Topps Creates Replacement Autograph Cards for Unfulfilled Redemptions

Topps Creates Replacement Autograph Cards for Unfulfilled Redemptions

A mysterious envelope arrives in your mailbox. It's the right size for a card but you've received all your eBay purchases. Oh, wait, there was that redemption that you sent in a few months back. Or was it a year ago and change? You can't remember. You tear it open and it is, indeed, a card --  an autograph -- but you don't recognize the design. That's because it's a new Topps replacement card designed specifically to fulfill outstanding redemptions showing no signs of working out.

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The 2013 Topps replacement autographs are done as Refractors. The overall layout is fairly simple and clean. There's a more intricate frame for the signature, which is in the form of a sticker.

Topps Creates Replacement Autograph Cards for Unfulfilled Redemptions 1
Topps Creates Replacement Autograph Cards for Unfulfilled Redemptions 2

Card backs are not numbered. They have a fairly simple design that comes with a generic writeup that doubles as a certificate of authenticity.

Besides basic unnumbered versions, several of the cards have numbered parallels. These also use different color highlights. Known parallels include Purple (#/5), Green (#/50) and Red (#/99). A couple of dual and triple autographs have also popped up. We checked in with Topps to see how cards and parallels are being distributed but have not heard back. We'll pass along any info we receive.

Each card comes with a form letter explaining the card. A passage reads:

After careful consideration, with our customers in mind, we decided to have replacement cards sent for redemptions that have remained unfinished. To do this, we used active and retired player autographs in our current inventory, and applied them to cards created specifically for this purpose. These cards are not available in stores, or in any kind of set. They have been printed as part of a unique production run, devised especially for you and others that have been so patient in waiting. The card(s) you have received will effectively replace the original card, or cards, you had redeemed.

Each package also includes a slip noting which card it's replacing.

Redemption cards stink. That's the sentiment that most of us have after pulling an IOU from a pricey pack of cards. Unless it's a special prize or something that won't fit in packs, most would agree that having everything in packs is ideal. Who wants to wait for weeks, months or even years? This is especially if card you're waiting for was a prospect who has found a spot as a career bench warmer or a one-time star who now hits bloop singles instead of highlight-reel home runs.

Some collectors are likely to have mixed feelings after receiving a 2013 Topps replacement autograph. Some will be happy to be done with the replacement. In some cases, it might even be an upgrade. Others may have bought a redemption card of a favorite player or team and now they have someone they don't collect. If that's the case, the best option would be to try and contact Topps and work something out.

Below is a guide to the 2013 Topps replacement autographs that we have seen. If you receive any others not listed, please feel free to leave a comment so that we can add it.

2013 Topps Replacement Autographs

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2013 Topps Replacement Gold Autographs

In addition to the unnumbered versions of the cards above, they also have parallels. However the following has only shown up as a parallel thus far. We'll move it if regular versions surface.

Jeff Niemann, Tampa Bay Rays

Topps Creates Replacement Autograph Cards for Unfulfilled Redemptions 25

2013 Topps Replacement Dual Autographs

2013 Topps Replacement Triple Autographs

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User Comments

  1. Reedemed a 2012 Bowman Platinum Auto Jumbo Relic Gold Refractor Patch of Gerrit Cole – March 3rd – still have not received. Talked to Topps rep and was told that the redemption period will end mid July. If I do not receive the card – I can choose a possible replacement. As with the above comments about not having the original card promissed, I am extremely dissapointed. Specially since Cole has been called up as a starter. So – I want THE card. By the time I wait to see if I EVER get it – he may be injured and the card value will drop drastically. Come on Topps – make good on your promisses.

  2. I call shenanigans. I want what I paid for and Topps really needs to get on the ball. I have ceased buying any Topps product until I know they can be reliable and fulfill their commitment to their customers. I have waited months just to get a response to questions regarding redemption cards through email because their customer service hours are terrible and I can’t blow off work to call them.

  3. Yip, I’ve also stopped buying Topps products. Their product quality has gone down the drain. I bought into their 5star hoax and that was the last time. I opened 3 boxes, got chipped cards and 4!! yes 4!! redemptions (out of 15 cards!). Needless to say I haven’t seen any of the cards redeemed. I’ll probably end up with a load of sticker scrub autos. NO MORE TOPPS THANKS. I’ll just buy up all the Panini National Treasures I can. I absolutely love the product and I’m going to spend all my hard earned money trying to complete as many of the sets as possible – until the next NT installment comes out. … Can’t wait!!!

