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2014 Topps Baseball Power Players Details and Guide

2014 Topps Baseball Power Players Details and Guide


The latest promotion from Topps Baseball is 2014 Topps Power Players. The special parallel cards resemble base cards, but feature a Power Players logo on the front of the card.  The 2014 Power Players code cards found on the back of the cards can be entered for a shot at various prizes. There are 220 cards in the full set and some are only available in Hobby packs and some are only found in retail packs. The cards can be found in both 2014 Topps Series 1 Baseball and 2014 Topps Series 2 Baseball.

Upon finding the cards, collectors will want to head to the Power Players site to enter the code. You must register your "locker" before you can unlock players. Some collectors who enter codes will instantly win exclusive parallels or coin cards. Also, there are "collection prizes" that are awarded for collecting the parallels.

In addition to this, excellent on-field performance or significant player events (i.e. starting a new position or birthday falls during the week) can result in random drawings for collectors who have "activated" that particular player in their online collection. Similar to fantasy baseball, beginning on March 30, 2014, you can select the players you feel will produce the most. If, for example, you have the Mike Trout Power Players card code "activated" in your digital collection and he is designated as the "Power Player of the Day," you will be included in a drawing for autographed cards, memorabilia, tickets to games, or other options. One random winner will be selected for each Power Player of the Day Drawing.

If a collector has multiple versions of a specific players' card activated for a drawing, they will receive multiple entries for that drawing if the player is selected. Entries from one drawing do not carry forward to any subsequent drawings. Also, only a certain number of cards can be activated at one time. Up to June 1, 2014, a maximum of 110 Power Players, including duplicates, can be marked as active at any given time. After June 1, 2014, a maximum of 220 Power Players can be marked as active.

The prizes will last throughout the MLB season and the "Power Player of the Day" will be announced at least two times each week, on Wednesday and Friday. This will occur for 27 consecutive weeks, from March 30th to September 28th. Also, an estimated 18 Bonus Power Player Random Drawings will take place throughout the season and award additional prizes. There is no guarantee that the prize awarded will feature the selected Power Player of the Day.

The top prize is reserved for collectors who enter codes for all 220 Power Player cards. Collectors who enter the entire checklist are eligible for a 40-card autograph set (5 total) and a shot at their own Power Collector Topps Baseball card. To be eligible for the grand prize, collectors have until October 1, 2014 to unlock the full checklist.

Redeeming 2014 Topps Baseball Power Players Codes and Playing Essentials

  1. Go to
  2. Login/Register and create your locker.
  3. Enter your codes to unlock players.
  4. Activate players starting March 30th.

2014 Topps Power Instant Prizes

  • Exclusive Parallel Cards
  • Exclusive Coin Cards

2014 Topps Power Collection Prizes

Unlock 30 different cards from Series 1 and 30 different cards from Series 2 to win an exclusive Topps Gold Parallel Card.

2014 Topps Power Players Random Prizes (Awarded 2x Per Week + Random Bonus Drawings)

  • Exclusive Parallel Cards
  • Coin Cards
  • Autographed Cards
  • Autographed Memorabilia
  • Tickets to Games

2014 Topps Power Players Prizes - Complete Set (220 Cards)

  • Full Set of 40 Autographed Cards (5 Randomly Selected Winners)
  • Your Very Own Topps Baseball Power Collector Card (1 Chosen from the 5 Autographed Set Winners)
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Set Checklist

