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2013 Topps Triple Threads Football Cards

2013 Topps Triple Threads Football Cards

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2013 Topps Triple Threads Football has several cosmetic changes. But while the cards themselves look different, the focus on high-end autograph and relic combinations remains the same.

Once again, boxes come with two packs, each of which is a mini box of its own. Both mini boxes have three base cards, a pair of parallels and two hits. The first mini box has a Rookie Auto Relic and a Triple Relic card. The other mini box has a Triple Autographed Relic and a Rookie Jumbo Relic.

The 2013 Topps Triple Threads base set has 100 cards.. The checklist consists of veterans and retired players. Base cards have six color-based parallels, all of which are numbered to 239 or less: Purple, Emerald, Gold, Ruby, and Onyx (1/1). Printing Plates also appear.

Base Rookie Auto Relics come with a new look that is reminiscent of a mix of Topps Valor and Topps Five Star. Numbered to 99, each card has two regular swatches and a patch. Each relic piece is cut in the shape of a circle. Parallels include Purple (#/70), Emerald (#/50), Gold (#/25), Ruby (#/15), Sapphire Patch (#/10) and White Whale Patch Printing Plates (1/1). Each Rookie Auto Relic also has eight different one-of-one parallels that use different types of swatches like footballs.

Like the Base Rookie Auto Relics, Triple Threads Autograph Relics come with a pair of basic swatches and a patch. The checklist includes a mix of rookies, veterans and legends. Regular versions are numbered to 18. They also have five levels of parallels, all of which are numbered to 9 or less.

Not to be confused with the Base Rookie Auto Relics are Triple Threads Rookie Autograph Relics. These cards, which fall one per box, are still signed but come with just one relic swatch. Regular versions are numbered to 99 with five parallels numbered to anywhere from 75 down to 1/1.

Triple Threads Rookie Jumbo Relics are the final box hit. As the name suggests, the cards, which are numbered to 99, come with a big relic piece. Each also has five numbered parallels.

Triple Threads Autograph Relic Trios (#/27) come with autographs and memorabilia pieces from three different players. Parallels include Emerald (#/18), Gold (#/9), Sapphire (#/3), Pigskin Patch (1/1), Onyx Patch (1/1) and White Whale Patch Printing Plates (1/1).

Multi-player pairings continue with Triple Threads Autograph Relics Double Combos. The book cards come numbered to 27 and have autographs and relics from six different players. Three parallels are numbered to 18 or less.

Regular versions of the one-per-box Triple Threads Relics are numbered to 36. They come in two versions. The first features just one player and has two basic swatches and a patch piece. Triple Threads Relics Trios come with memorabilia pieces from three different players. Five levels of parallels are numbered to 27 or less.

Jumbo Plus Autograph Relics are tough finds. The checklist has no more than ten players with each base version numbered to just 3 copies. These book cards have an autograph, a jumbo swatch and two smaller patch pieces. Letter Plus parallels, also numbered to 3, have a letter relic instead of the jumbo swatch. There are also one-of-one Jumbo Plus Onyx Patch and Letter Plus Onyx Patch parallels.

2013 Topps Triple Threads Football has several other rare hits. Leather-Bound Auto Relic Book cards (#/5) use footballs used at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere to act as binding. The inside has autographs from a pair of players and six memorabilia swatches. Triple Threads Transparencies are new to 2013 Topps Triple Threads Football. Participants at the 2013 NFLPA Rookie Premiere signed pieces of acetate that have been embedded into the card. Transparencies come numbered and have an Onyx parallel (1/1). Hand Stamped Autographed cards focus on rookie standouts. The over-sized cards have an on-card signature and an inked hand print. One-of-one Triple Threads NFL Shields ave two basic swatches and an NFL Shield patch. Triple Threads Jumbo Patch Combos are built as three-panel book cards. Each has over-sized swatches from three different players.

Each 18-box case of 2013 Topps Triple Threads Football has a one-of-one autographed relic, an autographed relic book card and a triple autographed relic.

Product Configuration: 2 packs per box, 7 cards per pack
Price Point: High-End Football Card
Target Audience: Hit Seekers, Autograph Collectors, Memorabilia Card Collectors

2013 Topps Triple Threads Football Box Break

  • 1 Autographed Relic Card
  • 1 Rookie Autograph Relic Card
  • 1 Triple Relic
  • 1 Rookie Jumbo Relic
  • 4 Numbered Parallel Cards
  • 6 Numbered Base Cards
  • 14 Total Cards
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Set Checklist

2013 Topps Triple Threads Football Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

100 cards
3 per pack / 6 per box
PARALLEL CARDS: Purple #/320, Emerald #/170, Gold #/99, Ruby #/50, Sapphire #/25, Onyx 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1

