cards for him outside of the Topps brand.

Keep tabs on all the action from 2015 Panini Immaculate Baseball with our real-time hot list below. The guide is regularly updating to bring the most current information about which auctions have the most people watching. The top 50 auctions are highlighted.

2015 Panini Immaculate Baseball Hot List

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Bids: 2
Current Bid/Price (USD): $4.25
Time Left: 5 days 23 hours 36 minutes 36 seconds
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Past Sales: 1
Current Bid/Price (USD): $17.99
Time Left: 6 days 5 hours 12 minutes 33 seconds
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Bids: 1
Current Bid/Price (USD): $19.95
Time Left: 6 days 1 hour 8 seconds
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Bids: 3
Current Bid/Price (USD): $5.50
Time Left: 2 days 14 hours 22 minutes 59 seconds
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Past Sales: 1
Current Bid/Price (USD): $2.39
Time Left: 8 days 16 hours 51 minutes 14 seconds
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Past Sales: 1
Current Bid/Price (USD): $1.79
Time Left: 18 days 15 hours 57 minutes 51 seconds
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Past Sales: 3
Current Bid/Price (USD): $1.79
Time Left: 22 days 16 hours 55 minutes 50 seconds

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