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2013 Upper Deck USA Football Cards

2013 Upper Deck USA Football Cards


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2013 Upper Deck USA Football gives gridiron fans a rare chance to do some long-range prospecting. Offering some of the first licensed trading cards for players not even in college, every box comes with a total of six hits including a low-numbered autographed memorabilia card.

The 2013 Upper Deck USA Football base set has 100 cards. Players come from USA Football's Under-19, Under-18 and Under-16 squads. New to the set are cards featuring the Under-18 and Under-16 Canadian teams. The base set features both single- and three-player cards.

Every box of 2013 Upper Deck USA Football comes with a Future Swatch Auto Patch card numbered to 49. Gold parallels come numbered to 5.

Boxes have an additional five total autographs and memorabilia cards. Jersey cards fall under the Future Swatch banner. Basic autographs are parallels from the base set. Both American and Canadian players have single-player and triple autographs.

Last year, 2012 Upper Deck USA Football struck gold with the first cards of 2013 Heisman winner Jameis Winston. That set was a premium factory set. 2013 Upper Deck USA Football switches to a traditional pack format. Every box comes with 24 packs of five cards.

Estimated Release Date: 2/10/14
Product Configuration: 24 packs per box, 5 cards per pack
Price Point: Low-End Football Card
Target Audience: Prospectors, Autograph Collectors, Set Builders

2013 Upper Deck USA Football Box Break

  • 1 Numbered Autographed Patch Card
  • 2-3 Additional Autograph Cards
  • 2-3 Additional Memorabilia Cards
  • 2 Finest Moments Insert Cards
  • 120 Total Cards

Set Checklist

2013 Upper Deck USA Football Set Checklist

Base USA Set Checklist

50 cards

1 Terrell Newby
2 Ishmael Hyman
3 Quincy Adeboyejo
4 Shane Cockerille
5 Chase Abbington
6 Jourdan Lewis
7 Tere Calloway
8 Shaquill Griffin
9 Jack Kurzu
10 Darrell Songy
11 Brandon McDowell
12 Alex Leslie
13 Derrick Willies
14 Octavius Jackson
15 Rodney Adams
16 Samuel Kronshage
17 Shaquem Griffin
18 Tucker Beirne
19 Tristan Nickelson
20 Taylor Stine
21 Shyheim Stephens
22 Rashaad Miller
23 Perez Mackell
24 Nick McBeath
25 Mitch Lochbihler
26 Mason Ewing
27 Luke Schultheiss
28 Logan McHone
29 J'Quan Hawkins
30 Jose Alvarado
31 Jonathan Dorf
32 Joey Gonzalez
33 Jimmy Struble
34 Jeremy James
35 Jacob Anthony
36 Ishmael MacNeil
37 Isaiah Berrios
38 Hunter Hendershot
39 Grant Ludgar
40 Erique Brown-Spence
41 Edward Bent
42 Donnie Foster
43 David Tachie
44 David Maule
45 Cornelius Henderson
46 Brandon Kavanaugh
47 Brandon Hines
48 Amari Barrett
49 Alex Norton
50 Johnny Thomas

Base USA Trios Set Checklist

11 cards

51 Sawyer Lemoi
51 Bryce Beard
51 Rajan Cunningham
52 Gjemar Daniels
52 Andre Harris
52 Colton Miller
53 Loren Mondy
53 Lucas Plate
53 Luis Castro
54 Ryan Casey
54 Luke Hudson
54 Tres Perez
55 Anthony Hines III
55 Dylan McDonald
55 Jack McKenna
56 Jonathan White
56 Jonathan Pollock
56 Joel Dublanko
57 Michael Talbert
57 Phillip Wilson
57 Santino Marchiol
58 Eugene Fahey
58 Nikolas Afuhaamango
58 Nick Walters
59 Tristan Hawn
59 Story Cummings
59 Zarrick Scott-Buckley
60 John Brannon
60 Michael Kay
60 Rahshaun Smith
61 Taylor Rapp
61 Lonny Powell
61 Chase Copeland

USA Future Swatch Jersey Set Checklist

50 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Autograph Patch #/49, Gold Autograph Patch #/5