1 Marshawn Lynch
2 Clay Matthews
3 Stevan Ridley
4 Joe Montana
5 Von Miller
6 Darren McFadden
7 Aaron Rodgers
8 Ryan Tannehill
9 Earl Thomas
10 Roddy White
11 J.J. Watt
12 LaDainian Tomlinson
13 Robert Griffin III
14 Alex Smith
15 Antonio Brown
16 Andy Dalton
17 Ben Roethlisberger
18 Colin Kaepernick
19 Randall Cobb
20 Victor Cruz
21 Steven Jackson
22 Brandon Marshall
23 Santonio Holmes
24 Calvin Johnson Jr.
25 A.J. Green
26 Alfred Morris
27 Matt Forté
28 Tony Romo
29 Jared Allen
30 Jake Locker
31 Russell Wilson
32 Dwayne Bowe
33 Andrew Luck
34 Carson Palmer
35 Jairus Byrd
36 Eric Dickerson
37 Arian Foster
38 Percy Harvin
39 Brandon Weeden
40 Matt Schaub
41 Jason Witten
42 Luke Kuechly
43 Tom Brady
44 John Elway
45 Jerry Rice
46 Antonio Gates
47 Dan Marino
48 Demaryius Thomas
49 Vincent Jackson
50 Ray Rice
51 Trent Richardson
52 Marshall Faulk
53 Julio Jones
54 LeSean McCoy
55 Justin Blackmon
56 Jay Cutler
57 Dez Bryant
58 Wes Welker
59 Cam Newton
60 DeMarco Murray
61 Maurice Jones-Drew
62 Eli Manning
63 Aldon Smith
64 Philip Rivers
65 Larry Fitzgerald
66 Eric Decker
67 Adrian Peterson
68 Steve Young
69 Lawrence Taylor
70 Joe Flacco
71 Michael Vick
72 David Wilson
73 Vernon Davis
74 Sam Bradford
75 Emmitt Smith
76 Troy Polamalu
77 Hakeem Nicks
78 Matthew Stafford
79 Barry Sanders
80 James Laurinaitis
81 Matt Ryan
82 Rob Gronkowski
83 Reggie Wayne
84 Richard Sherman
85 Jimmy Graham
86 Christian Ponder
87 Patrick Peterson
88 Drew Brees
89 C.J. Spiller
90 Darren Sproles
91 Andre Johnson
92 Chris Johnson
93 Doug Martin
94 Mike Wallace
95 Jamaal Charles
96 Frank Gore
97 Josh Freeman
98 Peyton Manning
99 Patrick Willis
100 Deion Sanders
2013 Topps Triple Threads Football Cards 23

Base Rookie Autographed Triple Relics Set Checklist

58 cards
Serial Numbered #/99
PARALLEL CARDS: Purple #/70, Emerald #/50, Gold #/25, Ruby #/15, Sapphire Patch #/10, White Whale Printing Plate Patch 1/1, Onyx Silver Foil 1/1, Onyx Gold Foil 1/1, Onyx Silver Rainbow Foil 1/1, Onyx Gold Rainbow Foil 1/1, Pigskin Silver Foil 1/1, Pigskin Gold Foil 1/1, Pigskin Silver Rainbow Foil 1/1, Pigskin Gold Rainbow Foil 1/1
2013 Topps Triple Threads Football Cards 24

101 Keenan Allen
102 Tavon Austin
103 Stedman Bailey
104 Montee Ball
105 Matt Barkley
106 Le'Veon Bell
107 Giovani Bernard
108 Knile Davis
109 Aaron Dobson
110 Tyler Eifert
111 Andre Ellington
112 Zach Ertz
113 Gavin Escobar
114 Johnathan Franklin
115 Mike Gillislee
116 Mike Glennon
117 Marquise Goodwin
118 DeAndre Hopkins
119 Justin Hunter
120 Landry Jones
121 Dion Jordan
122 Eddie Lacy
123 Marcus Lattimore
124 E.J. Manuel
125 Vance McDonald
126 Christine Michael
127 Ryan Nassib
128 Cordarrelle Patterson
129 Quinton Patton
130 Joseph Randle
131 Jordan Reed
132 Denard Robinson
133 Geno Smith
134 Kenny Stills
135 Stepfan Taylor
136 Manti Te'o
137 Markus Wheaton
138 Terrance Williams
139 Tyler Wilson
140 Robert Woods
141 Tyler Bray
142 Ezekiel Ansah
144 Bjoern Werner
145 Josh Boyce
146 Kenjon Barner
148 Chris Harper
149 Ray Graham
150 Ace Sanders
151 Keenan Allen
152 Montee Ball
153 Andre Ellington
154 Zach Ertz
155 Gavin Escobar
156 Johnathan Franklin
157 Jordan Reed
158 Denard Robinson
159 Kenny Stills
160 Stepfan Taylor

Autographed Relics Set Checklist

45 cards
Serial Numbered #/18
1 per box
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold #/9, Sapphire #/3, White Whale Printing Plate Patch 1/1, Onyx Patch 1/1, Pigskin Patch 1/1
2013 Topps Triple Threads Football Cards 25

