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2014 Leaf Q Trading Cards

2014 Leaf Q Trading Cards

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2014 Leaf Q marks the debut of a new multi-sport line that has several different styles of autographs. The lineup matches the high-end designs with lots of Hall of Famers and legends. Boxes come with a minimum of ten cards, at least nine of which are autographs.

With its variety, 2014 Leaf Q is similar to Leaf's Trinity line. In fact, one of the most distinct elements in Trinity, Pure Autographs is part of the release. These cards are done on a thick plexi-glass type of material and have multiple layers of images on them to go with the signature.

Autographed patch cards have large display windows to showcase the memorabilia. Collectors will also find regular autographs and memorabilia cards as well. Leaf has stated that roughly 90 percent of autographs are on-card.

Signers come from several sports, including some major names from outside the "big four" of baseball, basketball, hockey and football. Ichiro, Mike Tyson, Albert Pujols, Roger Federer, Pelé, Nolan Ryan, Greg Maddux, Martina Hingis, Anna Kounikova, Mario Lemieux and Jimmy Connors are just some of the big names. Collectors can also find young players like Andrew Wiggins and Johnny Manziel.

While 2014 Leaf Q is a sports release, it branches out into the broader world of pop culture with autographs from a couple of actors with characters connected to sports. Ed O'Neill is pictured in a Polk High jersey, a nod to Married with Children's Al Bundy. Major League's Charlie Sheen is also in the set.

2014 Leaf Q has a limited production run of 999 boxes, 333 three-box cases.

Product Configuration: 1 pack per box, at least 10 cards per pack
Price Point: High-End Multi-Sport Card
Target Audience: Autograph Collectors, Memorabilia Card Collectors, Hit Seekers

2014 Leaf Q Box Break

  • 9 Autographs
  • 10 Total Cards
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Set Checklist

2014 Leaf Q Trading Set Checklist

Autographs Set Checklist

17 cards

SP = Short Print, SSP = Super Short Print, MSP = Mega Short Print

2014 Leaf Q Trading Cards 22

A-AK1 Anna Kournikova - 2-Time Doubles Champion
A-AW1 Andrew Wiggins - #1 Overall Pick
A-CRJ Cal Ripken Jr. - All-Time Iron Man (Redemption)
A-DR1 Dennis Rodman - 7-Time Rebounding Champion
A-GA1 Giannis Antetokounmpo - #15 Overall Pick
A-GD1 Gabby Douglas - 2-Time Olympic Gold Medalist
A-HH1 Hulk Hogan - 12-Time World Champion SP
A-JC1 Jadeveon Clowney - #1 Overall Pick MSP
A-JM1 Johnny Manziel - 2014 1st Round Pick
A-MH1 Martina Hingis - 1997 Wimbledon Champion
A-MT1 Mike Tyson - Youngest Heavyweight Champion SP
A-NR1 Nolan Ryan - All-Time Strikeout King
A-PR1 Pete Rose - All-Time Hit King
A-RH1 Rickey Henderson - All-Time Stolen Base King SP
A-RJ1 Reggie Jackson - 5-Time World Series Champion
A-SY1 Steve Yzerman - The Captain MSP
A-VO1 Victor Oladipo - #2 Overall Pick

Memorabilia Autograph Set Checklist

41 cards
SP = Short Print, SSP = Super Short Print, MSP = Mega Short Print
2014 Leaf Q Trading Cards 23

