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2015 Leaf US Army All-American Football Cards

2015 Leaf US Army All-American Football Cards

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Unless you follow the national high school football scene very closely, there's a strong chance you won't know who many of the players in 2015 Leaf US Army All-American Football are. However, give it a few years and you could find yourself in the possession of autographs from the game's top pro prospects. Every box of the high school product comes with 12 cards, all autographed by participants in the 2015 US Army All-American Bowl.

Base Autographs come numbered to 50 or less. These have multiple parallels going as low as 1/1. Metal Autographs not only come on chromium stock, but they're signed on-card as well. These have Refractor-like Prismatic parallels.

Tour Autographs are also hard-signed. The photos on these cards were taken on the same day they were selected to participate in the event.

The checklist for the Five-Star Future Autographs features the players who are considered to be the top prospects playing in the game.

Touchdown Kings Autographs and Field Generals Autographs highlight top offensive prospects. Jack Black isn't part of Tenacious "D" but top defensive players are.

Rounding out 2015 Leaf US Army All-American Football are Autographed Patch Cards.

The product has a limited print run of 115 cases, each holding 12 boxes.

Product Configuration: 1 pack per box, 12 cards per pack
Price Point: Mid-End Football Card
Target Audience: Prospectors, Autograph Collectors

2015 Leaf US Army All-American Football Hobby Box Break

  • 12 Autographs
  • 12 Total Cards
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Set Checklist

2015 Leaf US Army All-American Football Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

98 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: White (not found in boxes), Silver #/50 or less, Black #/10 or less, Yellow #/5 or less, Red 1/1

01 Albert Huggins
02 Alize Jones
03 Asmar Bilal
04 Ben Humphreys
05 Blake Ferguson
06 Blake Johnson
07 Brady White
08 Calvin Brewton
09 CeCe Jefferson
10 Chad Smith
11 Chandler Cox
12 Chidi Valentine-Okeke
13 Chris Warren
14 Christian Rector
15 Chuma Edoga
16 D'Andre Walker
17 Dallas Warmack
18 Darius Slayton
19 Darrin Kirkland Jr.
20 Deandre Baker
21 DeChaun Holiday
22 Deon Cain
23 Derrick Dillon
24 Derrius Guice
25 Desherrius Flowers
26 Devonaire Clarington
27 Donte Jackson
28 Dre'Mont Jones
29 Drew Lock
30 Eli Brown
31 Henry Roberts
32 Isaiah Langley
33 Isaiah Prince
34 Jaason Lewis
35 Jacob Daniel
36 Jake Fruhmorgen
37 Jamal Peters
38 James Lockhart
39 Jaquan Johnson
40 Javon Patterson
41 Jay Bradford
42 Jerome Baker
43 Jerry Tillery
44 John Reid
45 Johnny Frasier
46 Jordan Cronkrite
47 Jordan Scarlett
48 Joseph Wicker
49 Josh Barajas
50 Josh Smith
51 Juwan Johnson
52 K.J. Hill
53 Kahlil McKenzie
54 Kaleb Kim
55 Kareem Ali
56 Keaton Sutherland
57 Keisean Lucier-South
58 Kevin Robledo
59 Kris Boyd
60 Kyle Phillips
61 Lawrence Cager
62 Liam McCullough
63 Malik Dear
64 Mark Fields
65 Martez Ivey
66 Marvell Tell
67 Matthew Burrell
68 Mekhi Brown
69 Mike Weber
70 Mitch Hyatt
71 Natrez Patrick
72 Neville Gallimore
73 Nicco Fertitta
74 Osa Masina
75 Porter Gustin
76 Rasheem Green
77 Ricky DeBerry
78 Ricky Town
79 Rico McGraw
80 Rodrigo Blankenship
81 Sam Darnold
82 Sh'Mar Kilby-Lane
83 Stanley Norman
84 Taj Griffin
85 Tarvarus McFadden
86 Tim Irvin
87 TJ Rahming
88 Tommy Townsend
89 Torrance Gibson
90 Travis Waller
91 Trent Irwin
92 Trenton Thompson
93 Trevor Elbert
94 Tristen Hoge
95 Van Jefferson
96 Xavier Lewis
97 Ykili Ross
98 Zach Okun

Base Autographs Set Checklist

98 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: White (not found in boxes), Silver #/50 or less, Black #/10 or less, Yellow #/5 or less, Red 1/1

