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Funko Pop Bob's Burgers Vinyl Figures Guide and Gallery

Funko Pop Bob’s Burgers Vinyl Figures Guide and Gallery


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Showcasing the quirky Belcher family, Funko Pop Bob's Burgers vinyl figures pay homage to the cartoon show about a family restaurant. The line includes each member of the family, including patriarch, Bob, his wife, Linda, and their three kids.

If you have seen the show, you probably know why it has a legion of faithful followers. Bob's Burgers is definitely weird but in a very good way. Although as an animated sitcom it is in the same vein as shows like Family Guy or The Simpsons, the series has an entirely different feel.

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In typical Pop! fashion, the vinyl set adds the main attributes of each character to the standard sculpt. The end result is quite impressive and works better than many of the other lines. In addition to Bob, no doubt preparing to serve a burger, Linda, with her oversized glasses, is joined by Gene, Tina and Louise. The kids each feature their own signature items, including Louise with her trademark pink rabbit ears.

A second wave offers the first figure for Teddy, one of their few regular customers, as well as themed options like Buttloose Tina and Gene as Beefsquatch.

Funko Pop Bob's Burgers  Funko Pop Bob's Burgers

Funko Pop Bob's Burgers Checklist

Wave 1
74 Bob Belcher
75 Linda Belcher
76 Tina Belcher
77 Gene Belcher
78 Louise Belcher
Wave 2
102 Beefsquatch
103 Teddy
104 Buttloose Tina
105 Burger Suit Gene - Hot Topic
292 Tina Belcher w/ Cheeseburgers - BoxLunch
Rides #40 Espresso Trip Tina on Unicorn

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