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2014 Upper Deck Marvel Now Trading Cards

2014 Upper Deck Marvel Now Trading Cards


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2014 Upper Deck Marvel Now trading cards center on the reboot of several key comics starting in 2012. The aim of the relaunch was to bring on new creative teams and character redesigns, not to mention to start fresh with new #1 issues. Each box comes with three premium inserts including at least one autograph.

The 2014 Upper Deck Marvel Now base set has 100 cards. Cards are printed on a slightly thicker card stock, giving them a more premium feel. Focusing on characters, artwork comes from the comics. The set has a Foil parallel that's inserted at a rate of one per pack. Collectors can also find one-of-one Printing Plates.

The first of the hits is an Autographed Base Card. The second is either a multi-signed Breakthrough Issues Autograph, a base parallel numbered to 10 or a sketch card. Autographs are signed by creative teams working on the line. Signers include Stan Lee, Matt Fraction, Arthur Adams, Jeph Loeb, Walt Simonson and many more.

Sketch cards come in two formats, basic cards and Blank Cover Variant Sketch Cards. These are based on the comics that come with blank covers. These comics are intended to be customized either by collectors themselves or by getting commissioned pieces from artists. The sketch cards, though, come with original art work done on them.

One Cutting Edge insert is also included in every pack. These showcase the covers of the Marvel Now first issues, including variants. Holo F/X cards promise holographic 3-D character images. Other cards include Then & Now! and High Series short prints. The 20 high number cards fall one per box and have retro-style artwork.

Product Configuration: 24 packs per box, 7 cards per pack
Price Point: Mid-End Comic Card
Target Audience: Marvel Fans, Comic Card Collectors, Sketch Card Collectors

2014 Upper Deck Marvel Now Box Break

  • 1 Base Set Autograph Card
  • 1 Sketch Card, Breakthrough Issues Multi-Signed Card or Base Set Parallel #/10
  • 1 Breakthrough Issues Autograph, Holo F/X or Printing Plate
  • 24 Cutting Edge Inserts
  • 24 Parallel Cards
  • 1 High Number Card
  • 168 Total Cards
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Set Checklist

2014 Upper Deck Marvel Now! Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Foil - 1 per pack, Red Foil - Hand Numbered #/10, Printing Plates 1/1

1 Alex Power
2 Amadeus Cho
3 Anachronism
4 Angel
5 Ant-Man
6 Arcade
7 Artie Maddicks
8 Beast
9 Beast
10 Beetle
11 Black Bolt
12 Black Panther
13 Black Swan
14 Black Widow
15 Blindfold
16 Boomerang
17 Cable
18 Cammi
19 Cannonball
20 Captain America
21 Captain Marvel
22 Captain Universe
23 Cyclops
24 Darkhawk
25 Deadpool
26 Death Locket
27 Doctor Strange
28 Dr. Nemesis
29 Dragon Man
30 Emma Frost
31 Gamora
32 Gladiator
33 Gorr The God Butcher
34 H.E.R.B.I.E.
35 Havok
36 Hawkeye
37 Hela
38 Hope
39 Hulk
40 Human Torch
41 Hyperion
42 Iceman
43 Iceman
44 Invisible Woman
45 Iron Man
46 Jean Grey
47 Kid Briton
48 Kitty Pryde
49 Lady Sif
50 Laufey
51 Leech
52 Legion
53 Living Laser
54 Loki
55 Machine Man
56 Maestro
57 Magik
58 Magneto
59 Manifold
60 Maria Hill
61 Mary Jane Watson
62 Massacre
63 Medusa
64 Miss America
65 Misty Knight
66 Mole Man
67 Morbius
68 Mr. Fantastic
69 Ms. Thing
70 Namor
71 Nara
72 Necromancer
73 Nick Fury
74 Nightmask
75 Noah
76 Nova
77 Psylocke
78 Puck
79 Red Hulk
80 Red She-Hulk
81 Red Skull
82 Rocket Raccoon
83 Rogue
84 Scarlet Witch
85 Shanna The She-Devil
86 She-Hulk
87 Smasher
88 Spider-Woman
89 Star-Lord
90 Storm
91 Superior Spider-Man
92 Thanos
93 Thing
94 Thor
95 Thor
96 Tony Stark
97 Valeria Richards
98 Valkyrie
99 Warrior Woman
100 Wolverine

