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2014 Topps Tribute Baseball Cards

2014 Topps Tribute Baseball Cards

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2014 Topps Tribute Baseball sticks with the brand's trademark of mixing low-numbered hits, modern technology and a decidedly classic vibe -- both with design elements and player selection. The high-end release delivers an autograph or memorabilia card in every pack that is numbered to 99 or less.

Overall, the design shares a lot of similarities to past years, most notably with the Refractor-like card stock that has long been a brand trademark. However, there's also an Art Deco spin to it, offering something new.

Autographs play a huge role in 2014 Topps Tribute Baseball with every six-pack box promising four of them. Base Autographs are all signed on-card. Besides the regular versions that are numbered to 99 or less, there are seven parallels: Blue (#/50), Sepia (#/35), Green (#/25), Gold (#/15), Red (#/5), Printing Plates, Purple (1/1) and Onyx (1/1). Following a similar pattern, both in numbering and parallels, are a pair of new inserts: Tribute Traditions and Tribute to the Pastime. These are also hard-signed. Timeless Tribute Autographs (#/24) feature two autographs, pairing a veteran with a retired player who shared similar playing traits. Tribute to the Stars (#/24) and Eccentric Eye Black (#/5) return.

Relic themes have been largely overhauled in 2014 Topps Tribute Baseball. The main sets, Tribute to the Throne, Forever Young and Tribute Titans, all push the Art Deco feel. Each set is numbered to 99 with six parallels: Blue (#/50), Sepia (#/35), Green (#/25), Gold (#/15), Red (#/10) and Purple (1/1). Tribute Milestone Relics have pieces of baseballs used during an important game from the 2013 season. Tribute Milestones also has a one-of-one autographed parallel.

Rare memorabilia cards include Prime Patches (#/24), Batting Gloves (#/2), Bat Knobs (1/1) and Bat Plates (1/1). 2014 Topps Tribute Baseball also has one-of-one relic cards featuring belt buckles from a pair of game-used pants.

The 2014 Topps Tribute Baseball base set once again mixes current players with retired greats. Parallels include Blue (#/99), Green (#/50), Gold (#/25), Red (#/5), Printing Plates and Purple (1/1).

Product Configuration: 6 packs per box, 3 cards per pack
Price Point: High-End Baseball Card
Target Audience: Hit Seekers, Autograph Collectors

2014 Topps Tribute Baseball Box Break

  • 4 Numbered Autographs
  • 2 Numbered Relic Cards
  • 18 Total Cards
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Set Checklist

2014 Topps Tribute Baseball Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

100 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Blue #/99 (1:10 packs), Green #/50 (1:20 packs), Gold #/25 (1:39 packs), Red #/5 (1:191 packs), Purple 1/1 (1:958 packs), Printing Plates 1/1 (1:238 packs)

1 Buster Posey
2 Yoenis Cespedes
3 Whitey Ford
4 Willie Stargell
5 Giancarlo Stanton
6 Troy Tulowitzki
7 Adam Jones
8 Adrian Beltre
9 Shelby Miller
10 Jayson Werth
11 Lou Gehrig
12 Babe Ruth
13 Wade Boggs
14 Adam Wainwright
15 Ozzie Smith
16 Don Mattingly
17 Jose Bautista
18 Mike Schmidt
19 Roberto Clemente
20 Prince Fielder
21 Matt Cain
22 Derek Jeter
23 Ted Williams
24 Robinson Cano
25 Willie Mays
26 Miguel Cabrera
27 Josh Hamilton
28 Stan Musial
29 Bob Gibson
30 Andrew McCutchen
31 Joey Votto
32 CC Sabathia
33 Mike Trout
34 Monte Irvin
35 Cliff Lee
36 Randy Johnson
37 Clayton Kershaw
38 Matt Harvey
39 Robin Yount
40 John Smoltz
41 Ken Griffey Jr.
42 Al Kaline
43 Aroldis Chapman
44 Johnny Bench
45 Bryce Harper
46 Paul Molitor
47 Jose Fernandez
48 George Kell
49 Yadier Molina
50 Juan Marichal
51 Joe DiMaggio
52 R.A. Dickey
53 Jurickson Profar
54 Frank Robinson
55 Lou Brock
56 Evan Longoria
57 Bob Feller
58 Gary Carter
59 Harmon Killebrew
60 Carlos Gonzalez
61 Stephen Strasburg
62 Carlton Fisk
63 Andre Dawson
64 Mariano Rivera
65 Joe Mauer
66 Felix Hernandez
67 Ivan Rodriguez
68 Reggie Jackson
69 Manny Machado
70 Nolan Ryan
71 Ernie Banks
72 Adrian Gonzalez
73 Cal Ripken Jr.
74 Larry Doby
75 Dustin Pedroia
76 Billy Williams
77 Cole Hamels
78 Frank Thomas
79 Albert Pujols
80 Chipper Jones
81 Rickey Henderson
82 Sandy Koufax
83 Justin Verlander
84 David Price
85 Chris Sale
86 Jacoby Ellsbury
87 Ryne Sandberg
88 David Wright
89 Matt Kemp
90 Ty Cobb
91 Yu Darvish
92 Yasiel Puig
93 Bo Jackson
94 Gerrit Cole
95 Wil Myers
96 Mike Zunino
97 Zack Wheeler
98 Greg Maddux
99 Paul Goldschmidt
100 Chris Davis
2014 Topps Tribute Baseball Cards 1

