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Funko Pop Disney Lion King Vinyl Figures

Funko Pop Disney Lion King Vinyl Figures

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When it comes to modern Disney classics, The Lion King is somewhere near the very top. Over two decades after it first hit theaters, the box office giant is getting the Pop! treatment. Funko Pop Lion King figures include several main characters, with mostly good guys and a dash of bad.

Coming as no surprise, Simba, the scrappy cub who would vie to be king, leads the set. He's joined by his "Hakuna Matata"-humming friends, Timon, the meerkat, and Pumbaa, a warthog. Rafiki, the eccentric mandrill monkey, and Simba's evil Uncle Scar are other Funko Pop Lion King options. Simba also has an exclusive flocked variant found at Hot Topic locations.

Order Pop Disney Lion King Figures at Entertainment Earth.

These figures are all part of the larger Pop! Disney line and are numbered as such. Each of the vinyl collectibles stands roughly 3 3/4" tall. Many of the figures have now been retired, pushing values higher.

The Lion King was released in June 1994 and went on to sell nearly $1 billion in tickets worldwide. At the time, it was the highest-grossing animated film ever.

Funko Pop Lion King  Funko Pop Lion King

Funko Pop Lion King Checklist

85 Simba
85 Flocked Simba - Hot Topic
86 Timon
87 Pumbaa
88 Scar
89 Rafiki
301 Rafiki with Simba
301 Rafiki with Simba Flocked - Entertainment Earth
302 Simba
302 Simba Flocked - Entertainment Earth

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  1. Why do y’all not have the Nala pop figure or mufasa on here ? And on the Disney one, why isn’t lady and the tramp on your list ?

  2. I haven’t seen any figures for Mufasa or Nala that weren’t customs. The 2-pack for Lady & the Tramp is now added to the Disney guide.

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