Cutting Edge Covers Set Checklist

30 cards
1 per pack

101 Uncanny Avengers #1
102 A+X #1
103 All-New X-Men #1
104 Captain America #1
105 Deadpool #1
106 Fantastic Four #1
107 FF #1
108 Indestructible Hulk #1
109 Iron Man #1
110 Thor: God of Thunder #1
111 X-Men Legacy #1
112 Avengers #1
113 New Avengers #1
114 Avengers Arena #1
115 Cable and X-Force
116 Thunderbolts #1
117 Morbius: The Living Vamprie #1
118 Savage Wolverine #1
119 The Superior Spider-Man #1
120 Uncanny X-Force #1
121 Young Avengers #1
122 The Fearless Defenders #1
123 Guardians of the Galaxy #1
124 Nova #1
125 Secret Avengers #1
126 Uncanny X-Men #1
127 Wolverine #1
128 X-Men #1 (Now!)
129 Age of Ultron
130 Thanos Rising

High Series Set Checklist

20 cards

131 Human Torch
132 Invisible Woman
133 Doctor Doom
134 Captain America
135 Red Skull
136 Hulk
137 Thor
138 Loki
139 Ant-Man
140 Iron Man
141 Spider-Man
142 Doctor Octopus
143 Green Goblin
144 Cyclops
145 Jean Grey
146 Daredevil
147 Wolverine
148 Hulk
149 Iron Man
150 Jean Grey

Base Foil Autographs Set Checklist

69 cards

1A Mike Allred
4A David Marquez
5A Mike Allred
6A Alessandro Vitti
7A Mike Allred
8A Stuart Immonen
9A Stuart Immonen
10A Ryan Stegman
11A Steve Epting
13A Steve Epting
14A Luke Ross
15A Jorge Molina
16A Ryan Stegman
17A Salvador Larroca Martinez
19A Dustin Weaver
22A Adam Kubert
23A Stuart Immonen
24A Alessandro Vitti
27A Tony Moore
28A Salvador Larroca Martinez
29A Mike Allred
30A Stuart Immonen
31A Ed McGuinness
32A Adam Kubert
33A Esad Ribic
35A Adam Kubert
37A Will Sliney
38A Salvador Larroca Martinez
40A Mark Bagley
41A Adam Kubert
42A Stuart Immonen
44A Mark Bagley
46A David Marquez
48A Stuart Immonen
51A Mike Allred
57A Chris Bachalo
58A Chris Bachalo
60A Chris Bachalo
61A Ryan Stegman
62A Giuseppe Camuncoli
63A Mike Allred
65A Will Sliney
66A Mike Allred
67A David Lopez
68A Mark Bagley
69A Mike Allred
70A Steve Epting
72A Tony Moore
73A Luke Ross
74A Dustin Weaver
75A Richard Elson
76A Ed McGuinness
77A Ron Garney
78A Ron Garney
80A Carlo Pagulayan
81A John Cassaday
82A Ed McGuinness
86A Mike Allred
87A Adam Kubert
89A Steve McNiven
90A Ron Garney
91A Giuseppe Camuncoli
92A Simone Bianchi
93A Mark Bagley
94A David Marquez
95A Esad Ribic
97A Mark Bagley
98A Mark Brooks
99A Will Sliney

