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Funko Jaws ReAction Figures

Funko Jaws ReAction Figures

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The Funko Jaws ReAction figures make up for lost time, delivering what you would have expected to find four decades earlier if toys like this existed.

When Jaws first terrorized theaters in 1975, it introduced the idea of the summer blockbuster. However, the industry was still a couple of years away from becoming the merchandising machine that it is today. As a result, kids didn't have the joy of getting official toy tie-ins. There's also the fact that it was a gory movie with a glimpse of nudity in the opening minutes, so maybe moms wouldn't be too keen on toys.

The main Funko Jaws ReAction lineup has three figures: Chief Brody (Roy Scheider), Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) and Quint (Robert Shaw). Outside of Bruce, the shark, they make up the lead roles. Each figure comes with a small accessory. Brody and Quint have guns while Hooper has some binoculars.

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Bruce isn't left out, though. He's included as an over-sized figure, complete with an oxygen tank so you're a couple of firecrackers short of reenacting the climactic scene.

ReAction figures are done in an old-fashioned style meant to recreate the look and feel of old Kenner figures. That means enough detail to convey the character and not much else. Like a lot of the brand's figures, the packaging stands out with some of the film's iconic artwork.

A few years later, in 2019, Funko released Pop! Jaws figures.

Funko ReAction Jaws Checklist

Chief Brody
Matt Hooper
Jaws w/ Quint - 2015 SDCC

Funko Jaws ReAction Figure Gallery

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Bloody Quint and Shark - 2015 San Diego Comic-Con

Funko Jaws ReAction Figures 10

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