TTAR-AD Aaron Dobson
TTAR-AL Andrew Luck
TTAR-BH Brian Hartline
TTAR-BO Brian Orakpo
TTAR-CJS C.J. Spiller
TTAR-CP Cordarrelle Patterson
TTAR-DB Dwayne Bowe
TTAR-DH DeAndre Hopkins
TTAR-DJ Dion Jordan
TTAR-DM Dan Marino
TTAR-DR Denard Robinson
TTAR-DS Deion Sanders
TTAR-ED Eric Dickerson
TTAR-EJM E.J. Manuel
TTAR-EL Eddie Lacy
TTAR-EM Eli Manning
TTAR-GB Giovani Bernard
TTAR-GS Geno Smith
TTAR-JF Joe Flacco
TTAR-JH Justin Hunter
TTAR-JL James Laurinaitis
TTAR-JR Jerry Rice
TTAR-KA Keenan Allen
TTAR-KD Knile Davis
TTAR-KS Kenny Stills
TTAR-LB Le'Veon Bell
TTAR-MB Matt Barkley
TTAR-MBA Montee Ball
TTAR-MC Michael Crabtree
TTAR-MG Marquise Goodwin
TTAR-ML Marcus Lattimore
TTAR-MT Manti Te'o
TTAR-MV Michael Vick
TTAR-QP Quinton Patton
TTAR-RC Randall Cobb
TTAR-RG Robert Griffin III
TTAR-RT Ryan Tannehill
TTAR-RW Robert Woods
TTAR-SB Stedman Bailey
TTAR-SV Shane Vereen
TTAR-SY Steve Young
TTAR-TA Tavon Austin
TTAR-TE Tyler Eifert
TTAR-TW Terrance Williams

Autographed Relic Trios Set Checklist

15 cards
Serial Numbered #/27
1 per case
PARALLEL CARDS: Emerald #/18, Gold #/9, Sapphire #/3, White Whale Printing Plate Patch 1/1, Onyx Patch 1/1, Pigskin Patch 1/1

TTART-BBB Montee Ball
TTART-BBB Le'Veon Bell
TTART-BBB Giovani Bernard
TTART-CLF Eddie Lacy
TTART-CLF Johnathan Franklin
TTART-CLF Randall Cobb
TTART-DFP Adrian Peterson
TTART-DFP Eric Dickerson
TTART-DFP Marshall Faulk
TTART-GBE Tyler Eifert
TTART-GBE Giovani Bernard
TTART-GWW Robert Griffin III
TTART-GWW Kendall Wright
TTART-GWW Terrance Williams
TTART-JBR Justin Blackmon
TTART-JBR Maurice Jones-Drew
TTART-JBR Denard Robinson
TTART-LGW Russell Wilson
TTART-LGW Robert Griffin III
TTART-LGW Andrew Luck
TTART-MAH DeAndre Hopkins
TTART-MAH Tavon Austin
TTART-MML Eddie Lacy
TTART-MML Doug Martin
TTART-MML Alfred Morris
TTART-MYR Jerry Rice
TTART-MYR Joe Montana
TTART-MYR Steve Young
TTART-SAB Stedman Bailey
TTART-SAB Tavon Austin
TTART-SAB Geno Smith
TTART-SHE Andre Ellington
TTART-SHE DeAndre Hopkins
TTART-SHE C.J. Spiller
TTART-TDB Eric Decker
TTART-TDB Demaryius Thomas
TTART-TDB Montee Ball
TTART-VFB Nick Foles
TTART-VFB Michael Vick
TTART-VFB Matt Barkley
TTART-WRM Russell Wilson
TTART-WRM Sidney Rice
TTART-WRM Christine Michael

Autographed Relics Pairs Booklet Set Checklist

10 cards
2013 Topps Triple Threads Football Cards 26

TTARP-BE Zach Ertz
TTARP-BE Matt Barkley
TTARP-BL Eddie Lacy
TTARP-BL Montee Ball
TTARP-GB Giovani Bernard
TTARP-GW Jason Witten
TTARP-GW Antonio Gates
TTARP-LG Robert Griffin III
TTARP-LG Andrew Luck
TTARP-LW Andrew Luck
TTARP-LW Reggie Wayne
TTARP-MS Geno Smith
TTARP-MS E.J. Manuel
TTARP-MT Lawrence Taylor
TTARP-MT Eli Manning
TTARP-PP Adrian Peterson
TTARP-PP Cordarrelle Patterson
TTARP-TA Manti Te'o
TTARP-TA Keenan Allen

Autographed Relics Double Combos Booklet Set Checklist

10 cards, with 6 autographs per card.
Serial Numbered #/27
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold #/18, Sapphire #/9, Onyx Patch 1/1
2013 Topps Triple Threads Football Cards 27