Cutting Edge Variant Covers Set Checklist

100 cards

101-AG Uncanny Avengers #1
101-DP Uncanny Avengers #1
101-NA Uncanny Avengers #1
101-SC Uncanny Avengers #1
101-SP Uncanny Avengers #1
102-MD A+X #1
102-SM A+X #1
102-SY A+X #1
103-JQ All-New X-Men #1
103-PR All-New X-Men #1
103-SY All-New X-Men #1
104-HA Captain America #1
104-JQ Captain America #1
104-RM Captain America #1
105-CB Deadpool #1
105-SY Deadpool #1
105-TM Deadpool #1
106-DJ Fantastic Four #1
106-JQ Fantastic Four #1
106-MB Fantastic Four #1
106-PH Fantastic Four #1
106-SY Fantastic Four #1
107-AA FF #1
107-MB FF #1
107-SY FF #1
108-DE Indestructible Hulk #1
108-JQ Indestructible Hulk #1
108-WS Indestructible Hulk #1
109-AG Iron Man #1
109-HA Iron Man #1
109-SY Iron Man #1
110-DA Thor: God of Thunder #1
110-ER Thor: God of Thunder #1
110-SY Thor: God of Thunder #1
111-KA X-Men Legacy #1
111-SY X-Men Legacy #1
112-DP Avengers #1
112-ER Avengers #1
112-HA Avengers #1
112-SC Avengers #1
112-SM Avengers #1
113-SC New Avengers #1
113-SE New Avengers #1
113-SY New Avengers #1
114-MP Avengers Arena #1
114-SY Avengers Arena #1
115-JQ Cable and X-Force
115-MD Cable and X-Force
115-SY Cable and X-Force
116-BT Thunderbolts #1
116-HA Thunderbolts #1
116-SY Thunderbolts #1
117-EM Morbius: The Living Vamprie #1
117-SY Morbius: The Living Vamprie #1
118-FC Savage Wolverine #1
118-JQ Savage Wolverine #1
118-MH Savage Wolverine #1
118-SY Savage Wolverine #1
119-GC The Superior Spider-Man #1
119-HR The Superior Spider-Man #1
119-JQ The Superior Spider-Man #1
119-SY The Superior Spider-Man #1
120-DE Uncanny X-Force #1
120-RG Uncanny X-Force #1
120-SY Uncanny X-Force #1
121-BO Young Avengers #1
121-SY Young Avengers #1
121-VA Young Avengers #1
122-MD The Fearless Defenders #1
122-MM The Fearless Defenders #1
122-SY The Fearless Defenders #1
123-AG Guardians of the Galaxy #1
123-DF Guardians of the Galaxy #1
123-DP Guardians of the Galaxy #1
123-JQ Guardians of the Galaxy #1
123-MA Guardians of the Galaxy #1
123-MB Guardians of the Galaxy #1
123-MD Guardians of the Galaxy #1
123-MM Guardians of the Galaxy #1
123-PH Guardians of the Galaxy #1
124-FP Nova #1
124-JQ Nova #1
124-MA Nova #1
124-SY Nova #1
125-HA Secret Avengers #1
125-LY Secret Avengers #1
125-SY Secret Avengers #1
126-DP Uncanny X-Men #1
126-GO Uncanny X-Men #1
126-JQ Uncanny X-Men #1
126-SY Uncanny X-Men #1
127-OC Wolverine #1
127-SY Wolverine #1
128-TD X-Men #1 (Now!)
129-DJ Age of Ultron
129-HA Age of Ultron
129-MD Age of Ultron
129-RK Age of Ultron
130-DJ Thanos Rising
130-SY Thanos Rising

Cutting Edge Autographs Set Checklist

37 cards

101 John Cassaday
102 Jeph Leob
103 Brian Michael Bendis
103 Stuart Immonen
104 Rick Remender
104 Rick Remender
105 Tony Moore
106 Mark Bagley
106 Matt Fraction
107 Matt Fraction
107 Mike Allred
108 Mark Waid
108 Leinil Francis Yu
110 Esad Ribic
111 Si Spurrier
113 Steve Epting
114 Dennis Hopeless
115 Dennis Hopeless
115 Salvador Larroca Martinez
116 Daniel Way
117 Joe Keatinge
117 Richard Elson
119 Ryan Stegman
119 Dan Slott
120 Sam Humphries
120 Ron Garney
122 Cullen Bunn
122 Will Sliney
123 Brian Michael Bendis
123 Steve McNiven
124 Jeph Leob
124 Ed McGuinness
125 Luke Ross
126 Brian Michael Bendis
126 Chris Bachalo
127 Paul Cornell
128 Brian Wood

