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2014-15 ITG Leaf Metal Hockey Cards

2014-15 ITG Leaf Metal Hockey Cards


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As popular as chrome-style products are in the hobby, hockey hasn't seen a lot of them. And with the exit of Panini Prizm from the ice, there was a void. Enter 2014-15 ITG Leaf Metal Hockey. Not only is everything chromium but all the cards are signed as well. Each box comes with five cards.

Base Autographs feature CHL players, many getting their first NHL cards. Parallels come in several Prismatic colors including one-of-one gold Super Prismatic. Cases slated for the USA and Canada each have their own exclusive parallels as well. Numbered to 10, USA parallels have etch blue stars in the background. Canada parallels, also numbered to 10 take a similar approach, only with etched maple leafs instead of stars.

2014-15 ITG Leaf Metal Hockey also have a handful of inserts. A Star Is Born Autographs uses a die-cut design to showcase elite prospects. ETA: 2015 Autographs highlights players projected for the 2015 NHL Draft. These also have a die-cut look to them, cut out in the shape of '2015.' Metal Heroes Autographs brings some retired content to the product. Canadian Pride Autographs are similar to the State Pride cards found in other Leaf Metal products. These use the Canadian flag as a backdrop for the card. Team Effort Dual Autographs pair up CHL teammates.

Among the signers is Connor McDavid. One autograph from the projected top pick is inserted in every case.

Like the base autographs, inserts in 2014-15 ITG Leaf Metal Hockey have several parallels numbered as low as 1/1.

2014-15 ITG Leaf Metal Hockey is limited to 199 total cases.

Product Configuration: 1 pack per box, 5 cards per pack
Price Point: Mid-End Hockey Card
Target Audience: Autograph Collectors, Prospectors

2014-15 ITG Leaf Metal Hockey Box Break

  • 5 Autographs
  • 5 Total Cards
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2014-15 ITG Leaf Metal Hockey Checklist

Base Autographs Checklist

93 cards.

PARALLEL CARDS: Blue Prismatic #/25 or less, Purple Prismatic #/15 or less, Canada #/10 or less, USA #/10 or less, Green Prismatic #/10 or less, Red Prismatic #/5 or less, Gold Super Prismatic 1/1

BA-AB1 Anthony Beauvillier
BA-AC1 Alexandre Carrier
BA-AF1 Alex Forsberg
BA-AM1 Adam Mascherin
BA-AM2 Adam Musil
BA-AP1 Andrew Picco
BA-BG2 Brendan Guhle
BA-BH3 Brett Howden
BA-BM1 Beck Malenstyn
BA-BM2 Brett McKenzie
BA-BS1 Blake Speers
BA-BS2 Brandon Saigeon
BA-CA1 Cameron Askew
BA-CH1 Connor Hobbs
BA-CI1 Connor Ingram
BA-CJ1 Cole Johnson
BA-CMD Connor McDavid
BA-CP1 Cliff Pu
BA-CR1 Chaz Reddekopp
BA-DK1 Davis Koch
BA-DS1 Daniel Sprong
BA-DS2 Dante Salituro
BA-DS3 Dylan Strome
BA-EF1 Evan Fitzpatrick
BA-ES1 Evan Sarthou
BA-ES2 Evgeny Svechnikov
BA-FA1 Frédéric Allard
BA-GE1 Giorgio Estephan
BA-GG1 Gabriel Gagné
BA-GG2 Glenn Gawdin
BA-GK1 Graham Knott
BA-IP1 Ivan Provorov
BA-JA1 Jeremiah Addison
BA-JA2 Jonathan Ang
BA-JA3 Josh Anderson
BA-JB3 Jason Bell
BA-JC1 Jakob Chychrun
BA-JG1 Julien Gauthier
BA-JH1 Jansen Harkins
BA-JH2 Jordan Hollett
BA-JR1 Jeremy Roy
BA-JW1 Jaeger White
BA-JZ1 Jakub Zboril
BA-KC1 Kale Clague
BA-KC2 Kyle Capobianco
BA-KE1 Kaden Elder
BA-KM1 Kody McDonald
BA-KT1 Keoni Texeira
BA-LB1 Logan Brown
BA-LC1 Lawson Crouse
BA-LG1 Luke Green
BA-LL1 Loïk Léveillé
BA-MB1 Mackenzie Blackwood
BA-MB2 Mathew Barzal
BA-MF1 Maxime Fortier
BA-MG1 Matteo Gennaro
BA-MK1 Matthew Kreis
BA-MM2 Medric Mercier
BA-MM3 Michael McLeod
BA-MM4 Mitchell Marner
BA-MS1 Matt Spencer
BA-MS2 Mitchell Stephens
BA-NK1 Nikita Korostelev
BA-NK2 Nolan Kneen
BA-NM1 Nick Merkley
BA-NM2 Nicolas Meloche
BA-NN1 Nathan Noel
BA-NP1 Nolan Patrick
BA-NR2 Nicolas Roy
BA-PB1 Paul Bittner
BA-PD1 Pierre-Luc Dubois
BA-PK1 Pavel Karnaukhov
BA-PL1 Pascal Laberge
BA-PW1 Parker Wotherspoon
BA-PZ1 Pavel Zacha
BA-QB1 Quinn Benjafield
BA-RG2 Ryan Gropp
BA-RK2 Ryan Kubic
BA-RP1 Ryan Pilon
BA-SG1 Samuel Girard
BA-SS1 Simon Stransky
BA-SS2 Sam Steel
BA-TB1 Travis Barron
BA-TB2 Tyler Benson
BA-TK1 Tanner Kaspick
BA-TK2 Travis Konecny
BA-TM1 Timo Meier
BA-TR1 Ty Ronning
BA-TS1 Thomas Schemitsch
BA-TS2 Tyler Soy
BA-VD1 Vince Dunn
BA-WB1 Will Bitten
HB1 Hanson Brothers
2014-15 ITG Leaf Metal Hockey Base Red Connor Ingram

