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2013 Topps Museum Collection Football Cards

2013 Topps Museum Collection Football Cards

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Making its gridiron debut, 2013 Topps Museum Collection Football is a high-end release designed exclusively for hobby distribution. Every pack promises a hit with sealed boxes delivering an autographed relic, an on-card autograph, a jumbo relic and a quad relic.

The release kicks off with a 100-card base set. Key veterans, top rookies and retired greats get the call. Parallels come in four levels: Copper, Sapphire (#/99), Ruby (#/50) and Emerald (1/1). Parallels combine to fall one per pack.

Signature Series autographs come with on-card signatures. Landing one per box, the checklist includes around 50 different players. Current stars, first-year standouts and legends all have autographs. Single-signed cards have five different parallels: Copper (#/50), Gold (#/25), Silver Ink (#/5), Gold Ink (#/5) and Emerald (1/1). Dual Signature Series cards are also possible but they're tough. Base versions are numbered to 25 while Silver Ink and Gold Ink versions are numbered to 5. There are also one-of-one Emerald parallels.

Signature Swatches Dual Relics and Signature Swatches Triple Relics both deliver at least one patch swatch alongside the autograph. All are numbered and have Copper (#/40), Gold (#/25) and Emerald (1/1) parallels.

The Pro Bowl might not get a lot of respect, but Pro Bowl Signature Swatches do offer something a little different from regular jersey swatches. Basic versions are numbered with rarer parallels getting multiple swatches and patches. Pro Bowl Jumbo Relics deliver over-sized swatches.

Jumbo Relics stick with bigger memorabilia pieces. The checklist of nearly 50 players includes both rookies and veterans. Parallels come with lower serial numbers. Gold (#/25) and Emerald (1/1) parallels also use patch swatches.

Ultra-rare hits in 2013 Topps Museum Collection include Dual Jumbo Relic Book Cards (#/5), Nike Jumbo Swoosh Relics (1/1), Laundry Tag Relics (1/1) and NFL Shield (1/1) cards.

2013 Topps Museum Collection Football has a pair of high-end case hits. Each 12-box case includes both a Framed Autograph and a Jumbo Patch Autograph. Popular in baseball, Framed Autographs make the jump over. Cards are signed with silver ink, contrasting the dark background. Framed Autographs are available in three tiers: Silver Frame (#/20), Gold Frame (#/10) and Black Frame (1/1). Jumbo Path Autographs feature on-card signatures from more than 15 different rookies. The serial-numbered cards have three parallels: Copper (#/15), Gold (#/10) and Emerald (1/1).

The set also has one basic insert set, another carryover from baseball. Canvas Collection cards feature painted reproductions of top players. Inserted one per box, the cards are printed on canvas stock. One-of-one Canvas Collection Originals feature the original paintings.

Product Configuration: 4 packs per box, 5 cards per pack
Price Point: High-End Football Card
Target Audience: Hit Seekers, Autograph Collectors, Memorabilia Card Collectors

2013 Topps Museum Collection Football Box Break

  • 1 Autographed Relic
  • 1 Autograph
  • 1 Jumbo Relic
  • 1 Quad Relic
  • 4 Parallels
  • 20 Total Cards
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Set Checklist

2013 Topps Museum Collection Football Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

100 cards
3 per pack
PARALLEL CARDS - 1 per pack: Copper, Sapphire #/99, Ruby #/50, Emerald 1/1