Cutting Edge Variant Cover Autographs Set Checklist

46 cards

101-DP Mark Brooks
102-MD Mike Deodato Jr.
102-SY Skottie Young
103-SY Skottie Young
105-CB Chris Bachalo
105-SY Skottie Young
105-TM Tony Moore
106-MB Mark Bagley
106-SY Skottie Young
107-MB Mark Bagley
107-SY Skottie Young
108-DE Leinil Francis Yu
108-WS Walt Simonson
109-HA Carlo Pagulayan
109-SY Skottie Young
110-ER Esad Ribic
110-SY Skottie Young
111-SY Skottie Young
112-DP Mark Brooks
112-ER Esad Ribic
113-SE Steve Epting
113-SY Skottie Young
114-MP Mike Perkins
114-SY Skottie Young
115-MD Mike Deodato Jr.
115-SY Skottie Young
116-SY Skottie Young
117-EM Ed McGuinness
117-SY Skottie Young
118-SY Skottie Young
119-GC Giuseppe Camuncoli
119-SY Skottie Young
120-RG Ron Garney
120-SY Skottie Young
122-MD Mike Deodato Jr.
122-SY Skottie Young
123-MB Mark Brooks
123-MD Mike Deodato Jr.
124-SY Skottie Young
125-LY Leinil Francis Yu
125-SY Skottie Young
126-SY Skottie Young
127-SY Skottie Young
128-TD Terry Dodson
129-MD Mike Deodato Jr.
130-SY Skottie Young

Cutting Edge Dual Autographs Set Checklist

8 cards

103 Brian Michael Bendis
103 Stuart Immonen
106 Matt Fraction
106 Mark Bagley
107 Matt Fraction
107 Mike Allred
108 Mark Waid
108 Leinil Francis Yu
115 Salvador Larroca Martinez
115 Dennis Hopeless
117 Joe Keatinge
117 Richard Elson
120 Ron Garney
120 Sam Humphries
124 Jeph Leob
124 Ed McGuinness

Cutting Edge Triple Autographs Set Checklist

1 card

107 Laura Allred
107 Matt Fraction
107 Mike Allred

Blank Cover Sketch Cards Artists

53 cards

Ajahy Cerezo
Alex Magno
Ashleigh Popplewell
Babisu Kourtis
Bienifer Flores
Bridgit Scheide
Cal Slayton
Charles Hall
Chris Bradberry
Chris Foreman
Cris Santos
Cruddie Torian
Dan Borgonos
Danielle Gransaull / Soloud
Darren Chandler
David Hindelang
Diana Greenhalgh
Elvin Hernandez
Erik Reeves
Freddie Williams Jr.
Harold Edge
Ivan Rodriguez (Merc)
Jason Saldajeno
Jay David Lee
Jay Tracy
Jed Thomas
Jim Cheung
Jim Jimenez
Joe Hogan
Joel Gomez
Jomar Alejos Bulda
Jonathan Racimo
Jovenal Mendoza
Juan Francisco Calzada
Jun Lofamia
Juno Sanchez
Lawrence Reynolds
Layron DeJarnette
Manuel Garcia
Mark Peasley
Mauro Fodra
Mel Joy San Juan
Michael Duron
Mike Vasquez
Nicole Virella
Rain Lagunsad
Rayden Kusumo
Rhiannon Owens
Ryan Van Der Draajj
Sanford Greene
Tina Berardi
Walter Rice
Wendy Chew

Blank Cover Variant Sketch Cards Set Checklist

19 cards

1 Wolverine
2 Uncanny X-Men #1
3 Uncanny Avengers #1
4 Thunderbolts #1
5 Thor: God of Thunder #1
6 The Superior Spider-Man #1
7 The Fearless Defenders #1
8 Thanos Rising
10 Savage Wolverine #1
11 Nova #1
12 Iron Man #1
13 Indestructible Hulk #1
14 Guardians of the Galaxy #1
15 Deadpool #1
16 Captain America #1
17 Cable and X-Force
18 Avengers #1
19 All-New X-Men #1
20 Age of Ultron

Hologram Cards Set Checklist

42 cards

FX-1 Angel
FX-2 Ant-Man
FX-3 Beast
FX-4 Black Panther
FX-5 Black Widow
FX-6 Captain America
FX-7 Captain Marvel
FX-8 Captain Universe
FX-9 Colossus
FX-10 Cyclops
FX-11 Deadpool
FX-12 Doctor Strange
FX-13 Emma Frost
FX-14 Gamora
FX-15 Havok
FX-16 Hawkeye
FX-17 Hope
FX-18 Hulk
FX-19 Iron Fist
FX-20 Iron Man
FX-21 Luke Cage
FX-22 Magik
FX-23 Magneto
FX-24 Mockingbird
FX-25 Mr. Fantastic
FX-26 Namor
FX-27 Nova
FX-28 Psylocke
FX-29 Red Hulk
FX-30 Red She-Hulk
FX-31 Red Skull
FX-32 Rocket Raccoon
FX-33 Rogue
FX-34 Scarlet Witch
FX-35 Smasher
FX-36 Spider-Man
FX-37 Spider-Woman
FX-38 Storm
FX-39 Thing
FX-40 Thor
FX-41 Vision
FX-42 Wolverine

Regular Sketch Cards Set Checklist

The following artists contributed sketch cards to the set.