TTARDC-AHPHW Justin Hunter
TTARDC-AHPHW Cordarrelle Patterson
TTARDC-AHPHW DeAndre Hopkins
TTARDC-BBBLM Christine Michael
TTARDC-BBBLM Giovani Bernard
TTARDC-GWGE Jason Witten
TTARDC-GWGE Tyler Eifert
TTARDC-GWGE Antonio Gates
TTARDC-GWGE Gavin Escobar
TTARDC-GWGE Rob Gronkowski
TTARDC-JJFHRH Denard Robinson
TTARDC-JJFHRH Maurice Jones-Drew
TTARDC-LGTMS Ryan Tannehill
TTARDC-LGTWM Ryan Tannehill
TTARDC-LGTWM Brandon Weeden
TTARDC-MMESS Barry Sanders
TTARDC-MMESS Eric Dickerson
TTARDC-VBMMC Jeremy Maclin
TTARDC-WRDB Brandon Weeden
TTARDC-WRDB Trent Richardson
TTARDC-WRDB Giovani Bernard

Hand-Stamped Autographs Set Checklist

15 cards

2013 Topps Triple Threads Football Cards 28

Cordarrelle Patterson
DeAndre Hopkins
E.J. Manuel
Eddie Lacy
Geno Smith
Giovani Bernard
Justin Hunter
Keenan Allen
Marquise Goodwin
Matt Barkley
Montee Ball
Robert Woods
Tavon Austin
Tyler Eifert
Zach Ertz

Jumbo Patch Combos 3-Panel Booklet Set Checklist

10 cards
Serial Numbered 1/1

TTJPC-AHP DeAndre Hopkins
TTJPC-AHP Tavon Austin
TTJPC-AHP Cordarrelle Patterson
TTJPC-BBL Giovani Bernard
TTJPC-BBL Montee Ball
TTJPC-BBL Eddie Lacy
TTJPC-BGR Rob Gronkowski
TTJPC-BGR Stevan Ridley
TTJPC-FRS Joe Flacco
TTJPC-FRS Torrey Smith
TTJPC-GMS Geno Smith
TTJPC-GMS Robert Griffin III
TTJPC-KWB Sam Bradford
TTJPC-KWB Russell Wilson
TTJPC-KWB Colin Kaepernick
TTJPC-LGW Andrew Luck
TTJPC-LGW Robert Griffin III
TTJPC-LGW Russell Wilson
TTJPC-RMB Dez Bryant
TTJPC-RMB DeMarco Murray
TTJPC-RMM Doug Martin
TTJPC-RMM Trent Richardson
TTJPC-RMM Alfred Morris
TTJPC-WJC Vincent Jackson
TTJPC-WJC Marques Colston
TTJPC-WJC Roddy White

Jumbo Plus Autographed Relics Vertical Booklet Set Checklist

11 cards
Serial Numbered #/3
PARALLEL CARDS: Letter Plus #/3, Jumbo Plus Onyx Patch 1/1, Letter Plus Onyx Patch 1/1
2013 Topps Triple Threads Football Cards 29

TTJPAR-AS Alex Smith
TTJPAR-CP Cordarrelle Patterson
TTJPAR-EL Eddie Lacy
TTJPAR-EM Eli Manning
TTJPAR-GB Giovani Bernard
TTJPAR-GS Geno Smith
TTJPAR-JF Joe Flacco
TTJPAR-LT Lawrence Taylor
TTJPAR-LT LaDainian Tomlinson

Leather-Bound Dual Autographed Relics Booklet Set Checklist

12 cards
Serial Numbered #/5
2013 Topps Triple Threads Football Cards 30

LBAR-AB Tavon Austin
LBAR-AB Stedman Bailey
LBAR-BB Le'Veon Bell
LBAR-BB Montee Ball
LBAR-BE Zach Ertz
LBAR-BE Matt Barkley
LBAR-BEI Giovani Bernard
LBAR-BEI Tyler Eifert
LBAR-DG Aaron Dobson
LBAR-DG Marquise Goodwin
LBAR-EW Gavin Escobar
LBAR-EW Terrance Williams
LBAR-HP DeAndre Hopkins
LBAR-HP Cordarrelle Patterson
LBAR-JT Dion Jordan
LBAR-JT Manti Te'o
LBAR-LF Eddie Lacy
LBAR-LF Johnathan Franklin
LBAR-MW E.J. Manuel
LBAR-MW Robert Woods
LBAR-SA Tavon Austin
LBAR-SA Geno Smith
LBAR-TA Manti Te'o
LBAR-TA Keenan Allen

