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2014-15 Upper Deck NCAA March Madness Collection Basketball Cards

2014-15 Upper Deck NCAA March Madness Collection Basketball Cards

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When the calendar rolls over to March, for many life becomes about one thing -- the Madness. Brackets are filled out and promptly crumble once the NCAA's annual basketball tournament kicks off. Heroes are made and legacies are confirmed. 2014-15 Upper Deck NCAA March Madness Collection Basketball looks at some of the tournament's great performers and moments over time.

The product is fairly straight forward and doesn't have a lot of inserts. However, it does have a sweepstakes element that ties directly into the 2015 tournament.

The 2014-15 Upper Deck NCAA March Madness Collection Basketball base set has 100 cards. It's joined by another 100 short prints. Both have a basic parallel as well.

Autographs combine to land two per hobby box. Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Bill Russell, Shaquille O'Neal and Grant Hill are among the signatures available. Autographs styles include signed base parallels and High Series Autographs that push the main set checklist to 215 cards. Signature specific sets come in the form of Tournament Champs Autographs, Tournament Stars Autographs and Most Outstanding Player Autographs.

2014-15 Upper Deck NCAA March Madness Collection hobby boxes also have six Bracketology sweepstakes cards. These assign schools specific seeds. If the seed matches the one the team gets heading into the tournament, the card is live. Should they go deep into the tournament, card holders can be eligible for prizes like exclusive cards and signed Michael Jordan memorabilia.

Product Configuration: 24 packs per box, 5 cards per pack
Price Point: Low- to Mid-End Basketball Card
Target Audience: College Basketball Fans, Autograph Collectors

2014-15 Upper Deck March Madness Collection Basketball Box Break

  • 2 Autographs
  • 6 Bracketology Sweepstakes Cards
  • 120 Total Cards
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Set Checklist

2014-15 Upper Deck NCAA March Madness Collection Basketball Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

Short Prints (SP) are noted below and fall one per pack.
PARALLEL CARDS: Sepia - 1:6 packs

