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Ultimate Funko Pop Disney Cars Figures Checklist and Gallery

Ultimate Funko Pop Disney Cars Figures Checklist and Gallery

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As they say, "Keep it Wheel." And, the Funko Pop Disney Cars figures definitely keep the lovable vehicles real.

The Funko Pop Disney Cars lineup features the talking red stock car, Lightning McQueen, along with Mater, Doc Hudson and Ramone. Exclusives come with the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con Lightning McQueen Dinoco, 2015 New York Comic Con Mater in Mint Condition, and green Ramone issued through Target.

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Funko Pop Disney Cars' second installment offers a few debut figures for Cars 3, including Cruz Ramirez. In addition, Lightning McQueen receives an updated appearance via the Target-exclusive chrome, and a dull grey version found at Meijer locations. Fans and collectors of the Cars franchise can also look for Luigi and Guido at Walmart outlets.

Numbered as part of the main Pop! Disney line, the Cars set does not match the standard Pop! sizing since each figure mirrors the animated vehicle form.

Funko Pop Disney Cars

Funko Pop Disney Cars Checklist

Wave 1
128 Lightning McQueen
128 Lightning McQueen Dinoco - 2015 SDCC
129 Mater
129 Mater Mint Condition - 2015 NYCC
130 Doc Hudson
131 Ramone
131 Ramone Green - Target
Wave 2*
282 Lightning McQueen
282 Lightning McQueen Chrome - Target
282 Lightning McQueen Grey - Meijer
283 Lightning McQueen Fabulous - Toys R Us
284 Cruz Ramirez
285 Luigi - Walmart
286 Guido - Walmart

Estimated Release Date (Wave 2*): May 2017

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