Autographs Set Checklist

73 cards. 1:16 packs.
Serial Numbered #/99 or less
PARALLEL CARDS: Blue #/50 (1:31 packs), Pink #/45 (1:34 packs), Orange #/40 (1:39 packs),  Sepia #/35 (1:44 packs), Yellow #/30 (1:51 packs), Green #/25 (1:57 packs), Gold #/15 (1:78 packs), Red #/5 (1:231 packs), Purple 1/1 (1:3,795 packs), Onyx 1/1 (1:1,152 packs), Printing Plates 1/1 (1:948 packs)
2014 Topps Tribute Baseball Cards 2

TA-AB Albert Belle
TA-AG Adrian Gonzalez
TA-AH Aaron Hicks
TA-AJ Adam Jones
TA-AR Anthony Rizzo
TA-BB Billy Butler
TA-BG Bob Gibson
TA-BJ Bo Jackson
TA-BP Buster Posey
TA-BPH Brandon Phillips
TA-BZ Ben Zobrist
TA-CF Carlton Fisk
TA-CH Cole Hamels
TA-CKE Clayton Kershaw
TA-CR Cal Ripken Jr.
TA-CS Chris Sale
TA-CSA Carlos Santana
TA-CW C.J. Wilson
TA-CWI C.J. Wilson
TA-DB Dylan Bundy
TA-DF David Freese
TA-DG Didi Gregorius
TA-DH Derek Holland
TA-DM Dale Murphy
TA-DMA Don Mattingly
TA-DP Dustin Pedroia
TA-DS Deion Sanders
TA-DST Dave Stewart
TA-DW David Wright
TA-EB Ernie Banks
TA-ED Eric Davis
TA-EG Evan Gattis
TA-EL Evan Longoria
TA-EM Edgar Martinez
TA-FF Freddie Freeman
TA-FJ Fergie Jenkins
TA-FL Fred Lynn
TA-FM Fred McGriff
TA-IR Ivan Rodriguez
TA-JC Jose Canseco
TA-JCU Johnny Cueto
TA-JGR Jason Grilli
TA-JH Jason Heyward
TA-JP Jorge Posada
TA-JR Jim Rice
TA-JS Jean Segura
TA-JSH James Shields
TA-JT Julio Teheran
TA-KM Kevin Mitchell
TA-KME Kris Medlen
TA-LB Lou Brock
TA-LG Luis Gonzalez
TA-LL Lance Lynn
TA-LS Lee Smith
TA-MB Madison Bumgarner
TA-MM Matt Moore
TA-MMI Mike Minor
TA-MT Mark Trumbo
TA-MW Matt Williams
TA-PC Patrick Corbin
TA-PG Paul Goldschmidt
TA-PO Paul O'Neill
TA-RZ Ryan Zimmerman
TA-TB Trevor Bauer
TA-TC Tony Cingrani
TA-TD Travis d'Arnaud
TA-TR Tim Raines
TA-TS Tyler Skaggs
TA-WC Will Clark
TA-WM Wil Myers
TA-WMI Will Middlebrooks
TA-WR Wilin Rosario
TA-ZW Zack Wheeler

Bat Knobs Set Checklist

25 cards. 1:3,795 packs.
Serial Numbered 1/1
2014 Topps Tribute Baseball Cards 3

BK-AJ Adam Jones
BK-CF Carlton Fisk
BK-CK Clayton Kershaw
BK-CU Chase Utley
BK-DJ Derek Jeter
BK-DM Don Mattingly
BK-EE Edwin Encarnacion
BK-EL Evan Longoria
BK-FM Fred McGriff
BK-GF George Foster
BK-HR Hyun-Jin Ryu
BK-JE Jacoby Ellsbury
BK-JP Jurickson Profar
BK-JV Joey Votto
BK-MC Miguel Cabrera
BK-MH Matt Holliday
BK-MT Mike Trout
BK-RC Roberto Clemente
BK-RCA Robinson Cano
BK-TG Tony Gwynn
BK-TT Troy Tulowitzki
BK-TW Ted Williams
BK-WM Willie McCovey
BK-YP Yasiel Puig
BK-ZW Zack Wheeler