  4. I am more than very irate with topps. I bought almost 600 dollars of Larry Walker triple threads from them and all were redeemed for 4 of these replacements. I got a Don Sutton for a white whale and a Gary Carter for a Walker wood. I called the customer service and was polite and they just blew me off. I called them way too many times to be screwed over. I am done with topps for good.

  5. Yeah, buying Topps packs are meaningless. I bought a hobby box of this years series one when it first came out. Base cards and inserts are worthless. I can buy sets of the inserts on Ebay for very cheap. Got a Miguel Cabrera Relic redemption. It’s not numbered and only goes for $20. Still waiting on a 2012 redemption.

  6. Will this apply with 2012 unfulfilled redemptions? I have 7 Kemp Redemptions (One a Ginter Red Ink Mini) that I would prefer not be replaced. What can I say, I’m an optimist to the point of fault.

  7. Bill Topps has not said which cards these are replacing so there is still hope that you’ll get what you’re hoping for. These are not covering every outstanding redemption.

  8. Thanks Ryan, I only collect Kemp (Favorite Player) so no matter the replacement I would be disappointed.

  9. As with the Cole card above there is no excuse for not getting that signed. If a player is currently signing new cards he can sign an old one. Topps just doesn’t want to deal with it because they have already been paid and don’t want to waste the time doing this. This is why Topps is so pathetic. They have the worst CS in the business. Or any business for that matter. They are only doing this so they don’t have to deal with it anymore. What about the $300 box of cards one of these outstanding redemps was pulled from Topps? Oh u got your money you say? What is the value of a made up card with no name? Redemp auto #1, Redemp auto #2, Redemp….. and so on? These people are pathetic. What is there 5 or 6 people just right here that are done with them. And they still keep doing what they’re doing.

  10. Wow, this is BS! Im owed a number of redemptions, and as an attorney I can tell you I wouldn’t hesitate to file suit if they tried to pass that off to me. Luckily Im in NY and have brought small claims actions against them before. This is an obvious sticker dump, plus an obvious attempt to try to get out of tracking down players (just wait 15 wks and send replacement!). They used book value in past to replace, these cards arent even part of a set, how will they determine value? (arbitrarily and small ebay sample). They are also hurting collectors who sell unscratched redemptions as they will undoubtedly lose value as well. Shame on you Topps!

  11. On the other side of the spectrum, I’ve got a handful of no names that I’m really not anxiously awaiting. Whether from a recognizable set or not, I’d much rather have any of these autos than what I’m currently due; especially Brett, Carter, Sutton, Blyleven & McCovey, and yes even Doc & A-Rod even though I’ve never been a fan of their teams.

  12. What about patch card redemptions? These cards are not appealing. I call BS and Topps seems to be taking the easy way out. Probably had an abundance of sticker autos to use. If the player is alive it should be an on card auto. I also have several Kemp’s that are suppose to be fulfilled.

  13. I forgot to mention that this seems to so far only apply to baseball. What about the other sports and non-sports redemptions? Are those going to be(cough) honored?

  14. Got a 2011 Topps Triple Threads Hank Conger Sapahire Parallel Auto/Relic Redemption still outstanding…When the Angels come to town, all I need is a black card and a letter of intro to present Hank for Topps fullfillment obligation . What do you think?

  15. I say lets ALL file a class action suit, Lets not give Topps a easy way out. They
    advertise a product with a chance to obtain these cards and now they do not
    to pony-up. False advertising I say. Thats like saying your buying a car with NO engine. BS Topps !

  16. Lee It may be easier to try and contact their customer service first — at least once things get sorted out.

  17. I pulled a 2011 dual prospect superfractor redemption and just got a redemption today… not even a numbered card. Duke Snider and Johnny Pordres – cool players, cool card – not a 1of1. I am a casual collector who finally hit a unique card for the first time in my 20 years of collecting, and I get a common version of a card for my replacement. Done with topps.

  18. Dave While it may be tough to have another 1-of-1, you should definitely contact them if you’re unhappy. Phone is probably your best bet but be prepared for a wait time.

  19. It doesn’t matter if you contact Topps. They do not care. They are doing this to get out of supplying us the right items. MLB needs to step in. Topps does not have the best interests of the collector in mind, only their bottom line. I just contacted them over a football redemption was supposed to get auto rc and blue wave pack…..
    Customer service asked me if I still wanted the blue wave pack? Are you kidding me they are clueless and there is no value ok in their product anymore.
    Christ what is it going to take there was a story a couple of months ago that there main supplier of memorabilia was selling Topps fake items and they knew it.
    Stay away from Topps buyer beware scam!!!!!!

  20. Mark While dealing with customer service can be frustrating at best, Topps does care. So does every other company, even if it’s hard to see sometimes. Their CS department can use a lot of improving. Even they’ve acknowledged that publicly.