2014 Topps Baseball Power Players Set Checklist

220 cards
S1 Odds - 1:12 packs / S2 Odds - 1:6 packs

Series 1
PP-1 Bryce Harper- Washington Nationals
PP-2 Cole Hamels -Philadelphia Phillies
PP-3 Wade Miley -Arizona Diamondbacks
PP-4 Troy Tulowitzki -Colorado Rockies
PP-5 Andrew McCutchen -Pittsburgh Pirates
PP-6 Nick Swisher -Cleveland Indians
PP-7 Aaron Hill- Arizona Diamondbacks
PP-8 Alex Rios -Texas Rangers
PP-9 Ernesto Frieri -Angels
PP-10 Ben Revere -Philadelphia Phillies
PP-11 Chris Tillman -Baltimore Orioles
PP-12 Clay Buchholz -Boston Red Sox
PP-13 Charlie Blackmon -Colorado Rockies
PP-14 Garrett Jones -Pittsburgh Pirates
PP-15 Garrett Richards- Angels
PP-16 Lonnie Chisenhall- Cleveland Indians
PP-17 Kolten Wong- St. Louis Cardinals
PP-18 Chris Perez -Cleveland Indians
PP-19 Matt Adams -St. Louis Cardinals
PP-20 Jason Heyward -Atlanta Braves
PP-21 Doug Fister- Detroit Tigers
PP-22 Jose Quintana- Chicago White Sox
PP-23 Mike Minor -Atlanta Braves
PP-24 Matt Holliday- St. Louis Cardinals
PP-25 Lance Lynn -St. Louis Cardinals
PP-26 Jon Lester -Boston Red Sox
PP-27 Onelki Garcia -Los Angeles Dodgers
PP-28 Giancarlo Stanton -Miami Marlins
PP-29 Kevin Pillar -Toronto Blue Jays
PP-30 Chad Bettis -Colorado Rockies
PP-31 Joe Blanton- Angels
PP-32 Jason Kipnis -Cleveland Indians
PP-33 Ian Desmond -Washington Nationals
PP-34 Adam LaRoche -Washington Nationals
PP-35 David Freese -St. Louis Cardinals
PP-36 Martin Perez -Texas Rangers
PP-37 Chris Iannetta -Angels
PP-38 Sean Burnett -Angels
PP-39 Adrian Gonzalez -Los Angeles Dodgers
PP-40 Manny Machado -Baltimore Orioles
PP-41 Matt Lindstrom- Chicago White Sox
PP-42 Matt Thornton -Boston Red Sox
PP-43 Trevor Cahill- Arizona Diamondbacks
PP-44 Junior Lake -Chicago Cubs
PP-45 Johnny Cueto- Cincinnati Reds
PP-46 Wei-Yin Chen- Baltimore Orioles
PP-47 Carlos Villanueva -Chicago Cubs
PP-48 Max Scherzer -Detroit Tigers
PP-49 C.J. Wilson- Angels
PP-50 Chris Owings -Arizona Diamondbacks
PP-51 Shin-Soo Choo- Cincinnati Reds
PP-52 Yadier Molina- St. Louis Cardinals
PP-53 Yonder Alonso- San Diego Padres
PP-54 Ryan Howard -Philadelphia Phillies
PP-55 Jason Grilli -Pittsburgh Pirates
PP-56 Zack Greinke -Los Angeles Dodgers
PP-57 Justin Upton- Atlanta Braves
PP-58 Chris Sale -Chicago White Sox
PP-59 Yu Darvish -Texas Rangers
PP-60 Carlos Gomez -Milwaukee Brewers
PP-61 Joey Votto -Cincinnati Reds
PP-62 Pablo Sandoval- San Francisco Giants
PP-63 Matt Davidson- Arizona Diamondbacks
PP-64 Jordan Zimmermann- Washington Nationals
PP-65 Ethan Martin -Philadelphia Phillies
PP-66 Brandon McCarthy -Arizona Diamondbacks
PP-67 Cliff Pennington- Arizona Diamondbacks
PP-68 Torii Hunter -Detroit Tigers
PP-69 Dustin Pedroia -Boston Red Sox
PP-70 Mark Trumbo- Angels
PP-71 Mike Zunino -Seattle Mariners
PP-72 Michael Brantley- Cleveland Indians
PP-73 Paul Goldschmidt- Arizona Diamondbacks
PP-74 Erik Johnson -Chicago White Sox
PP-75 Marcell Ozuna -Miami Marlins
PP-76 Mike Leake -Cincinnati Reds
PP-77 Derek Jeter- New York Yankees
PP-78 Jake Peavy- Boston Red Sox
PP-79 Shane Victorino- Boston Red Sox
PP-80 Aroldis Chapman -Cincinnati Reds
PP-81 Miguel Montero -Arizona Diamondbacks
PP-82 Julio Teheran -Atlanta Braves
PP-83 Wilmer Flores -New York Mets
PP-84 Alexei Ramirez -Chicago White Sox
PP-85 Melky Cabrera -Toronto Blue Jays
PP-86 Jhonny Peralta- Detroit Tigers
PP-87 Dayan Viciedo- Chicago White Sox
PP-88 Hiroki Kuroda -New York Yankees
PP-89 Brandon Belt- San Francisco Giants
PP-90 Brandon Crawford -San Francisco Giants
PP-91 Hector Santiago -Chicago White Sox
PP-92 Elvis Andrus- Texas Rangers
PP-93 Jeff Samardzija -Chicago Cubs
PP-94 Kyle Lohse- Milwaukee Brewers
PP-95 James Shields- Kansas City Royals
PP-96 Darwin Barney- Chicago Cubs
PP-97 Nate McLouth -Baltimore Orioles
PP-98 Tyler Skaggs -Arizona Diamondbacks
PP-99 Jay Bruce -Cincinnati Reds
PP-100 Hanley Ramirez- Los Angeles Dodgers
PP-101 Brian McCann- Atlanta Braves
PP-102 Jurickson Profar- Texas Rangers
PP-103 Jose Altuve -Houston Astros
PP-104 Joe Mauer -Minnesota Twins
PP-105 Carlos Ruiz- Philadelphia Phillies
PP-106 Edwin Encarnacion- Toronto Blue Jays
PP-107 Sergio Romo -San Francisco Giants
PP-108 Buster Posey -San Francisco Giants
PP-109 James Paxton -Seattle Mariners
PP-110 Chris Nelson -Angels
Series 2
PP-111 Matt Kemp - Los Angeles Dodgers