1 Maurice Jones-Drew
2 Jamaal Charles
3 Andre Reed
4 Patrick Willis
5 Aaron Rodgers
6 Terrell Davis
7 Kenny Stills RC
8 Le’Veon Bell RC
9 Cameron Wake
10 Larry Fitzgerald
11 Stedman Bailey RC
12 LeSean McCoy
13 Justin Hunter RC
14 Deion Sanders
15 Johnathan Franklin RC
16 Vance McDonald RC
17 Andre Johnson
18 Robert Woods RC
19 Manti Te’o RC
20 Quinton Patton RC
21 DeMarcus Ware
22 Geno Smith RC
23 Colin Kaepernick
24 Montee Ball RC
25 Steve Largent
26 Ronnie Lott
27 Brandon Marshall
28 Cam Newton
29 Marshawn Lynch
30 Jason Pierre-Paul
31 Darrelle Revis
32 Ray Rice
33 Matthew Stafford
34 Troy Aikman
35 Philip Rivers
36 Matt Barkley RC
37 Matt Ryan
38 Eric Dickerson
39 Peyton Manning
40 Dion Jordan RC
41 Calvin Johnson Jr.
42 Mike Glennon RC
43 Ryan Tannehill
44 A.J. Green
45 Christine Michael RC
46 Bo Jackson
47 Brett Favre
48 Markus Wheaton RC
49 J.J. Watt
50 Giovani Bernard RC
51 Ben Roethlisberger
52 Eli Manning
53 Arian Foster
54 Barry Sanders
55 Jared Allen
56 Joe Montana
57 Knile Davis RC
58 Kurt Warner
59 Keenan Allen RC
60 Terrance Williams RC
61 Aaron Dobson RC
62 Luke Kuechly
63 Troy Polamalu
64 Drew Brees
65 Clay Matthews
66 Chris Johnson
67 Tom Brady
68 Aldon Smith
69 Reggie Wayne
70 DeAndre Hopkins RC
71 Robert Griffin III
72 Tony Romo
73 Adrian Peterson
74 Marcus Allen
75 Zach Ertz RC
76 Russell Wilson
77 Tyler Eifert RC
78 Marcus Lattimore RC
79 Denard Robinson RC
80 Stepfan Taylor RC
81 Eddie Lacy RC
82 Marshall Faulk
83 Wes Welker
84 Cordarrelle Patterson RC
85 Ryan Nassib RC
86 Jordan Reed RC
87 E.J. Manuel RC
88 Tyler Wilson RC
89 Trent Richardson
90 Julio Jones
91 Joseph Randle RC
92 Von Miller
93 Doug Martin
94 Tavon Austin RC
95 Andrew Luck
96 Alfred Morris
97 C.J. Spiller
98 John Elway
99 Joe Flacco
100 Sam Bradford
2013 Topps Museum Collection Football Cards 1

Canvas Collection Set Checklist

1 per box

CC-1 Joe Montana
CC-2 Troy Aikman
CC-3 Eric Dickerson
CC-4 Marshall Faulk
CC-5 Marcus Allen
CC-6 Bo Jackson
CC-7 Steve Largent
CC-8 Brett Favre
CC-9 Barry Sanders
CC-10 John Elway
CC-11 Deion Sanders
CC-12 Geno Smith
CC-13 E.J. Manuel
CC-14 Tavon Austin
CC-15 Peyton Manning
CC-16 Andrew Luck
CC-17 Robert Griffin III
CC-18 Russell Wilson
CC-19 Adrian Peterson
CC-20 Calvin Johnson Jr.
CC-21 Tom Brady
CC-22 Colin Kaepernick
CC-23 Drew Brees
CC-24 Aaron Rodgers
CC-25 Andre Johnson
2013 Topps Museum Collection Football Cards 2

Canvas Collection Originals Set Checklist

34 cards
Serial Numbered 1/1

CCO-1 Joe Montana
CCO-2 Troy Aikman
CCO-3 Eric Dickerson
CCO-4 Marshall Faulk
CCO-5 Kurt Warner
CCO-6 Marcus Allen
CCO-7 Bo Jackson
CCO-8 Steve Largent
CCO-9 Ronnie Lott
CCO-10 Terrell Davis
CCO-11 Andre Reed
CCO-12 Brett Favre
CCO-13 Barry Sanders
CCO-14 John Elway
CCO-15 Deion Sanders
CCO-16 Geno Smith
CCO-17 E.J. Manuel
CCO-18 Tavon Austin
CCO-19 Cordarrelle Patterson
CCO-20 Manti Te’o
CCO-21 Peyton Manning
CCO-22 Andrew Luck
CCO-23 Robert Griffin III
CCO-24 Russell Wilson
CCO-25 Marshawn Lynch
CCO-26 Adrian Peterson
CCO-27 Calvin Johnson Jr.
CCO-29 Tom Brady
CCO-30 Cam Newton
CCO-31 Colin Kaepernick
CCO-32 Drew Brees
CCO-33 Aaron Rodgers
CCO-34 Ray Rice
CCO-35 Andre Johnson

Framed Silver Ink Autographs Set Checklist

Featuring 35 cards
Serial Numbered #/20
1 per case
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold Frame #/10, Black Frame 1/1

