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2013 Topps Skylanders Swap Force Trading Cards

2013 Topps Skylanders Swap Force Trading Cards

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Trends come and go, but collectors can count on trading cards to capture them. 2013 Topps Skylanders Swap Force is the latest set for the innovative video game franchise. It combines base cards, foil chase cards and other inserts.

As the name suggests, Skylanders Swap Force is all about switching things out to make something new. In the game, characters have a top half and a bottom that can be switched around and easily traded with other characters. Many aspects of the cards stress the same concept.

2013 Topps Skylanders Swap Force has 110 base cards. These include art cards of new Swap Force Characters, new cards of familiar characters, villains and screen shots. There are also Swap Force cards that use the 16 new figures with different bottoms. The release also has 27 Foil cards and 20 Rainbow Foil cards. These short prints are numbered as part of the main set.

Static cling Mix & Match Stickers (eight cards, inserted 1:12 packs) lend to the Swap Force theme. Like the figures, each comes with a top half and a bottom half. This allows collectors to create many different characters. Other inserts include Coloring Cards (ten cards, 1:8 packs), lenticular Flip Motion cards (16 cards, 1:30 packs) and Puzzle Cards (nine cards, 1:2 packs).

A binder collector kit has exclusive Rainbow Foil and Glow in the Dark cards not available in packs. Additional exclusives can also be found in a collector's tin.

Product Configuration: 24 packs per box, 6 cards per pack
Price Point: Entry-Level Entertainment Card
Target Audience: Skylanders Fans, Young Collectors, Set Builders

2013 Topps Skylanders Swap Force Box Break

  • 1 Flip Motion Insert
  • 2 Mix & Match Stickers
  • 3 Coloring Inserts
  • 12 Puzzle Inserts
  • 2 Rainbow Foil Cards
  • 144 Total Cards
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Set Checklist

2013 Topps Skylanders Swap Force Checklist

Base Set Checklist

110 cards.

1 Spyro
2 Stealth Elf
3 Hot Dog
4 Eruptor
5 Chill
6 Trigger appy
7 Terrafin
8 Prism Break
9 Star Strike
10 Bumble Blast
11 Zoo Lou
12 Countdown
13 Slobber Tooth
14 Scorp
15 Roller Brawl
16 Smolderdash
17 Pop Thorn
18 Hoot Loop
19 Stink Bomb
20 Grilla Drilla
21 Blast Zone
22 Fire Kraken
23 Wash Buckler
24 Freeze Blade
25 Magna Charge
26 Rattle Shake
27 Night Shift
28 Free Ranger
29 Blast Loop
30 Magna Zone
31 Wash Shift
32 Hoot Buckler
33 Free Drilla
34 Rattle Buckler
35 Night Drilla
36 Grilla Ranger
37 Rattle Charge
38 Free Shake
39 Blast Drilla
40 Magna Loop
41 Wash Zone
42 Hoot Ranger
43 Free Buckler
44 Rattle Shift
45 Night Zone
46 Grilla Charge
47 Night Shake
48 Magna Shake
49 Hoot Shift
50 Free Charge
51 Night Buckler
52 Grilla Shake
53 Ice Javelin
54 Lightning Breath
55 Villainy Gets Hosed
56 Four Arms of Fury
57 Heroic Dragon
58 Twice the Fun
59 Magical Grub
60 Mixing It Up
61 Hot Knight Tonight
62 Having a Ball
63 Blind Fury
64 Fiery Fido
65 That's an Order
66 Turret Action
67 Techno-Dragon
68 Golden Battle Gear
69 Undead Dragon
70 Big Bad Blade
71 Wall of Bones
72 Midnight Ride
73 Boom Babies
74 Rainbow Singularity
75 Electrical Storm
76 Cleaning Up Evil
77 Hammerin' Away!
78 Food Fighter
79 The Fastest
80 Crystal Cutter
81 Land Shark
82 Chomp on This!
83 Spear Fishing
84 Fire Power
85 Split Personality
86 Excuse Me
87 Bark Blast
88 Power Tools
89 Gremlin Goldslinger
90 Spectral Lightning
91 Vampiric Warrior
92 Rainbow Rider
93 Sky Baron
94 Cut to the Quick
95 Crystal Shard
96 Getting Punchy
97 Kaos
98 Arkeyan Jouster
99 Arkeyan Juggernaut
100 Armored Lance Master
101 Captain K9
102 Seadog
103 Trogmander
104 Troll Stomper
105 Fishing Hat
106 Bowling Pin Hat
107 Knight Helm
108 Purple Fedora
109 Trucker Hat
110 Umbrella Hat
2013 Topps Skylanders Swap Force Trading Cards 23

Foil Character Card Checklist

27 cards.