Bat Plates Set Checklist

25 cards. 1:3,795 packs.
Serial Numbered 1/1
2014 Topps Tribute Baseball Cards 4

BP-AJ Adam Jones
BP-CG Carlos Gonzalez
BP-DJ Derek Jeter
BP-DP Dustin Pedroia
BP-EE Edwin Encarnacion
BP-EL Evan Longoria
BP-FF Freddie Freeman
BP-GS Giancarlo Stanton
BP-HR Hyun-Jin Ryu
BP-JD Joe DiMaggio
BP-JE Jacoby Ellsbury
BP-JH Josh Hamilton
BP-JR Jose Reyes
BP-MC Miguel Cabrera
BP-MK Matt Kemp
BP-MR Manny Ramirez
BP-MT Mike Trout
BP-PO Paul O'Neill
BP-RC Roberto Clemente
BP-RCA Robinson Cano
BP-TG Tony Gwynn
BP-VG Vladimir Guerrero
BP-WM Wil Myers
BP-YP Yasiel Puig
BP-ZW Zack Wheeler

Batting Gloves Set Checklist

6 cards. 1:7,590 packs.
Serial Numbered #/2
2014 Topps Tribute Baseball Cards 5

BG-BH Bryce Harper
BG-BP Brandon Phillips
BG-CGR Curtis Granderson
BG-JB Jay Bruce
BG-JV Joey Votto
BG-SC Starlin Castro

Belt Buckles Set Checklist

Serial Numbered 1/1. 1:4,554 packs.

David Wright
Dizzy Dean
Gordon Beckham
Johnny Cueto
David Wright
Dizzy Dean
Gordon Beckham
Johnny Cueto

Eccentric Eye Black Autographs Set Checklist

13 cards. 1:1,182 packs.
Serial Numbered #/5
2014 Topps Tribute Baseball Cards 6

EEB-AR Anthony Rizzo
EEB-DM Don Mattingly
EEB-DP Dustin Pedroia
EEB-DW David Wright
EEB-FM Fred McGriff
EEB-FT Frank Thomas
EEB-IR Ivan Rodriguez
EEB-MT Mike Trout
EEB-MW Matt Williams
EEB-RH Rickey Henderson
EEB-TT Troy Tulowitzki
EEB-WC Will Clark
EEB-WM Will Middlebrooks

Forever Young Relics Set Checklist

35 cards. 1:28 packs.
Serial Numbered #/99
PARALLEL CARDS: Blue #/50 (1:55 packs), Sepia #/35 (1:78 packs), Green #/25 (1:108 packs), Gold #/15 (1:181 packs), Red #/5 (1:271 packs), Purple 1/1 (1:2,700 packs)

FYR-AC Aroldis Chapman
FYR-AM Andrew McCutchen
FYR-BH Bryce Harper
FYR-BHA Billy Hamilton
FYR-BP Buster Posey
FYR-CK Clayton Kershaw
FYR-CS Chris Sale
FYR-DB Domonic Brown
FYR-EH Eric Hosmer
FYR-FF Freddie Freeman
FYR-FH Felix Hernandez
FYR-GC Gerrit Cole
FYR-JF Jose Fernandez
FYR-JH Jason Heyward
FYR-JP Jurickson Profar
FYR-JS Jean Segura
FYR-JU Justin Upton
FYR-JZ Jordan Zimmermann
FYR-MH Matt Harvey
FYR-MM Manny Machado
FYR-MMO Matt Moore
FYR-MT Mike Trout
FYR-MW Michael Wacha
FYR-PG Paul Goldschmidt
FYR-RH Hyun-Jin Ryu
FYR-SM Shelby Miller
FYR-SS Stephen Strasburg
FYR-TC Tony Cingrani
FYR-TD Travis d'Arnaud
FYR-TW Taijuan Walker
FYR-WM Wil Myers
FYR-XB Xander Bogaerts
FYR-YC Yoenis Cespedes
FYR-YP Yasiel Puig
FYR-ZW Zack Wheeler
2014 Topps Tribute Baseball Cards 7

Mystery Redemption Autographs

2 cards

MR-1 Hank Aaron
MR-2 Jose Abreu

Prime Patches Set Checklist

50 cards. 1:79 packs.
Serial Numbered #/24
PARALLEL CARDS: Purple 1/1 (1:1,897 packs)