AC-1 A.C. Green
AC-2 A.C. Green SP
AE-1 Alex English SP
AG-1 Aaron Gordon
AH-1 Anfernee Hardaway
AH-2 Anfernee Hardaway SP
AI-1 Allen Iverson
AI-2 Allen Iverson
AI-3 Allen Iverson SP
AI-4 Allen Iverson SP
AM-1 Alonzo Mourning
AM-2 Alonzo Mourning SP
AN-1 Antonio McDyess
AN-2 Antonio McDyess
AP-1 Adreian Payne
AW-1 Antoine Walker
AW-2 Antoine Walker SP
AW-3 Antoine Walker SP
BD-1 Brad Daugherty
BD-2 Brad Daugherty
BD-3 Brad Daugherty SP
BD-4 Brad Daugherty SP
BH-1 Bobby Hurley
BH-2 Bobby Hurley SP
BH-3 Bobby Hurley SP
BK-1 Bo Kimble
BL-1 Bill Laimbeer
BL-2 Bill Laimbeer SP
BO-1 Bo Outlaw
BR-1 Bill Russell SP
BR-2 Bill Russell SP
BU-1 Buck Williams
BW-1 Bill Walton
BW-2 Bill Walton
BW-3 Bill Walton SP
BW-4 Bill Walton SP
BY-1 Byron Scott
CC-1 Calbert Cheaney
CC-2 Calbert Cheaney
CC-3 Calbert Cheaney SP
CE-1 Cleanthony Early SP
CL-1 Christian Laettner
CL-2 Christian Laettner
CL-3 Christian Laettner
CL-4 Christian Laettner SP
CL-5 Christian Laettner SP
CL-6 Christian Laettner SP
CM-1 Cheryl Miller
CM-2 Cheryl Miller SP
CW-1 Corliss Williamson
CW-2 Corliss Williamson SP
DC-1 Dave Cowens SP
DD-1 DeAndre Daniels
DH-1 Derek Harper
DH-2 Derek Harper SP
DM-1 Danny Manning
DM-2 Danny Manning
DM-3 Danny Manning SP
DM-4 Danny Manning SP
DM-5 Danny Manning SP
DO-1 Doc Rivers SP
DR-1 David Robinson
DR-2 David Robinson SP
DR-3 David Robinson SP
DS-1 Detlef Schrempf
DT-1 David Thompson
DT-2 David Thompson
DT-3 David Thompson SP
EH-1 Elvin Hayes
EH-2 Elvin Hayes
EP-1 Eric Piatkowski
FL-1 Fat Lever SP
GH-1 Gary Harris SP
GH-1 Grant Hill
GH-2 Grant Hill
GH-3 Grant Hill SP
GH-4 Grant Hill SP
GH-5 Grant Hill SP
GH-6 Grant Hill SP
GH-7 Grant Hill SP
GL-1 Glenn Robinson
GL-2 Glenn Robinson SP
GN-1 Glenn Robinson III SP
GR-1 Glen Rice
GR-2 Glen Rice SP
GR-3 Glen Rice SP
HA-1 James Harden
HG-1 Horace Grant SP
HM-1 Harold Miner
HM-2 Harold Miner SP
JA-1 Jordan Adams
JH-1 John Havlicek
JH-2 John Havlicek SP
JH-3 John Havlicek SP
JK-1 Jason Kidd
JK-2 Jason Kidd SP
JL-1 Jerry Lucas
JL-2 Jerry Lucas
JL-3 Jerry Lucas SP
JM-1 Jamal Mashburn
JM-2 Jamal Mashburn
JM-3 Jamal Mashburn SP
JS-1 Jerry Stackhouse
JS-2 Jerry Stackhouse
JS-3 Jerry Stackhouse SP
JT-1 Jerry Tarkanian SP
JT-2 Jerry Tarkanian SP
JV-1 Jim Valvano SP
JV-2 Jim Valvano SP
JW-1 Jerry West
JW-2 Jerry West
JW-3 Jerry West SP
JY-1 James Young
KA-1 Kenny Anderson
KG-1 Kendall Gill
KG-2 Kendall Gill SP
KS-1 Keith Smart SP
KS-2 Keith Smart SP
KY-1 Kyle Anderson
LB-1 Larry Bird
LB-2 Larry Bird
LB-3 Larry Bird SP
LE-1 LaPhonso Ellis SP
LJ-1 Larry Johnson
LJ-2 Larry Johnson
LJ-3 Larry Johnson SP
LO-1 Lute Olson
LS-1 Lonnie Shelton
MA-1 Donyell Marshall
MA-2 Donyell Marshall SP
MC-1 Doug McDermott SP
MG-1 Magic Johnson
MG-2 Magic Johnson
MG-3 Magic Johnson SP
MG-4 Magic Johnson SP
MJ-1 Michael Jordan
MJ-2 Michael Jordan
MJ-3 Michael Jordan
MJ-4 Michael Jordan SP
MJ-5 Michael Jordan SP
MJ-6 Michael Jordan SP
MJ-7 Michael Jordan SP
MM-1 Mitch McGary SP
MR-1 Micheal Ray Richardson
NA-1 Swen Nater SP
NE-1 Nick Van Exel
NE-2 Nick Van Exel SP
NS-1 Nik Stauskas SP
PA-1 Elfrid Payton SP
PE-1 Pervis Ellison
PE-2 Pervis Ellison
PE-3 Pervis Ellison SP
PY-1 Patric Young
RE-1 Bryant Reeves SP
RH-1 Robert Horry
RH-2 Robert Horry SP
RR-1 Rajon Rondo
RR-2 Rajon Rondo SP
RT-1 Reggie Theus
RT-2 Reggie Theus SP
SA-1 John Salley
SA-2 John Salley SP
SB-1 Shane Battier
SB-2 Shane Battier
SB-3 Shane Battier SP
SB-4 Shane Battier SP
SB-5 Shane Battier SP
SC-1 Stephen Curry
SC-2 Stephen Curry SP
SE-1 Sean Elliott
SE-2 Sean Elliott SP
SE-3 Sean Elliott SP
SF-1 Sleepy Floyd SP
SK-1 Sean Kilpatrick
SM-1 Joe Smith
SM-2 Joe Smith
SM-3 Joe Smith SP
SN-1 Shabazz Napier
SN-2 Shabazz Napier SP
SO-1 Shaquille O`Neal
SO-2 Shaquille O`Neal
SO-3 Shaquille O`Neal SP
SP-1 Sam Perkins
SP-2 Sam Perkins SP
SP-3 Sam Perkins SP
ST-1 Stacey Augmon
ST-2 Stacey Augmon
ST-3 Stacey Augmon SP
SW-1 Spud Webb
TH-1 Tim Hardaway
TW-1 T.J. Warren SP
VN-1 Vinny Del Negro
VN-2 Vinny Del Negro SP
WI-1 Jay Williams
WI-2 Jay Williams
WI-3 Jay Williams SP
WO-1 James Worthy
WO-2 James Worthy
WO-3 James Worthy SP
ZL-1 Zach LaVine SP