62 Terrell Newby
63 Ishmael Hyman
64 Quincy Adeboyejo
65 Shane Cockerille
66 Chase Abbington
67 Jourdan Lewis
68 Wyatt Teller
69 Tevin Montgomer
70 Taurean Ferguson
71 Khalid Hill
72 Damien Haskins
73 Donovan Munger
74 Ben Hughes
75 Deric Robertson
76 Devin Butler
77 Jake Campos
78 Ben Gedeon
79 Samuel Douglas
80 Matthew McCrane
81 Colin Goebel
82 Jacob Hyde
83 Jake Thomas
84 Marco DelVecchio
85 Paul James
86 Cory Jasudowich
87 Delando Johnson
88 Justin Bridges-Thompson
89 Lance Virgile
90 Aubry Beal
91 Austin Droogsma
92 Brandon Monroe
93 Chase Dawkins
94 Dominique Hebert
95 Graham Smith
96 TV Williams
97 Kameron Uter
98 Robbie Walker
99 Terry Dalehite
100 Timothy Jones
101 Albert Lake
102 Toro Nelson
103 Harley Kirsch
104 Andres Godinez
105 Weslee Richmond
106 Madux Middaugh
107 Robert Washington
108 Tanner Bush
109 Trevor Speights
110 Shea Patterson
111 Conner O'Donnell

Base USA Set Checklist

3 cards

112 Terrell Newby
113 Ishmael Hyman
114 Shane Cockerille

Canada Rivals Set Checklist

15 cards

C-1 Chris Merchant
C-2 Tanaka Chakwesha
C-3 Malik Richards
C-4 Malcolm Carter
C-5 Kyle VanWynsberghe
C-6 Kevin Collins
C-7 Carlton Smith
C-8 Raishaun Provo
C-9 Khaliiel James
C-10 Jonathan McEachron
C-11 Jonah Pataki
C-12 D'sean Thelwell
C-13 Royce Metchie
C-14 Michael Domagala
C-15 Kyle Gouveia

Canada Rivals Trios Set Checklist

21 cards

C-16 Isaiah Guzylak-Messan
C-16 Jadon Johnson
C-16 Nick Parisotto
C-17 Lucas MacLellan
C-17 Gurjant Singh
C-17 Emmanuel Adusei
C-18 Zachary MacLellan
C-18 Tevin Bowen
C-18 Trevaughan James
C-19 Damian Halstead
C-19 Chad Taylor
C-19 Addison Olah
C-20 Luke Korol
C-20 Drew Walden
C-20 D'Antal Sampson
C-21 Bauer Negrych
C-21 Ray Duplin
C-21 Spencer McIntosh
C-22 Lorand Szotyori
C-22 James Morin
C-22 Eric Denis
C-23 Seton Battin
C-23 Nicholas Thun
C-23 Thomas Rowlands
C-24 Brandon Metz
C-24 Elijah Hamilton
C-24 Darnel Jarrett
C-25 Jordan Grimes (USA)
C-25 Nate Delaney
C-25 Jevante Stanley
C-26 Austin Whetton
C-26 Austin Gonsalves
C-26 Brandon Speller
C-27 Kaden Jespersen
C-27 Justice Johnson
C-27 Mitchell Weiler
C-28 Michael Tarbutt
C-28 Cameron Valardo
C-28 Samuel Berube
C-29 Alonzo Addae
C-29 Graham Brodie
C-29 Joshua Chedore
C-30 Gordon Whyte
C-30 Zeandre Regis
C-30 Liam Grippo
C-31 Eric Fraser
C-31 Levi Vokey
C-31 Brandon Whiteman
C-32 Trawn Simon
C-32 Mitchell Thiele
C-32 Maxwell Guy
C-33 Jaeden Washington
C-33 Brayden Ralph
C-33 Deshawn Stevens
C-34 Kesean Bennett
C-34 Alfred Green
C-34 Jack Moore
C-35 Drew Desjarlais
C-35 Jacob Copeland
C-35 John Wotherspoon
C-36 Christopher Church
C-36 Drew Mairleitner
C-36 Christopher Gangarossa

Finest Moments Set Checklist


Author Ryan Cracknell  |  E-Mail Author
Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

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