NFL Shields Set Checklist

40 cards
Serial Numbered 1/1

TTNFL-AD Aaron Dobson
TTNFL-AL Andrew Luck
TTNFL-CK Colin Kaepernick
TTNFL-CM Christine Michael
TTNFL-CN Cam Newton
TTNFL-CP Cordarrelle Patterson
TTNFL-DEM DeMarco Murray
TTNFL-DH DeAndre Hopkins
TTNFL-DJ DeSean Jackson
TTNFL-DJO Dion Jordan
TTNFL-DM Doug Martin
TTNFL-DR Denard Robinson
TTNFL-EL Eddie Lacy
TTNFL-EM E.J. Manuel
TTNFL-GB Giovani Bernard
TTNFL-GS Geno Smith
TTNFL-JG Jimmy Graham
TTNFL-JH Justin Hunter
TTNFL-JJ Julio Jones
TTNFL-KA Keenan Allen
TTNFL-LB Le'Veon Bell
TTNFL-MB Matt Barkley
TTNFL-MG Mike Glennon
TTNFL-MJ Maurice Jones-Drew
TTNFL-ML Marcus Lattimore
TTNFL-MOB Montee Ball
TTNFL-MT Manti Te'o
TTNFL-MW Markus Wheaton
TTNFL-QP Quinton Patton
TTNFL-RG Robert Griffin III
TTNFL-RN Ryan Nassib
TTNFL-RW Robert Woods
TTNFL-ST Stepfan Taylor
TTNFL-TA Tavon Austin
TTNFL-TE Tyler Eifert
TTNFL-TG Tony Gonzalez
TTNFL-TW Terrance Williams
TTNFL-TYW Tyler Wilson
TTNFL-ZE Zach Ertz

Relics Set Checklist

139 cards
Serial Numbered #/36
1 per box
PARALLEL CARDS: Purple #/27, Emerald #/18, Gold #/9, Sapphire #/3, Onyx Patch 1/1

TTR-AD Aaron Dobson
TTR-AD2 Aaron Dobson
TTR-AD3 Aaron Dobson
TTR-AE Andre Ellington
TTR-AE2 Andre Ellington
TTR-AE3 Andre Ellington
TTR-AL Andrew Luck
TTR-AL2 Andrew Luck
TTR-AM Alfred Morris
TTR-CK Colin Kaepernick
TTR-CK2 Colin Kaepernick
TTR-CM Christine Michael
TTR-CM2 Christine Michael
TTR-CM3 Christine Michael
TTR-CN Cam Newton
TTR-CN2 Cam Newton
TTR-CP Cordarrelle Patterson
TTR-CP2 Cordarrelle Patterson
TTR-CP3 Cordarrelle Patterson
TTR-DB Dez Bryant
TTR-DE DeMarco Murray
TTR-DE2 DeMarco Murray
TTR-DE3 DeMarco Murray
TTR-DH DeAndre Hopkins
TTR-DH2 DeAndre Hopkins
TTR-DH3 DeAndre Hopkins
TTR-DJ Dion Jordan
TTR-DJ2 Dion Jordan
TTR-DJ3 Dion Jordan
TTR-DM Doug Martin
TTR-DR Denard Robinson
TTR-DR2 Denard Robinson
TTR-DR3 Denard Robinson
TTR-ED Eric Decker
TTR-ED2 Eric Decker
TTR-EL Eddie Lacy
TTR-EL2 Eddie Lacy
TTR-EL3 Eddie Lacy
TTR-EM E.J. Manuel
TTR-EM2 E.J. Manuel
TTR-GB Giovani Bernard
TTR-GB2 Giovani Bernard
TTR-GB3 Giovani Bernard
TTR-GE Gavin Escobar
TTR-GE2 Gavin Escobar
TTR-GE3 Gavin Escobar
TTR-GS Geno Smith
TTR-GS2 Geno Smith
TTR-GS3 Geno Smith
TTR-JA Jared Allen
TTR-JA2 Jared Allen
TTR-JC Jay Cutler
TTR-JF Johnathan Franklin
TTR-JF2 Johnathan Franklin
TTR-JF3 Johnathan Franklin
TTR-JH Justin Hunter
TTR-JH2 Justin Hunter
TTR-JH3 Justin Hunter
TTR-JJ Julio Jones
TTR-JO Jordan Reed
TTR-JO2 Jordan Reed
TTR-JO3 Jordan Reed
TTR-JP Julius Peppers
TTR-JR Joseph Randle
TTR-JR2 Joseph Randle
TTR-KA Keenan Allen
TTR-KA2 Keenan Allen
TTR-KA3 Keenan Allen
TTR-KD Knile Davis
TTR-KD2 Knile Davis
TTR-KD3 Knile Davis
TTR-KS Kenny Stills
TTR-KS2 Kenny Stills
TTR-KS3 Kenny Stills
TTR-LB Le'Veon Bell
TTR-LB2 Le'Veon Bell
TTR-LB3 Le'Veon Bell
TTR-LF Larry Fitzgerald
TTR-LJ Landry Jones
TTR-LJ2 Landry Jones
TTR-LJ3 Landry Jones
TTR-MA Matt Barkley
TTR-MA2 Matt Barkley
TTR-MA3 Matt Barkley
TTR-MB Montee Ball
TTR-MB2 Montee Ball
TTR-MB3 Montee Ball
TTR-MG Mike Glennon
TTR-MG2 Mike Glennon
TTR-MG3 Mike Glennon
TTR-MI Miles Austin
TTR-MK Mike Gillislee
TTR-MK2 Mike Gillislee
TTR-MK3 Mike Gillislee
TTR-MS Matt Schaub
TTR-MT Manti Te'o
TTR-MT2 Manti Te'o
TTR-MT3 Manti Te'o
TTR-MW Markus Wheaton
TTR-MW2 Markus Wheaton
TTR-MW3 Markus Wheaton
TTR-RG Robert Griffin III
TTR-RG2 Robert Griffin III
TTR-RN Ryan Nassib
TTR-RN2 Ryan Nassib
TTR-RN3 Ryan Nassib
TTR-RO Roddy White
TTR-RT Ryan Tannehill
TTR-RT2 Ryan Tannehill
TTR-RU Russell Wilson
TTR-RU2 Russell Wilson
TTR-RW Robert Woods
TTR-RW2 Robert Woods
TTR-SB Sam Bradford
TTR-ST Stepfan Taylor
TTR-ST2 Stepfan Taylor
TTR-ST3 Stepfan Taylor
TTR-TA Tavon Austin
TTR-TA2 Tavon Austin
TTR-TA3 Tavon Austin
TTR-TE Tyler Eifert
TTR-TE2 Tyler Eifert
TTR-TE3 Tyler Eifert
TTR-TR Trent Richardson
TTR-TR2 Trent Richardson
TTR-TR3 Trent Richardson
TTR-TS Torrey Smith
TTR-TS2 Torrey Smith
TTR-TS3 Torrey Smith
TTR-TW Terrance Williams
TTR-TW2 Terrance Williams
TTR-TW3 Terrance Williams
TTR-TY Tyler Wilson
TTR-TY2 Tyler Wilson
TTR-TY3 Tyler Wilson
TTR-VM Von Miller
TTR-ZE Zach Ertz
TTR-ZE2 Zach Ertz
TTR-ZE3 Zach Ertz
2013 Topps Triple Threads Football Cards 31