Base Autograph Exclusives Set Checklist

15 cards
Overall odds - 1:144 packs
Individual odds - Group A 1:24,192 packs, Group B 1:3,456 packs, Group C 1:1,613 packs, Group D 1:453 packs, Group E 1:233 packs

BW-A Bill Walton C
CL-A Christian Laettner C
CW-A Corliss Williamson D
DM-A Danny Manning B
DT-A David Thompson C
GH-A Grant Hill A
GR-A Glen Rice B
JS-A Jerry Stackhouse C
KA-A Kenny Anderson E
LJ-A Larry Johnson A
MG-A Magic Johnson A
MJ-A Michael Jordan A
SN-A Shabazz Napier D
SP-A Sam Perkins E
ST-A Stacey Augmon D

Base Gold Foil Autograph Parallel Set Checklist

195 cards
Overall odds - 1:24 packs
Individual odds - Group A 1:4,652 packs, Group B 1:1,951 packs, Group C 1:1,846 packs, Group D 1:289 packs, Group E 1:105 packs, Group F 1:67 packs, Group G 1:50 packs, Group H 1:33 packs
SP Individual odds - Group A 1:3,102 packs, Group B 1:1,605 packs, Group C 1:144 packs, Group D 1:71 packs, Group E 1:30 packs

AC-1 A.C. Green E
AC-2 A.C. Green SP C
AE-1 Alex English SP C
AG-1 Aaron Gordon C
AH-1 Anfernee Hardaway B
AH-2 Anfernee Hardaway SP B
AI-1 Allen Iverson A
AI-2 Allen Iverson A
AI-3 Allen Iverson SP A
AI-4 Allen Iverson SP A
AM-1 Alonzo Mourning B
AM-2 Alonzo Mourning SP B
AN-1 Antonio McDyess D
AN-2 Antonio McDyess D
AP-1 Adreian Payne E
AW-1 Antoine Walker E
AW-2 Antoine Walker SP D
AW-3 Antoine Walker SP D
BD-1 Brad Daugherty F
BD-2 Brad Daugherty F
BD-3 Brad Daugherty SP E
BD-4 Brad Daugherty SP E
BH-1 Bobby Hurley E
BH-2 Bobby Hurley SP E
BH-3 Bobby Hurley SP E
BK-1 Bo Kimble C
BL-1 Bill Laimbeer F
BL-2 Bill Laimbeer SP D
BR-1 Bill Russell SP A
BR-2 Bill Russell SP A
BU-1 Buck Williams F
BW-1 Bill Walton C
BW-2 Bill Walton C
BW-3 Bill Walton SP C
BW-4 Bill Walton SP C
BY-1 Byron Scott C
CC-1 Calbert Cheaney E
CC-2 Calbert Cheaney E
CC-3 Calbert Cheaney SP E
CE-1 Cleanthony Early SP E
CL-1 Christian Laettner D
CL-2 Christian Laettner D
CL-3 Christian Laettner D
CL-4 Christian Laettner SP C
CL-5 Christian Laettner SP C
CL-6 Christian Laettner SP C
CM-1 Cheryl Miller C
CM-2 Cheryl Miller SP B
CW-1 Corliss Williamson D
CW-2 Corliss Williamson SP C
DC-1 Dave Cowens SP B
DD-1 DeAndre Daniels G
DH-1 Derek Harper F
DH-2 Derek Harper SP D
DM-1 Danny Manning C
DM-2 Danny Manning C
DM-3 Danny Manning SP B
DM-4 Danny Manning SP B
DM-5 Danny Manning SP B
DO-1 Doc Rivers SP B
DR-1 David Robinson A
DR-2 David Robinson SP A
DR-3 David Robinson SP A
DS-1 Detlef Schrempf H
DT-1 David Thompson B
DT-2 David Thompson B
DT-3 David Thompson SP C
EH-1 Elvin Hayes D
EH-2 Elvin Hayes D
EP-1 Eric Piatkowski H
FL-1 Fat Lever SP D
GH-1 Gary Harris SP B
GH-1 Grant Hill A
GH-2 Grant Hill A
GH-3 Grant Hill SP A