MCFA-AB Anquan Boldin
MCFA-AD Aaron Dobson
MCFA-AR Andre Reed
MCFA-BJ Bo Jackson
MCFA-CP Cordarrelle Patterson
MCFA-DH DeAndre Hopkins
MCFA-DJ Dion Jordan
MCFA-DR Denard Robinson
MCFA-ED Eric Dickerson
MCFA-EJM E.J. Manuel
MCFA-EL Eddie Lacy
MCFA-GB Giovani Bernard
MCFA-GS Geno Smith
MCFA-JH Justin Hunter
MCFA-JM Joe Montana
MCFA-JPP Jason Pierre-Paul
MCFA-KW Kurt Warner
MCFA-LB Le’Veon Bell
MCFA-MA Marcus Allen
MCFA-MB Matt Barkley
MCFA-MBA Montee Ball
MCFA-MF Marshall Faulk
MCFA-MG Mike Glennon
MCFA-ML Marcus Lattimore
MCFA-MS Matthew Stafford
MCFA-MT Manti Te’o
MCFA-PM Peyton Manning
MCFA-RB Reggie Bush
MCFA-RL Ronnie Lott
MCFA-RW Robert Woods
MCFA-SL Steve Largent
MCFA-TA Troy Aikman
MCFA-TAU Tavon Austin
MCFA-TD Terrell Davis
MCFA-TE Tyler Eifert
2013 Topps Museum Collection Football Cards 3

Jumbo Patch Autographs Set Checklist

20 cards
Serial Numbered
1 per case
PARALLEL CARDS: Copper #/15, Gold #/10, Emerald 1/1
2013 Topps Museum Collection Football Cards 4

MJPA-AD Aaron Dobson
MJPA-CP Cordarrelle Patterson
MJPA-DH DeAndre Hopkins
MJPA-EJM E.J. Manuel
MJPA-EL Eddie Lacy
MJPA-GB Giovani Bernard
MJPA-GS Geno Smith
MJPA-JH Justin Hunter
MJPA-LB Le’Veon Bell
MJPA-MB Matt Barkley
MJPA-MBA Montee Ball
MJPA-MG Mike Glennon
MJPA-MT Manti Te’o
MJPA-MW Markus Wheaton
MJPA-RN Ryan Nassib
MJPA-RW Robert Woods
MJPA-ST Stepfan Taylor
MJPA-TA Tavon Austin
MJPA-TE Tyler Eifert
MJPA-TW Terrance Williams

Jumbo Relic Set Checklist

46 cards
Serial Numbered
PARALLEL CARDS: Copper #/50, Gold #/25, Emerald Patch 1/1
2013 Topps Museum Collection Football Cards 5

MJR-AD Aaron Dobson
MJR-AJG A.J. Green
MJR-AL Andrew Luck
MJR-CB Champ Bailey
MJR-CK Colin Kaepernick
MJR-CN Cam Newton
MJR-CP Cordarrelle Patterson
MJR-DH DeAndre Hopkins
MJR-DJ Dion Jordan
MJR-DM Doug Martin
MJR-DMU DeMarco Murray
MJR-DR Denard Robinson
MJR-ED Eric Decker
MJR-EJM E.J. Manuel
MJR-EL Eddie Lacy
MJR-FG Frank Gore
MJR-GB Giovani Bernard
MJR-GS Geno Smith
MJR-JF Johnathan Franklin
MJR-JH Justin Hunter
MJR-JJ Julio Jones
MJR-KA Keenan Allen
MJR-LB Le’Veon Bell
MJR-LM Lamar Miller
MJR-MB Montee Ball
MJR-MBA Matt Barkley
MJR-MG Mike Glennon
MJR-ML Marcus Lattimore
MJR-MT Manti Te’o
MJR-MW Markus Wheaton
MJR-NF Nick Foles
MJR-RC Randall Cobb
MJR-RG3 Robert Griffin III
MJR-RT Ryan Tannehill
MJR-RW Robert Woods
MJR-RWI Russell Wilson
MJR-SB Sam Bradford
MJR-SR Stevan Ridley
MJR-ST Stepfan Taylor
MJR-TA Tavon Austin
MJR-TE Tyler Eifert
MJR-TR Trent Richardson
MJR-TRO Tony Romo
MJR-TS Torrey Smith
MJR-TW Terrance Williams
MJR-VM Von Miller

Pro Bowl Jumbo Relic Set Checklist

22 cards
Serial Numbered
PARALLEL CARDS: Copper #/50, Gold #/25, Emerald Patch 1/1
2013 Topps Museum Collection Football Cards 6

