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2015 Topps Doctor Who Trading Cards

2015 Topps Doctor Who Trading Cards

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Over the years there have been plenty of sets of Doctor Who trading cards. However, the vast majority have been targeted at European audiences. A major set hasn't been released with North American audiences in mind since the show was rebooted in 2005. At least until now. 2015 Topps Doctor Who is a comprehensive set that covers the many angles of the reboot. Hobby boxes come with two hits or premium inserts such as autographs and relic cards.

The 2015 Topps Doctor Who base set is large by today's standards, clocking in at 200 cards. The majority of the base set focuses on characters, and is broken down into Doctors, Companions, Aliens and Villains. The final 35 cards cover every season of the show, with both the classic seasons and current series featured on Storyline cards. Parallels include Blue(#/199), Purple (#/99), Red (#/50) and Gold (1/1). There are also Printing Plates.

The set is complimented by several basic inserts which total 50 cards and touch on both the recent and distant history of the show. Memorable Moments (1:2 packs) cover key points in the show's first five decades. Just as there have been several Doctor's over the years, they have been joined by several partners. Companions (1:4 packs) spotlights them. The Doctor Is In (1:8 packs) showcases each of the primary Time Lords. Finally, Christmas Time (1:6 packs) honors the holiday specials, while Gadgets (1:12 packs) documents all the cool gear.

But what about the hits? Like the rest of the product, there's lots of variety. 2015 Topps Doctor Who hobby boxes have two total premium inserts. Base Autographs feature both Doctors and his companions and more rarity is offered with Blue (#/50), Purple (#/25), Red (#/10) and Gold (1/1) parallels, as well as autographed Printing Plates. In addition to basic autographs, there are Dual Autographs and Triple Autographs.

Relic cards come with a variety of items. On the memorabilia side, there are Costume Relics and Autographed Relics with wardrobe items used in the show. Collectors can also find TARDIS Patch Cards. These commemorative relics showcase the now-iconic time machine with multiple parallels, including Blue (#/100), Purple (#/50), Red (#/10) and Gold (1/1). There are also limited signed versions that are numbered to three.

Doctor Who isn't totally new to Topps. Leading up to this release, they did Doctor Who Alien Attax and Doctor Who Alien Attax 50th Anniversary in 2013. Both sets are intended to be card games and were released primarily in Europe. At one time, Inkworks held the license for the show. And while they were able to release a few promos, they never got a full set to market before they went out of business.

Release Date: 11/25/2015
Product Configuration: 6 cards per pack, 24 packs per box, 12 boxes per case
Price Point: Mid-End Entertainment Card
Target Audience: Doctor Who Fans, Autograph Collectors, Memorabilia Collectors, Set Builders

2015 Topps Doctor Who Box Break

  • 2 Total Hits
  • 2 Gadgets Inserts
  • 3 The Doctor Is In Inserts
  • 4 Christmas Time Inserts
  • 6 Companions Inserts
  • 12 Memorable Moments Inserts
  • 144 Total Cards
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Set Checklist

2015 Topps Doctor Who Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Blue #/199, Purple #/99, Red #/50, Gold 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1
TARDIS Variant cards (only applies to select cards): Base TARDIS SP, Gold TARDIS SP (limited to 50 per card)
2015 Topps Doctor Who Trading Cards 23

