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2013 Topps Wacky Packages All-New Series 10 Trading Cards

2013 Topps Wacky Packages All-New Series 10 Trading Cards


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For more than four decades, few successful consumer products have been safe from a jab or two from Wacky Packs. 2013 Topps Wacky Packages All-New Series 10 continues the tradition, taking on everything from baked goods to video games.

The 2013 Topps Wacky Packages All-New Series 10 base set has 55 cards, each with a new parody painting. About half of the card backs fit together to make a trio of nine-card puzzles. Other backs continue poking fun with "coupons," Wacky Billboards and movie poster spoofs. Hobby boxes have three parallels. Blue cards fall one per pack and Silver cards are 1:8 packs. Gold parallels are extremely rare.

Every pack also comes with either an Awful Apps or As Screamed on TV card. Awful Apps, which debuted in ANS 9, is a ten-card set that pokes fun at the games and gadgets found on Smart Phones. As Screamed on TV is a nine-card set.

Other inserts in 2013 Topps Wacky Packages All-New Series 10 include Magnets (10 cards, exclusive to retail packs), Tattoos (10 cards, exclusive to retail packs) and Sketch Cards (800 total for the entire product run).

Collector Edition Hobby Box Info:

The Wacky Packages brand has long been a staple for set collectors. While recent years have brought on sketch cards and other hits, they've been relatively tough to find and not a major focus. 2013 Topps Wacky Packages All-New Series 10 adds to the collectibility, for those who want something more than a base set and inserts, but introducing new Collector Edition packs and boxes. They have fewer cards per pack and a higher price tag. The trade off is more hits and several exclusive inserts.

Rather than the ten cards each regular hobby pack has, Collector Edition packs have just six. The price per pack also doubles. However, Collector packs are loaded with inserts, cutting a lot of the base cards out of the equation. Each pack has both a Red and a Black parallel.

Going back to its origins, Collector packs introduce a pair of Ludlow parallels that have different backs. The concept of retro back variations has been popular in sports card products like Allen & Ginter for years. Ludlow Commemorative Back cards fall one per 2013 Topps Wacky Packages All-New Series 10 Collector Edition Hobby box. Red backs are inserted one per case. Collector packs also have a Cloth Sticker parallel, which fall four per case.

Each of these amped up boxes comes with either a sketch card, Artist Autograph, Printing Plate or original Wacky Packages Buyback. Buybacks include an entire set of 30 Original Series 1 white back cards from 1973. Other than some limited edition online offerings, this is the first time a traditional Wacky Packages product has delivered a hit per box.

Shaped Sketch Cards include work from Brent Engstrom, Neil Camera, Sam Gambino, Matthew Kirscht, Mark Parisi, Mark Pingitore, Joe Simko and Colin Walton. Artist Autographs are signed versions of base cards. Signatures come from the card's original painter.

Commercial Star Autographs deliver signatures from several memorable faces. The checklist includes Matt Frewer (Max Headroom), John Gilchrist (Mikey from the Life Cereal commercials), Wendy Kaufman (the Snapple Lady), John Moschitta Jr. (Micro Machines) and Jimmy Nelson (a ventriloquist responsible for Danny O'Day and Farfel).

Additional exclusive inserts in Collector Hobby boxes include Lost Wacky (3 cards, one per case), Collector's Bonus Cards (8 cards, one per box) and over-sized Wacky Billboard box toppers (6 cards, one per box).

Product Configuration: Hobby - 24 packs per box, 10 cards per pack, Collector Hobby Edition - 14 packs per box, 6 cards per pack
Price Point: Low-End Entertainment Card
Target Audience: Wacky Packages Collectors, Set Builders, Nostalgic Card Collectors, Young Collectors

2013 Topps Wacky Packages All-New Series 10 Hobby Box Break

  • 2 Magnets
  • 4 Tattoos
  • 24 Blue Parallels
  • 3 Silver Parallels
  • 240 Total Cards

2013 Topps Wacky Packages All-New Series 10 Collector Hobby Box Break

  • 1 Sketch Card, Artist Autograph, Printing Plate or Buyback
  • 1 Ludlow Black Commemorative Card
  • 1 Collector's Bonus Card
  • 14 Red Parallels
  • 14 Black Parallels
  • 1 Box Topper
  • 84 Total Cards

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Set Checklist

2013 Topps Wacky Packages All-New Series 10 Checklist

Base Set Checklist

55 cards. Shop for base sets on eBay.

PARALLEL CARDS: Blue, Silver (1:8 packs), Black (1 per Collector Edition pack), Red (1 per Collector Edition pack), Ludlow Back (1:14 Collector Edition packs), Gold, Printing Plates