PP-AB Adrian Beltre
PP-AC Allen Craig
PP-AD Andre Dawson
PP-AG Adrian Gonzalez
PP-AJ Adam Jones
PP-AM Andrew McCutchen
PP-AP Albert Pujols
PP-BH Bryce Harper
PP-BHA Billy Hamilton
PP-BP Buster Posey
PP-CC CC Sabathia
PP-CF Carlton Fisk
PP-CG Carlos Gonzalez
PP-CK Craig Kimbrel
PP-CKE Clayton Kershaw
PP-CS Chris Sale
PP-DG Dwight Gooden
PP-DO David Ortiz
PP-DP David Price
PP-DPE Dustin Pedroia
PP-FF Freddie Freeman
PP-FH Felix Hernandez
PP-GC Gerrit Cole
PP-GS Giancarlo Stanton
PP-JF Jose Fernandez
PP-JR Jose Reyes
PP-JU Justin Upton
PP-JV Joey Votto
PP-JVE Justin Verlander
PP-MC Miguel Cabrera
PP-MH Matt Harvey
PP-MK Matt Kemp
PP-MM Manny Machado
PP-MMO Matt Moore
PP-MS Max Scherzer
PP-MT Mike Trout
PP-PF Prince Fielder
PP-PG Paul Goldschmidt
PP-SM Shelby Miller
PP-SS Stephen Strasburg
PP-TG Tony Gwynn
PP-TGL Tom Glavine
PP-TL Tim Lincecum
PP-TW Taijuan Walker
PP-WB Wade Boggs
PP-WM Wil Myers
PP-XB Xander Bogaerts
PP-YC Yoenis Cespedes
PP-YM Yadier Molina
PP-YP Yasiel Puig
2014 Topps Tribute Baseball Cards 8

Timeless Tribute Dual Autographs Set Checklist

10 cards. 1:394 packs.
Serial Numbered #/24
PARALLEL CARDS: Purple 1/1 (1:9,108 packs)
2014 Topps Tribute Baseball Cards 9

TTRA-BH Lou Brock
TTRA-BH Rickey Henderson
TTRA-BP Johnny Bench
TTRA-BP Buster Posey
TTRA-BR Johnny Bench
TTRA-BR Ivan Rodriguez
TTRA-GH Josh Hamilton
TTRA-GH Ken Griffey Jr.
TTRA-HT Rickey Henderson
TTRA-HT Mike Trout
TTRA-JH Bryce Harper
TTRA-JH Reggie Jackson
TTRA-JT Bo Jackson
TTRA-JT Mike Trout
TTRA-KK Sandy Koufax
TTRA-KK Clayton Kershaw
TTRA-RT Troy Tulowitzki
TTRA-RT Cal Ripken Jr.
TTRA-SW Mike Schmidt
TTRA-SW David Wright

Tribute Milestone Relics Set Checklist

10 cards. 1:9,108 packs.
2014 Topps Tribute Baseball Cards 10

TMR-CS CC Sabathia
TMR-CY Christian Yelich
TMR-DO David Ortiz
TMR-FH Felix Hernandez
TMR-GC Gerrit Cole
TMR-HR Hyun-Jin Ryu
TMR-NC Nick Castellanos
TMR-WM Wil Myers
TMR-YP Yasiel Puig
TMR-ZW Zack Wheeler

Tribute Milestone Autographs Relics Set Checklist

10 cards. 1:948 packs.
Serial Numbered 1/1

TMAR-CS CC Sabathia
TMAR-CY Christian Yelich
TMAR-DO David Ortiz
TMAR-FH Felix Hernandez
TMAR-GC Gerrit Cole
TMAR-HJR Hyun-Jin Ryu
TMAR-NC Nick Castellanos
TMAR-WM Wil Myers
TMAR-YP Yasiel Puig
TMAR-ZW Zack Wheeler

Tribute Titans Relics Set Checklist

52 cards. 1:19 packs.
Serial Numbered #/99
PARALLEL CARDS: Blue #/50 (1:37 packs), Sepia #/35 (1:52 packs), Green #/25 (1:73 packs), Gold #/15 (1:121 packs), Red #/5 (1:182 packs), Purple 1/1 (1:1,800 packs)
2014 Topps Tribute Baseball Cards 11

TTR-AB Adrian Beltre
TTR-AC Allen Craig
TTR-ACH Aroldis Chapman
TTR-AG Adrian Gonzalez
TTR-AJ Adam Jones
TTR-AM Andrew McCutchen
TTR-AP Albert Pujols
TTR-BH Bryce Harper
TTR-BP Buster Posey
TTR-CC CC Sabathia
TTR-CD Chris Davis
TTR-CG Carlos Gonzalez
TTR-CK Clayton Kershaw
TTR-CS Chris Sale
TTR-DF David Freese
TTR-DO David Ortiz
TTR-DP David Price
TTR-DPE Dustin Pedroia
TTR-DW David Wright
TTR-EE Edwin Encarnacion
TTR-EL Evan Longoria
TTR-FF Freddie Freeman
TTR-GC Gerrit Cole
TTR-GG Gio Gonzalez
TTR-JB Jose Bautista
TTR-JF Jose Fernandez
TTR-JH Jason Heyward
TTR-JP Jurickson Profar
TTR-JR Jose Reyes
TTR-JS Jean Segura
TTR-JU Justin Upton
TTR-JV Joey Votto
TTR-JVE Justin Verlander
TTR-MC Miguel Cabrera
TTR-MH Matt Harvey
TTR-MK Matt Kemp
TTR-MM Manny Machado
TTR-MMO Matt Moore
TTR-MT Mike Trout
TTR-MTE Mark Teixeira
TTR-PF Prince Fielder
TTR-PG Paul Goldschmidt
TTR-RD R.A. Dickey
TTR-RH Hyun-Jin Ryu
TTR-RHA Roy Halladay
TTR-RZ Ryan Zimmerman
TTR-SM Shelby Miller
TTR-SS Stephen Strasburg
TTR-TT Troy Tulowitzki
TTR-WM Wil Myers
TTR-YP Yasiel Puig
TTR-ZG Zack Greinke