1 The First Doctor
2 The Second Doctor
3 The Third Doctor
4 The Fourth Doctor
5 The Fifth Doctor
6 The Sixth Doctor
7 The Seventh Doctor
8 The Eighth Doctor
9 The Ninth Doctor
10 The Tenth Doctor
11 The Eleventh Doctor
12 The Twelfth Doctor
13 The War Doctor
14 Azmael
15 Omega
16 Professor Yana
17 The Rani
18 Rassilon
19 Romana
20 Romana II
21 The Meddling Monk
22 The Woman
23 Ace
24 Adric
25 Amy Pond
26 Astrid Peth
27 Barbara Wright
28 Christina De Souza
29 Clara Oswald
30 Donna Noble
31 Captain Jack Harkness
32 Jackie Tyler
33 Jamie McCrimmon
34 Amelia Pond
35 Katarina
36 Leela
37 Martha Jones
38 Mickey Smith
39 Nyssa
40 Peri Brown
41 River Song
42 Rose Tyler
43 Rory Williams
44 Sarah Jane Smith
45 Sara Kingdom
46 Susan Foreman
47 Tegan Jovanka
48 Victoria Waterfield
49 Vislor Turlough
50 Wilfred Mott
51 Zoe Heriot
52 Abzorbaloff
53 Adipose
54 Atraxi
55 Axon
56 Blon Fel Fotch Pasameer-Day
57 Carrionite
58 Cherub
59 Dalek
60 Supreme Dalek
61 Davros
62 Dickens' Ganger
63 Eknodine
64 Eldrad
65 The Face of Boe
66 The Family of Blood
67 Fendahl
68 The Flood
69 The Forest of Cheem
70 Gelth
71 Gibbis
72 Haemovore
73 Hath Gable
74 Ice Warrior
75 Jagrafess
76 Judoon
77 Kraal
78 Krafayis
79 Krillitane
80 Brother Lassar
81 Lilith
82 Macra
83 Minotaur
84 Mother Bloodtide
85 Mother Doomfinger
86 The Moxx of Balhoon
87 Ood
88 Ood Sigma
89 Peg Doll
90 Plasmavore
91 Prisoner Zero
92 Pyrovile
93 Racnoss
94 Reaper
95 SeaDevil
96 Rosanna Calvierri
97 Shakri
98 Sil
99 The Silence
100 Silurian
101 Slitheen
102 Slyther
103 Snowman
104 Sontaran
105 Strax
106 Sutekh
107 Sycorax
108 Terileptil
109 The Siren
110 Vashta Nerada
111 Vervoid
112 Vespiform
113 Madame Vastra
114 Vinvocci
115 Werewolf
116 Zygon
117 Adelaide Brooke
118 Agatha Christie
119 Alex
120 Biff
121 Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
122 Canton Delaware
123 Captain Avery
124 Charles Dickens
125 Chloe Webber
126 Commander Lytton
127 Craig Owens
128 Darlavon Karlsen
129 Dr. Constantine
130 Francine Jones
131 Harriet Jones
132 Jackson Lake
133 Jake Simmonds
134 Jenny Flint
135 Klineman Halpen
136 Lance Bennett
137 Liz Ten
138 Lucas
139 Lucy Saxon
140 Madame De Pompadour
141 Mercy Hartigan
142 Morgaine
143 Mr. Diagoras
144 Oswin Oswald
145 Private Harris
146 Private Ross Jenkins
147 Professor Hobbes
148 Professor Malcolm Taylor
149 Professor Richard Lazarus
150 Rajesh Singh
151 Rosita
152 Scorby
153 Soothsayer
154 Tegana The Warlord
155 The Editor
156 Thomas Milligan
157 Toby Zed
158 Trish Webber
159 Yvonne Hartman
160 Danny Pink
161 Cyberman
162 Cybermats
163 The Master
164 Ogron
165 Jenny, The Doctor's Daughter
166 Season 1
167 Season 2
168 Season 3
169 Season 4
170 Season 5
171 Season 6
172 Season 7
173 Season 8
174 Season 9
175 Season 10
176 Season 11
177 Season 12
178 Season 13
179 Season 14
180 Season 15
181 Season 16
182 Season 17
183 Season 18
184 Season 19
185 Season 20
186 Season 21
187 Season 22
188 Season 23
189 Season 24
190 Season 25
191 Season 26
192 Doctor Who: The Movie
193 Series 1
194 Series 2
195 Series 3
196 Series 4
197 Series 5
198 Series 6
199 Series 7
200 Series 8

Autographs Set Checklist

31 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Blue #/50, Purple #/25, Red #/10, Gold 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1
2015 Topps Doctor Who Trading Cards 24

Alan Ruscoe - Andy Stone
Alex Kingston - River Song
Bernard Cribbins - Wilfred Mott
Billie Piper - Rose
Bonnie Langford - Melanie Bush
Carole Ann Ford - Susan Foreman
Catrin Stewart - Jenny Flint
Colin Baker - 6th Doctor
Daphne Ashbrook - Grace Holloway
David Tennant - 10th Doctor
Deborah Watling - Victoria Waterfield
Derek Jacobi - The Master
Eric Roberts - The Master
Eve Myles - Gwen Cooper
Frazer Hines - Jamie McCrimmon
Freema Agyeman - Martha Jones
Gabriel Woolf - Voice of Beast from the Pit
Gareth David Lloyd - Ianto Jones
Jimmy Vee - Moxx of Balhoon
John Barrowman - Cptn Jack Harkness
Lousie Jameson - Leela
Mark Strickson - Vislor Turlough
Neve McIntosh - Vastra
Noel Clarke - Mickey Smith
Paul McGan - 8th Doctor
Peter Davison - 5th Doctor
Sarah Parish - Empress of Racnoss
Simon Fisher-Beck - Dorium Maldover
Sophie Aldred - Ace
Struan Rodger - Voice Face of Boe
Tom Baker - 4th Doctor

Dual Autographs Set Checklist

8 cards

Colin Baker & Bonnie Langford
David Tennant & Freema Agyeman
David Tennant & Gareth David-Lloyd
David Tennant & John Barrowman
David Tennant & Noel Clarke
John Barrowman & Gareth David-Lloyd
Peter Davison & Colin Baker
Peter Davison & Mark Strickson

Triple Autographs Set Checklist

3 cards

David Tennant, John Barrowman, Noel Clarke
John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Gareth David-Lloyd
Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Peter McGann

Christmas Time Set Checklist

10 cards. 1:6 packs.
2015 Topps Doctor Who Trading Cards 25

CT-1 The Christmas Invasion
CT-2 The Runaway Bride
CT-3 Voyage Of The Damned
CT-4 The Next Doctor
CT-5 The End of Time: Part One
CT-6 A Christmas Carol
CT-7 The Doctor, the Widow & the Wardrobe
CT-8 The Snowmen
CT-9 The Time Of The Doctor
CT-10 Last Christmas