Ajahy Cerezo
Alex Magno
Ashleigh Popplewell
Babisu Kourtis
Bienifer Flores
Bridgit Scheide
Cal Slayton
Cassio Batista
Chadwick Haverland
Charles Hall
Chris Bradberry
Chris Foreman
Chris Thorne
Cris Santos
Cruddie Torian
Dan Borgonos
Danielle Gransaull / Soloud
Darren Chandler
David Hindelang
Diana Greenhalgh
Elvin Hernandez
Erik Reeves
Felix Morales
Freddie Williams Jr.
Harold Edge
Humberto Fuentes
Ian Roberts
Israel Arteaga
Ivan Rodriguez (Merc)
Jake Sumbing
Jason Adams
Jason Saldajeno
Javier Winnik
Jay David Lee
Jay Tracy
Jed Thomas
Jeffrey Benitez
Jim Cheung
Jim Jimenez
Joe Hogan
Joel Gomez
Jomar Alejos Bulda
Jonathan Racimo
Jose Carlos Sanchez
Jovenal Mendoza
Juan Francisco Calzada
Jun Lofamia
Juno Sanchez
Lawrence Reynolds
Layron DeJarnette
Loren Bobbitt
Manuel Garcia
Mark Peasley
Mauro Fodra
Mel Joy San Juan
Michael Duron
Mick and Matt Glebe
Mike Vasquez
Nicole Virella
Rain Lagunsad
Rayden Kusumo
Rhiannon Owens
Roberto Cota Briceno
Rodrigo Martins
Rustico Limosinero
Ryan Van Der Draajj
Sanford Greene
Tina Berardi
Vic Guiza
Walter Rice
Wendy Chew
Wilton Santos

Then & Now Set Checklist

10 cards

TN-LA Thor
TN-LB Fantastic Four
TN-LE Captain America
TN-LH Avengers
TN-LL Iron Man
TN-LR Uncanny Avengers
TN-LS Spiderman
TN-LY Hulk
TN-SD Spiderman

Then & Now! Autographs Set Checklist

8 cards

TN-LA Stan Lee
TN-LA Esad Ribic
TN-LB Stan Lee
TN-LB Mark Bagley
TN-LE Stan Lee
TN-LE Steve Epting
TN-LR Stan Lee
TN-LR Rick Remender
TN-LS Ryan Stegman
TN-LS Stan Lee
TN-LY Stan Lee
TN-LY Leinil Francis Yu
TN-SB Stan Lee
TN-SB Brian Michael Bendis
TN-SD Dan Slott
TN-SD Stan Lee

Ryan Cracknell  |  E-Mail Author
Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews

  1. I have a 33V (06/10) card for Marvel Now! 2014. Under which group would this fall under? I do not see a Variant group parallel to the common cards (similar to Foil).


  2. Also, for the “Then & Now! Autographs Set Checklist” group, you have 8 cards listed as the total, but the count appears to be 16. Each lettered number appears twice. What do the letters mean and how do we tell which pair that we have? I do not see a signature anywhere.


  3. Bassam Abdul-Baki There is a Red Foil parallel, hand numbered to 10. Then & Now Autographs are dual-signed cards, so that is why there are two names per card. The letters shown correspond to the card number on the back (#TN-xx). If you don’t see any signatures, you likely have the base version, which is shown above the autographed insert.

  4. I have a 46 v card is that a silver varient?

  5. Ryan,

    I have over 37,000 comic and fantasy art trading cards in my collection; all different and each one signed by the artist. I am having problems obtaining a checklist of the more recent Marvel card sets with the artist identified to the base card. Marvel refuses to respond to my inquiries, sayng “It is now company policy to NOT credit the artists or provide information about the artwork.” Can you assist me in these identifications; with a listing or a link to a web site where a listing exists. I’m looking for data on the sets from 2010 – 2016.


    The Collector

  6. I have 2 printing plates how common are they to get an how many are there???

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