Tribute to the Pastime Autographs Set Checklist

73 cards. 1:16 packs.
Serial Numbered #/99 or less
PARALLEL CARDS: Blue #/50 (1:32 packs), Orange #/40 (1:39 packs), Sepia #/35 (1:45 packs), Yellow #/30 (1:52 packs), Green #/25 (1:48 packs), Gold #/15 (1:77 packs), Red #/5 (1:228 packs), Purple 1/1 (1:1,751 packs), Onyx 1/1 (1:1,152 packs), Printing Plates 1/1 (1:437 packs)

TPT-AB Albert Belle
TPT-AG Adrian Gonzalez
TPT-AH Aaron Hicks
TPT-AJ Adam Jones
TPT-AR Anthony Rizzo
TPT-BB Billy Butler
TPT-BP Brandon Phillips
TPT-BZ Ben Zobrist
TPT-CS Chris Sale
TPT-CSA Carlos Santana
TPT-DC Dave Concepcion
TPT-DF David Freese
TPT-DG Didi Gregorius
TPT-DH Derek Holland
TPT-DP Dustin Pedroia
TPT-DS Dave Stewart
TPT-ED Eric Davis
TPT-EG Evan Gattis
TPT-EM Edgar Martinez
TPT-FF Freddie Freeman
TPT-FL Fred Lynn
TPT-FM Fred McGriff
TPT-GM Greg Maddux
TPT-JC Johnny Cueto
TPT-JGR Jason Grilli
TPT-JR Jim Rice
TPT-JS Jean Segura
TPT-JSH James Shields
TPT-JT Julio Teheran
TPT-KM Kevin Mitchell
TPT-KME Kris Medlen
TPT-LL Lance Lynn
TPT-LS Lee Smith
TPT-MB Madison Bumgarner
TPT-MM Mark McGwire
TPT-MMI Mike Minor
TPT-MMO Matt Moore
TPT-MT Mark Trumbo
TPT-MW Matt Williams
TPT-NG Nomar Garciaparra
TPT-OC Orlando Cepeda
TPT-PC Patrick Corbin
TPT-PG Paul Goldschmidt
TPT-PM Pedro Martinez
TPT-PO Paul O'Neill
TPT-PS Pablo Sandoval
TPT-RB Ryan Braun
TPT-RD R.A. Dickey
TPT-RH Rickey Henderson
TPT-RJ Reggie Jackson
TPT-RY Robin Yount
TPT-RZ Ryan Zimmerman
TPT-SC Steve Carlton
TPT-SK Sandy Koufax
TPT-SM Shelby Miller
TPT-SMA Starling Marte
TPT-SP Salvador Perez
TPT-TB Trevor Bauer
TPT-TC Tony Cingrani
TPT-TD Travis d'Arnaud
TPT-TGW Tony Gwynn
TPT-TH Tim Hudson
TPT-TR Tim Raines
TPT-TSK Tyler Skaggs
TPT-TT Troy Tulowitzki
TPT-VG Vladimir Guerrero
TPT-WC Will Clark
TPT-WM Willie Mays
TPT-WMY Wil Myers
TPT-WR Wilin Rosario
TPT-XB Xander Bogaerts
TPT-YM Yadier Molina
TPT-ZW Zack Wheeler
2014 Topps Tribute Baseball Cards 12

Tribute to the Stars Autographs Set Checklist

78 cards. 1:51 packs.
Serial Numbered #/24
PARALLEL CARDS: Purple 1/1 (1:1,214 packs)