MPBJR-AF Arian Foster
MPBJR-CG Chad Greenway
MPBJR-CT Charles Tillman
MPBJR-DB Drew Brees
MPBJR-DT Demaryius Thomas
MPBJR-EB Eric Berry
MPBJR-EM Eli Manning
MPBJR-ET Earl Thomas
MPBJR-GA Geno Atkins
MPBJR-JA Jared Allen
MPBJR-JB Jairus Byrd
MPBJR-JG Jermaine Gresham
MPBJR-JP Julius Peppers
MPBJR-JPP Jason Pierre-Paul
MPBJR-JW Jason Witten
MPBJR-LW Leon Washington
MPBJR-ML Marshawn Lynch
MPBJR-RW Reggie Wayne
MPBJR-TD Thomas DeCoud
MPBJR-TH Tamba Hali
MPBJR-VJ Vincent Jackson

Jumbo Nike Swoosh/Reebok Logo Relic Set Checklist

40 cards
Serial Numbered 1/1
2013 Topps Museum Collection Football Cards 7

JLR-AD Aaron Dobson
JLR-AG Antonio Gates
JLR-AL Andrew Luck
JLR-AM Alfred Morris
JLR-CB Champ Bailey
JLR-CM Christine Michael
JLR-CP Cordarrelle Patterson
JLR-DB Dez Bryant
JLR-DH DeAndre Hopkins
JLR-DJ DeSean Jackson
JLR-DR Denard Robinson
JLR-EJM E.J. Manuel
JLR-EL Eddie Lacy
JLR-GB Giovani Bernard
JLR-GS Geno Smith
JLR-JC Jay Cutler
JLR-JF Johnathan Franklin
JLR-JFL Joe Flacco
JLR-JH Justin Hunter
JLR-JJ Julio Jones
JLR-JL James Laurinaitis
JLR-KA Keenan Allen
JLR-KS Kenny Stills
JLR-LB Le’Veon Bell
JLR-MB Montee Ball
JLR-MBA Matt Barkley
JLR-MG Mike Glennon
JLR-ML Marcus Lattimore
JLR-MT Manti Te’o
JLR-MV Michael Vick
JLR-MW Markus Wheaton
JLR-RR Ray Rice
JLR-RW Robert Woods
JLR-RWH Roddy White
JLR-SB Sam Bradford
JLR-TA Tavon Austin
JLR-TE Tyler Eifert
JLR-TRO Tony Romo
JLR-TW Terrance Williams
JLR-ZE Zach Ertz

Dual Jumbo Relic Book Set Checklist

20 cards
Serial Numbered #/5
2013 Topps Museum Collection Football Cards 8

DJR-BA Tavon Austin
DJR-BA Sam Bradford
DJR-BM LeSean McCoy
DJR-BM Matt Barkley
DJR-DB Giovani Bernard
DJR-DB Andy Dalton
DJR-FR Ray Rice
DJR-FR Joe Flacco
DJR-HG A.J. Green
DJR-HG DeAndre Hopkins
DJR-HW Kendall Wright
DJR-HW Justin Hunter
DJR-LG Andrew Luck
DJR-LG Robert Griffin III
DJR-LR Eddie Lacy
DJR-LR Trent Richardson
DJR-MB Doug Martin
DJR-MB Montee Ball
DJR-ML Andrew Luck
DJR-ML E.J. Manuel
DJR-MS Geno Smith
DJR-MS E.J. Manuel
DJR-PJ Julio Jones
DJR-PJ Cordarrelle Patterson
DJR-RM Doug Martin
DJR-RM Trent Richardson
DJR-SA Geno Smith
DJR-SA Tavon Austin
DJR-SG Robert Griffin III
DJR-SG Geno Smith
DJR-TB Montee Ball
DJR-TB Demaryius Thomas
DJR-TJ Ryan Tannehill
DJR-TJ Dion Jordan
DJR-TM Von Miller
DJR-TM Manti Te’o
DJR-WD Robert Woods
DJR-WD Aaron Dobson
DJR-WN Cam Newton
DJR-WN Russell Wilson