GH-4 Grant Hill SP A
GH-5 Grant Hill SP A
GH-6 Grant Hill SP A
GH-7 Grant Hill SP A
GL-1 Glenn Robinson E
GL-2 Glenn Robinson SP D
GN-1 Glenn Robinson III SP B
GR-1 Glen Rice B
GR-2 Glen Rice SP C
GR-3 Glen Rice SP D
HA-1 James Harden A
HG-1 Horace Grant SP C
HM-1 Harold Miner F
HM-2 Harold Miner SP D
JA-1 Jordan Adams E
JH-1 John Havlicek A
JH-2 John Havlicek SP A
JH-3 John Havlicek SP A
JK-1 Jason Kidd B
JK-2 Jason Kidd SP A
JL-1 Jerry Lucas B
JL-2 Jerry Lucas B
JL-3 Jerry Lucas SP B
JM-1 Jamal Mashburn E
JM-2 Jamal Mashburn E
JM-3 Jamal Mashburn SP C
JS-1 Jerry Stackhouse C
JS-2 Jerry Stackhouse C
JS-3 Jerry Stackhouse SP D
JW-1 Jerry West A
JW-2 Jerry West A
JW-3 Jerry West SP A
JY-1 James Young C
KA-1 Kenny Anderson G
KG-1 Kendall Gill H
KG-2 Kendall Gill SP E
KS-1 Keith Smart SP D
KS-2 Keith Smart SP D
KY-1 Kyle Anderson B
LB-1 Larry Bird A
LB-2 Larry Bird A
LB-3 Larry Bird SP A
LE-1 LaPhonso Ellis SP C
LJ-1 Larry Johnson A
LJ-2 Larry Johnson A
LJ-3 Larry Johnson SP A
LO-1 Lute Olson D
LS-1 Lonnie Shelton F
MA-1 Donyell Marshall G
MA-2 Donyell Marshall SP E
MC-1 Doug McDermott SP C
MG-1 Magic Johnson A
MG-2 Magic Johnson A
MG-3 Magic Johnson SP A
MG-4 Magic Johnson SP A
MJ-1 Michael Jordan B
MJ-2 Michael Jordan B
MJ-3 Michael Jordan B
MJ-4 Michael Jordan SP A
MJ-5 Michael Jordan SP A
MJ-6 Michael Jordan SP A
MJ-7 Michael Jordan SP A
MM-1 Mitch McGary SP C
MR-1 Micheal Ray Richardson F
NA-1 Swen Nater SP D
NE-1 Nick Van Exel E
NE-2 Nick Van Exel SP B
NS-1 Nik Stauskas SP D
PA-1 Elfrid Payton SP C
PE-1 Pervis Ellison E
PE-2 Pervis Ellison D
PE-3 Pervis Ellison SP E
PY-1 Patric Young H
RE-1 Bryant Reeves SP E
RH-1 Robert Horry C
RH-2 Robert Horry SP B
RR-1 Rajon Rondo A
RR-2 Rajon Rondo SP A
RT-1 Reggie Theus E
RT-2 Reggie Theus SP D
SA-1 John Salley C
SA-2 John Salley SP B
SB-1 Shane Battier B
SB-2 Shane Battier B
SB-3 Shane Battier SP B
SB-4 Shane Battier SP B
SB-5 Shane Battier SP B
SC-1 Stephen Curry A
SC-2 Stephen Curry SP A
SE-1 Sean Elliott H
SE-2 Sean Elliott SP D
SE-3 Sean Elliott SP E
SF-1 Sleepy Floyd SP E
SK-1 Sean Kilpatrick G
SM-1 Joe Smith B
SM-2 Joe Smith D
SM-3 Joe Smith SP C
SN-1 Shabazz Napier D
SN-2 Shabazz Napier SP C
SO-1 Shaquille O`Neal A
SO-2 Shaquille O`Neal A
SO-3 Shaquille O`Neal SP A
SP-1 Sam Perkins F
SP-2 Sam Perkins SP D
SP-3 Sam Perkins SP D
ST-1 Stacey Augmon H
ST-2 Stacey Augmon G
ST-3 Stacey Augmon SP E
SW-1 Spud Webb D
TH-1 Tim Hardaway E
TW-1 T.J. Warren SP D
VN-1 Vinny Del Negro G
VN-2 Vinny Del Negro SP E
WI-1 Jay Williams B
WI-2 Jay Williams E
WI-3 Jay Williams SP B
WO-1 James Worthy A
WO-2 James Worthy A
WO-3 James Worthy SP A
ZL-1 Zach LaVine SP C