TSA-AR Anthony Rizzo
TSA-BB Billy Butler
TSA-BH Billy Hamilton
TSA-BH1 Billy Hamilton
TSA-BH2 Billy Hamilton
TSA-BH3 Billy Hamilton
TSA-BP Brandon Phillips
TSA-DM Dale Murphy
TSA-DS Duke Snider
TSA-DS1 Duke Snider
TSA-DS2 Duke Snider
TSA-DST Dave Stewart
TSA-EG Evan Gattis
TSA-EJ Erik Johnson
TSA-EJ1 Erik Johnson
TSA-EL Evan Longoria
TSA-EL1 Evan Longoria
TSA-FF Freddie Freeman
TSA-FJ Fergie Jenkins
TSA-FJ1 Fergie Jenkins
TSA-FJ2 Fergie Jenkins
TSA-FJ3 Fergie Jenkins
TSA-GC Gary Carter
TSA-GC1 Gary Carter
TSA-GC2 Gary Carter
TSA-GC3 Gary Carter
TSA-GC4 Gary Carter
TSA-GC5 Gary Carter
TSA-GC6 Gary Carter
TSA-GG Goose Gossage
TSA-GG1 Goose Gossage
TSA-GK George Kell
TSA-GK1 George Kell
TSA-GM Greg Maddux
TSA-HI Hisashi Iwakuma
TSA-HI1 Hisashi Iwakuma
TSA-HI2 Hisashi Iwakuma
TSA-JB Jose Bautista
TSA-JB1 Jose Bautista
TSA-JB2 Jose Bautista
TSA-JP Johnny Podres
TSA-JP1 Johnny Podres
TSA-JV Joey Votto
TSA-JW Jered Weaver
TSA-JW1 Jered Weaver
TSA-JW2 Jered Weaver
TSA-MA Mariano Rivera
TSA-MC Miguel Cabrera
TSA-MM Mike Minor
TSA-MMO Matt Moore
TSA-MT Mike Trout
TSA-NC Nick Castellanos
TSA-NC1 Nick Castellanos
TSA-NC2 Nick Castellanos
TSA-OS Ozzie Smith
TSA-PC Patrick Corbin
TSA-PG Paul Goldschmidt
TSA-RC Rod Carew
TSA-RC1 Rod Carew
TSA-SC Starlin Castro
TSA-SC1 Starlin Castro
TSA-SK Sandy Koufax
TSA-SM Stan Musial
TSA-TB Trevor Bauer
TSA-TC Tony Cingrani
TSA-TD Travis d'Arnaud
TSA-TD1 Travis d'Arnaud
TSA-TG Tom Glavine
TSA-TG1 Tom Glavine
TSA-TR Tim Raines
TSA-TW Taijuan Walker
TSA-TW1 Taijuan Walker
TSA-TW2 Taijuan Walker
TSA-WB Wade Boggs
TSA-WM Wil Myers
TSA-XB Xander Bogaerts
TSA-XB1 Xander Bogaerts
TSA-ZW Zack Wheeler
2014 Topps Tribute Baseball Cards 13

Tribute to the Throne Relics Set Checklist

41 cards. 1:24 packs.
Serial Numbered #/99
PARALLEL CARDS: Blue #/50 (1:47 packs), Sepia #/35 (1:66 packs), Green #/25 (1:93 packs), Gold #/15 (154 packs), Red #/5 (1:231 packs), Purple 1/1 (1:2,277 packs)
2014 Topps Tribute Baseball Cards 14

THRONE-AD Andre Dawson
THRONE-BF Bob Feller
THRONE-CF Carlton Fisk
THRONE-CR Cal Ripken Jr.
THRONE-DM Don Mattingly
THRONE-DMU Dale Murphy
THRONE-DS Don Sutton
THRONE-EB Ernie Banks
THRONE-EM Eddie Mathews
THRONE-EMU Eddie Murray
THRONE-FJ Fergie Jenkins
THRONE-GB George Brett
THRONE-HA Hank Aaron
THRONE-HK Harmon Killebrew
THRONE-IR Ivan Rodriguez
THRONE-JB Johnny Bench
THRONE-JD Joe DiMaggio
THRONE-JR Jackie Robinson
THRONE-KG Ken Griffey Jr.
THRONE-MS Mike Schmidt
THRONE-OC Orlando Cepeda
THRONE-PN Phil Niekro
THRONE-RC Roberto Clemente
THRONE-RH Rickey Henderson
THRONE-RJ Reggie Jackson
THRONE-RJO Randy Johnson
THRONE-RY Robin Yount
THRONE-SM Stan Musial
THRONE-TG Tom Glavine
THRONE-TW Ted Williams
THRONE-WB Wade Boggs
THRONE-WM Willie Mays
THRONE-WMC Willie McCovey
THRONE-YB Yogi Berra

Tribute Traditions Autographs Set Checklist

73 cards. 1:16 packs.
Serial Numbered #/99 or less
PARALLEL CARDS: Blue #/50 (1:32 packs), Orange #/40 (1:39 packs), Sepia #/35 (1:45 packs), Yellow #/30 (1:52 packs), Green #/25 (1:52 packs), Gold #/15 (1:77 packs), Red #/5 (1:231 packs), Purple 1/1 (1:2,277 packs), Onyx 1/1 (1:1,152 packs), Printing Plates 1/1 (1:580 packs)
2014 Topps Tribute Baseball Cards 15

