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Funko Pop Futurama Vinyl Figures Guide

Funko Pop Futurama Vinyl Figures Guide


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While Futurama isn't exactly a normal show to begin with, the Funko Pop Futurama figures take a weird thing and make it that much stranger. The show has a large roster of characters to draw from, but the Pop! Animation lineup keeps it simple with just a few key subjects so far.

It wouldn't be Futurama without its three main characters: Fry, Leela and Bender. They're all here, as is the Robot Devil. Show staples Professor Farnsworth and Zoidberg appear in wave two and are joined by the cute Nibbler and oafish Zapp Brannigan.

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While not part of the Futurama line, there is also a special Freddy Funko version of Bender (#37) originally found at San Diego Comic-Con 2015. The limited figure only has 196 copies.

The brainchild of Simpsons creator, Matt Groening, the animated sci-fi comedy aired for a total of seven season. Its original run lasted 1999 through 2003, but Futurama was revived in 2008 and continued to air through 2013. The story revolves around Fry, a slacker from the present who is cryogenically frozen for a thousand years. Mayhem ensues as Fry teams with the one-eyed alien, Leela, and the beer-swigging, cigar-smoking robot, Bender.

Funko Pop Futurama Vinyl Figures Guide 1

Funko Pop Futurama Checklist

Wave 1
27 Fry
28 Leela
29 Bender
29 Gold Bender - 2015 SDCC
30 Robot Devil
35 Robot Devil w/ violin - Toy Tokyo/2015 Summer Cons
Wave 2
54 Professor Farnsworth
55 Zoidberg
55 Zoidberg Alternate Universe - Hot Topic
56 Nibbler
57 Zapp Brannigan
37 Freddy Funko Bender - 2015 SDCC
2-Pack: Alternate Universe Fry, Leela - 2015 NYCC

Funko Pop Futurama Vinyl Figures Guide 2
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