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2015 Upper Deck Marvel 3D Trading Cards

2015 Upper Deck Marvel 3D Trading Cards

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Part card game and part trading card product, 2015 Upper Deck Marvel 3D Trading Cards combines 3D trading cards with Upper Deck's Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game. The lenticular-centered product includes one sketch card per hobby box.

The base set is composed of 72 cards. These are not 3D. However, the 3D Variant parallels set is. There are also 3D Die-Cut parallels.

Playable Legendary DBG (deck-building game) cards are another prominent feature of the product and contain original art and game mechanics. These cards are compatible with the UD Legendary DBG.

Playable Legendary Sketch cards further involve the DBG aspect of the product and fall one per box. Sketches are a popular feature in card products, but collectors may not be as inclined to use them in their card games.

Continuing the 3D theme, Affinity Lenticular Inserts include four characters on the same card. These, combined with 3D Comic Covers, Base Die-Cuts and Base Set Variants, average one per hobby pack.

2015 Upper Deck Marvel 3D Trading Cards 1

Product Configuration: 20 packs per box, 6 cards per pack
Price Point: Mid-End Entertainment Card
Target Audience: Marvel Fans, Sketch Card Collectors, Lenticular Card Fans, DBG Fans

2015 Upper Deck Marvel 3D Pack Break

  • Base Set Variant or Base Set Die-Cut Parallel or 3D Comic Cover or Affinity Lenticular Insert Card
  • 2 Playable Legendary DGB Cards
  • 3 Base Cards

2015 Upper Deck Marvel 3D Box Break

  • 1 Playable Legendary Sketch Card
  • 40 Playable Legendary DGB Cards
  • 60 Base Cards
  • 120 Total Cards
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Set Checklist

2015 Upper Deck Marvel 3D Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

72 cards. Base set is not 3D. Shop for base sets on eBay.
2015 Upper Deck Marvel 3D Trading Cards 2

1 Abomination - Legendary DBG
2 Baron Zemo - Legendary DBG
3 Black Widow - Legendary DBG
4 Captain America - Legendary DBG
5 Destroyer - Legendary DBG
6 Enchantress - Legendary DBG
7 Frost Giant - Legendary DBG
8 Hawkeye - Legendary DBG
9 Hulk - Legendary DBG
10 Iron Man - Legendary DBG
11 Leader - Legendary DBG
12 Lizard - Legendary DBG
13 Loki - Legendary DBG
14 Maestro - Legendary DBG
15 Maria Hill - Legendary DBG
16 Melter - Legendary DBG
17 Nick Fury - Legendary DBG
18 Red Skull - Legendary DBG
19 Shield Agent - Legendary DBG
20 Shield Trooper - Legendary DBG
21 Thor - Legendary DBG
22 Master Strike - Legendary DBG
23 Ultron - Legendary DBG
24 Whirlwind - Legendary DBG
25 Ymir - Legendary DBG
26 Zzzax - Legendary DBG
27 The Hand - Legendary DBG
28 Bystander - Legendary DBG
29 Doctor Octopus - Legendary DBG
30 Green Goblin - Legendary DBG
31 Spider-Man - Legendary DBG
32 Venom - Legendary DBG
33 Scheme Twist - Legendary DBG
34 Cyclops - Legendary DBG
35 Deadpool - Legendary DBG
36 Emma Frost - Legendary DBG
37 Gambit - Legendary DBG
38 Magneto - Legendary DBG
39 Savage Land Mutates - Legendary DBG
40 Sentinels - Legendary DBG
41 Storm - Legendary DBG
42 Wolverine - Legendary DBG
43 Wound - Legendary DBG
44 Egghead - Dark City
45 Daredevil - Dark City - Backflip
46 Elektra - Dark City - First Strike
47 Gladiator - Dark City
48 Punisher - Dark City - Hostile Interrogation
49 Blade - Dark City - Stalk the Prey
50 Daredevil - Dark City - Blind Justice
51 Elektra - Dark City - Ninjitsu
52 Ghost Rider - Dark City - Hell on Wheels
53 Iron Fist - Dark City - Ancient Legacy
54 Punisher - Dark City - Hail of Bullets
55 Blade - Dark City - Vampiric Surge
56 Daredevil - Dark City - Radar Sense
57 Ghost Rider - Dark City - Infernal Chains
58 Iron Fist - Dark City - Wield the Iron Fist
59 Punisher - Dark City - Boom Goes the Dynamite
60 Electro - Dark City
61 Rhino - Dark City
62 Angel - Dark City - High Speed Chase
63 Bishop - Dark City - Whatever the Cost
64 Cable - Dark City - Disaster
65 Colossus - Dark City - Invulnerability
66 Domino - Dark City - Specialize
67 Forge - Dark City - B.F.G.
68 Iceman - Dark City - Deep Freeze
69 Jean Grey - Dark City - Psychic Search
70 Nightcrawler - Dark City - Swashbuckler
71 Phalanx - Dark City
72 Professor X - Dark City - Mind Control