Laundry Tag Relic Set Checklist

40 cards
Serial Numbered 1/1
2013 Topps Museum Collection Football Cards 9

MLTR-AD Aaron Dobson
MLTR-AG Antonio Gates
MLTR-AL Andrew Luck
MLTR-AM Alfred Morris
MLTR-CB Champ Bailey
MLTR-CP Cordarrelle Patterson
MLTR-DB Dez Bryant
MLTR-DH DeAndre Hopkins
MLTR-DJ DeSean Jackson
MLTR-DM Doug Martin
MLTR-DR Denard Robinson
MLTR-EJM E.J. Manuel
MLTR-EL Eddie Lacy
MLTR-GB Giovani Bernard
MLTR-GS Geno Smith
MLTR-JC Jay Cutler
MLTR-JF Johnathan Franklin
MLTR-JFL Joe Flacco
MLTR-JH Justin Hunter
MLTR-JJ Julio Jones
MLTR-KA Keenan Allen
MLTR-LB Le’Veon Bell
MLTR-LM Lamar Miller
MLTR-MB Montee Ball
MLTR-MBA Matt Barkley
MLTR-MG Mike Glennon
MLTR-ML Marcus Lattimore
MLTR-MT Manti Te’o
MLTR-MV Michael Vick
MLTR-MW Markus Wheaton
MLTR-RG3 Robert Griffin III
MLTR-RW Robert Woods
MLTR-RWH Roddy White
MLTR-RWI Russell Wilson
MLTR-SB Sam Bradford
MLTR-TA Tavon Austin
MLTR-TE Tyler Eifert
MLTR-TR Trent Richardson
MLTR-TRO Tony Romo
MLTR-TW Terrance Williams

NFL Shield Relic Set Checklist

50 cards
Serial Numbered 1/1
2013 Topps Museum Collection Football Cards 10

MNS-AD Aaron Dobson
MNS-AJG A.J. Green
MNS-CB Champ Bailey
MNS-CP Cordarrelle Patterson
MNS-DB Dwayne Bowe
MNS-DH DeAndre Hopkins
MNS-DJ Dion Jordan
MNS-DR Denard Robinson
MNS-EJM E.J. Manuel
MNS-EL Eddie Lacy
MNS-GB Giovani Bernard
MNS-GS Geno Smith
MNS-JF Johnathan Franklin
MNS-JFL Joe Flacco
MNS-JH Justin Hunter
MNS-JJ Julio Jones
MNS-JR Joseph Randle
MNS-KA Keenan Allen
MNS-KS Kenny Stills
MNS-LB Le’Veon Bell
MNS-LF Larry Fitzgerald
MNS-MB Montee Ball
MNS-MBA Matt Barkley
MNS-MG Mike Glennon
MNS-ML Marcus Lattimore
MNS-MT Manti Te’o
MNS-MW Markus Wheaton
MNS-RW Robert Woods
MNS-SB Sam Bradford
MNS-ST Stepfan Taylor
MNS-TA Tavon Austin
MNS-TE Tyler Eifert
MNS-TW Terrance Williams
MNS-TWI Tyler Wilson
MNS-VM Vance McDonald
MNS-VMI Von Miller
MNS-ZE Zach Ertz
MNS-AF Arian Foster
MNS-AL Andrew Luck
MNS-CK Colin Kaepernick
MNS-DBR Dez Bryant
MNS-ED Eric Decker
MNS-EM Eli Manning
MNS-JC Jamaal Charles
MNS-JCU Jay Cutler
MNS-JG Jimmy Graham
MNS-MC Marques Colston
MNS-RC Randall Cobb
MNS-RG3 Robert Griffin III
MNS-TB Tom Brady

Signature Series Autographs Set Checklist

55 cards
Serial Numbered
PARALLEL CARDS: Copper #/50, Gold #/25, Silver Ink #/5, Gold Ink #/5, Emerald 1/1

SSA-AB Anquan Boldin
SSA-AD Aaron Dobson
SSA-AE Andre Ellington
SSA-BJ Bo Jackson
SSA-CM Christine Michael
SSA-CP Cordarrelle Patterson
SSA-DA Danny Amendola
SSA-DH DeAndre Hopkins
SSA-DJ Dion Jordan
SSA-DR Denard Robinson
SSA-EJM E.J. Manuel
SSA-EL Eddie Lacy
SSA-GB Giovani Bernard
SSA-GS Geno Smith
SSA-GT Golden Tate
SSA-JF Johnathan Franklin
SSA-JH Justin Hunter
SSA-JM Joe Montana
SSA-JN Jordy Nelson
SSA-JPP Jason Pierre-Paul
SSA-JR Joseph Randle
SSA-JRE Jordan Reed
SSA-KA Keenan Allen
SSA-KS Kenny Stills
SSA-KW Kurt Warner
SSA-LB Le’Veon Bell
SSA-MA Marcus Allen
SSA-MBA Montee Ball
SSA-MF Matt Forté
SSA-MG Mike Glennon
SSA-MGO Marquise Goodwin
SSA-ML Marcus Lattimore
SSA-MLY Marshawn Lynch
SSA-MS Matthew Stafford
SSA-MT Manti Te’o
SSA-MW Markus Wheaton
SSA-MWI Mike Williams
SSA-NB NaVorro Bowman
SSA-PM Peyton Manning
SSA-RB Reggie Bush
SSA-RL Ronnie Lott
SSA-RN Ryan Nassib
SSA-RW Robert Woods
SSA-SB Stedman Bailey
SSA-SL Steve Largent
SSA-ST Stepfan Taylor
SSA-SV Shane Vereen
SSA-TA Tavon Austin
SSA-TAI Troy Aikman
SSA-TD Terrell Davis
SSA-TE Tyler Eifert
SSA-TW Tyler Wilson
SSA-TWI Terrance Williams
SSA-VM Vance McDonald
SSA-ZE Zach Ertz
2013 Topps Museum Collection Football Cards 11