TT-AB Albert Belle
TT-AG Adrian Gonzalez
TT-AH Aaron Hicks
TT-AJ Adam Jones
TT-AR Anthony Rizzo
TT-BB Billy Butler
TT-BP Brandon Phillips
TT-BZ Ben Zobrist
TT-CJ Chipper Jones
TT-CS Chris Sale
TT-CSA Carlos Santana
TT-DC Dave Concepcion
TT-DF David Freese
TT-DG Didi Gregorius
TT-DH Derek Holland
TT-DP Dustin Pedroia
TT-DS Dave Stewart
TT-ED Eric Davis
TT-EG Evan Gattis
TT-EM Edgar Martinez
TT-FL Fred Lynn
TT-FM Fred McGriff
TT-GS Giancarlo Stanton
TT-HA Hank Aaron
TT-IR Ivan Rodriguez
TT-JB Johnny Bench
TT-JC Johnny Cueto
TT-JGR Jason Grilli
TT-JH Josh Hamilton
TT-JHE Jason Heyward
TT-JM Juan Marichal
TT-JP Jim Palmer
TT-JR Jim Rice
TT-JS John Smoltz
TT-JSE Jean Segura
TT-JSH James Shields
TT-JU Justin Upton
TT-KG Ken Griffey Jr.
TT-KL Kenny Lofton
TT-KM Kevin Mitchell
TT-KME Kris Medlen
TT-LL Lance Lynn
TT-LS Lee Smith
TT-MB Madison Bumgarner
TT-MC Matt Cain
TT-MCA Miguel Cabrera
TT-MM Manny Machado
TT-MMI Mike Minor
TT-MMO Matt Moore
TT-MMU Mike Mussina
TT-MT Mike Trout
TT-MTR Mark Trumbo
TT-MW Matt Williams
TT-NR Nolan Ryan
TT-PC Patrick Corbin
TT-PG Paul Goldschmidt
TT-PM Paul Molitor
TT-PO Paul O'Neill
TT-RJ Randy Johnson
TT-RP Rafael Palmeiro
TT-RZ Ryan Zimmerman
TT-SM Starling Marte
TT-SP Salvador Perez
TT-TB Trevor Bauer
TT-TC Tony Cingrani
TT-TD Travis d'Arnaud
TT-TR Tim Raines
TT-TS Tyler Skaggs
TT-WC Will Clark
TT-WM Wil Myers
TT-WMI Will Middlebrooks
TT-WR Wilin Rosario
TT-ZW Zack Wheeler

Product Review

2014 Topps Tribute Baseball Product Review

Reviewed by Ryan Cracknell

Good: Lots of on-card autographs, lots of content from retired players, elegant base set design.

Bad: Risky price tag given some of the players on the checklist, single-color swatches don’t belong in high-end sets like this.

The Bottom Line: If you’ve bought Tribute before, you probably know the risks. Few products deliver as many on-card autographs. The designs are elegant, particularly the base set. But then there’s the gamble. Tribute comes with a high-end price tag yet you can land single-color relic swatches or signatures from guys like Jean Segura. Even if they’re not the worst players in baseball, their inclusion in such a product is tough to handle if you land one. But when you’re able to hit something solid, few sets offer more attractive cards.

Staff Rating:
3.5 / 5.0

Card Design: 4.2/5.0

Like past years, Tribute is a gorgeous. The combination high-end reflective foil and on-card autographs is second-to-none. The base cards also use a simple approach to the same foil card stock and the results are equally impressive.

Where the set falters a little is the many color-based parallels a lot of the cards have. Some work, but a lot of the time the results aren’t nearly as nice as the base version.

I was a little concerned when I saw the mock-ups for some of the art deco-inspired inserts sets like Forever Young Relics and Tribute Traditions Autographs. And while the background images can still be little much, they do look much better in hand than I thought they would.

Checklist: 3.3/5.0

One of Tribute’s hallmarks is that it has one of the biggest rosters of quality retired players each year. 2014 is no different, however it seems to be getting tougher to land some of them. The retired content is also crossing over more into Topps Archives territory with players perfect for a low- or mid-range product. However, it’s tough to justify guys like Kevin Mitchell and Matt Williams in a product like Tribute.

The same can be said for the current players. It’s tough to imagine many people plopping down a solid chunk of change for a pack or box and getting a plain white jersey of Gio Gonzalez.

One thing that I did notice about Tribute is that there is a ton of parallels. While everything in the product could be considered “rare,” I don’t know if having so many levels where the color changes are subtle are the way to do it. For a product like Tribute, I’m looking at the player, the piece and the signature more than the serial number. Personally, I’d be okay with fewer numbered cards or higher print runs if it meant simplifying the checklist somewhat.

Any product like this is going to be a gamble. Even with lots of weaker players, not many sets offer a better mix of players from the past and many current stars. The amount of on-card signatures is also extremely impressive.

Value: 2.8/5.0

Like most any hits-based product, some are going to get greats packs and boxes while others are going to feel gutted. It’s important to know what’s in the product before delving in and being ready for a worst-case-scenario.

Something that’s apparent is the fact that many of the repeat signers are seeing dwindling returns. This is to be expected. To offset this, Topps is bringing in new players who either haven’t signed for Tribute at all or it has been a few years. And while this is good, guys like Jose Canseco aren’t going to bring the same value high-caliber Hall of Famers debuting a few years ago.

