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Funko Pop Peanuts Vinyl Figures Checklist and Gallery

Funko Pop Peanuts Vinyl Figures Checklist and Gallery


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Aaugh! Charlie Brown and the gang are arguably the most recognizable characters in comic strip history. The seemingly never-ending popularity of Peanuts earned them their own line with the debut of Funko Pop Peanuts vinyl figures in 2015. Since the product’s initial release, several themed and exclusive figures have been issued.

What started in 1950 as a daily comic strip about a group of kids and the complexities of life’s relationships, turned into a Peanuts empire. First, the strip was added to the Sunday newspapers in 1952. Then, in 1965, a magical little television special — A Charlie Brown Christmas — premiered. It captured the hearts of children and adults and remains one of the highest viewed holiday specials. Although there are several other Charlie Brown specials, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is another must-watch for fans.

Order Pop Peanuts Figures at Entertainment Earth.

Thankfully, you won’t get a rock with the Halloween themed Pop! Peanuts figures that add more options to the line. Originally found at Walgreens, the "first to market" boxes, which do not have the normal “W Exclusive” sticker, are expected to receive a wide release in the near future.

In addition, Olaf, Snoopy’s brother, can only be found at Target locations. Other exclusive Snoopy figures are from the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con and 2016 Emerald City Comicon. Those interested in knocking out multiple characters at once can track down the Pop Minis 4-pack that is a Target exclusive or a 4-pack set of flocked Snoopy figures from ECCC.

Funko Pop Peanuts Vinyl Figures Checklist and Gallery 1   Funko Pop Peanuts Vinyl Figures Checklist and Gallery 2

Funko Pop Peanuts Checklist

48 Charlie Brown
48 Charlie Brown Festive - PIAB (12/2017)
49 Snoopy & Woodstock
49 Snoopy & Woodstock Flocked - 2016 ECCC
50 Linus Van Pelt
51 Lucy Van Pelt
52 Sally Brown
53 Olaf - Target
139 Snoopy Patriotic - 2016 SDCC
208 Peppermint Patty - 2017 ECCC
330 Snoopy as Flying Ace - Walgreens
331 Charlie Brown Eye Mask - Walgreens
332 Lucy Van Pelt as Witch - Walgreens
333 Ghost Charlie Brown - Walgreens
57 Freddy Funko Charlie Brown - 2016 SDCC Funko Fundays
4-Pack Minis: Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy & Linus - Target
4-Pack Minis: Mint Snoopy - 2016 ECCC


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