2013 Viceroy Carnival Trading Cards

2013 Viceroy Carnival Trading Cards


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2013 Viceroy Carnival trading cards harken back to the glory days of the circuses, sideshows and other strange traveling oddities. The premium pack product focuses largely on original art but includes some vintage photography and posters as well.

Each pack is highlighted by an original sketch card. Produced on premium letterpress card stock, the cards come in a magnetic case. Each features a piece of original artwork done directly on the card. Each artist did a very small number of cards. None did more than 35, although most did significantly less. The quality of the sketch cards goes beyond a quick doodle. Most are in full color. Those that aren't still show a high degree of detail.

2013 Viceroy Carnival packs come with at least two additional insert cards. Artist, Vintage Photo and Vintage Poster cards are all limited to 50 copies each -- 25 have a silver finish and 25 with a photo finish.

Other highlights include 25 relic cards with an original ticket embedded in them, and a prize redemption for a PT Barnum autograph.

2013 Viceroy Carnival is limited to 610 total premium packs (61 cases).

Product Configuration: 3 cards per pack
Price Point: Mid- to High-End Entertainment Card
Target Audience: Sketch Card Collectors, Carnival Memorabilia Collectors, Indie Card Collectors

2013 Viceroy Carnival Pack Break

  • 1 Sketch Card
  • 2 Additional Cards
  • 3 Total Cards
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Set Checklist

2013 Viceroy Carnival Checklist

Sketch Card Checklist

Inserted one per pack.

The following artists contributed to the set. Also included is the number of cards they contributed.

Bob Adauto 25
Neil Camera 10
Francois Chartier 25
Katie Cook 5
Ted Dastick Jr. 20
Jen Depaola 10
Pablo Diaz 30
Mark Dos Santos 25
Nina Edlund 15
Chris Foreman 25
Autumn Frederickson 30
Anthony Gay 10
Bruce Gerlach 25
Matt Glebe 5
Mick Glebe
Fredd Gorham 35
Danielle Gransaull 10
Gary Kezele 5
Janet Lee 5
James Linares 10
Isiah McAllister 10
Catherine Miller 10
Hanie Hohd 10
John Monserrat 10
Ashleigh Popplewell 15
Tim Proctor 10
Debra Quinn-Barnes 10
Richard Salvucci 25
Beck Seashols 10
Kristina Sepulveda 25
David Sharpe 10
Amber Shelton 15
Stephanie Swanger 15
Chris Uminga 10
Mike Vasquez 25
George Vega 25
Joshua Werner 15
Lin Workman 25
Chrissie Zullo 10
2013 Viceroy Carnival Trading Cards 1

Artist Cards Checklist

9 cards. Each has 50 total copies: 25 silver finish and 25 photo finish.

AC1 Bearded Lady by Bob Adauto
AC2 Strong Man by George Vega
AC3 Lion Tamer by Amber Shelton
AC4 Tattooed Man by Richard Salvucci
AC5 Barker by Lin Workman
AC6 Escape Artist by Chris Uminga
AC7 Ringmaster by Mick & Matt Glebe
AC8 Beard of Bees by Nina Edlund
AC9 Sword Swallower by Catherine Miller
2013 Viceroy Carnival Trading Cards 2

Vintage Photo Cards Checklist

9 cards. Each has 50 total copies: 25 silver finish and 25 photo finish.

PH1 Mom and Daughter
PH2 Barker
PH3 Dames
PH4 Fat Man
PH5 Monkeys
PH6 Pony Act
PH7 Snake Act
PH8 Strong Twins
PH9 Cowboy and Indian
2013 Viceroy Carnival Trading Cards 3

Vintage Poster Checklist

9 cards. Each has 50 total copies: 25 silver finish and 25 photo finish.

VP1 Flying Men
VP2 Louise Hilton
VP3 Trapeze Act
VP4 The Melrosas
VP5 Big New Parade
VP6 Ada Castello
VP7 Leaping Ladies
VP8 Norada French
VP9 Wild Animals
2013 Viceroy Carnival Trading Cards 4

Ticket Relic Checklist

25 total cards, each with a different tichet.

TR-1 Vintage Ticket
2013 Viceroy Carnival Trading Cards 5

Letterpress Printing Plates Checklist

8 total cards.


Front 4 total, V logo in lower right, all same
Back 4 total, 4 different variant designs, all 1/1

Prize Redemption Checklist

1/1, inserted 1:610 packs.

PRC-1 PT Barnum Autograph

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