2015 Leaf Autographed Jersey Football

2015 Leaf Autographed Jersey Football


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Although it might not be the first thought for card collectors, 2015 Leaf Autographed Jersey Football offers an intriguing way to add signed memorabilia to a collection. Each sealed box includes a custom jersey signed by a current or former NFL player.

The product list features a good mix of talent from the past, present and future of the NFL. Former greats include Walter Payton, Terry Bradshaw, Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, Joe Montana and Joe Namath. Among the current stars, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Odell Beckham Jr., Cam Newton, Tony Romo, Ben Roethlisberger and Le'Veon Bell are the main attractions. Also, several key rookies from the 2015 NFL Draft class are available, including Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota and Todd Gurley.

It is important to note that the signed jerseys are not the official NFL versions. They are custom jerseys that do not feature team or league logos. However, since the jerseys are signed on the back and that is how they are normally displayed, it is not really noticeable.

2015 Leaf Autographed Jersey Football 1

While it was not specifically referenced, the signed jerseys in previous editions were all certified by either PSA, JSA or Leaf Authentics.
Product Configuration: 1 autographed football jersey per box, 8 boxes per case

Price Point: Mid-End Football Memorabilia
Target Audience: Football Fans, Autograph Collectors

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  • 1 Signed Custom Football Jersey
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  1. How can Leaf produce products with mini-helmet autos with logos, but jersey autos without the logos?

  2. Its probably cheaper for them to have them made and signed then buy a jersey and have it signed. The helmets are already made then bought and I’m guessing cost about $30 each compared to a actual jersey being around $200-$300? margins for this company is insane.

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