PP-112 David Price - Tampa Bay Rays
PP-113 Evan Gattis - Atlanta Braves
PP-114 Nelson Cruz - Baltimore Orioles
PP-115 Patrick Corbin - Arizona Diamondbacks
PP-116 Colby Rasmus - Toronto Blue Jays
PP-117 Adam Wainwright - St. Louis Cardinals
PP-118 Brad Miller - Seattle Mariners
PP-119 Shelby Miller - St. Louis Cardinals
PP-120 Koji Uehara - Boston Red Sox
PP-121 Michael Bourn - Cleveland Indians
PP-122 Brad Ziegler - Arizona Diamondbacks
PP-123 Scott Kazmir - Oakland Athletics
PP-124 Trevor Bauer - Cleveland Indians
PP-125 Aramis Ramirez - Milwaukee Brewers
PP-126 Jackie Bradley Jr. - Boston Red Sox
PP-127 Addison Reed - Arizona Diamondbacks
PP-128 Ben Zobrist - Tampa Bay Rays
PP-129 Carlos Martinez - St. Louis Cardinals
PP-130 Martin Prado - Arizona Diamondbacks
PP-131 Adam Eaton - Chicago White Sox
PP-132 Todd Frazier - Cincinnati Reds
PP-133 Derek Holland - Texas Rangers
PP-134 Carlos Santana - Cleveland Indians
PP-135 Marcus Semien - Chicago White Sox
PP-136 Masahiro Tanaka - New York Yankees
PP-137 Ryan Braun - Milwaukee Brewers
PP-138 Brandon Phillips - Cincinnati Reds
PP-139 Ian Kennedy - San Diego Padres
PP-140 Danny Salazar - Cleveland Indians
PP-141 CC Sabathia - New York Yankees
PP-142 Christian Yelich - Miami Marlins
PP-143 Mat Latos - Cincinnati Reds
PP-144 Stephen Strasburg - Washington Nationals
PP-145 Ian Kinsler - Detroit Tigers
PP-146 Kyuji Fujikawa - Chicago Cubs
PP-147 Drew Storen - Washington Nationals
PP-148 Mike Napoli - Boston Red Sox
PP-149 Prince Fielder - Texas Rangers
PP-150 David Wright - New York Mets
PP-151 Matt Cain - San Francisco Giants
PP-152 Justin Verlander - Detroit Tigers
PP-153 Jose Fernandez - Miami Marlins
PP-154 Tim Hudson - San Francisco Giants
PP-155 Josh Reddick - Oakland Athletics
PP-156 Starlin Castro - Chicago Cubs
PP-157 Carlos Beltran - New York Yankees
PP-158 Ryan Zimmerman - Washington Nationals
PP-159 Adam Dunn - Chicago White Sox
PP-160 Jose Reyes - Toronto Blue Jays
PP-161 Norichika Aoki - Kansas City Royals
PP-162 Albert Pujols - Angels
PP-163 Wilin Rosario - Colorado Rockies
PP-164 Brian Wilson - Los Angeles Dodgers
PP-165 Peter Bourjos - St. Louis Cardinals
PP-166 Jed Lowrie - Oakland Athletics
PP-167 Cliff Lee - Philadelphia Phillies
PP-168 Anthony Rendon - Washington Nationals
PP-169 Freddie Freeman - Atlanta Braves
PP-170 Yovani Gallardo - Milwaukee Brewers
PP-171 Phil Hughes - Minnesota Twins
PP-172 Allen Craig - St. Louis Cardinals
PP-173 Gerardo Parra - Arizona Diamondbacks
PP-174 Adam Jones - Baltimore Orioles
PP-175 Jedd Gyorko - San Diego Padres
PP-176 Chris Archer - Tampa Bay Rays
PP-177 Paul Konerko - Chicago White Sox
PP-178 Mike Moustakas - Kansas City Royals
PP-179 Chase Headley - San Diego Padres
PP-180 Tim Lincecum - San Francisco Giants
PP-181 Dan Uggla - Atlanta Braves
PP-182 Corey Hart - Seattle Mariners
PP-183 Sonny Gray - Oakland Athletics
PP-184 Dylan Bundy - Baltimore Orioles
PP-185 Jarrod Parker - Oakland Athletics
PP-186 Gio Gonzalez - Washington Nationals
PP-187 J.J. Hardy - Baltimore Orioles
PP-188 Michael Cuddyer - Colorado Rockies
PP-189 Madison Bumgarner - San Francisco Giants
PP-190 Rick Porcello - Detroit Tigers
PP-191 Salvador Perez - Kansas City Royals
PP-192 Ivan Nova - New York Yankees
PP-193 Jose Iglesias - Detroit Tigers
PP-194 Jacoby Ellsbury - New York Yankees
PP-195 Bartolo Colon - New York Mets
PP-196 Carl Crawford - Los Angeles Dodgers
PP-197 Christian Bethancourt - Atlanta Braves
PP-198 Matt Garza - Milwaukee Brewers
PP-199 Matt Moore - Tampa Bay Rays
PP-200 Clayton Kershaw Los Angeles Dodgers
PP-201 Mark Teixeira - New York Yankees
PP-202 Tony Cingrani - Cincinnati Reds
PP-203 Hunter Pence - San Francisco Giants
PP-204 Michael Wacha - St. Louis Cardinals
PP-205 Curtis Granderson - New York Mets
PP-206 Joe Nathan - Detroit Tigers
PP-207 B.J. Upton - Atlanta Braves
PP-208 Michael Pineda - New York Yankees
PP-209 Chris Davis - Baltimore Orioles
PP-210 Andre Ethier - Los Angeles Dodgers
PP-211 Jered Weaver - Angels
PP-212 Brandon Beachy - Atlanta Braves
PP-213 Alex Wood - Atlanta Braves
PP-214 Felix Hernandez - Seattle Mariners
PP-215 Josh Hamilton - Angels
PP-216 Homer Bailey - Cincinnati Reds
PP-217 Glen Perkins - Minnesota Twins
PP-218 Chase Utley - Philadelphia Phillies
PP-219 Eric Hosmer - Kansas City Royals
PP-220 Jose Abreu - Chicago White Sox

