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Ultimate Funko Pop Doctor Who Vinyl Figures Gallery and Guide

Ultimate Funko Pop Doctor Who Vinyl Figures Gallery and Guide


Space and time have come together to give one of the most popular global TV franchises the Pop! treatment. Funko Pop Doctor Who vinyl figures showcase several generations of the venerable show in the distinct style that Pop-heads have come to expect.

The initial lineup is a big one, featuring a total of nine different characters. Among them are four different doctors. In addition, villains and alien creatures make their presence known. Collectors can get a Cyberman, Weeping Angel and an Adipose. There's also a Dalek that, because of its outer shell being a machine, doesn't come with the big Pop! eyes.

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Series 2 was first available at Hot Topic. Notable options include the Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler and a K-9 figure that is exclusive to GameStop. Series 3 came later with another batch of choices.

Ultimate Funko Pop Doctor Who Vinyl Figures Gallery and Guide 1

Ultimate Funko Pop Doctor Who Figures Guide


Funko Pop Doctor Who Checklist

More figures will be added as they surface. Let us know if you spot any we don't have.

Series 1
219 Twelfth Doctor
220 Eleventh Doctor
221 Tenth Doctor
222 Fourth Doctor
223 Dalek
224 Cyberman
225 Adipose
226 Weeping Angel
227 TARDIS 6"
227 Materialising TARDIS - UK Exclusive
227 TARDIS Clara Tribute
232 Fourth Doctor w/ Jelly Babies - Barnes & Noble
233 Tenth Doctor w/ 3-D Glasses - Hot Topic
234 Tenth Doctor in Spacesuit - 2015 NYCC
235 Eleventh Doctor w/ Cyberman Head - 2015 SDCC
236 Eleventh Doctor w/ Mop and Fez - Hot Topic
237 Eleventh Doctor - BGV Toys
238 Twelfth Doctor w/ Spoon - Hot Topic
239 Twelfth Doctor in Spacesuit - 2015 SDCC
240 Glow in Dark Adipose - Hot Topic
259 Dalek Sec - Barnes & Noble
275 Evolving Dalek Sec - GameStop
Series 2
294 Ninth Doctor
295 Rose Tyler
296 River Song
297 Jack Harkness
298 Sarah Jane
299 The Silence
300 K-9 - GameStop
301 Ninth Doctor w/ Banana - Hot Topic
302 Jack Harkness Vortex Manipulator - FYE
319 Tenth Doctor Regeneration GITD - ThinkGeek
Series 3
355 Tenth Doctor w/ Hand
356 Eleventh Doctor / Mr. Clever
357 Twelfth Doctor w/ Guitar
358 War Doctor
359 Davros - 6"
483 Rory Centurion - Hot Topic
496 Clara - 2017 SDCC
508 First Doctor - 2017 NYCC
600 Amy Pond - 2018 ECCC
619 Thirteenth Doctor (1st to market) - 2018 SDCC
686 Thirteenth Doctor
709 Vashta Nerada GITD - 2018 NYCC/Hot Topic
711 Missy
45 Freddy Funko as Fourth Doctor - 2016 SDCC


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Author Ryan Cracknell  |  E-Mail Author
Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Comments

  1. Author

    12th Doctor with Spoon (HT Exclusive), Glow in the Dark Adipose (HT Exclusive), 10th Doctor Orange Spacesuit (NYCC Exclusive), Evolving Dalek (GameStop Exclusive), 11th Doctor With Mop and Fez (HT Exclusive), 4th Doctor with Jelly Babies (exclusive of somewhere). You are missing all of these for the complete 2015 list. I know I have them all. List needs an overhaul.

  2. Author

    There’s also a Rematerialising TARDIS (unsure of number, but available through Forbidden Planet in the UK)

  3. Author

    Also, Regenerating 10th Doctor (Glow in the Dark). It’s a ThinkGeek exclusive (so therefore GameStop), basically 10 in 9’s clothes.

  4. Author

    11th Doctor Who 11th Spacesuit Doctor Vinyl Figure BGV EXCLUSIVE listed at
    Available this March 2016. Subscribe to BGV mailing list to get notified of inventory availability.

  5. Author

    There is also 301 Ninth Doctor with Banana – Hot Topic

  6. Author

    Jack Harkness w/ Vortex Manipulator FYE exclusive.

  7. Author

    Jack Harkness #297

  8. Author

    Corey Jack Harkness #297 is on the Series 2 tab.

  9. Author

    I really want a Mickey Smith

  10. Author

    We need Donna Noble

  11. Author

    5th doctor in frock coat PLEASE

  12. Author

    They are coming out with an Amy Pond

  13. Author

    Series 1 Gallery: You’ve got the tenth and eleventh doctors mixed up!! Allons-y, fix it, please!! Geronimo!!

  14. Author

    13th doctor without coat?

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