Final Four Winner Set Checklist

6 cards

F4-1 Bill Russell - Dons
F4-2 Magic Johnson - Spartans
F4-3 Larry Bird - Sycamores
F4-4 Michael Jordan - Tar Heels
F4-5 Larry Johnson - Runnin' Rebels
F4-6 Grant Hill - Blue Devils

Bracketology Game Card Set Checklist

90 cards. 1:4 packs.
Each card has 16 different locations per region (East, South, Midwest, West). 64 total options per team.

Akron Zips
Alabama Crimson Tide
Arizona State Sun Devils
Arizona Wildcats
Arkansas Razorbacks
Baylor Bears
Belmont Bruins
Boise State Broncos
Boston College Eagles
Bulter Bulldogs
BYU Cougars
California Golden Bears
Central Florida Knights
Charlotte 49ers
Cincinnati Bearcats
Clemson Tigers
Colorado Buffaloes
Connecticut Huskies
Cornell Big Red
Creighton Bluejays
Davidson Wildcats
Drexel Dragons
Duke Blue Devils
East Carolina Pirates
Florida Gators
Florida State Seminoles
Fresno State Bulldogs
George Matson Patriots
George Washington Colonials
Georgetown Hoyas
Georgia Bulldogs
Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
Gonzaga Bulldogs
illinois Fighiting Illini
Indiana Hoosiers
Iowa Hawkeyes
Iowa State Cyclones
Kansas Jayhawks
Kansas State Wildcats/
Kentucky Wildcats
Louisville Cardinals
LSU Tigers
Marquette Golden Eagles
Maryland Terrapins
Memphis Tigers
Miami Hurricanes
Michigan State Spartans
Michigan Wolverines
Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders
Minnesota Golden Gophers
Mississippi Rebels
Missouri Tigers
New Mexico Lobos
New Mexico State Aggies
North Carolina State Wolfpack
North Carolina Tar Heels
Northwestern Wildcats
Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Ohio Bobcats
Ohio State Buckeyes
Oklahoma Sooners
Oklahoma State Cowboys
Old Dominion Monarchs
Oregon Ducks
Pittsburgh Panthers
Providence Friars
Purdue Boilermakers
Rhode Island Rams
Richmond Spiders
Saint Joseph's Hawks
Saint Louis Billikens
San Diego State Aztecs
South Carolina Gamecocks
Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles
St. Johns Red Storm
Syracuse Orange
Temple Owls
Tennessee Volunteers
Texas AM Aggies
Texas Longhorns
UCLA Bruins
UNLV Rebels
VCU Rams
Villanova Wildcats
Virginia Cavaliers
Washington Huskies
West Virginia Mountaineers
Wichita State Shockers
Wisconsin Badgers