Trey is a lifelong sports fanatic. He is a huge fan of the NBA and NFL, as well as soccer, college basketball and college football. As a kid, he collected football and basketball cards. In more recent years, he started collecting basketball cards again on a whim and has since expanded to other sports and entertainment options.

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isaac gordon

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Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

Hi Isaac,

You’ll want to reach out to Topps to help fix that. We’re not affiliated with them.

Georges Girard
Georges Girard

Your product is sold in province of Quebec, Canada. Why are we not eligible to this promotion? I understang that in Quebec rules but, why you are still sellling yoiur product in Quebec and we are not eligible to this contest.

I have some power players parallel cards as winning and I anticipate to buy some additional packages or boxes

Since a longtime I am still buying your baseball product and I am interested to these special cards and same for previous promotions (example rings).
Please can you reply to my email. Thanks. Georges

Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

Georges Girard Cardboard Connection is a news and information site. The site does not run the program. Topps’ contact info is at as well as on their wrappers.

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Michael peeke

I also pulled 4 red foil cards and they are faded towards the top.would these be error cards and valuable?

Michael peeke
Michael peeke

Hello, I pulled a ryan minor power players card and there was no code printed on the back.i researched many sites but I cannot find another one.
I would like to sell it, can you tell me how rare this card is and what value you would put it.
thank yo

Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

Michael peeke It’s a printing error. If you find a player collector, they may have an interest but not much beyond that.

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Roger Henry

I can’t seem to register my numbers How do I do them

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Don Koch

How do I register these Power Players Code Cards?

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