2015 Leaf Heroes of Baseball Cards

2015 Leaf Heroes of Baseball Cards


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Stan Musial is part of baseball royalty. Not only was he one of the game's greatest hitters, but he's also the face of one of the sport's most successful franchises. Even though he was a regular signer, you'd still expect to pay a decent amount for his autograph right? Not so with 2015 Leaf Heroes of Baseball. Each blaster-style box of the product promises a Stan Musial autograph as well as 20 packs of cards.

The base set has 60 cards. All are either enshrined in the Hall of Fame, headed to Cooperstown in the near future, named Pete Rose or one-time superstars. Albert Pujols and Ichiro are the only active players in the set.

In addition to the main set, there's a 20-card look at Stan Musial's career. These cards highlight various milestones and achievements of the Cardinals Hall of Famer. These inserts act as the basis for the autographs as well. The signatures come on stickers.

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Product Configuration: 20 packs plus one Stan Musial autograph per box, 5 cards per pack
Price Point: Low-End Football Card
Target Audience: Autograph Collectors, Set Builders, Stan Musial Collectors

2015 Leaf Heroes of Baseball Box Break

  • 1 Stan Musial Autograph
  • 101 Total Cards
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2015 Leaf Heroes of Baseball Checklist

Base Set Checklist

1 Al Kaline
2 Albert Pujols
3 Andre Dawson
4 Bert Blyleven
5 Bill Mazeroski
6 Billy Williams
7 Bob Gibson
8 Brooks Robinson
9 Bruce Sutter
10 Cal Ripken Jr.
11 Carlton Fisk
12 Darryl Strawberry
13 Dennis Eckersley
14 Don Mattingly
15 Don Sutton
16 Doug Harvey
17 Dwight Gooden
18 Earl Weaver
19 Eddie Murray
20 Ferguson Jenkins
21 Frank Robinson
22 Frank Thomas
23 Gaylord Perry
24 Goose Gossage
25 Greg Maddux
26 Ichiro
27 Ivan Rodriguez
28 Jim Bunning
29 Jim Palmer
30 Jim Rice
31 Joe Morgan
32 John Smoltz
33 Johnny Bench
34 Jose Canseco
35 Lou Brock
36 Luis Aparicio
37 Mike Piazza
38 Orlando Cepeda
39 Ozzie Smith
40 Paul Molitor
41 Pedro Martinez
42 Pete Rose
43 Rafael Palmeiro
44 Randy Johnson
45 Red Schoendienst
46 Reggie Jackson
47 Rickey Henderson
48 Roberto Alomar
49 Rod Carew
50 Rollie Fingers
51 Ryne Sandberg
52 Stan Musial
53 Steve Carlton
54 Tommy Lasorda
55 Tony Gwynn
56 Tony La Russa
57 Wade Boggs
58 Whitey Ford
59 Whitey Herzog
60 Will Clark
2015 Leaf Heroes of Baseball Cards 2

Stan Musial Milestone Checklist

20 cards.

MM-011942 W.S. Champs
MM-02 1944 W.S. Champs
MM-03 1946 W.S. Champs
MM-04 1943 MVP
MM-05 1946 MVP
MM-06 1948 MVP
MM-07 1943 Batting Champ
MM-08 1946 Batting Champ
MM-09 1948 Batting Champ
MM-10 1950 Batting Champ
MM-11 1951 Batting Champ
MM-12 1952 Batting Champ
MM-13 1957 Batting Champ
MM-14 1948 RBI Champ
MM-15 1956 RBI Champ
MM-16 Jersey #6 Retired
MM-17 All-Century Team
MM-18 HOF 1969
MM-19 3630 Career Hits
MM-20 24X All-Star
2015 Leaf Heroes of Baseball Cards 3

Stan Musial Autographs Checklist

20 cards.

MM-011942 W.S. Champs
MM-02 1944 W.S. Champs
MM-03 1946 W.S. Champs
MM-04 1943 MVP
MM-05 1946 MVP
MM-06 1948 MVP
MM-07 1943 Batting Champ
MM-08 1946 Batting Champ
MM-09 1948 Batting Champ
MM-10 1950 Batting Champ
MM-11 1951 Batting Champ
MM-12 1952 Batting Champ
MM-13 1957 Batting Champ
MM-14 1948 RBI Champ
MM-15 1956 RBI Champ
MM-16 Jersey #6 Retired
MM-17 All-Century Team
MM-18 HOF 1969
MM-19 3630 Career Hits
MM-20 24X All-Star
2015 Leaf Heroes of Baseball Cards 4

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Trey Treutel is an Ole Miss grad and a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options. Find Trey on Twitter at @datreute.

User Reviews

  1. I applaud Leaf for some of the creative things they’ve done. Some of the repack products are nice, and the Metal line is a great value. Then they do things like a “blaster-style” offering with an auto of players like Ripken and Rose, totally killing the value or their autograph, and flooding the market with those undesirable cards.