Most Outstanding Player Autographs Set Checklist

15 cards
Overall odds - 1:288 packs
Individual odds - Group A 1:5,498 packs, Group B 1:2,372 packs, Group C 1:1,234 packs, Group D 1:806 packs

MOP-1 Bill Russell A
MOP-2 Jerry Lucas A
MOP-3 Bill Walton A
MOP-4 Bill Walton A
MOP-5 David Thompson A
MOP-6 Magic Johnson A
MOP-7 Pervis Ellison D
MOP-8 Keith Smart D
MOP-9 Danny Manning B
MOP-10 Glen Rice B
MOP-11 Christian Laettner C
MOP-12 Bobby Hurley C
MOP-13 Corliss Williamson B
MOP-14 Shane Battier B
MOP-15 Shabazz Napier C

Sweet 16 Winner Set Checklist

12 cards

S16-1 Bill Russell - Dons
S16-2 Bill Walton - Bruins
S16-3 David Thompson - Wolfpack
S16-4 Larry Bird - Sycamores
S16-5 Magic Johnson - Spartans
S16-6 Michael Jordan - Tar Heels
S16-7 David Robinson - Midshipmen
S16-8 Larry Johnson - Runnin' Rebels
S16-9 Grant Hill - Blue Devils
S16-10 Christian Laettner - Blue Devils
S16-11 Jerry Stackhouse - Tar Heels
S16-12 Shabazz Napier - Huskies

Tournament Champs Autographs Set Checklist

20 cards
Overall odds - 1:288 packs
Individual odds - Group A 1:17,280 packs, Group B 1:5,760 packs, Group C 1:1,592 packs, Group D 1:712 packs, Group E 1:403 packs

TC-1 Bill Russell A
TC-2 Jerry Lucas B
TC-3 Bill Walton C
TC-4 David Thompson C
TC-5 Magic Johnson A
TC-6 Michael Jordan A
TC-7 Sam Perkins E
TC-8 Keith Smart C
TC-9 Danny Manning C
TC-10 Glen Rice B
TC-11 Stacey Augmon D
TC-12 Larry Johnson A
TC-13 Christian Laettner B
TC-14 Grant Hill A
TC-15 Corliss Williamson D
TC-16 Antoine Walker D
TC-17 Lute Olson A
TC-18 Shane Battier B
TC-19 DeAndre Daniels E
TC-20 Shabazz Napier C

Tournament Stars Dual Autographs Set Checklist

10 cards
Overall odds - 1:1,152 packs
Individual odds - Group A 1:30,240 packs, Group B 1:3,665 packs, Group C 1:2,520 packs

DA-HL Grant Hill/Christian Laettner A
DA-JA Larry Johnson /Stacey Augmon A
DA-JB Magic Johnson/Larry Bird A
DA-JL Larry Johnson /Christian Laettner A
DA-JP Michael Jordan/Sam Perkins B
DA-SR Nik Stauskas/Glenn Robinson III B
DA-WN Bill Walton/Swen Nater B
DA-WB Jay Williams/Shane Battier B
DA-ND Shabazz Napier/DeAndre Daniels C
DA-NW Vinny Del Negro/Spud Webb C

Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

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I wonder what the bracketology sweepstakes cards will go for on EBay. Whatever it is, I’m betting they will be very popular considering what you could win. What a cool concept by UD though.

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