Canadian Pride Checklist

10 cards.

PARALLEL CARDS: Blue Prismatic #/25 or less, Purple Prismatic #/15 or less, Green Prismatic #/10 or less, Red Prismatic #/5 or less, Gold Super Prismatic 1/1

2014-15 ITG Leaf Metal Hockey Canadian Pride

CP-BP1 Brad Park
CP-CMD Connor McDavid
CP-EG1 Ed Giacomin
CP-JB2 Johnny Bucyk
CP-JS1 Joe Sakic
CP-MAF Marc-André Fleury
CP-PC1 Paul Coffey
CP-PE1 Phil Esposito
CP-RB1 Raymond Bourque
CP-WC1 Wendel Clark

ETA: 2015 Checklist

20 cards.

PARALLEL CARDS: Blue Prismatic #/25 or less, Purple Prismatic #/15 or less, Green Prismatic #/10 or less, Red Prismatic #/5 or less, Gold Super Prismatic 1/1

2014-15 ITG Leaf Metal Hockey ETA 2015

ETA-BM2 Brett McKenzie
ETA-CH1 Connor Hobbs
ETA-CMD Connor McDavid
ETA-DS1 Daniel Sprong
ETA-DS3 Dylan Strome
ETA-GG1 Gabriel Gagné
ETA-GK1 Graham Knott
ETA-JR1 Jeremy Roy
ETA-LC1 Lawson Crouse
ETA-MB1 Mackenzie Blackwood
ETA-MB2 Mathew Barzal
ETA-MM4 Mitchell Marner
ETA-MS1 Matt Spencer
ETA-NM1 Nick Merkley
ETA-NM2 Nicolas Meloche
ETA-NR2 Nicolas Roy
ETA-PB1 Paul Bittner
ETA-RG2 Ryan Gropp
ETA-TK2 Travis Konecny
ETA-TS1 Thomas Schemitsch

Metal Heroes Checklist

31 cards.

PARALLEL CARDS: Blue Prismatic #/25 or less, Purple Prismatic #/15 or less, Green Prismatic #/10 or less, Red Prismatic #/5 or less, Gold Super Prismatic 1/1