3D Autographs Set Checklist

Serial numbered #/25
2015 Upper Deck Marvel 3D Trading Cards 3

1A Kevin Sharpe
1DL Devin Low
2A Ray-Anthony Height
2DL Devin Low
3A Julius Abrera
3DL Devin Low
4A Julius Abrera
4DL Devin Low
5A Kevin Sharpe
5DL Devin Low
6A Kevin Sharpe
6DL Devin Low
7A Kevin Sharpe
7DL Devin Low
8A Kevin Sharpe
8DL Devin Low
9A Julius Abrera
9DL Devin Low
10A Julius Abrera
10DL Devin Low
11A Kevin Sharpe
11DL Devin Low
12A Bienifer Flores
12DL Devin Low
13A Bienifer Flores
13DL Devin Low
14A Kevin Sharpe
14DL Devin Low
15DL Devin Low
16A Ray-Anthony Height
16DL Devin Low
17DL Devin Low
18DL Devin Low
21A Kevin Sharpe
22A Kevin Sharpe
23A Ray-Anthony Height
24A Ray-Anthony Height
25A Kevin Sharpe
26A Kevin Sharpe
27A Ray-Anthony Height
28A Kevin Sharpe
29A Bienifer Flores
30A Bienifer Flores
31A Julius Abrera
32A Bienifer Flores
33A Kevin Sharpe
35A Julius Abrera
35DL Devin Low
38A Bienifer Flores
44A Ray-Anthony Height
45A Matthew Clark
46A Adriana Melo
47A Ray-Anthony Height
48A Matthew Clark
49A Kevin Sharpe
50A Matthew Clark
51A Adriana Melo
52A Matthew Clark
53A Matthew Clark
54A Matthew Clark
55A Kevin Sharpe
56A Matthew Clark
57A Matthew Clark
58A Matthew Clark
59A Matthew Clark
60A Ray-Anthony Height
61A Ray-Anthony Height
63A Carlo Barberi
64A Kevin Sharpe
65A Kevin Sharpe
66A Adriana Melo
67A Kevin Sharpe
68A Carlo Barberi
69A Carlo Barberi
70A Ray-Anthony Height
71A Ray-Anthony Height
72A Juvaun Kirby

3D Lenticular Comic Covers Set Checklist

23 cards
2015 Upper Deck Marvel 3D Trading Cards 4

3D-1 Incredible Hulk #1
3D-2 Journey Into Mystery #83
3D-3 Amazing Fantasy #15
3D-4 Tales of Suspense (vol. 1) #39
3D-5 The Amazing Spider-Man #1
3D-6 Uncanny X-Men #1
3D-7 The Avengers #1
3D-8 The Avengers #4
3D-9 X-Men #4
3D-10 Daredevil #1
3D-11 The Amazing Spider-Man #14
3D-12 The Avengers #57
3D-13 X-Men #58
3D-14 The Amazing Spider-Man #121
3D-15 The Incredible Hulk (vol. 2) #181
3D-16 X-Men (vol. 1) #137
3D-17 Wolverine #1
3D-18 Secret Wars #1
3D-19 The Amazing Spider-Man #252
3D-20 Captain America Annual #8
3D-22 Wolverine Vol. 2 #1
3D-23 X-Men (vol. 2) #1
3D-24 Wolverine #145