    Before you go accusing them or any other company outright of fraud, you may want to be careful. There are pending cases that we’ve covered where the accused have said card companies have been said to have bought from them. But the only company connected so far has been UD. Even then, it has not said outright that anything specific was faked. There’s definitely something there, but it’s still premature to go casting stones.

  21. Ryan- You are correct about casting stones. In this case I would have to disagree. Example Topps bat pieces in a very high priced product….ummm they were actually pieces of stadium seats. That is not an error… that is out right fraud. Although they bounced back quickly and assured all us collectors that no where on there COA does it state what and if the item is or if it is game used. They are well covered by the law. That is why all companies stopped showing pictures of actual item and stating what item actually is. I love your site and am in no way trying to start a fight or revolution.
    This is my opinion with a lot of facts that are definitely opening up my eye’s as far as the card companies memorabilia. Oh and if I’m correct Ud and Topps were both named by the supplier. Let the chips fall where they may.

  22. Mark The seat thing was a few years back if I remember correctly. Was a replacement offered? I know there was something with a Lou Gehrig card a year or two ago where the card in question was totally remade for the person who ad it. I can remember offhand if it was something to do with the memorabilia or an autograph but they were taken care of.

    And don’t get me started on vague disclaimers. Can’t stand them. I understand why they’re there, but I wish they’d change.

  23. I’m waiting on a Timeless Talents Dual Relic of Nolan Ryan and Jared Weaver from 2012. I’ve emailed Topps at every website I know, including their Twitter account, asking when I might get my card. To date, no reply.

  24. Ryan- not brown noseing you. But that is why I like your articles. You state wrong doings woth facts… yes it was Gehrig and Ruth and pretty much a lot of deceased hofer’s. An Aarron was also on the marketfrom same product. Topps did offer a replacement send in all cards from that particular product and they would send you a random replacement box of that product. Topps Sterling I believe it was… I could be wrong.
    Oh and that news article also stated some of the players items that were fakes. A couple of Yankees some very note worthy ,also a specific Red Sox player in which the seller showed himself taking a jersey off a rack at a store and going to a ball field and rubbing it in the dirt. I think he said “Now it is game used”. He stated he could not supply the items fast enough or for the price the companies wanted to pay. So he had to do what he had to do.
    Ryan to me it is a moral thing. Not the law… but my opinion. That article made the news on the east coast. We will chat again. Keep writing. Love your site.

  25. I have an outstanding redemption for a 2012 Bowman Platinum auto GOLD refractor of Anthony Rendon, it books for $150. How is Topps going to replace that, or even some of the rarer, more expensive hits? Honestly, I’d rather wait until it’s signed and get what Topps promised to send me, if not better.

  26. Ryan do u think a lot of people here and elsewhere haven’t already tried getting somewhere with Topps? Could you not be more of a Topps sympathizer? These cards they just made up have little value. They are part of no set and they mean nothing but a replacement. Everybody here should file a class action suit and I hope it puts these worthless people out of business. Have you not read twitter lately and other blogs about all the trouble people are having with them over just about everything. Then you sit here and tell people to try to deal with CS?Are you serious? You think nobody else has invested most of their lives collection thru them and aren’t upset at what they are being forced to do? Topps is absolutely walking away here cheaply and without looking back. These cards aren’t worth anything close to the value of what people are losing. Plus the personal and sentimental value of their favorite player and team. There should be a lawsuit and a damn big one. I have sat back and tried to be open minded for the past year but I can’t stand to listen and see what they are doing anymore and doing without consequences. The next step is a CS based out of Malaysia. Do you not see what Panini does every Friday on its blog Topps? It’s called letting their customers know what’s going on and actually fulfilling its obligations not skipping out on them without any remorse whatsoever. And yeah they admit CS needs help..they have for sometime and yet not a thing has changed Ryan. Nothing! And we’re supposed to think somebody isn’t benefiting over this stuff? Getting rich at our expense? Bull to anyone at Topps face! For the love of the hobby and it’s health I hope to god Topps sells out and does it soon. But the type they are it will be bankruptcy so everyone loses. Fight for the hobby Ryan not your loyalty. Reading your comments it makes it sounds like you think people haven’t tried hard enough or done enough before venting on here. I mean your trying to talk people out of lawsuits and anything they say they want to do. Jesus we get it. Your going to just sit and wait for them to change. That is pretty obvious.