1 Mtn Doom
2 Flustered Flakes
3 Milk Deads
4 Taco Belch
5 Pooper Mario Doo-D Lan
6 Pillsburied
7 Play-Gogh
8 Lite Sabers
9 Reeper's
10 B.O. Shock Ew
11 Dungeon Donuts
12 Petsi
13 Peter Pawn
14 Tubby Grahams
15 Zombie Fitness
16 Might Be Dog
17 Pull Pop
18 Scream of Wheat
19 Rold Cold
20 Tomb Gator
21 Helly Belly
22 Hippy Meal
23 Fiber Won
24 Green Chant
25 Chronic Degenerates
26 Blow Hole Pop
27 Wuss in Boots
28 Jack Stinks
29 Ultra Tite
30 Deers of War
31 Allmud Joy
32 Battlesheep
33 Fruit of the Loon
34 Bogus Burgers
35 The Legend of Zelduh
36 Crawley Rancher
37 Diarrhea of a Windy Kid
38 Pop-Farts
39 Klepto-Bismol
40 Mortal Komrades
41 Chia Pest
42 Chux Mix
43 Cementos
44 Easy Muck
45 Feet Fighter
46 Tric Tac
47 Benadrool
48 Newts and Adders
49 Ninjagoo
50 Mimecraft
51 Newtella
52 Pampered
53 Lucky Germs
54 Monster Thigh
55 Snakers

Artist Autograph Checklist

Exclusive to Collector Edition hobby packs. Base cards are signed by the original artist.

Neil Camera
Pat Chaimuang
Brent Engstrom
Sam Gambino
David Gross
Jung Hwa Im
Matthew Kirscht
Mark Pingitore
Joe Simko
Smokin’ Joe
Claude St. Aubin
Fred Wheaton
John Zeleznik

As Screamed on TV Checklist

10 cards.

PARALLEL CARDS: Printing Plates

1 Pillow Pest
2 Ya Mama Jeans
3 Lice-O-Matic
4 Oximoron Clean
5 Snake Weight
6 Edge of Gory
7 Pickpocket Fisherm
8 Magic Mullet
9 Pet Ridder
10 SlamPow

Awful App Set Checklist

10 cards.

PARALLEL CARDS: Printing Plates

1 Boogle
2 Ya-who?
3 Dump
4 Aimless
5 MySpaced
6 eAlimony
7 Instagrime
8 YowTube
9 Nyetflix
10 Cut the Cheese

Bonus Stickers Checklist

14 stickers.

B1 and B2 exclusive to jumbo packs. B3 and B4 exclusive to Target jumbo packs. B5 and B6 exclusive to Target jumbo packs. B7-B14 only in Collector Edition hobby packs.

PARALLEL CARDS: Printing Plates

B1 3 Racketeers
B2 Special DK
B3 Hi-Sea
B4 Robo
B5 Refuzit
B6 Fancy Beast
B7 Clubbed
B8 Blue Bombit
B9 Done
B10 Taser's Choice
B11 Ghoulette
B12 5-Hour Anarchy
B13 The Woman with the Draggin' Tattoo
B14 Rice-A-Romney

Cereal Box Bonus Card Checklist

9 cards. Exclusive to Cereal Boxes sold on the online Topps store.

C1 Tix
C2 Raisin Brain
C3 Apple Jerks
C4 Fruity Peppers
C5 Honey Tomb
C6 Grape Newts
C7 Frite Loops
C8 Frothing Flakes
C9 Rice Kreepies

Commercial Star Autographs Set Checklist

Exclusive to Collector Edition hobby packs.

Matt Frewer - Max Headroom
John Gilchrist - Mikey from Life Cereal
Wendy Kaufman - The Snapple Lady
John Moschitta, Jr. - The Micro Machines Man
Jimmy Nelson - Danny O’Day and Farfel Ventriloquist

Lost Wackys Set Checklist

3 cards. Exclusive to Collector Edition hobby packs.

PARALLEL CARDS: Printing Plates

L1 Growgerm
L2 Reejeck Mumps
L3 Shebad

Magnets Checklist

10 cards. Exclusive to retail packs.

1 Jolly Mean Giant
2 Cap'n Crud
3 Fool-Aid
4 Dirtycell
5 Kick Kat
6 Corn Butts
7 Asparagus Jacks
8 Slime Jim
9 Trux
10 Granny Theft Auto

Sketch Card Artist Checklist

Jason Brower
Neil Camera
Brent Engstrom
Sam Gambino
David Gross
Matthew Kirscht
Sara Martin
Mark Parisi
Mark Pingitore
Joe Simko
Smokin' Joe
Strephon Taylor
Colin Walton
Jeff Zapata
Michael Zapata

Shape Sketch Card Artist Checklist

Exclusive to Collector Edition hobby packs. Die-card cards shaped like a box, can or bag.

Neil Camera
Brent Engstrom
Sam Gambino
Matthew Kirscht
Mark Parisi
Mark Pingitore
Joe Simko
Colin Walton

Tattoos Checklist

10 cards. Exclusive to retail packs.

1 Burger Thing
2 My Spittle Pony
3 Jelly Bully
4 Ghoulfish
5 Crooker Jack
6 Chops Ahoy!
7 Pooper Mario Doo-D Land
8 Battlesheep
9 Ninjagoo
10 Mimecraft

Buy Backs Checklist

A full set of 30 stickers from the original Series 1 with white back has been inserted in random Collector Edition hobby packs.

Ryan Cracknell  |  E-Mail Author
Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews

  1. what is the difference between a collector hobby box ,and a hobby box in price ?

  2. Collector’s edition appears to be about $15 more.

  3. (The Expendables) – The Expendorks
    small guy from hawaiian guy, run tony guy,jailo guy,
    tall hawaiian punks guy,bambo, chuck full o nuts and bolts guy, blunder bread guy, quacker outs guy as cowboyThe Expendorks, apple jerks guy,windchester guns comes out one side and other side of the the skull-head humen from fish bone( lost wacky`s)

    The Expendorks

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