Affinity Lenticular Quad Set Checklist

24 cards
2015 Upper Deck Marvel 3D Trading Cards 5

A-1 Wolverine
A-1 Punisher
A-1 Deadpool
A-1 Hulk
A-2 Green Goblin
A-2 Electro
A-2 Lizard
A-2 Venom
A-3 Thor
A-3 Hulk
A-3 Iron Man
A-3 Captain America
A-4 Baron Zemo
A-4 Supreme Hydra
A-4 Red Skull
A-4 Madame Hydra
A-5 Professor X
A-5 Blade
A-5 Emma Frost
A-5 Elektra
A-6 Blob
A-6 Colossus
A-6 Rhino
A-6 Juggernaut
A-7 Ymir
A-7 Destroyer
A-7 Enchantress
A-7 Frost Giant
A-8 Egghead
A-8 Doctor Octopus
A-8 Leader
A-8 Mister Sinister
A-9 Lilith
A-9 Elektra
A-9 Enchantress
A-9 Black Widow
A-10 Captain America
A-10 Daredevil
A-10 Iron Fist
A-10 Spider-Man
A-11 Sentinels
A-11 Savage Land Mutates
A-11 The Hand
A-11 Phalanx
A-12 Wolverine
A-12 Gambit
A-12 Angel
A-12 Apocalypse
A-13 Blade
A-13 Daredevil
A-13 Ghost Rider
A-13 Elektra
A-14 Stryfe
A-14 Red Skull
A-14 Magneto
A-14 Loki
A-15 Melter
A-15 Tombstone
A-15 Ultron
A-15 Whirlwind
A-16 Maestro
A-16 Leader
A-16 Abomination
A-16 Zzzax
A-17 Bullseye
A-17 Daredevil
A-17 Elektra
A-17 The Hand
A-18 Shield Agent
A-18 Maria Hill
A-18 Nick Fury
A-18 Black Widow
A-19 Hammerhead
A-19 Kingpin
A-19 Jigsaw
A-19 Tombstone
A-20 Punisher
A-20 Iron Fist
A-20 Elektra
A-20 Daredevil
A-21 Domino
A-21 Forge
A-21 Hawkeye
A-21 Nick Fury
A-22 Melter
A-22 Punisher
A-22 Ghost Rider
A-22 Blade
A-23 Angel
A-23 Cyclops
A-23 Iceman
A-23 Jean Grey
A-24 Master Strike
A-24 Wound
A-24 Scheme Twist
A-24 Bystander

Legendary Playable Card Set Checklist

26 cards. 2 per pack.
Card rarity noted when available.
2015 Upper Deck Marvel 3D Trading Cards 6

Black Widow - Covert Operation (Uncommon)
Black Widow - Dangerous Rescue (Common)
Black Widow - Mission Accomplished (Common)
Black Widow - Silent Sniper (Rare)
Bulldozer Driver - Bystander
Circus of Crime - Henchman
Deadpool - Here, Hold This for a Second (Common)
Deadpool - Hey, Can I Get a Do-Over? (Common)
Deadpool - Oddball (Uncommon)
Deadpool - Random Acts of Unkindness (Rare)
Double Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Henchmen
Fortune Teller - Bystander
Howard The Duck - Interplanetary Visitor (Rare)
Howard The Duck - Rebel Without a Cause (Common)
Howard The Duck - Right Place, Wrong Time (Uncommon)
Howard The Duck - Traveling Companion (Common)
Hulk - Crazed Rampage (Uncommon)
Hulk - Growing Anger (Common)
Hulk - Hulk Smash (Rare)
Hulk - Unstoppable Hulk (Common)
Man-Thing - Burn the Fearful (Common)
Man-Thing - Eternity of Solitude (Rare)
Man-Thing - Form from Ooze (Common)
Man-Thing - Travel the Nexus of Realities (Uncommon)
Photographer - Bystander
Stan Lee - Bystander

Legendary Playable Sketch Card Set Checklist

50 cards. 1 per box.
2015 Upper Deck Marvel 3D Trading Cards 7

1 Black Widow - Silent Sniper
2 Captain America - A Day Unlike Any Other
3 Cyclops - X-Men United
4 Deadpool - Random Acts of Unkindness
5 Emma Frost - Diamond Form
6 Gambit - High Stakes Jackpot
7 Hawkeye - Impossible Trick Shot
8 Hulk - HULK SMASH!
9 Iron Man - Quantum Breakthrough
10 Nick Fury - Pure Fury
11 Rogue - Steal Abilities
12 Spider-Man - The Amazing Spider-Man
13 Storm - Tidal Wave
14 Thor - God of Thunder
15 Wolverine - Berserker Rage
16 Destroyer - Enemies of Asgard
17 Viper - HYDRA
18 Loki - Mastermind
19 Magneto - Mastermind
20 Red Skull - Mastermind
21 Black Widow - Covert Operation
22 Blob - Brotherhood
23 Captain America - Diving Block
24 Juggernaut - Brotherhood
25 Cyclops - Unending Energy
26 Mystique - Brotherhood
27 Deadpool - Hey, Can I Get a Do-Over?
28 Sabretooth - Brotherhood
29 Emma Frost - Psychic Link
30 Enchantress - Enemies of Asgard
31 Gambit - Hypnotic Charm
32 Ymir - Enemies of Asgard
33 Hawkeye - Covering Fire
34 Baron Zemo - Masters of Evil
35 Hulk - Crazed Rampage
36 Ultron - Masters of Evil
37 Iron Man - Arc Reactor
38 Abomination - Radiation
39 Nick Fury - Legendary Commander
40 Maestro - Radiation
41 Rogue - Copy Powers
42 Leader - Radiation
43 Spider-Man - Web-Shooters
44 Doctor Octopus - Spider Foes
45 Storm - Spinning Cyclone
46 Green Goblin - Spider Foes
47 Thor - Call Lightning
48 Lizard - Spider Foes
49 Wolverine - Frenzied Slashing
50 Venom - Spider Foes