BA-AB1 Asmar Bilal
BA-AH1 Albert Huggins
BA-AJ1 Alize Jones
BA-BF1 Blake Ferguson
BA-BH1 Ben Humphreys
BA-BJ1 Blake Johnson
BA-BW1 Brady White
BA-CB1 Calvin Brewton
BA-CC1 Chandler Cox
BA-CE1 Chuma Edoga
BA-CJ1 CeCe Jefferson
BA-CR1 Christian Rector
BA-CS1 Chad Smith
BA-CVO Chidi Valentine-Okeke
BA-CW1 Chris Warren
BA-DB1 Deandre Baker
BA-DC1 Deon Cain
BA-DC2 Devonaire Clarington
BA-DD1 Derrick Dillon
BA-DF1 Desherrius Flowers
BA-DG1 Derrius Guice
BA-DH1 DeChaun Holiday
BA-DJ1 Donte Jackson
BA-DKJ Darrin Kirkland Jr.
BA-DL1 Drew Lock
BA-DMJ Dre'Mont Jones
BA-DS1 Darius Slayton
BA-DW1 D'Andre Walker
BA-DW2 Dallas Warmack
BA-EB1 Eli Brown
BA-HR1 Henry Roberts
BA-IL1 Isaiah Langley
BA-IP1 Isaiah Prince
BA-JB1 Jay Bradford
BA-JB2 Jerome Baker
BA-JB3 Josh Barajas
BA-JC1 Jordan Cronkrite
BA-JD1 Jacob Daniel
BA-JF1 Jake Fruhmorgen
BA-JF2 Johnny Frasier
BA-JJ1 Juwan Johnson
BA-JJ2 Jaquan Johnson
BA-JL1 Jaason Lewis
BA-JL2 James Lockhart
BA-JP1 Jamal Peters
BA-JP2 Javon Patterson
BA-JR1 John Reid
BA-JS1 Jordan Scarlett
BA-JS2 Josh Smith
BA-JT1 Jerry Tillery
BA-JW2 Joseph Wicker
BA-KA1 Kareem Ali
BA-KB1 Kris Boyd
BA-KJH K.J. Hill
BA-KK1 Kaleb Kim
BA-KLS Keisean Lucier-South
BA-KM1 Kahlil McKenzie
BA-KP1 Kyle Phillips
BA-KR1 Kevin Robledo
BA-KS1 Keaton Sutherland
BA-LC1 Lawrence Cager
BA-LM1 Liam McCullough
BA-MB1 Matthew Burrell
BA-MB2 Mekhi Brown
BA-MD1 Malik Dear
BA-MF1 Mark Fields
BA-MH1 Mitch Hyatt
BA-MI1 Martez Ivey
BA-MT1 Marvell Tell
BA-MW1 Mike Weber
BA-NF1 Nicco Fertitta
BA-NG1 Neville Gallimore
BA-NP1 Natrez Patrick
BA-OM1 Osa Masina
BA-PG1 Porter Gustin
BA-RB1 Rodrigo Blankenship
BA-RD1 Ricky DeBerry
BA-RG1 Rasheem Green
BA-RM1 Rico McGraw
BA-RT1 Ricky Town
BA-SD1 Sam Darnold
BA-SKL Sh'Mar Kilby-Lane
BA-SN1 Stanley Norman
BA-TE1 Trevor Elbert
BA-TG1 Torrance Gibson
BA-TG2 Taj Griffin
BA-TH1 Tristen Hoge
BA-TI1 Tim Irvin
BA-TI2 Trent Irwin
BA-TM1 Tarvarus McFadden
BA-TR1 TJ Rahming
BA-TT1 Tommy Townsend
BA-TT2 Trenton Thompson
BA-TW1 Travis Waller
BA-VJ1 Van Jefferson
BA-XL1 Xavier Lewis
BA-YR1 Ykili Ross
BA-ZO1 Zach Okun

5-Star Future Autographs Set Checklist

10 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver #/25 or less, Black #/10 or less, Yellow #/5 or less, Red 1/1

FSF-CE1 Chuma Edoga
FSF-DC1 Deon Cain
FSF-JS2 Josh Smith
FSF-KLS Keisean Lucier-South
FSF-KM1 Kahlil McKenzie
FSF-MH1 Mitch Hyatt
FSF-MI1 Martez Ivey
FSF-PG1 Porter Gustin
FSF-RG1 Rasheem Green
FSF-TT2 Trenton Thompson

Field Generals Autographs Set Checklist

6 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver #/25 or less, Black #/10 or less, Yellow #/5 or less, Red 1/1

FG-BW1 Brady White
FG-DL1 Drew Lock
FG-RT1 Ricky Town
FG-SD1 Sam Darnold
FG-TG1 Torrance Gibson
FG-TW1 Travis Waller