Dual Signature Series Autographs Set Checklist

10 cards
Serial Numbered #/25
PARALLEL CARDS: Silver Ink #/5, Gold Ink #/5, Emerald 1/1
2013 Topps Museum Collection Football Cards 12

DSSA-AD Danny Amendola
DSSA-AD Aaron Dobson
DSSA-AH Tavon Austin
DSSA-AH DeAndre Hopkins
DSSA-DJ Terrell Davis
DSSA-DJ Bo Jackson
DSSA-LB Montee Ball
DSSA-LB Eddie Lacy
DSSA-ML Ronnie Lott
DSSA-ML Joe Montana
DSSA-MT Demaryius Thomas
DSSA-MT Peyton Manning
DSSA-PH Justin Hunter
DSSA-PH Cordarrelle Patterson
DSSA-SB Geno Smith
DSSA-SB Matt Barkley
DSSA-TA Keenan Allen
DSSA-TA Manti Te’o
DSSA-WF Marshall Faulk
DSSA-WF Kurt Warner

Signature Swatches Dual Relic Autographs Set Checklist

30 cards
Serial Numbered
PARALLEL CARDS: Copper #/50, Gold #/25, Emerald Patch 1/1
2013 Topps Museum Collection Football Cards 13

SSDRA-AD Aaron Dobson
SSDRA-AL Andrew Luck
SSDRA-AM Alfred Morris
SSDRA-BO Brian Orakpo
SSDRA-CJS C.J. Spiller
SSDRA-CP Cordarrelle Patterson
SSDRA-DA DeAndre Hopkins
SSDRA-DB Dwayne Bowe
SSDRA-DM Doug Martin
SSDRA-EL Eddie Lacy
SSDRA-GN Giovani Bernard
SSDRA-GS Geno Smith
SSDRA-JH Justin Hunter
SSDRA-KA Keenan Allen
SSDRA-LB Le’Veon Bell
SSDRA-LMI Lamar Miller
SSDRA-MB Matt Barkley
SSDRA-MBA Montee Ball
SSDRA-MG Mike Glennon
SSDRA-MT Manti Te’o
SSDRA-RC Randall Cobb
SSDRA-RCU Randall Cunningham
SSDRA-RW Robert Woods
SSDRA-SR Sidney Rice
SSDRA-SV Shane Vereen
SSDRA-TA Tavon Austin
SSDRA-TE Tyler Eifert
SSDRA-ZE Zach Ertz

Signature Swatches Triple Relic Autographs Set Checklist

25 cards
Serial Numbered
PARALLEL CARDS: Copper #/50, Gold #/25, Emerald Patch 1/1
2013 Topps Museum Collection Football Cards 14

SSTRA-AD Aaron Dobson
SSTRA-CP Cordarrelle Patterson
SSTRA-CS Cecil Shorts
SSTRA-DH DeAndre Hopkins
SSTRA-DM Darren McFadden
SSTRA-EL Eddie Lacy
SSTRA-GB Giovani Bernard
SSTRA-GS Geno Smith
SSTRA-HN Haloti Ngata
SSTRA-JC Jamaal Charles
SSTRA-KS Kenny Stills
SSTRA-LB Le’Veon Bell
SSTRA-MB Matt Barkley
SSTRA-MBA Montee Ball
SSTRA-MG Mike Glennon
SSTRA-ML Marcus Lattimore
SSTRA-MT Manti Te’o
SSTRA-MV Michael Vick
SSTRA-MW Mike Williams
SSTRA-RC Randall Cunningham
SSTRA-RW Robert Woods
SSTRA-TA Tavon Austin
SSTRA-TE Tyler Eifert
SSTRA-ZE Zach Ertz