AM-BH1 Bobby Heenan - Match Worn Ring Jacket
AM-BR1 Brooks Robinson - Game-Worn Cap MSP
AM-CF1 Carlton Fisk - Worn Batting Practice Jersey
AM-CM1 Chris Mullin - Game-Worn Warm-up Jacket
AM-CR1 Cal Ripken Jr. - Game-Used Bat (Redemption)
AM-CR2 Cal Ripken Jr. - Game-Worn Jersey (Redemption)
AM-DM1 Don Mattingly - Game-Used Bat SSP
AM-DR1 David Robinson - Game-Worn Shoes SSP
AM-DR2 David Robinson - Game-Worn Warm-up Jacket
AM-DS1 Deion Sanders - Game-Worn Jersey
AM-DW1 Dominique Wilkins - Game-Worn Shoes SSP
AM-DW2 Dave Winfield - Game-Used Bat SSP
AM-FT1 Frank Thomas - Game-Used Bat
AM-HO1 Hakeem Olajuwon - Game-Worn Shoes SSP
AM-I1 Ichiro - Game-Worn Jersey SSP
AM-JB1 Johnny Bench - Game-Used Bat SP
AM-JC1 Jimmy Connors - Match-Worn Shoes (Redemption)
AM-JC2 Jose Canseco - Game-Used Bat
AM-JM1 Joe Montana - Game-Worn Jersey
AM-LB1 Larry Bird - Game-Worn Shoes SSP
AM-MH1 Marques Haynes - Game-Worn Jersey
AM-MT2 Mike Tyson - Training-Worn Trunks SSP
AM-MT3 Mike Tyson - Event-Worn Boxing Glove
AM-NR1 Nolan Ryan - Game-Worn Warm-up Jersey
AM-OS1 Ozzie Smith - Game-Used Bat SSP
AM-OS2 Ozzie Smith - Game-Worn Warm-up Jersey
AM-OT1 Oscar Taveras - Game-Used Bat
AM-OT2 Oscar Taveras - Game-Worn Spikes SSP
AM-PR1 Pete Rose - Game-Used Bat SSP
AM-PR2 Pete Rose - Game-Worn Jersey
AM-RA1 Roberto Alomar - Game-Used Bat SSP
AM-RC1 Rod Carew - Game-Worn Jersey
AM-RH1 Rickey Henderson - Game-Used Bat SSP
AM-RH2 Rickey Henderson - Game-Worn Jersey SSP
AM-RJ1 Reggie Jackson - Game-Used Bat SSP
AM-SP1 Scottie Pippen - Game-Worn Shoes SSP
AM-SP2 Scottie Pippen - Game-Worn Warm-Up Pants SP
AM-SY1 Steve Yzerman - Game-Worn Jersey SP
AM-TLR Tony La Russa - Game-Worn Jersey
AM-WB1 Wade Boggs - Game-Used Bat SSP
M-TB1 Teddy Bridgewater - Game-Worn Cleats SP

Memorabilia Set Checklist

9 cards
2014 Leaf Q Trading Cards 24

M-AP1 Albert Pujols - Game-Used Bat
M-CS1 Charlie Sheen - Game-Worn 1st Pitch Jersey
M-I1 Ichiro - Game-Used Bat
M-I2 Ichiro - Game-Worn Jersey (Seattle)
M-I3 Ichiro - Game-Worn Jersey (N.Y. Yankees)
M-ND1 Novak Djokovic - Match-Worn Shirt
M-RF1 Roger Federer - Match-Worn Shirt
M-RH1 Rickey Henderson - Game-Worn Jersey
M-SO1 Shaquille O'Neal - Game-Worn Jersey

Pure Autograph Set Checklist

41 cards
SP = Short Print, SSP = Super Short Print, MSP = Mega Short Print
2014 Leaf Q Trading Cards 25

P-BH1 Bobby Hull
P-BR2 Brooks Robinson
P-CM1 Chris Mullin
P-CRJ Cal Ripken Jr. (Redemption)
P-DR2 David Robinson
P-DW1 Dominique Wilkins MSP
P-EON Ed O'Neill
P-FT1 Frank Thomas MSP
P-GA1 Giannis Antetokounmpo
P-GD1 Gabby Douglas
P-GM1 Greg Maddux
P-GSP Georges St-Pierre
P-HH2 Hulk Hogan
P-I1 Ichiro SP
P-JB1 Johnny Bench
P-JC1 Jadeveon Clowney
P-JC2 Jose Canseco SP
P-JC3 Jimmy Connors (Redemption)
P-JF1 Jennie Finch
P-JLM Jake LaMotta
P-JM2 Johnny Manziel
P-JR1 Jerry Rice
P-MJ1 Magic Johnson
P-ML2 Mario Lemieux
P-MM1 Mike Modano
P-MM2 Mike Modano
P-MR1 Mariano Rivera
P-NR1 Nolan Ryan
P-OS1 Ozzie Smith
P-P1 Pelé
P-PE1 Phil Esposito
P-PR2 Pete Rose
P-PR3 Patrick Roy
P-RF1 Ric Flair
P-RH1 Rickey Henderson
P-RJ1 Reggie Jackson
P-SP1 Scottie Pippen
P-SRL Sugar Ray Leonard
P-SY1 Steve Yzerman
P-TG2 Tom Glavine
P-WB1 Wade Boggs

Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews


Awesome product!

Arkansas Dave
Arkansas Dave

Would love to score that Al Bundy Card. As with all of the super high end stuff, I think it’s just way too easy these days to get a box with so-so autos in it. I know it’s a risk you take with these kind of releases but I would hate to spend $725 and get some bum autos. But since I never learn my lesson I will be buying a couple boxes for sure.


Great product with a lot of variety. I did a group break and got an Oscar Tavares Magenta Printing Plate Auto 1/1. Lots of different sports and big names.


A lot of the same players ! Small set not too many big names lack of baseball players .not worth the price !

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