Metal Autographs Set Checklist

27 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver Prismatic, Blue Prismatic #/20 or less, Green Prismatic #/20 or less, Purple Prismatic #/15 or less, Red Prismatic #/5 or less, Gold Prismatic 1/1, Gold Super Prismatic 1/1

ATA-BW1 Brady White
ATA-CC1 Chandler Cox
ATA-CW1 Chris Warren
ATA-DC1 Deon Cain
ATA-DD1 Derrick Dillon
ATA-DF1 Desherrius Flowers
ATA-DL1 Drew Lock
ATA-DS1 Darius Slayton
ATA-JB1 Jay Bradford
ATA-JC1 Jordan Cronkrite
ATA-JF1 Johnny Frasier
ATA-JJ1 Juwan Johnson
ATA-JL1 Jaason Lewis
ATA-JS1 Jordan Scarlett
ATA-MD1 Malik Dear
ATA-MW1 Mike Weber
ATA-RT1 Ricky Town
ATA-SD1 Sam Darnold
ATA-TG1 Torrance Gibson
ATA-TG2 Taj Griffin
ATA-TI1 Tim Irvin
ATA-TI2 Trent Irwin
ATA-TR1 TJ Rahming
ATA-TW1 Travis Waller
ATA-VJ1 Van Jefferson
ATA-YR1 Ykili Ross

Patch Autographs Set Checklist

36 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Bronze Foil #/25, Silver Foil #/10, Gold Foil #/5, Red Foil 1/1

PA-CC1 Chandler Cox
PA-CJ1 CeCe Jefferson
PA-CW1 Chris Warren
PA-DC1 Deon Cain
PA-DC2 Devonaire Clarington
PA-DD1 Derrick Dillon
PA-DF1 Desherrius Flowers
PA-DG1 Derrius Guice
PA-DL1 Drew Lock
PA-DS1 Darius Slayton
PA-JB1 Jay Bradford
PA-JC1 Jordan Cronkrite
PA-JF2 Johnny Frasier
PA-JJ1 Juwan Johnson
PA-JJ2 Jaquan Johnson
PA-JL1 Jaason Lewis
PA-JS1 Jordan Scarlett
PA-KJH K.J. Hill
PA-KLS Keisean Lucier-South
PA-KM1 Kahlil McKenzie
PA-LC1 Lawrence Cager
PA-MD1 Malik Dear
PA-MH1 Mitch Hyatt
PA-MW1 Mike Weber
PA-RG1 Rasheem Green
PA-RT1 Ricky Town
PA-SD1 Sam Darnold
PA-TG1 Torrance Gibson
PA-TG2 Taj Griffin
PA-TI1 Tim Irvin
PA-TI2 Trent Irwin
PA-TM1 Tarvarus McFadden
PA-TR1 TJ Rahming
PA-TW1 Travis Waller
PA-VJ1 Van Jefferson
PA-YR1 Ykili Ross

Tenacious “D” Autographs Set Checklist

12 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver #/25 or less, Black #/10 or less, Yellow #/5 or less, Red 1/1

TD-AH1 Albert Huggins
TD-DH1 DeChaun Holiday
TD-DJ1 Donte Jackson
TD-JB2 Jerome Baker
TD-JD1 Jacob Daniel
TD-JP1 Jamal Peters
TD-KB1 Kris Boyd
TD-MB2 Mekhi Brown
TD-MF1 Mark Fields
TD-MT1 Marvell Tell
TD-NG1 Neville Gallimore
TD-TM1 Tarvarus McFadden

Touchdown Kings Set Checklist

24 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver #/25 or less, Black #/10 or less, Yellow #/5 or less, Red 1/1

TK-AJ1 Alize Jones
TK-CC1 Chandler Cox
TK-CW1 Chris Warren
TK-DC2 Devonaire Clarington
TK-DD1 Derrick Dillon
TK-DF1 Desherrius Flowers
TK-DG1 Derrius Guice
TK-DS1 Darius Slayton
TK-JB1 Jay Bradford
TK-JC1 Jordan Cronkrite
TK-JF2 Johnny Frasier
TK-JJ1 Juwan Johnson
TK-JL1 Jaason Lewis
TK-JS1 Jordan Scarlett
TK-KJH K.J. Hill
TK-LC1 Lawrence Cager
TK-MD1 Malik Dear
TK-MW1 Mike Weber
TK-TG2 Taj Griffin
TK-TI1 Tim Irvin
TK-TI2 Trent Irwin
TK-TR1 TJ Rahming
TK-VJ1 Van Jefferson
TK-YR1 Ykili Ross

Tour Autographs Set Checklist

96 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Blue Pen (not found in boxes), Green Pen #/25 or less, Red Pen #/10 or less, Purple Pen 1/1