Pro Bowl Signature Swatches Dual Relic Autographs Set Checklist

Featuring 10 cards
Serial Numbered
PARALLEL CARDS: Copper #/25, Gold #/10, Emerald Patch 1/1, Emerald Prime Patch 1/1, Emerald Pro Bowl Logo Patch 1/1
2013 Topps Museum Collection Football Cards 15

PBSS-DB Drew Brees
PBSS-DT Demaryius Thomas
PBSS-EM Eli Manning
PBSS-JG Jermaine Gresham
PBSS-JPP Jason Pierre-Paul
PBSS-JW Jason Witten
PBSS-ML Marshawn Lynch
PBSS-RW Reggie Wayne
PBSS-VJ Vincent Jackson

Rookie Quad Relic Set Checklist

40 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Copper #/50, Gold #/25, Emerald Patch 1/1
2013 Topps Museum Collection Football Cards 16

MRQR-AD Aaron Dobson
MRQR-AE Andre Ellington
MRQR-CM Christine Michael
MRQR-CP Cordarrelle Patterson
MRQR-DH DeAndre Hopkins
MRQR-DJ Dion Jordan
MRQR-DR Denard Robinson
MRQR-EJM E.J. Manuel
MRQR-EL Eddie Lacy
MRQR-GB Giovani Bernard
MRQR-GE Gavin Escobar
MRQR-GS Geno Smith
MRQR-JF Johnathan Franklin
MRQR-JH Justin Hunter
MRQR-JR Joseph Randle
MRQR-JRE Jordan Reed
MRQR-KA Keenan Allen
MRQR-KD Knile Davis
MRQR-KS Kenny Stills
MRQR-LB Le’Veon Bell
MRQR-LJ Landry Jones
MRQR-MB Matt Barkley
MRQR-MBA Montee Ball
MRQR-MG Mike Glennon
MRQR-MGI Mike Gillislee
MRQR-MGO Marquise Goodwin
MRQR-ML Marcus Lattimore
MRQR-MT Manti Te’o
MRQR-MW Markus Wheaton
MRQR-QP Quinton Patton
MRQR-RN Ryan Nassib
MRQR-RW Robert Woods
MRQR-SB Stedman Bailey
MRQR-ST Stepfan Taylor
MRQR-TA Tavon Austin
MRQR-TE Tyler Eifert
MRQR-TW Tyler Wilson
MRQR-TWI Terrance Williams
MRQR-VM Vance McDonald
MRQR-ZE Zach Ertz

Pro Bowl Quad Relic Set Checklist

20 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold #/10, Emerald Patch 1/1
2013 Topps Museum Collection Football Cards 17

MPBQR-AF Arian Foster
MPBQR-CG Chad Greenway
MPBQR-CT Charles Tillman
MPBQR-DB Drew Brees
MPBQR-DT Demaryius Thomas
MPBQR-EB Eric Berry
MPBQR-EM Eli Manning
MPBQR-ET Earl Thomas
MPBQR-GA Geno Atkins
MPBQR-JA Jared Allen
MPBQR-JB Jairus Byrd
MPBQR-JG Jermaine Gresham
MPBQR-JP Julius Peppers
MPBQR-JPP Jason Pierre-Paul
MPBQR-JW Jason Witten
MPBQR-ML Marshawn Lynch
MPBQR-RW Reggie Wayne
MPBQR-TH Tamba Hali
MPBQR-VJ Vincent Jackson

Four-Player Quad Relic Set Checklist

25 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Copper #/50, Gold #/25, Emerald Patch 1/1
2013 Topps Museum Collection Football Cards 18