Relics Trios Set Checklist

36 cards
Serial Numbered #/36
PARALLEL CARDS: Purple #/27, Emerald #/18, Gold #/9, Sapphire #/3, Onyx Patch 1/1
2013 Topps Triple Threads Football Cards 32

TTRT-BAB Stedman Bailey
TTRT-BAB Tavon Austin
TTRT-BAB Sam Bradford
TTRT-BGR Tom Brady
TTRT-BGR Stevan Ridley
TTRT-BGR Rob Gronkowski
TTRT-CFP Matt Forté
TTRT-CFP Julius Peppers
TTRT-CFP Jay Cutler
TTRT-CWJ Marques Colston
TTRT-CWJ Vincent Jackson
TTRT-CWJ Roddy White
TTRT-DGB Giovani Bernard
TTRT-DGB Andy Dalton
TTRT-EEE Tyler Eifert
TTRT-EEE Gavin Escobar
TTRT-EEE Zach Ertz
TTRT-FGJ Larry Fitzgerald
TTRT-FGJ Julio Jones
TTRT-FMR Eli Manning
TTRT-FMR Joe Flacco
TTRT-FMR Aaron Rodgers
TTRT-FRS Joe Flacco
TTRT-FRS Torrey Smith
TTRT-GGW Jimmy Graham
TTRT-GGW Antonio Gates
TTRT-GGW Jason Witten
TTRT-GKN Robert Griffin III
TTRT-GKN Colin Kaepernick
TTRT-GKN Cam Newton
TTRT-GWG Jason Witten
TTRT-GWG Rob Gronkowski
TTRT-GWG Antonio Gates
TTRT-GWW Terrance Williams
TTRT-GWW Robert Griffin III
TTRT-GWW Kendall Wright
TTRT-HDW Markus Wheaton
TTRT-HDW Justin Hunter
TTRT-HDW Aaron Dobson
TTRT-HPH Justin Hunter
TTRT-HPH Cordarrelle Patterson
TTRT-HPH DeAndre Hopkins
TTRT-JJF Maurice Jones-Drew
TTRT-JJF Arian Foster
TTRT-JJF Chris Johnson
TTRT-JPW Kendall Wright
TTRT-JPW Chris Johnson
TTRT-JPW Cordarrelle Patterson
TTRT-KGD Frank Gore
TTRT-KGD Vernon Davis
TTRT-KGD Colin Kaepernick
TTRT-KWB Colin Kaepernick
TTRT-KWB Sam Bradford
TTRT-KWB Russell Wilson
TTRT-LGT Ryan Tannehill
TTRT-LGT Andrew Luck
TTRT-LGT Robert Griffin III
TTRT-LGW Russell Wilson
TTRT-LGW Robert Griffin III
TTRT-LGW Andrew Luck
TTRT-MCM Darren McFadden
TTRT-MCM Ryan Mathews
TTRT-MCM Jamaal Charles
TTRT-MJS Steve Johnson
TTRT-MJS C.J. Spiller
TTRT-MJS E.J. Manuel
TTRT-MLN E.J. Manuel
TTRT-MLN Andrew Luck
TTRT-MLN Cam Newton
TTRT-MMM DeMarco Murray
TTRT-MMM Alfred Morris
TTRT-MSG E.J. Manuel
TTRT-MSG Mike Glennon
TTRT-MSG Geno Smith
TTRT-RMB Dez Bryant
TTRT-RMB Tony Romo
TTRT-RMB DeMarco Murray
TTRT-RMG Antonio Gates
TTRT-RMG Philip Rivers
TTRT-RMG Ryan Mathews
TTRT-RMM Trent Richardson
TTRT-RMM Doug Martin
TTRT-RMM Alfred Morris
TTRT-RWJ Julio Jones
TTRT-RWJ Matt Ryan
TTRT-RWJ Roddy White
TTRT-SAB Tavon Austin
TTRT-SAB Stedman Bailey
TTRT-SAB Geno Smith
TTRT-SHE DeAndre Hopkins
TTRT-SHE Andre Ellington
TTRT-SHE C.J. Spiller
TTRT-SMT E.J. Manuel
TTRT-SMT Ryan Tannehill
TTRT-SMT Geno Smith
TTRT-TEM Andre Ellington
TTRT-TEM Christine Michael
TTRT-TEM Stepfan Taylor
TTRT-VFB Matt Barkley
TTRT-VFB Nick Foles
TTRT-VFB Michael Vick
TTRT-VMJ DeSean Jackson
TTRT-VMJ Michael Vick