111 Spyro
112 Stealth Elf
113 Hot Dog
114 Eruptor
115 Trigger Happy
116 Terrafin
117 Prism Break
118 Star Strike
119 Bumble Blast
120 Zoo Lou
121 Countdown
122 Slobber Tooth
123 Scorp
124 Roller Brawl
125 Smolderdash
126 Pop Thorn
127 Hoot Loop
128 Stink Bomb
129 Grilla Drilla
130 Blast Zone
131 Fire Kraken
132 Wash Buckler
133 Freeze Blade
134 Magna Charge
135 Rattle Shake
136 Night Shift
137 Free Ranger
2013 Topps Skylanders Swap Force Trading Cards 24

Rainbow Foil Checklist

20 cards. Inserted 1:12 packs.

138 Blast Shake
139 Magna Buckler
140 Wash Drilla
141 Hoot Charge
142 Free Zone
143 Rattle Loop
144 Night Ranger
145 Grilla Shift
146 Blast Buckler
147 Blast Charge
148 Magna Ranger
149 Wash Shake
150 Rattle Drilla
151 Hoot Zone
152 Magna Shift
153 Night Charge
154 Grilla Loop
155 Wash Ranger
156 Grilla Buckler
157 Wash Loop
2013 Topps Skylanders Swap Force Trading Cards 25

Coloring Cards Checklist

10 cards. Inserted 1:8 packs.

C1 Stealth Elf
C2 Bumble Blast
C3 Trigger Happy
C4 Spyro
C5 Hot Dog
C6 Magna Charge
C7 Free Ranger
C8 Wash Buckler
C9 Cynder
C10 Rattle Shake
2013 Topps Skylanders Swap Force Trading Cards 26

Flip Motion Checklist

16 cards. Inserted 1:30 packs.

F1 Blast Zone
F2 Magna Charge
F3 Wash Buckler
F4 Hoot Loop
F5 Free Ranger
F6 Rattle Shake
F7 Night Shift
F8 Grilla Drilla
F9 Blast Zone
F10 Magna Charge
F11 Wash Buckler
F12 Rattle Shake
F13 Night Shift
F14 Grilla Drilla
F15 Hoot Loop
F16 Free Ranger

Mix & Match Stickers Checklist

8 cards. Inserted 1:12 packs.

S1 Hoot Loop
S2 Blast Zone
S3 Wash Buckler
S4 Night Shift
S5 Magna Charge
S6 Rattle Shake
S7 Free Ranger
S8 Grilla Drilla
2013 Topps Skylanders Swap Force Trading Cards 27

Puzzle Cards Checklist

9 cards. Inserted 1:2 packs.

2013 Topps Skylanders Swap Force Trading Cards 28

Glow in the Dark Checklist

6 cards. Inserted 3 per binder starter kit.

G1 Magna Charge
G2 Free Ranger
G3 Bumble Blast
G4 Wash Buckler
G5 Stealth Elf
G6 Rattle Shake
2013 Topps Skylanders Swap Force Trading Cards 29

Rainow Foil Binder Cards Checklist

7 cards. Inserted 4 per binder starter kit.

B1 Free Ranger
B2 Blast Shift
B3 Wash Charge
B4 Rattle Ranger
B5 Wash Shake
B6 Night Loop
B7 Grilla Zone
2013 Topps Skylanders Swap Force Trading Cards 30

Tin Bonus Cards Checklist

TT1 Kaos Rainbow Foil
TT2 Blast Ranger
TT3 Hoot Shake
TT4 Free Shift
2013 Topps Skylanders Swap Force Trading Cards 31

Tin Bonus Mix & Match Stickers Checklist

Smaller than stickers found in packs.

TS1 Magna Charge
TS2 Rattle Shake
TS3 Free Ranger
TS4 Grilla Drilla
2013 Topps Skylanders Swap Force Trading Cards 32

Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

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does anyone have an idea about card t1 master eon I have seen the version of the card that says limited edition below his name but mine is from 2013 and only has his name master eon on it .is this a rare card?

Do you have Topps Swap Force cards numbered. 138 and F-11 ? 138 is a Rainbow Foil and F-11 is a flip motion.
Thanks, Greg

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