MQR-AHEE Tyler Eifert
MQR-AHEE DeAndre Hopkins
MQR-AHEE Zach Ertz
MQR-AHEE Tavon Austin
MQR-AHPH DeAndre Hopkins
MQR-AHPH Cordarrelle Patterson
MQR-AHPH Justin Hunter
MQR-AHPH Tavon Austin
MQR-APJG Jared Allen
MQR-APJG Cordarrelle Patterson
MQR-APJG Mike Gillislee
MQR-APJG Dion Jordan
MQR-BABG Sam Bradford
MQR-BABG Chris Givens
MQR-BABG Tavon Austin
MQR-BABG Stedman Bailey
MQR-BBBL Eddie Lacy
MQR-BBBL Montee Ball
MQR-BBBL Giovani Bernard
MQR-BBBL Le’Veon Bell
MQR-CBBD Jamaal Charles
MQR-CBBD Montee Ball
MQR-CBBD Eric Decker
MQR-CBBD Dwayne Bowe
MQR-EEEM Tyler Eifert
MQR-EEEM Gavin Escobar
MQR-EEEM Vance McDonald
MQR-EEEM Zach Ertz
MQR-ETAB Andre Ellington
MQR-ETAB Tavon Austin
MQR-ETAB Stepfan Taylor
MQR-ETAB Stedman Bailey
MQR-FJME DeSean Jackson
MQR-FJME Nick Foles
MQR-FJME Jeremy Maclin
MQR-FJME Zach Ertz
MQR-GBTW Matt Barkley
MQR-GBTW Mike Glennon
MQR-GBTW Ryan Tannehill
MQR-GBTW Russell Wilson
MQR-GJBR Maurice Jones-Drew
MQR-GJBR Denard Robinson
MQR-GJBR Justin Blackmon
MQR-GJBR Blaine Gabbert
MQR-GMTM Lamar Miller
MQR-GMTM Robert Griffin III
MQR-GMTM Ryan Tannehill
MQR-GMTM Alfred Morris
MQR-GRDB Josh Boyce
MQR-GRDB Aaron Dobson
MQR-GRDB Stevan Ridley
MQR-GRDB Rob Gronkowski
MQR-JGAH Tavon Austin
MQR-JGAH Julio Jones
MQR-JGAH DeAndre Hopkins
MQR-JRFH Arian Foster
MQR-JRFH DeAndre Hopkins
MQR-JRFH Denard Robinson
MQR-JRFH Maurice Jones-Drew
MQR-KDLP Colin Kaepernick
MQR-KDLP Marcus Lattimore
MQR-KDLP Quinton Patton
MQR-KDLP Vernon Davis
MQR-LGWK Colin Kaepernick
MQR-LGWK Russell Wilson
MQR-LGWK Robert Griffin III
MQR-LGWK Andrew Luck
MQR-LJWH Chris Johnson
MQR-LJWH Justin Hunter
MQR-LJWH Kendall Wright
MQR-LJWH Jake Locker
MQR-MBWE Gavin Escobar
MQR-MBWE Terrance Williams
MQR-MBWE Dez Bryant
MQR-MBWE DeMarco Murray
MQR-MSGB Geno Smith
MQR-MSGB Matt Barkley
MQR-MSGB E.J. Manuel
MQR-MSGB Mike Glennon
MQR-MSLG E.J. Manuel
MQR-MSLG Geno Smith
MQR-MSLG Andrew Luck
MQR-MSLG Robert Griffin III
MQR-RLMB Eddie Lacy
MQR-RLMB Montee Ball
MQR-RLMB Trent Richardson
MQR-RLMB Doug Martin
MQR-SWDG Aaron Dobson
MQR-SWDG Mike Gillislee
MQR-SWDG Geno Smith
MQR-SWDG Robert Woods
MQR-TFBB Johnathan Franklin
MQR-TFBB Le’Veon Bell
MQR-TFBB Montee Ball
MQR-TFBB Stepfan Taylor
MQR-THWJ Cameron Wake
MQR-THWJ Dion Jordan
MQR-THWJ Brian Hartline
MQR-THWJ Ryan Tannehill

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Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews

Ken K.
Ken K.

Awesome cards. Beautiful design and craftsmanship.


I pulled a redemption for a justin hunter autographed helmet… Any idea how rare? If it’s full size? Nothing mentioned in set checklist.

Mark Reams
Mark Reams

Broke a box last Saturday night….my wife said that she’s rarely seen the look of absolute unbridled joy on my face, and that she’s also rarely seen me so speechless. Yeah, it was a good break.

Agree with all reviews except for the first. This set is better than triple threads. Fantastic hit odds as well. Best of Topps 2013 FB in my oppinion. Downright filthy set.

This is one of the best football products of the year if not the best.It is loaded with hit veteran and rookie.So far I have pulled 3 1/1 cards and numerous low numbered autos.Thumbs up Topps…..


What are the odds of base emerald 1/1’s I pulled 5 emerald 1/1 out of just 4 boxes at a hobby store


Clean and Brilliant Player Profiles, with numerous variations and the framed cards are spectacular. Well thought out and packed with super relics and on-card signatures are always nice to pull.


so one ink set that has on card signatures? that’s a museum collection? topps needs quit the bullpoop, fill the redemptions owed and get the books back to even and start over.

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