Probably the biggest turnoff when it comes to value is the fact that Tribute still has lots of plain swatch cards from current players. If you throw a bat or jersey piece my way from the 1960s, I’m probably not going to worry about it. But a plain white swatch of a current player who’s solid but not great isn’t fun to pull in a high-end product, no matter how low the serial number.

The Fun Factor: 3.5/5.0

I’m a sucker for pretty cards and Tribute has some of my favorites. In an age where so many autographs are on stickers, the abundance of on-card signatures is another major plus. Granted, the box I busted was better than a lot of others I’ve seen but even without a couple of decent cards, there’s a major allure to the designs. Now if only the checklist could get beefed up some more and the plain white jerseys could be left for more reasonably priced products.

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Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews


The set is great! It’s a good size to collect and the cards are well made and really nice looking I was very happy with the players autos except for the use of the Sharpie silver and gold auto’s. They tend to wear down quickly and start to look sloppy when they do. Card companies can afford to provide these guys with some high quality, comfortable writing utensils. And I bet if they did, players would be more apt to sign nicer autographs if the pen really smooth and easy to use. Plus, I have a question? How can the “per pack odds” possibly be different on these? Purple 1/1 (1:1,751 packs), Onyx 1/1 (1:1,152 packs) theres only 1 of each, lol ?? riddle me this Topps?


Did amazing in my first box. Open the 1st pack and get a Johnny Bench auto 1/5. Open the 4th pack hit two printing plate autos in the SAME PACK!!!!!!!!! So amazing! Product is so nice that i tried a second box and pulled a eccentric eye black auto /5 Troy Tulowitki Auto!!!!! Some luck huh?


Save your money people and buy guaranteed items that are sure to bring value. I got a James Shields autograph, Ryan Zimmerman, and David Freese autograph. A Wil Myers jersey card out of 4 packs at fifty bucks a pack. Shove this!


Thanks for the info on serial #’s. Just opened 3 more packs at my local card shop and pulled a onyx Jason Grilli 1/1 auto, Steve Carlton auto /40 andYount bat /35. Quality of product is great but tuff for set builders.

joey zehnder
joey zehnder

I pulled a deion sanders gold auto redemption out of my box is it going to be #15 or #30 I seen gold autos # out of 30 on the stuff I seen but on the list u have says golds # to 15? Can u help me with this thank u.

joey zehnder If the redemption is listed as Gold, it should be #/15. There is a Yellow parallel, numbered to 30, that looks similar.


Only a fool would pay $250 for a box of this crud. The checklist is far too similar to last year’s. The “Traditions” autos are a joke, they used 3 generic black and white photoshopped images of old baseball players and slapped them on a card with a modern player. No correlation between the old photo and the current player. The # of parallels has gotten out of control to the point where it’s hard to differentiate between each one. Not to mention the value isn’t there. Save your money and buy six boxes worth of singles for the price of busting one box yourself.

John Lucio
John Lucio

My rating would actually closer to 4.5 based on the following:

More autograph hits per box, four versus the usual three as in past Tribute editions.

More autographs means more on card autos as well, which is now and thankfully the standard.

Yes, fewer cards per pack which means fewer base cards produced. I pulled eleven total base cards in my first box. Topps also cut the number of base parallels in the rainbow. This should result in a little higher demand and value for base and parallels.

Great Art Deco design.

For the most part there appear to be more refreshed player images for the veterans.

My first full box, six packs, resulted in these hits:

Derek Holland Auto /99
Jim Rice Auto /99
Juan Marichal Auto /35
Brandon Phillips Auto /40
Matt Harvey Relic /10
Orlando Cepeda Relic /50

Frank Robinson Parallel /50

Seven numbered cards and only two numbered over 50.

I was personally happy because I have been seeking to replace Marichal and Rice sticker autos with on card autos, so it filled a couple of items on my checklist. And I collect Frank Robinson, so the parallel was a small bonus.

I’m sure some Tribute fans won’t like the higher price for less cards, but personally the quality of the hits, at least in this box was good.


Tribute delivers again. One issue is that #’s do not match checklist. Some are #’d to 40 instead of 35. Other wise great photos and background.

suds99 There were unannounced Orange (#/40) and Yellow (#/30) parallels. Sepia is numbered to 35. The checklist is now updated to reflect that.


Where do you come up with a price of $169.99 for Hobby boxes? The cost on this product isn’t even close to that price & no one even on Ebay is selling it for less then $245.00 and it doesn’t even release till tomorrow. Your link to buy boxes is for a $169.99 Atlanta Braves share of a Box Break!!

Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

Steve Thanks for the heads up. We try to filter out breaks but sellers come up with new ways to describe them. It’s fixed.

Chuck Perry
Chuck Perry

I like the look, but an average of $ 13.45 per card! W@@@W


How do they only have one dodger on the auto checklist?


Single colored swatches on low #’d cards? I’ll wait til they hit ebay


Love this product,Will Avisail Garcia be in this years set?

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