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2015 Funko Karate Kid ReAction Figures

2015 Funko Karate Kid ReAction Figures


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The Karate Kid has inspired a couple of generations to try out the crane kick and dress like a shower for Halloween. Now the '80s favorite is getting some new old-school toys. The 2015 Funko Karate Kid ReAction figures bring the main characters to the toy box with intentionally simple molds and beautiful packaging cards.

You wouldn't have a credible Karate Kid toy line without Daniel LaRusso (sorry, Hilary Swank and the crew who worked on The Next Karate Kid). He actually has two figures in the ReAction line. The first has him in his street clothes. The second has him ready for the All-Valley Karate Tournament. Joining Daniel are Mr. Miyagi and Ali. This could be the first action figure based on an Elizabeth Shue character.

To add a little conflict to play time, the Funko Karate Kid ReAction figures also include a couple of faces from the Cobra Kai dojo, Johnny and John Kreese.

Most figures also come with an iconic accessory. Daniel has a tournament trophy with one figure and a paint can and brush with the other. Mr. Miyagi can practice his bonsai skills. And Ali has an essential piece of '80s electronics, a boombox.

It's going to be difficult for Johnny to sweep the leg or for Daniel to practice his signature kick with the Funko Karate Kid ReAction figures, though. Modeled after action figures from the 1980s, there's little articulation. Arms and legs move, but there are no joints. The aim with this line is nostalgia and offering something a little more affordable than a lot of other current toy lines.

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This isn't the first time The Karate Kid has had action figures. Back in 1986, Remco made a line for many of the characters and a few new ones.

2015 Funko Karate Kid ReAction Figure Checklist

Daniel LaRusso - Street Clothes
Daniel LaRusso - Karate Uniform
Mr. Miyagi

Estimated Release Date: 4/15

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