    But this is on a whole different level of awful. One, for all the reasons I mentioned above on the Rose and Ripken releases, but look at that signature. Leaf should be flat out embarrassed by those “autographs” obviously obtained from a frail Musial who was in his final stages of life. He had such a clean, beautiful signature. To see this is blasphemous.

  2. Tyler Sullivan It is possible the autographs were obtained from Musial’s estate. I believe you used to be able to buy signed stickers like that from his official website. If that’s the case, Leaf would be merely buying the existing stock, which could be seen as being very different from commissioning them.

  3. I have several Musial autos in my collection and I agree that should not be on a card. Sad in a way in my opinion.

  4. The autograph looks like it was ibtained on his deathbed…terrible quality and barely legible. His grandson used him to make money with this venture and it is disgusting…better off buying a Stan photo

  5. Okay, I sprang for one of these boxes at Target. Chrome sticker with better auto that above, but not great. Is this really worse than Topps still using Johnny Podres auto stickers? Or Gary Carter stickers? Yes, Stan Musial was on another level than those players. Still it has been done before. As for killing the value of Musial autographs, not so sure. What may happen is quality of the autograph may eventually become important. Really bad ones will cost less than a nice clean legible autograph.

  6. I bought a box of those cards at Target and my auto was clean and beautiful-certainly nothing like what is pictured. I am very happy with it!!

  7. Basically it’s a case of greed trumping quality control.

    Here’s the email you get from Leaf if you inquire about the illegible signatures on the stickers. Notice they’re apparently getting so many they don’t even address the senders by name:

    “Dear Consumer,

    We received your email about the Stan Musial product.

    As you might not be aware, for the last several years of Stan’s life, his health declined significantly. Despite his failing health, Stan had a strong desire to continue signing autographs so that fans could continue to enjoy receiving his signature.

    Over this time, his signature deteriorated significantly from his prime years and the result of that is what you see on this card. I have attached examples of other cards signed in this era. These are cards that came in

    $100-300 hobby boxes s rare chase cards.

    I feel very comfortable with the quality of autographs (given that the legend’s life was coming to an end during this period). I am pleased we were able to provide in every single $39.99 box, what other companies were making extremely rare in boxes 3 to 10 times the price!

    For these reasons, these cards do meet the quality standards for the product and therefore are not eligible for return/replacement.

    Thanks for your email. I do hope the information provided was helpful.

    Brian Gray

    CEO, Leaf Trading cards”

  8. I am very unhappy with the overal product. way too many duplicates and a poor signature but not like the one above.

  9. Didn’t know about this product until I bumped into it at Target. For the price, I thought it was a steal. Someone complained about duplicates? Well, you get a complete 60-card base set AND the complete 20-card Musial highlights insert set in every box (at least I did in mine), so in a box with 100 cards, duplicates are going to happen. How you can complain about getting a complete set eludes me, though. I loved it.

    The auto I got seems to look better than most, but looking on eBay I’ve seen the autos from this product run that gamut – some were indeed just awful, looking like a couple of smudges, but one or two actually looked just about as good as anything he signed in his prime (those were certainly the exceptions, though). But the customer letter from Brian Gray I think was quite accurate – most of the autos in this seem consistent with what he signed for other products over the past couple of years.

    I’d love to see Leaf do another series of this, featuring another all-time great.

  10. What is the deal with so many people saying the autograph is very poor. Look it is STAN MUSIAL, possibly one of the best baseball players in history. Shame on all of you. I am a huge Cardinal fan. I also have autographs of STAN. To me to have anything signed by him is wonderful. Being able to have a set, an insert set and an autograph for $40.00 is a steal. You pay $40.00 for any other set you may get an autograph of a nobody or not even an autograph at all. For this I say I was very happy with the LEAF HEROES OF BASEBALL. I think it would be worthwhile for LEAF to do more sets like this. I also bought the LEAF Pete Rose set a while back for the fact it had his autograph. I bought both products for 1 reason and 1 reason only an autograph of a Baseball hero. Would I or will I sell the Autographs……..H LL NO. Having the autograph is why I bought the set. I wouldn’t sell it for no reason. P.S. STAN Musial was not a 20 year old baseball player therefore he would have a little shake in is signing. MY GOD PEOPLE HE WAS IN HIS 80’s.

  11. I think the auto of stan musial is collectible no matter what it looks like

  12. Emory Oliver i agree with you also i want to buy bothe products too.

  13. tyler sullivan
    How is a auto from stan the man himself is bad and if this is the final years of his life wouldn’t a auto from that period of time be more valuable in the future?

  14. I’m with Emory Oliver on this one this. Two people complaining about Stan’s autograph? Seriously?

    As the letter stated, and is quite the truth, Stan Musial ENJOYED signing autographs. He loved his fans, loved the game, and loved signing things. He did it right up to his deathbed. He literally died doing something he loved! And people are COMPLAINING about it! What’s it going to do with the value of the signature? WHO CARES! It’s a COLLECTIBLE for Chrissakes!

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