Companions Set Checklist

10 cards. 1:4 packs.
2015 Topps Doctor Who Trading Cards 26

C-1 Rose Tyler
C-2 Amy Pond
C-3 Leela
C-4 Martha Jones
C-5 Romana
C-6 Donna Noble
C-7 Sarah Jane Smith
C-8 Ace
C-9 Susan Foreman
C-10 Peri Brown

Costume Relics Set Checklist

4 cards
2015 Topps Doctor Who Trading Cards 27

Ood Costume
Rory William's Green Shirt
Sally Sparrow's Coat
Tenth Doctor's Striped Trousers

Cut Signatures Set Checklist

Jon Pertwee - The Third Doctor
Patrick Troughton - The Second Doctor
William Hartnell - The First Doctor

Gadgets Set Checklist

7 cards. 1:12 packs.
2015 Topps Doctor Who Trading Cards 28

G-2 Sonic Screwdriver
G-3 K-9
G-4 Sonic Blaster
G-5 Hypercube
G-6 The Vortex Manipulator
G-7 Species Matcher

Memorable Moments Set Checklist

10 cards. 1:2 packs.
2015 Topps Doctor Who Trading Cards 29

MM-1 The Daleks
MM-2 The Dalek Invasion of Earth
MM-3 The War Games
MM-4 Survival
MM-5 Rose
MM-6 Blink
MM-7 Vincent And The Doctor
MM-8 The Doctor's Wife
MM-9 The Name of The Doctor
MM-10 The Day Of The Doctor

TARDIS Patches Set Checklist

30 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Parallel #/99, Parallel #/25
2015 Topps Doctor Who Trading Cards 30

P-1 The First Doctor
P-2 The Second Doctor
P-3 The Third Doctor
P-4 The Fourth Doctor
P-5 The Fifth Doctor
P-6 The Sixth Doctor
P-7 The Seventh Doctor
P-8 The Eighth Doctor
P-9 The Ninth Doctor
P-10 The Tenth Doctor
P-11 The Eleventh Doctor
P-12 The Twelfth Doctor
P-13 Ace
P-14 Amy Pond
P-15 Astrid Peth
P-16 Barbara Wright
P-17 Christina de Souza
P-18 Clara Oswald
P-19 Donna Noble
P-20 Leela
P-21 Martha Jones
P-22 Nyssa
P-23 River Song
P-24 Rose Tyler
P-25 Sarah Jane Smith
P-26 Sara Kingdom
P-27 Susan Foreman
P-28 Tegan Jovanka
P-29 Victoria Waterfield
P-30 Zoe

Autographed Tardis Patches Set Checklist

15 cards
2015 Topps Doctor Who Trading Cards 31

Alex Kingston
Billie Piper
Bonnie Langford
Colin Baker
David Tennant
Deborah Watling
Freema Agyeman
John Barrowman
Louise Jameson
Mark Strickson
Noel Clarke
Paul McGann
Peter Davison
Sophie Aldred
Tom Baker

Who is the Doctor? Set Checklist

12 cards
2015 Topps Doctor Who Trading Cards 32

D-1 The First Doctor
D-2 The Second Doctor
D-3 The Third Doctor
D-4 The Fourth Doctor
D-5 The Fifth Doctor
D-6 The Sixth Doctor
D-7 The Seventh Doctor
D-8 The Eighth Doctor
D-9 The Ninth Doctor
D-10 The Tenth Doctor
D-11 The Eleventh Doctor
D-12 The Twelfth Doctor

User Reviews

James Moss
James Moss

If you buy Series One (9th Doctor) on Blue-Ray, there are 3 cards included, but they are
no-foil variants.

Shireen: Yes they have but we didn’t get them till abouta month ago I had the same problem w/ the “american pie” set; By the time we got them They were unable to be reordered


Just got the Sally Sparrow Costume card.So I watched the Episode Blink,but she wares nothing like that in the episode!So whats the deal?


Same with me @Stephen & @Matt , I pulled a GOLD, no number. After research it seems that these are 1/case as a SSP. Strange to have some many parallels like this, cause it does make one confused. Like me.

Trey Treutel
Trey Treutel

Jerry, Stephen, Matt I reached out to Topps and there are limited TARDIS parallels that swap the DW logo for a TARDIS image in the corner. In addition to a basic version of this, there is also a Gold parallel. These Gold TARDIS parallels are limited to 50 copies.


I recently got a Gold Parallel in one of my packs and it isn’t numbered. I only ask because while looking on ebay I had seen the same gold non numbered card for sale. Is there a number on them?


Ryan, have you heard anything about Topps forgetting the. labeling of the gold parallel 1/1s in this product?

Bought a half case and was not disappointed. Base set and aub sets are great. Pulled four autos, six patch cards, and two relics (3 1/1s!!!)


Cracks, Any idea of a price point?

Trey Treutel
Trey Treutel

Matt $80-85 per box.


Were these ever released??and if not ,any idea when

Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

Shireen Not yet. Have heard fall now but, at this point, it’ll be when it is.

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