TA-AB1 Asmar Bilal
TA-AH1 Albert Huggins
TA-AJ1 Alize Jones
TA-BF1 Blake Ferguson
TA-BH1 Ben Humphreys
TA-BJ1 Blake Johnson
TA-BW1 Brady White
TA-CB1 Calvin Brewton
TA-CC1 Chandler Cox
TA-CE1 Chuma Edoga
TA-CJ1 CeCe Jefferson
TA-CR1 Christian Rector
TA-CS1 Chad Smith
TA-CVO Chidi Valentine-Okeke
TA-CW1 Chris Warren
TA-DB1 Deandre Baker
TA-DC1 Deon Cain
TA-DC2 Devonaire Clarington
TA-DD1 Derrick Dillon
TA-DF1 Desherrius Flowers
TA-DG1 Derrius Guice
TA-DH1 DeChaun Holiday
TA-DJ1 Donte Jackson
TA-DKJ Darrin Kirkland Jr.
TA-DL1 Drew Lock
TA-DMJ Dre'Mont Jones
TA-DS1 Darius Slayton
TA-DW1 D'Andre Walker
TA-DW2 Dallas Warmack
TA-HR1 Henry Roberts
TA-IL1 Isaiah Langley
TA-IP1 Isaiah Prince
TA-JB1 Jay Bradford
TA-JB2 Jerome Baker
TA-JB3 Josh Barajas
TA-JC1 Jordan Cronkrite
TA-JD1 Jacob Daniel
TA-JF1 Jake Fruhmorgen
TA-JF2 Johnny Frasier
TA-JJ1 Jaquan Johnson
TA-JJ2 Juwan Johnson
TA-JL1 Jaason Lewis
TA-JL2 James Lockhart
TA-JP1 Jamal Peters
TA-JP2 Javon Patterson
TA-JR1 John Reid
TA-JS1 Jordan Scarlett
TA-JT1 Jerry Tillery
TA-JW2 Joseph Wicker
TA-KA1 Kareem Ali
TA-KB1 Kris Boyd
TA-KJH K.J. Hill
TA-KK1 Kaleb Kim
TA-KLS Keisean Lucier-South
TA-KM1 Kahlil McKenzie
TA-KP1 Kyle Phillips
TA-KR1 Kevin Robledo
TA-KS1 Keaton Sutherland
TA-LC1 Lawrence Cager
TA-LM1 Liam McCullough
TA-MB1 Matthew Burrell
TA-MB2 Mekhi Brown
TA-MD1 Malik Dear
TA-MF1 Mark Fields
TA-MH1 Mitch Hyatt
TA-MI1 Martez Ivey
TA-MT1 Marvell Tell
TA-MW1 Mike Weber
TA-NF1 Nicco Fertitta
TA-NG1 Neville Gallimore
TA-NP1 Natrez Patrick
TA-OM1 Osa Masina
TA-PG1 Porter Gustin
TA-RB1 Rodrigo Blankenship
TA-RD1 Ricky DeBerry
TA-RG1 Rasheem Green
TA-RM1 Rico McGraw
TA-RT1 Ricky Town
TA-SD1 Sam Darnold
TA-SKL Sh'Mar Kilby-Lane
TA-SN1 Stanley Norman
TA-TE1 Trevor Elbert
TA-TG1 Taj Griffin
TA-TG2 Torrance Gibson
TA-TH1 Tristen Hoge
TA-TI1 Tim Irvin
TA-TI2 Trent Irwin
TA-TM1 Tarvarus McFadden
TA-TR1 TJ Rahming
TA-TT1 Tommy Townsend
TA-TT2 Trenton Thompson
TA-TW1 Travis Waller
TA-VJ1 Van Jefferson
TA-XL1 Xavier Lewis
TA-YR1 Ykili Ross
TA-ZO1 Zach Okun

Trey is a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options.

User Reviews

William Ryan Benford
William Ryan Benford

Leaf Army is always top shelf. The Leaf staff goes above and beyond to produce this set. All autographs are witnessed by Leaf representatives and they film this as well.

Josh Conti
Josh Conti

One day, I will buy Sam Darnold cards… he is going to be the best NFL player ever!


Got them and I bring to a store and the guy said they where fake autographs total rip off

Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

liam Then you would probably want to contact Leaf as I believe they have representatives on-hand to witness the signings.


well its the 15th and no checklist is even out – let alone the cards

Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

patrick They’re due sometime this month – May, 2015. It looks like it will be right at the end of the month.


the autographed versions are always a favorite of mine — looking forward to the release — i hope there is a checklist posted soon

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