Legendary Playable Sketch Card Artists Set Checklist

126 artists

Adam Braun
Alex Magno
Alfredo Lopez Jr.
Allen Geneta
Andre Toma
Anthony Tan
Anthony Wheeler
Arley Tucker
Ashleigh Popplewell
Babisu Kourtis
Ben Risbeck
Bienifer Flores
Bobby Breed
Brian Soriano
Bryan Tillman
Butch Mapa
Carlos Cabaleiro
Cassio Batista
Chris Hamer
Cris Santos
Cruddie Torian
Damien Torres
Damon Bowie
Dan Borgonos
Daniel Campos
Darren Chandler
Dave Ryan
David Hindelang
Deborah Abbott
DeJon Parnell
Dijana Granov
Don Mark Noceda
Dong Beniga Jr.
Eduardo Garcia
Elfie Lebouleux
Elton Thomasi
Elvin Hernandez
Eric Fournier
Eric Van Elslande
Eric Ninaltowski
Erik Reeves
Eugene Commodore
Federico Blee
Felix Morales
Francois Chartier
Geanes Holland
Gener Pedrina
Gilbert Monsanto
Greg Kirkpatrick
Harold Edge
Ian Quirante
Irma Suriani Ahmed
Ivan Rodriguez
Jake Sumbing
James Hill
Jarelle Dampier
Jasmine Anderson
Jason Crosby
Jason Flowers
Jason Chalker
Jason Adams
Jayson Kretzer
JC Fabul
Jeffrey Benitez
Jim Jimenez
Joe Rubinstein
Joe Hogan
Joe Simko
Joel Gomez
John Haun
John Sloboda
Jomar Bulda
Jonathan Racimo
Joshua Tukes
Jun Premiro
Juno Sanchez
Kate Carleton
Lord Mesa
Luisito G. Antonio Jr.
Luro Hersal
Lynne Anderson
Manny Mederos
Marcelo Ferreira
Marco Carrillo
Mark Marvida
Mark Pennington
Mary Bellamy
Matt Hebb
Matthew Santorelli
Mauro Fodra
Mel Joy San Juan
Michael Tiscareno
Michael Dela Cruz
Michael Duron
Mick and Matt Glebe
Mike Thomas
Mike Legan
Mitch Ballard
Nicholas Baltra
Patrick Giles
Ramil Ibay
Ramsey Sibaja
Raymundo Racho
Rhiannon Owens
Rich Molinelli
Robert Easby
Robert Jimenez
Roberto Cota Briceno
Rustico Limosinero
Ryan Van Der Draaij
Ryan Kincaid
Scott Zirkel
Steve Oatney
Ted Woods
Thiago Vale
Tim Proctor
Timothy Pittides
Tom Nguyen
Tony Santiago
Victor Rodriguez
Vince Sunico
Walter Rice
William Kunkle
William Withers
William Allan Reyes

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User Reviews

If there were more than 2 cards per pack (all cards) for the legendary game, then this wouldn’t be so bad. Pokemon is a really successful game, I feel, because pulling rare cards is such a good feeling. The problem is they are trying to combine collectors cards and playable legendary cards. Two games in one booster is a bad idea. It makes me not want to buy this, because 2/3 of the cards are worthless to my marvel legendary game collection…

Chad E. Ault
Chad E. Ault

Anyone else receive a smattering of 2015 Marvel 3-D Legendary SPIDER-SLAYER Henchman Villain in their collection of gamers? Does not appear to be listed on the checklists. as well!


1993 called they want their bankruptcy decisions back.

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