Rookie Jumbo Relics Set Checklist

65 cards
Serial Numbered #/99
1 per box
PARALLEL CARDS: Purple #/75, Emerald #/50, Gold #/25, Sapphire #/10, Onyx Patch 1/1
2013 Topps Triple Threads Football Cards 33

TTRJR-AD Aaron Dobson
TTRJR-AD2 Aaron Dobson
TTRJR-AE Andre Ellington
TTRJR-CM Christine Michael
TTRJR-CM2 Christine Michael
TTRJR-CP Cordarrelle Patterson
TTRJR-CP2 Cordarrelle Patterson
TTRJR-DH DeAndre Hopkins
TTRJR-DH2 DeAndre Hopkins
TTRJR-DJ Dion Jordan
TTRJR-DJ2 Dion Jordan
TTRJR-DR Denard Robinson
TTRJR-DR2 Denard Robinson
TTRJR-EL Eddie Lacy
TTRJR-EL2 Eddie Lacy
TTRJR-EM E.J. Manuel
TTRJR-GB Giovani Bernard
TTRJR-GB2 Giovani Bernard
TTRJR-GE Gavin Escobar
TTRJR-GS Geno Smith
TTRJR-GS2 Geno Smith
TTRJR-JF Johnathan Franklin
TTRJR-JF2 Johnathan Franklin
TTRJR-JH Justin Hunter
TTRJR-JH2 Justin Hunter
TTRJR-JO Jordan Reed
TTRJR-JO2 Jordan Reed
TTRJR-JR Joseph Randle
TTRJR-KA Keenan Allen
TTRJR-KA2 Keenan Allen
TTRJR-KD Knile Davis
TTRJR-KD2 Knile Davis
TTRJR-KS Kenny Stills
TTRJR-KS2 Kenny Stills
TTRJR-LB Le'Veon Bell
TTRJR-LJ Landry Jones
TTRJR-MA Matt Barkley
TTRJR-MA2 Matt Barkley
TTRJR-MB Montee Ball
TTRJR-MB2 Montee Ball
TTRJR-MG Mike Glennon
TTRJR-MG2 Mike Glennon
TTRJR-MGO Marquise Goodwin
TTRJR-MI Mike Gillislee
TTRJR-ML Marcus Lattimore
TTRJR-MT Manti Te'o
TTRJR-MT2 Manti Te'o
TTRJR-MW Markus Wheaton
TTRJR-QP Quinton Patton
TTRJR-RG Ray Graham
TTRJR-RN Ryan Nassib
TTRJR-RN2 Ryan Nassib
TTRJR-RW Robert Woods
TTRJR-SB Stedman Bailey
TTRJR-ST Stepfan Taylor
TTRJR-TA Tavon Austin
TTRJR-TA2 Tavon Austin
TTRJR-TE Tyler Eifert
TTRJR-TE2 Tyler Eifert
TTRJR-TW Terrance Williams
TTRJR-TY Tyler Wilson
TTRJR-TY2 Tyler Wilson
TTRJR-VM Vance McDonald
TTRJR-ZE Zach Ertz
TTRJR-ZE2 Zach Ertz

Rookie Autographed Single Relics Set Checklist

61 cards
Serial Numbered #/99
1 per box
PARALLEL CARDS: Purple #/75, Emerald #/50, Gold #/25, Sapphire #/10, Onyx Patch 1/1
2013 Topps Triple Threads Football Cards 34

