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2016 Funko Disney Princesses Mystery Minis Vinyl Figures

2016 Funko Disney Princesses Mystery Minis Vinyl Figures

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A staple of the Disney franchise, princesses are a common sight in many of the popular animated tales. Funko Disney Princesses Mystery Minis honors some of the key names with blind-box figures. This includes films like Frozen, The Little Mermaid and Aladdin.

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The main release includes eight princesses and one sidekick per princess for a total of 16 figures. Although the princesses are more common and each one generally falls in every case, the secondary characters are more rare.

2016 Funko Disney Princesses Mystery Minis Vinyl Figures 1

Based on the numbers, each case should shield one of each princess, an extra Elsa, and three sidekicks. Raja the tiger from Aladdin and Snowgie from Frozen are the most difficult to pull, each averaging 1:6 cases.

Adding to that total, eight additional figures are only found at Hot Topic and Walgreens, including Mulan, Snow White, Rapunzel, and  Pocahontas.

Because this is a blind-box release, the subject remains a surprise until it is opened. Cases come with 12 boxes so it will take quite a few boxes to make the entire set.

2016 Funko Disney Princesses Mystery Minis Checklist and Rarity Scale

2016 Funko Disney Princesses Mystery Minis Vinyl Figures 2

Anna - 1:12
Ariel - 1:12
Bear Cub - 1:24
Belle - 1:12
Cinderella - 1:12
Cogsworth - 1:12
Elsa - 1:6
Flounder - 1:24
Frog Naveen - 1:36
Gus - 1:36
Jasmine - 1:12
Merida - 1:12
Olaf - 1:24
Raja - 1:72
Snowgie - 1:72
Tiana - 1:12

Funko Disney Princesses Mystery Minis Exclusives

Hot Topic
Pocahontas - 1:12
Meeko - 1:72
Mulan - 1:12
Mushu - 1:24
Snow White - 1:12
Chipmunk - 1:24
Rapunzel - 1:12
Pascal - 1:72

Product Configuration: 12 boxes per case, 1 figure per box

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Do you know when in Feb these were being released?

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Trey Treutel

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