MH-AD1 Alex Delvecchio
MH-BG1 Bill Gadsby
MH-BH1 Bobby Hull
MH-BH2 Brett Hull
MH-BP1 Brad Park
MH-BT1 Bryan Trottier
MH-CC1 Chris Chelios
MH-EG1 Ed Giacomin
MH-GC1 Gerry Cheevers
MH-GF1 Grant Fuhr
MH-HH1 Harry Howell
MH-HR1 Henri Richard
MH-JB1 Johnny Bower
MH-JB2 Johnny Bucyk
MH-JJ1 Jaromir Jagr
MH-JL1 Jacques Lemaire
MH-JS1 Joe Sakic
MH-ML1 Mario Lemieux
MH-MM1 Mike Modano
MH-NU1 Norm Ullman
MH-PC1 Paul Coffey
MH-PE1 Phil Esposito
MH-PR1 Patrick Roy
MH-RB1 Raymond Bourque
MH-RK1 Red Kelly
MH-SS1 Serge Savard
MH-SY1 Steve Yzerman
MH-TL1 Ted Lindsay
MH-VT1 Vladislav Tretiak
MH-WC1 Wendel Clark
MH-YC1 Yvan Cournoyer
2014-15 ITG Leaf Metal Hockey Metal Heroes Mario Lemieux Autograph

A Star Is Born Checklist

10 cards.

PARALLEL CARDS: Blue Prismatic #/25 or less, Purple Prismatic #/15 or less, Green Prismatic #/10 or less, Red Prismatic #/5 or less, Gold Super Prismatic 1/1

SIB-CMD Connor McDavid
SIB-DS1 Daniel Sprong
SIB-DS3 Dylan Strome
SIB-JR1 Jeremy Roy
SIB-LC1 Lawson Crouse
SIB-MB2 Mathew Barzal
SIB-MM4 Mitchell Marner
SIB-MS1 Matt Spencer
SIB-NR2 Nicolas Roy
SIB-TK2 Travis Konecny
2014-15 ITG Leaf Metal Hockey A Star Is Born Connor McDavid

Team Effort Checklist

20 cards. TE-15 and TE-17 do not exist.

PARALLEL CARDS: Blue Prismatic #/25 or less, Purple Prismatic #/15 or less, Green Prismatic #/10 or less, Red Prismatic #/5 or less, Gold Super Prismatic 1/1

2014-15 ITG Leaf Metal Hockey Team Effort

TE-1 Mackenzie Blackwood, Matthew Kreis
TE-2 Kale Clague, Ryan Pilon
TE-3 Jason Bell, Pierre-Luc Dubois
TE-4 Chaz Reddekopp, Tyler Soy
TE-5 Parker Wotherspoon, Evan Sarthou
TE-6 Glenn Gawdin, Cole Johnson
TE-7 Anthony Beauvillier, Samuel Girard
TE-8 Blake Speers, Medric Mercier
TE-9 Jakob Chychrun, Nikita Korostelev
TE-10 Luke Green, Nathan Noel
TE-11 Jeremiah Addison, Mitchell Stephens
TE-12 Jordan Hollett, Sam Steel
TE-13 Jansen Harkins, Alex Forsberg
TE-14 Kody McDonald, Josh Anderson
TE-16 Dante Salituro, Travis Barron
TE-18 Giorgio Estephan, Jaeger White
TE-19 Maxime Fortier, Timo Meier
TE-20 Alexandre Carrier, Pascal Laberge
TE-21 Nolan Kneen, Quinn Benjafield
TE-22 Loïk Léveillé, Evgeny Svechnikov

Ryan Cracknell  |  E-Mail Author
Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews

  1. Did not receive at least one top prospect out of 3 Boxes plus 2 Cards were not numbered

  2. get lucky…. or die tryin….

  3. I gave 4 stars instead of 5 because the autos are stickers and not “on card”… but it is still a quality product for sure. Very nice cards.

  4. With a print run of only 199 cases and the country specific parallels (Stars and Leafs) this product is a winner. McDavid’s fall one per case so is a good chance of getting him. What makes this product great is the mix of Veteran and prospect hits. This being Leaf/ITG’s first entry in the hockey market it deserves 5 stars.

  5. 12164 total cards above.. not including press plate autos
    there are 184 diff cards X 4 PP autos if for all > another 736 cards for 12900 even divided by 5 =2580 boxes – divided by 12 boxes/case = 215 total cases made….hmm
    but they say 199 cases..
    CMD has 76+56+56+56 = 244 plus if 4 press plate autos per each of 4 >if made equals a total of maybe 260 CMD autos in 199 or 215 cases…(I know they have to holdback stuff for damages)… means should be 1.2 CMD per case…
    have already seen 3 cases without CMD… so the odds should be slightly better than that… Good Luck

  6. my calcs above dont even include base cards 1-2 per pack which means they made 199 cases of US version and 199 cases of Canadian version I am assuming..

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