TTRAR-AD Aaron Dobson
TTRAR-AD2 Aaron Dobson
TTRAR-AE Andre Ellington
TTRAR-AE2 Andre Ellington
TTRAR-CM Christine Michael
TTRAR-CM2 Christine Michael
TTRAR-CP Cordarrelle Patterson
TTRAR-CP2 Cordarrelle Patterson
TTRAR-DH DeAndre Hopkins
TTRAR-DH2 DeAndre Hopkins
TTRAR-DJ Dion Jordan
TTRAR-DR Denard Robinson
TTRAR-DR2 Denard Robinson
TTRAR-EL Eddie Lacy
TTRAR-EL2 Eddie Lacy
TTRAR-EM E.J. Manuel
TTRAR-GB Giovani Bernard
TTRAR-GB2 Giovani Bernard
TTRAR-GE Gavin Escobar
TTRAR-GE2 Gavin Escobar
TTRAR-GS Geno Smith
TTRAR-JF Johnathan Franklin
TTRAR-JF2 Johnathan Franklin
TTRAR-JH Justin Hunter
TTRAR-JH2 Justin Hunter
TTRAR-JR Jordan Reed
TTRAR-JR2 Jordan Reed
TTRAR-JRA Joseph Randle
TTRAR-KA Keenan Allen
TTRAR-KA2 Keenan Allen
TTRAR-KD Knile Davis
TTRAR-KS Kenny Stills
TTRAR-KS2 Kenny Stills
TTRAR-LB Le'Veon Bell
TTRAR-LB2 Le'Veon Bell
TTRAR-LJ Landry Jones
TTRAR-MB Montee Ball
TTRAR-MB2 Montee Ball
TTRAR-MBA Matt Barkley
TTRAR-MG Mike Gillislee
TTRAR-MGL Mike Glennon
TTRAR-MGO Marquise Goodwin
TTRAR-ML Marcus Lattimore
TTRAR-MT Manti Te'o
TTRAR-MT2 Manti Te'o
TTRAR-MW Markus Wheaton
TTRAR-QP Quinton Patton
TTRAR-RN Ryan Nassib
TTRAR-RN2 Ryan Nassib
TTRAR-RW Robert Woods
TTRAR-SB Stedman Bailey
TTRAR-ST Stepfan Taylor
TTRAR-ST2 Stepfan Taylor
TTRAR-TA Tavon Austin
TTRAR-TA2 Tavon Austin
TTRAR-TE Tyler Eifert
TTRAR-TE2 Tyler Eifert
TTRAR-TW Terrance Williams
TTRAR-VM Vance McDonald
TTRAR-ZE Zach Ertz
TTRAR-ZE2 Zach Ertz

Transparencies Autographs Set Checklist

40 cards
Serial Numbered
2013 Topps Triple Threads Football Cards 35

TTT-AD Aaron Dobson
TTT-AE Andre Ellington
TTT-CM Christine Michael
TTT-CP Cordarrelle Patterson
TTT-DH DeAndre Hopkins
TTT-DJ Dion Jordan
TTT-DR Denard Robinson
TTT-EJM E.J. Manuel
TTT-EL Eddie Lacy
TTT-GB Giovani Bernard
TTT-GE Gavin Escobar
TTT-GS Geno Smith
TTT-JF Johnathan Franklin
TTT-JH Justin Hunter
TTT-JR Joseph Randle
TTT-JRE Jordan Reed
TTT-KA Keenan Allen
TTT-KD Knile Davis
TTT-KS Kenny Stills
TTT-LB Le'Veon Bell
TTT-LJ Landry Jones
TTT-MB Matt Barkley
TTT-MBA Montee Ball
TTT-MG Mike Glennon
TTT-MGI Mike Gillislee
TTT-MGO Marquise Goodwin
TTT-ML Marcus Lattimore
TTT-MT Manti Te'o
TTT-MW Markus Wheaton
TTT-QP Quinton Patton
TTT-RN Ryan Nassib
TTT-RW Robert Woods
TTT-SB Stedman Bailey
TTT-ST Stepfan Taylor
TTT-TA Tavon Austin
TTT-TE Tyler Eifert
TTT-TW Tyler Wilson
TTT-TWI Terrance Williams
TTT-VM Vance McDonald
TTT-ZE Zach Ertz

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Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews

Joe Paliescheskey
Joe Paliescheskey

Been collecting for years. I am chasing the Eagles in this set. Awesome design and they just feel extra special. AAAAA++++

Jason Redden
Jason Redden

I bought my first box and pulled an auto/patch booklet. It had Luck, RGIII, Tannehill, E.J. Manuel, Geno Smith and Matt Barkley. It was 7/9 made!


I would label myself a fan of triple threads. Yes, it is stickers which isn’t ideal, but when it comes to design, they are among my favorites. Idk if this is typical of a 1 per case box or not but I got a box and got a 1 per case 3 player auto relic (Wilson, rice, and Michael) #/18, and also got a 3 player relic (Bradford, Austin, Bailey) #ed 3/3. Plus a 1/10 mike glennon jumbo patch card. All in the same box. Oh n outshined by those 3 was a cordarrelle Patterson /50 auto relic so yea I’m happy. Idk if it was a hot box or typical of the 3 1 per case insert but wanted to let people know my luck with 1 box from ebay lol.


stickers… sigh..


Nice photos and card setup. Got lucky and pulled Christine Michael gold auto relic and emerald trio auto relic of Thomas/Decker/Ball. will be tuff to do set of base cards.


Some of the best lookin cards Ive seen this year. Great patches in every box.

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