  27. Scott You’re right, I do believe in customer service. I also believe in a chain of command. When I have an issue with a product or service, I start at the bottom – state my case or issue and what I would like done about it. If I’m not satisfied or the person on the other end doesn’t seem to “get it” I politely ask to speak to a manager and keep moving my way up the food chain until I’m either satisfied or fed up. If I’m satisfied, I’ll likely continue to support the company. If I’m fed up, I stop buying their product. So for those who get a redemption replacement and aren’t happy with it, that’s why I suggest starting with CS, explain your issue politely and state what you want to happen. If they can’t help you, ask for a supervisor and keep going. Also, whoever you are talking to get their name and a direct number so you hopefully won’t have to wait again.

    I have read the complaints on Twitter and elsewhere. As I state very clearly in the article, redemptions suck. All redemptions do. As for these particular replacements, I have honestly heard from a lot who have been pleased with what they’ve received. You’re correct in the instances where they’re for a favorite team or player. That’s where I’d say go the CS route. And if that doesn’t work to the point of frustration, I’ve outlined my thoughts on that above. It’s a whole lot cheaper, less stressful and more cathartic than a lawsuit.

    Would it be great if Topps gave updates every week? Absolutely. But at the same time, why should we even tolerate weekly updates? Said updates help communication but it ultimately doesn’t help people get the cards they’re waiting on any faster. Even better would be if Topps, Panini and every other company stopped redemptions. I’m all for it even if it means less autographs in products. In fact, I’d welcome it if it meant more creativity and innovation in sets. But that’s how I collect. I’m not sure others collect the same as I do though.

    For most of us, this is a hobby. Hobbies are intended to be enjoyed. When it becomes frustrating and a source of stress, it’s no longer a hobby and it’s time to try something different. For me when that happens, I’ve switched my focus up and found a way to enjoy collecting and make it a hobby again.

  28. I’m a collector prospector and I love what this hobby has done. But we all have to admitt there is the aspect of Fraud in All the companies Topps Ud are at the head of it. There has to be a change and it has to come Collectors and the Hobby shops. When you advertise theses 1/1’s and great pieces but can’t deliver and all the say is it’s the Player. Don’t hate the Player I say hate the Hobby that is complicite in the coverup. If you are Topps Panini Ud and this puts cash in your coffers WHy change .
    I was Lucky to get a Sandy Koufax auto out of the Silver SLATE 2013 wrapper redemp. If this doesn’t get made I wil stop buying Topps and more should after all only our Dollars and sense will change their ways.

  29. I had an issue and started at the top. The president of topps passed my email down to the VP and from there I was directed to the head of redemptions and he gave me all the info I needed.

  30. In 2004 I got a Mark Prior auto redemption from Series 1 that I mailed in and got it about 2 weeks even though the card stated it would take 8 weeks. Fast forward 8 years and I get a redemption card and redeem it online. I get told that it should take no more than 12 weeks for the card to come. I’ve been waiting 9 months now and have given up seeing the card I am supposed to receive. It’s crazy to realize that mailing in a redemption could be faster than redeeming one online. To make matters worse that 2004 Series 1 auto I received was an on the card auto and the 2012 auto I’m supposed to receive would probably be a sticker auto from a much higher end product. I think Topps is in over their heads with redemptions and should just quit promising cards they can’t come up with in a reasonable amount of time.

  31. Interesting discussions. I have the full range of redemption stories ranging from multiple 2011 Sterling cards that have remained un-fullfilled to a 1:1 Sterling Silver Gerritt Cole auto that I have been waiting on for six months. Also, I received a base auto when the redemption was a refractor and I have no clue if Topps will correct that. On the flip side many of my 2012 Sterling cards were filled. My opinion is that Topps has no right to sell a card and then swap it out for anything of lesser value. That’s bad business for such a big name who is selling VERY expensive boxes of cards.

  32. I have been waiting 7 months for a Ryne Sandberg / Dustin Pedroia redemption from 2013. Based on the comments above, I am not holding my breath. Last time I purchase from Topps if I do not receive this card.

  33. Would You Make This Trade?

    Topps Owes me:
    2012 Topps Chrome Bryce Harper Auto Variation could be numbered to 199 or could be numbered to 5. No way to tell at this point. Depending on the variation I have seen it go for 200-900 on Ebay.

    Topps is offering me:

    2012 or 2013 (were not clear and I was stupid not to ask) 5 Star Mike Trout Silver Signature numbered to 50.
    Depending on the year I have seen similar cards go for as low as 134 and as high as 300. None seem to have the same run (out of 50), so not a perfect match, and therefore unable to determine the value.

    Harper is my favorite player on my favorite team. I think Trout will probably end up having the better career. 5 Star is a better line than Topps Chrome.

    Would you stay with the Harper or take the Trout?

    Leave a Comment: