2013 Topps Five Star Baseball Cards

2013 Topps Five Star Baseball Cards


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Nearly every card in 2013 Topps Five Star Baseball would be considered a high-end hit in most every other product. The pricey set returns for a second year, once again filled with autographs and premium relic pieces.

The main focus of 2013 Topps Five Star Baseball is on the hits. Every single-pack box delivers two basic autographs, either a third autograph or an autographed patch card, an autographed book card or a Silver Signatures autograph and one high-end relic card. The five hits are rounded out by a single base card.

Active/Retired Player Autographs include many big names from the past and present. Falling at least two per box, they give collectors a solid shot at getting signatures from a variety of eras. Rainbow Foil parallels are numbered to 25. Each card also has a 1/1 Five Star parallel. Quotable Autographs (#/10) include an inscription. Legends Autographs see the signature lineup expand beyond the baseball diamond to other areas. Soccer icon, Pele, is among those signing for the set.

Silver Signatures are self explanatory. Rather than standard blue or black inks, they're signed in bold silver. They have six parallels that range in numbered to a high of 25 and a low of 1.

Autographed Patch cards also include active and retired players. Regular versions are numbered to 35. Parallels include Gold Foil (#/10), Rainbow Foil (#/5) and Five Star (1/1).

The majority of the one-per-box Autographed Book Cards come with either three or four relic pieces or one jumbo swatch. Each are numbered to 49 and have Gold Foil (#/10) and Five Star (1/1) parallels. Other book cards include Dual Signature Book (#/10), Dual Signature Patch (#/10), and Dual Signatures Logo Patch Book (1/1). There is also a one-of-one25 Signature book card.

2013 Topps Five Star Baseball squeezes in autographs of several deceased greats through cut signatures. Cut Signature Book cards have a cut on one side paired with an on-card signature from a living player on the other. Greatest Lineups of All-Time Book cards celebrate some of the best teams to ever play the game.

The premium relic in every box will usually be a Jumbo Jersey Relic from an active player. Basic versions are numbered to 35. Six levels of parallels are numbered no higher than 30. Active players are have Dual, Triple, Quad and Octo Patch versions numbered to 5. Legends Relics are limited to 25 numbered copies while Dual Legends Relics come numbered to 10. One-of-one relics include Letters, Bat Plates and Bat Knobs. Batting Glove relics are limited to two copies each.

The 2013 Topps Five Star Baseball base set has 100 cards. Like the autograph and memorabilia card checklists, it includes current players and retired stars. All base cards are numbered to just 75 copies. This is slightly lower than 2012 where they were numbered to 80. Rainbow Foil parallels are numbered to 10 while Five Star parallels are one-of-ones.

Product Configuration: 1 pack per box, 6 cards per pack
Price Point: Ultra High-End Baseball Card
Target Audience: Hit Seekers, Autograph Collectors, High-End Memorabilia Card Collectors, Old-Time Baseball Fans

2013 Topps Five Star Baseball Box Break

  • 1 Autographed Book Card or Silver Signatures Card
  • 2 Autographs
  • 1 Autographed Patch Card or Additional Autograph
  • 1 Jumbo Relic or Ultra-Premium Relic
  • 1 Base Card
  • 6 Total Cards
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Set Checklist

2013 Topps Five Star Baseball Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

100 cards
Serial Numbered #/75
PARALLEL CARDS: Rainbow Foil #/10, Five Star 1/1

1 Buster Posey
2 Zack Wheeler RC
3 Yoenis Cespedes
4 Whitey Ford
5 Willie Stargell
6 Giancarlo Stanton
7 Troy Tulowitzki
8 Adam Jones
9 Adrian Beltre
10 Shelby Miller RC
11 Ryan Braun
12 Lou Gehrig
13 Babe Ruth
14 Wade Boggs
15 Adam Wainwright
16 Ozzie Smith
17 Don Mattingly
18 Jose Bautista
19 Mike Schmidt
20 Roberto Clemente
21 Prince Fielder
22 Matt Cain
23 Derek Jeter
24 Ted Williams
25 Bo Jackson
26 Robinson Cano
27 Willie Mays
28 Miguel Cabrera
29 Josh Hamilton
30 Stan Musial
31 Bob Gibson
32 Andrew McCutchen
33 Joey Votto
34 Gerrit Cole RC
35 CC Sabathia
36 Mike Trout
37 Monte Irvin
38 Wil Myers RC
39 Cliff Lee
40 Fergie Jenkins
41 Clayton Kershaw
42 Matt Harvey
43 Robin Yount
44 John Smoltz
45 Mike Zunino RC
46 Ken Griffey Jr.
47 Al Kaline
48 Aroldis Chapman
49 Johnny Bench
50 Bryce Harper
51 Paul Molitor
52 Alex Rodriguez
53 George Kell
54 Yadier Molina
55 Juan Marichal
56 Ryan Howard
57 R.A. Dickey
58 Jurickson Profar RC
59 Frank Robinson
60 Yasiel Puig RC
61 Lou Brock
62 Evan Longoria
63 Bob Feller
64 Gary Carter
65 Harmon Killebrew
66 Carlos Gonzalez
67 Anthony Rendon RC
68 Stephen Strasburg
69 Carlton Fisk
70 Paul Goldschmidt
71 Andre Dawson
72 Mariano Rivera
73 Joe Mauer
74 Felix Hernandez
75 Dylan Bundy RC
76 Reggie Jackson
77 Manny Machado RC
78 Nolan Ryan
79 Ernie Banks
80 Adrian Gonzalez
81 Cal Ripken Jr.
82 Larry Doby
83 Dustin Pedroia
84 Billy Williams
85 Cole Hamels
86 Frank Thomas
87 Albert Pujols
88 Chipper Jones
89 Rickey Henderson
90 Sandy Koufax
91 Justin Verlander
92 Chris Davis
93 David Price
94 Chris Sale
95 Jacoby Ellsbury
96 Ryne Sandberg
97 David Wright
98 Matt Kemp
99 Ty Cobb
100 Yu Darvish
2013 Topps Five Star Baseball Cards 1

3-Piece Signatures Book Set Checklist

6 cards
Serial Numbered #/49
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold Foil #/10, Rainbow Foil 1/1 (All Patches)
2013 Topps Five Star Baseball Cards 2

FSBA3-CR Cal Ripken Jr.
FSBA3-MS Mike Schmidt
FSBA3-MT Mike Trout
FSBA3-NG Nomar Garciaparra
FSBA3-YD Yu Darvish
FSBA3-YP Yasiel Puig

4-Piece Signatures Book Set Checklist

5 cards
Serial Numbered #/49
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold Foil #/10, Rainbow Foil 1/1 (All Patches)
2013 Topps Five Star Baseball Cards 3

FSBA4-BH Bryce Harper
FSBA4-CB Craig Biggio
FSBA4-DW David Wright
FSBA4-MC Miguel Cabrera
FSBA4-RB Ryan Braun

Autograph Set Checklist

2 per box
PARALLEL CARDS: Rainbow Foil #/25, Five Star 1/1

FSBA-AD Andre Dawson
FSBA-AG Adrian Gonzalez
FSBA-AJ Adam Jones
FSBA-AK Al Kaline
FSBA-AR Anthony Rizzo
FSBA-BB Billy Butler
FSBA-BG Bob Gibson
FSBA-BH Bryce Harper
FSBA-BJ Bo Jackson
FSBA-BP Buster Posey
FSBA-BW Billy Williams
FSBA-CB Craig Biggio
FSBA-CH Cole Hamels
FSBA-CR Cal Ripken Jr.
FSBA-CS Chris Sale
FSBA-DB Dylan Bundy
FSBA-DE Dennis Eckersley
FSBA-DF David Freese
FSBA-DM Don Mattingly
FSBA-DMU Dale Murphy
FSBA-DP Dustin Pedroia
FSBA-DS Dave Stewart
FSBA-DW David Wright
FSBA-EB Ernie Banks
FSBA-ED Eric Davis
FSBA-EL Evan Longoria
FSBA-EM Edgar Martinez
FSBA-FF Freddie Freeman
FSBA-FJ Fergie Jenkins
FSBA-FL Fred Lynn
FSBA-FM Fred McGriff
FSBA-FT Frank Thomas
FSBA-GC Gerrit Cole
FSBA-GS Giancarlo Stanton
FSBA-HA Hank Aaron
FSBA-HR Hyun-Jin Ryu
FSBA-JB Jose Bautista
FSBA-JBE Johnny Bench
FSBA-JC Johnny Cueto
FSBA-JF Jose Fernandez
FSBA-JH Josh Hamilton
FSBA-JHE Jason Heyward
FSBA-JM Juan Marichal
FSBA-JP Jurickson Profar
FSBA-JPA Jim Palmer
FSBA-JR Jim Rice
FSBA-JS John Smoltz
FSBA-JSH James Shields
FSBA-JU Justin Upton
FSBA-KGR Ken Griffey Jr.
FSBA-KL Kenny Lofton
FSBA-LS Lee Smith
FSBA-MB Madison Bumgarner
FSBA-MC Miguel Cabrera
FSBA-MM Matt Moore
FSBA-MMA Manny Machado
FSBA-MMU Mike Mussina
FSBA-MS Mike Schmidt
FSBA-MT Mike Trout
FSBA-MTR Mark Trumbo
FSBA-MW Matt Williams
FSBA-NG Nomar Garciaparra
FSBA-NR Nolan Ryan
FSBA-OC Orlando Cepeda
FSBA-PG Paul Goldschmidt
FSBA-PM Pedro Martinez
FSBA-PMO Paul Molitor
FSBA-PO Paul O'Neill
FSBA-RB Ryan Braun
FSBA-RD R.A. Dickey
FSBA-RH Rickey Henderson
FSBA-RJ Reggie Jackson
FSBA-RS Ryne Sandberg
FSBA-RZ Ryan Zimmerman
FSBA-SK Sandy Koufax
FSBA-SM Shelby Miller
FSBA-SP Salvador Perez
FSBA-TG Tom Glavine
FSBA-TGW Tony Gwynn
FSBA-TS Tom Seaver
FSBA-WC Will Clark
FSBA-WMA Willie Mays
FSBA-WMY Wil Myers
FSBA-YC Yoenis Cespedes
FSBA-YD Yu Darvish
FSBA-YP Yasiel Puig
2013 Topps Five Star Baseball Cards 4

Autograph Patch Set Checklist

16 cards
Serial Numbered #/35
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold Foil #/10, Rainbow Foil #/5, Five Star 1/1
2013 Topps Five Star Baseball Cards 5

FSAP-AJ Adam Jones
FSAP-BP Buster Posey
FSAP-CR Cal Ripken Jr.
FSAP-CS Chris Sale
FSAP-DP Dustin Pedroia
FSAP-DW David Wright
FSAP-JC Johnny Cueto
FSAP-JH Jason Heyward
FSAP-JS John Smoltz
FSAP-MC Miguel Cabrera
FSAP-MM Mike Mussina
FSAP-MS Mike Schmidt
FSAP-MT Mike Trout
FSAP-PS Pablo Sandoval
FSAP-RC Robinson Cano
FSAP-YP Yasiel Puig

Autographed Jumbo Relic Book Set Checklist

5 cards
Serial Numbered #/49
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold Foil #/10, Rainbow Foil Patch 1/1
2013 Topps Five Star Baseball Cards 6

FSAJR-JB Johnny Bench
FSAJR-KG Ken Griffey Jr.
FSAJR-RJ Reggie Jackson
FSAJR-TG Tony Gwynn
FSAJR-WM Willie Mays

Bat Knobs Set Checklist

30 cards
Serial Numbered 1/1
2013 Topps Five Star Baseball Cards 7

FSBK-AD Andre Dawson
FSBK-AK Al Kaline
FSBK-BR Babe Ruth
FSBK-CF Carlton Fisk
FSBK-DJ Derek Jeter
FSBK-DS Duke Snider
FSBK-EM Eddie Murray
FSBK-FJ Ferguson Jenkins
FSBK-FR Frank Robinson
FSBK-FT Frank Thomas
FSBK-GM Greg Maddux
FSBK-HK Harmon Killebrew
FSBK-JB Johnny Bench
FSBK-JF Jimmie Foxx
FSBK-JR Jackie Robinson
FSBK-MC Miguel Cabrera
FSBK-MS Mike Schmidt
FSBK-OC Orlando Cepeda
FSBK-OS Ozzie Smith
FSBK-PF Prince Fielder
FSBK-PM Paul Molitor
FSBK-PMA Pedro Martinez
FSBK-RC Roberto Clemente
FSBK-RH Rickey Henderson
FSBK-RK Ralph Kiner
FSBK-RS Ryne Sandberg
FSBK-RY Robin Yount
FSBK-TW Ted Williams
FSBK-WM Willie McCovey

Bat Plates Set Checklist

30 cards
Serial Numbered 1/1
2013 Topps Five Star Baseball Cards 8

FSBP-BR Babe Ruth
FSBP-CF Carlton Fisk
FSBP-CJ Chipper Jones
FSBP-DJ Derek Jeter
FSBP-DM Don Mattingly
FSBP-EB Ernie Banks
FSBP-EM Eddie Mathews
FSBP-FT Frank Thomas
FSBP-GC Gary Carter
FSBP-HK Harmon Killebrew
FSBP-JB Johnny Bench
FSBP-JD Joe DiMaggio
FSBP-JF Jimmie Foxx
FSBP-JP Jim Palmer
FSBP-JR Jackie Robinson
FSBP-MC Miguel Cabrera
FSBP-MS Mike Schmidt
FSBP-OC Orlando Cepeda
FSBP-OS Ozzie Smith
FSBP-PF Prince Fielder
FSBP-PFI Prince Fielder
FSBP-PM Paul Molitor
FSBP-RC Rod Carew
FSBP-RF Rick Ferrell
FSBP-RH Rickey Henderson
FSBP-RJ Reggie Jackson
FSBP-RK Ralph Kiner
FSBP-TP Tony Perez
FSBP-WB Wade Boggs
FSBP-WM Willie McCovey

Batting Gloves Set Checklist

15 cards
Serial Numbered #/2
2013 Topps Five Star Baseball Cards 9

FSBG-AB Adrian Beltre
FSBG-AJO Adam Jones
FSBG-BH Bryce Harper
FSBG-BM Brian McCann
FSBG-BP Brandon Phillips
FSBG-DJ Derek Jeter
FSBG-DO David Ortiz
FSBG-DW David Wright
FSBG-JB Jay Bruce
FSBG-JHA Josh Hamilton
FSBG-JU Justin Upton
FSBG-JV Joey Votto
FSBG-MM Manny Machado
FSBG-NC Nelson Cruz
FSBG-SC Starlin Castro

Cut Signatures Set Checklist

24 cards
Serial Numbered 1/1

FSCS-BL Bob Lemon
FSCS-BO Buck O'Neill
FSCS-BR Babe Ruth
FSCS-DD Don Drysdale
FSCS-DS Duke Snider
FSCS-EF Elmer Flick
FSCS-EL Ernie Lombardi
FSCS-FF Ford Frick
FSCS-GK George Kell
FSCS-HG Hank Greenberg
FSCS-JC Joe Cronin
FSCS-JD Joe DiMaggio
FSCS-LG Lefty Gomez
FSCS-PR Pee Wee Reese
FSCS-RR Red Ruffing
FSCS-SC Sam Crawford
FSCS-SCR Sam Crawford
FSCS-SP Satchel Paige
FSCS-TW1 Ted Williams
FSCS-TW2 Ted Williams
FSCS-WS1 Warren Spahn
FSCS-WS2 Warren Spahn
FSCS-WST Willie Stargell

Cut Signatures Book Set Checklist

Serial Numbered 1/1

FSCSB-AR Jackie Robinson
Hank Aaron
FSCSB-GP Satchel Paige
Bob Gibson
FSCSB-GW1 Nomar Garciaparra
Ted Williams
FSCSB-GW2 Ted Williams
Nomar Garciaparra
FSCSB-HW1 Ted Williams
Bryce Harper
FSCSB-HW2 Ted Williams
Bryce Harper
FSCSB-JD1 Reggie Jackson
Joe DiMaggio
FSCSB-JD2 Reggie Jackson
Joe DiMaggio
FSCSB-JD3 Reggie Jackson
Joe DiMaggio
FSCSB-JD4 Reggie Jackson
Joe DiMaggio
FSCSB-JM Reggie Jackson
Thurman Munson
FSCSB-KC Al Kaline
Ty Cobb
FSCSB-KR Pee Wee Reese
Sandy Koufax
FSCSB-KRO Jackie Robinson
Sandy Koufax
FSCSB-MS Willie Stargell
Andrew McCutchen
FSCSB-MW1 Ted Williams
Pedro Martinez
FSCSB-MW2 Pedro Martinez
Ted Williams
FSCSB-MW3 Ted Williams
Pedro Martinez
Buster Posey
FSCSB-SS Ron Santo
Ryne Sandberg
FSCSB-TD Mike Trout
Joe DiMaggio

Dual Patch Relics Set Checklist

30 cards
Serial Numbered #/5
2013 Topps Five Star Baseball Cards 10

FSDP-BC Robinson Cano
Yogi Berra
FSDP-CF Miguel Cabrera
Prince Fielder
FSDP-DN R.A. Dickey
Phil Niekro
FSDP-ES Dennis Eckersley
John Smoltz
FSDP-GH Dwight Gooden
Matt Harvey
FSDP-HI Felix Hernandez
Hisashi Iwakuma
FSDP-HS Stephen Strasburg
Bryce Harper
FSDP-HST Matt Harvey
Stephen Strasburg
FSDP-HT Bryce Harper
Mike Trout
FSDP-HW David Wright
Matt Harvey
FSDP-JM Greg Maddux
Chipper Jones
FSDP-LS Pablo Sandoval
Tim Lincecum
FSDP-ML Matt Moore
Evan Longoria
FSDP-MM Starling Marte
Andrew McCutchen
FSDP-MP Joe Mauer
Buster Posey
FSDP-MS Greg Maddux
John Smoltz
FSDP-MW Adam Wainwright
Yadier Molina
FSDP-OP David Ortiz
Dustin Pedroia
FSDP-PK Matt Kemp
Yasiel Puig
FSDP-PL Buster Posey
Tim Lincecum
FSDP-PLG Evan Longoria
David Price
FSDP-PM Andy Pettitte
Mike Mussina
FSDP-SK Clayton Kershaw
Don Sutton
FSDP-SP CC Sabathia
Andy Pettitte
FSDP-SV Justin Verlander
Stephen Strasburg
FSDP-TR Jim Rice
Luis Tiant
FSDP-UJ Chipper Jones
Justin Upton
FSDP-UU B.J. Upton
Justin Upton
FSDP-VC Miguel Cabrera
Justin Verlander
FSDP-VF Justin Verlander
Prince Fielder

Dual Signature Book Set Checklist

9 cards
Serial Numbered #/10
2013 Topps Five Star Baseball Cards 11

FSDSB-AB Hank Aaron
Ernie Banks
FSDSB-BP Buster Posey
Johnny Bench
FSDSB-BS Johnny Bench
Tom Seaver
FSDSB-GT Mike Trout
Ken Griffey Jr.
FSDSB-JS Deion Sanders
Bo Jackson
FSDSB-JT Frank Thomas
Bo Jackson
FSDSB-MG Nomar Garciaparra
Pedro Martinez
FSDSB- PM Mike Mussina
Jim Palmer
FSDSB-SG John Smoltz
Tom Glavine

Dual Signatures Patch Book Set Checklist

24 cards
Serial Numbered #/10
2013 Topps Five Star Baseball Cards 12

FSDSP-BF Jose Fernandez
Dylan Bundy
FSDSP-BH Bryce Harper
Ryan Braun
FSDSP-BP Dustin Pedroia
Craig Biggio
FSDSP-BPO Ryan Braun
Buster Posey
FSDSP-CP Buster Posey
Miguel Cabrera
FSDSP-CS Giancarlo Stanton
Yoenis Cespedes
FSDSP-DR Yu Darvish
Hyun-Jin Ryu
FSDSP-FC Prince Fielder
Miguel Cabrera
FSDSP-GP Dustin Pedroia
Nomar Garciaparra
FSDSP-GR Bob Gibson
Nolan Ryan
FSDSP-GT Frank Thomas
Ken Griffey Jr.
FSDSP-HD Yu Darvish
Felix Hernandez
FSDSP-HS Cole Hamels
Mike Schmidt
FSDSP-HT Mike Trout
Bryce Harper
FSDSP-HZ Ryan Zimmerman
Bryce Harper
FSDSP-PC Will Clark
Buster Posey
FSDSP-RD Nolan Ryan
Yu Darvish
FSDSP-RG Cal Ripken Jr.
Tony Gwynn
FSDSP-RM Manny Machado
Cal Ripken Jr.
FSDSP-SG Tom Glavine
John Smoltz
FSDSP-SK Craig Kimbrel
John Smoltz
FSDSP-TC Mike Trout
Miguel Cabrera
FSDSP-TH Mike Trout
Josh Hamilton
FSDSP-UH Jason Heyward
Justin Upton

Dual Signature MLB Logo Patch Book Set Checklist

24 cards
Serial Numbered 1/1

FSDLP-BF Jose Fernandez
Dylan Bundy
FSDLP-BH Bryce Harper
Ryan Braun
FSDLP-BP Dustin Pedroia
Craig Biggio
FSDLP-BPO Ryan Braun
Buster Posey
FSDLP-CP Buster Posey
Miguel Cabrera
FSDLP-CS Giancarlo Stanton
Yoenis Cespedes
FSDLP-DR Yu Darvish
Hyun-Jin Ryu
FSDLP-FC Prince Fielder
Miguel Cabrera
FSDLP-GP Dustin Pedroia
Nomar Garciaparra
FSDLP-GR Bob Gibson
Nolan Ryan
FSDLP-GT Frank Thomas
Ken Griffey Jr.
FSDLP-HD Yu Darvish
Felix Hernandez
FSDLP-HS Cole Hamels
Mike Schmidt
FSDLP-HT Mike Trout
Bryce Harper
FSDLP-HZ Ryan Zimmerman
Bryce Harper
FSDLP-PC Will Clark
Buster Posey
FSDLP-RD Nolan Ryan
Yu Darvish
FSDLP-RG Cal Ripken Jr.
Tony Gwynn
FSDLP-RM Manny Machado
Cal Ripken Jr.
FSDLP-SG Tom Glavine
John Smoltz
FSDLP-SK Craig Kimbrel
John Smoltz
FSDLP-TC Mike Trout
Miguel Cabrera
FSDLP-TH Mike Trout
Josh Hamilton
FSDLP-UH Jason Heyward
Justin Upton

Greatest Lineup of All-Time Book Set Checklist

FSGL-YAN 1927 New York Yankees
Earle Combs
Mark Koenig
Babe Ruth
Lou Gehrig
Bob Meusel
Tony Lazzeri
Joe Dugan
Pat Collins
Herb Pennock
FSGL-DOD 1953 Brooklyn Dodgers
Jim Gilliam
Pee Wee Reese
Duke Snider
Jackie Robinson
Gil Hodges
Roy Campanella
Carl Furillo
Billy Cox
Carl Erskine
FSGL-TIG 1935 Detroit Tigers
Jo-Jo White
Mickey Cochrane
Charlie Gehringer
Hank Greenberg
Goose Goslin
Billy Rogell
Pete Fox
Marv Owen
Tommy Bridges
FSGL-NYY 1961 New York Yankees
Bobby Richardson
Tony Kubek
Roger Maris
Mickey Mantle
Yogi Berra
Elston Howard
Moose Skowron
Clete Boyer
Whitey Ford
FSGL-BRS 1940 Boston Red Sox
Dom DiMaggio
Doc Cramer
Ted Williams
Jimmie Foxx
Joe Cronin
Bobby Doerr
Jim Tabor
Gene Desautels
Lefty Grove

Jumbo Jersey Relics Set Checklist

51 cards
Serial Numbered #/35
PARALLEL CARDS: Blue #/30, Red #/25, Purple #/20, Orange #/15, Gold #/10, Rainbow #/5, Five Star Jumbo Patch 1/1
2013 Topps Five Star Baseball Cards 13

FSJJR-AC Aroldis Chapman
FSJJR-AGZ Adrian Gonzalez
FSJJR-AP Andy Pettitte
FSJJR-APU Albert Pujols
FSJJR-AR Alex Rodriguez
FSJJR-ARZ Anthony Rizzo
FSJJR-BB Billy Butler
FSJJR-BH Bryce Harper
FSJJR-BH2 Bryce Harper
FSJJR-BP Buster Posey
FSJJR-CB Craig Biggio
FSJJR-CD Chris Davis
FSJJR-CF Carlton Fisk
FSJJR-CG Curtis Granderson
FSJJR-CGZ Carlos Gonzalez
FSJJR-CS Chris Sale
FSJJR-DJ Derek Jeter
FSJJR-DM Don Mattingly
FSJJR-DP Dustin Pedroia
FSJJR-DW David Wright
FSJJR-EL Evan Longoria
FSJJR-FH Felix Hernandez
FSJJR-FM Fred McGriff
FSJJR-GG Gio Gonzalez
FSJJR-GS Giancarlo Stanton
FSJJR-JB Jose Bautista
FSJJR-JH Josh Hamilton
FSJJR-JP Jurickson Profar
FSJJR-JR Jose Reyes
FSJJR-JU Justin Upton
FSJJR-LT Luis Tiant
FSJJR-MC Miguel Cabrera
FSJJR-MH Matt Harvey
FSJJR-MK Matt Kemp
FSJJR-MM Matt Moore
FSJJR-MR Mariano Rivera
FSJJR-MT Mike Trout
FSJJR-PF Prince Fielder
FSJJR-PN Phil Niekro
FSJJR-RB Ryan Braun
FSJJR-RH Ryan Howard
FSJJR-SC Starlin Castro
FSJJR-SS Stephen Strasburg
FSJJR-TL Tim Lincecum
FSJJR-TT Troy Tulowitzki
FSJJR-YC Yoenis Cespedes
FSJJR-YD Yu Darvish
FSJJR-YP Yasiel Puig

Legends Autographs Set Checklist

3 cards

2013 Topps Five Star Baseball Cards 14

Legends Relics Set Checklist

25 cards
Serial Numbered #/25
2013 Topps Five Star Baseball Cards 15

FSLR-BF Bob Feller
FSLR-BG Bob Gibson
FSLR-CRJ Cal Ripken Jr.
FSLR-EB Ernie Banks
FSLR-EM Eddie Mathews
FSLR-GB George Brett
FSLR-HK Harmon Killebrew
FSLR-JB Johnny Bench
FSLR-JB2 Johnny Bench
FSLR-JF Jimmie Foxx
FSLR-JR Jackie Robinson
FSLR-KGJ Ken Griffey Jr.
FSLR-MS Mike Schmidt
FSLR-NR Nolan Ryan
FSLR-RC Roberto Clemente
FSLR-RC2 Roberto Clemente
FSLR-RH Rickey Henderson
FSLR-RJ Reggie Jackson
FSLR-SM Stan Musial
FSLR-TC2 Ty Cobb
FSLR-TW Ted Williams
FSLR-WM Willie Mays
FSLR-WMC Willie McCovey
FSLR-YB Yogi Berra

Dual Legends Relics Set Checklist

20 cards
Serial Numbered #/10
2013 Topps Five Star Baseball Cards 16

FSDLR-BB Yogi Berra
Johnny Bench
FSDLR-BF Johnny Bench
Carlton Fisk
FSDLR-BJ Reggie Jackson
Yogi Berra
FSDLR-BR Babe Ruth
Yogi Berra
FSDLR-BS George Brett
Mike Schmidt
FSDLR-CA Roberto Clemente
Hank Aaron
FSDLR-CR Babe Ruth
Ty Cobb
FSDLR-CW Ted Williams
Ty Cobb
FSDLR-FC Jimmie Foxx
Ty Cobb
FSDLR-GM Stan Musial
Bob Gibson
FSDLR-GMA Ken Griffey Jr.
Pedro Martinez
FSDLR-HB Lou Brock
Rickey Henderson
FSDLR-MG Willie Mays
Ken Griffey Jr.
FSDLR-MGI Bob Gibson
Pedro Martinez
FSDLR-MW Stan Musial
Ted Williams
FSDLR-RA Jackie Robinson
Hank Aaron
FSDLR-RC Roberto Clemente
Jackie Robinson
FSDLR-RG Bob Gibson
Nolan Ryan
FSDLR-RGW Tony Gwynn
Cal Ripken Jr.
FSDLR-SC Willie Stargell
Roberto Clemente

Letters Relics Set Checklist

Serial Numbered 1/1

FSL-AB Adrian Beltre
FSL-AC Aroldis Chapman
FSL-AG Adrian Gonzalez
FSL-AJ Austin Jackson
FSL-AM Andrew McCutchen
FSL-AR Anthony Rendon
FSL-ARI Anthony Rizzo
FSL-BH Bryce Harper
FSL-BHA Bryce Harper
FSL-BHR Bryce Harper
FSL-BP Buster Posey
FSL-CF Carlton Fisk
FSL-CG Carlos Gonzalez
FSL-CK Clayton Kershaw
FSL-CS Chris Sale
FSL-DF David Freese
FSL-DG Dwight Gooden
FSL-DP David Price
FSL-DW David Wright
FSL-EL Evan Longoria
FSL-FH Felix Hernandez
FSL-FT Frank Thomas
FSL-GC Gerrit Cole
FSL-GG Gio Gonzalez
FSL-JB Jose Bautista
FSL-JH Jeremy Hellickson
FSL-JM Joe Mauer
FSL-JS John Smoltz
FSL-JU Justin Upton
FSL-MC Miguel Cabrera
FSL-MCA Miguel Cabrera
FSL-MH Matt Harvey
FSL-MM Manny Machado
FSL-MMO Matt Moore
FSL-MS Max Scherzer
FSL-MT Mike Trout
FSL-NA Nolan Arenado
FSL-PF Prince Fielder
FSL-PG Paul Goldschmidt
FSL-PS Pablo Sandoval
FSL-RB Ryan Braun
FSL-RH Roy Halladay
FSL-SS Stephen Strasburg
FSL-TC Tony Cingrani
FSL-TL Tim Lincecum
FSL-TT Troy Tulowitzki
FSL-WM Wil Myers
FSL-YC Yoenis Cespedes
FSL-YD Yu Darvish
FSL-YP Yasiel Puig
2013 Topps Five Star Baseball Cards 17

Octo Patch Relic Book Set Checklist

10 cards
Serial Numbered #/5
2013 Topps Five Star Baseball Cards 18

FSOP-1 Troy Tulowitzki Dustin Pedroia
Chris Davis
Mike Trout
Bryce Harper
Buster Posey
Yasiel Puig
Miguel Cabrera
FSOP-2 Nolan Arenado
Wil Myers
Mike Zunino
Gerrit Cole
Shelby Miller
Yasiel Puig
Zack Wheeler
Hyun-Jin Ryu
FSOP-3 Manny Machado
Bryce Harper
Mike Trout
Shelby Miller
Stephen Strasburg
Yu Darvish
Yasiel Puig
Matt Harvey
FSOP-4 Hanley Ramirez
Matt Kemp
Adrian Gonzalez
Josh Beckett
Yasiel Puig
Zack Greinke
Hyun-Jin Ryu
Clayton Kershaw
FSOP-5 Jered Weaver
Felix Hernandez
Yu Darvish
Matt Moore
Justin Verlander
David Price
CC Sabathia
Chris Sale
FSOP-6 Adam Wainwright
Shelby Miller
Matt Harvey
Hyun-Jin Ryu
Stephen Strasburg
Clayton Kershaw
Cliff Lee
Gio Gonzalez
FSOP-7 Evan Longoria
Manny Machado
Adrian Beltre
Ryan Zimmerman
Miguel Cabrera
David Freese
Pablo Sandoval
David Wright
FSOP-8 CC Sabathia
David Ortiz
Mariano Rivera
Albert Pujols
Justin Verlander
Josh Hamilton
Miguel Cabrera
Derek Jeter
FSOP-9 Mark Teixeira
Derek Jeter
Robinson Cano
Andy Pettitte
Alex Rodriguez
Mariano Rivera
Hiroki Kuroda
Curtis Granderson
FSOP-10 Carlos Gonzalez
Justin Upton
Andrew McCutchen
Jacoby Ellsbury
Bryce Harper
Ryan Braun
Yoenis Cespedes
Mike Trout

Quad Patch Relic Book Set Checklist

15 cards
Serial Numbered #/5
2013 Topps Five Star Baseball Cards 19

FSQP-1 Andy Pettitte
Mariano Rivera
Derek Jeter
Robinson Cano
FSQP-2 Yu Darvish
Stephen Strasburg
Matt Harvey
Justin Verlander
FSQP-3 David Wright
Stephen Strasburg
Bryce Harper
Matt Harvey
FSQP-4 Mike Trout
Miguel Cabrera
Buster Posey
Bryce Harper
FSQP-5 Cole Hamels
Chris Sale
Gio Gonzalez
Clayton Kershaw
FSQP-6 Mike Trout
Ryan Braun
Bryce Harper
Giancarlo Stanton
FSQP-7 Hyun-Jin Ryu
Zack Wheeler
Shelby Miller
Gerrit Cole
FSQP-8 Buster Posey
Yadier Molina
Joe Mauer
Mike Zunino
FSQP-9 Justin Upton
Freddie Freeman
Jason Heyward
Craig Kimbrel
FSQP-10 Mike Zunino
Jurickson Profar
Wil Myers
Yasiel Puig
FSQP-11 Prince Fielder
Justin Verlander
Max Scherzer
Miguel Cabrera
FSQP-12 Matt Kemp
Clayton Kershaw
Yasiel Puig
Adrian Gonzalez
FSQP-13 Mariano Rivera
Mike Mussina
Andy Pettitte
CC Sabathia
FSQP-14 Yasiel Puig
Mike Trout
Bryce Harper
Manny Machado
FSQP-15 Josh Hamilton
Jered Weaver
Mike Trout
Albert Pujols

Quadragraph Book Set Checklist

10 cards

FSBQ-1 Mike Trout
Buster Posey
Miguel Cabrera
Bryce Harper
FSBQ-2 Cole Hamels
Chris Sale
Gio Gonzalez
Clayton Kershaw
FSBQ-3 Cal Ripken Jr.
Frank Thomas
Tony Gwynn
Ken Griffey Jr.
FSBQ-4 Nolan Ryan
Tom Seaver
Bob Gibson
Pedro Martinez
FSBQ-5 Bryce Harper
Mike Trout
Giancarlo Stanton
Ryan Braun
FSBQ-6 Yu Darvish
Jered Weaver
R.A. Dickey
Felix Hernandez
FSBQ-8 Jose Fernandez
Zack Wheeler
Dylan Bundy
Shelby Miller
FSBQ-9 Freddie Freeman
Jason Heyward
Craig Kimbrel
Justin Upton
FSBQ-10 Dustin Pedroia
Jim Rice
Nomar Garciaparra
Will Middlebrooks

Quotable Autographs Set Checklist

30 cards
2013 Topps Five Star Baseball Cards 20

FSQA-AD Andre Dawson
FSQA-AG Adrian Gonzalez
FSQA-AJ Adam Jones
FSQA-AR Anthony Rizzo
FSQA-BH Bryce Harper
FSQA-CB Craig Biggio
FSQA-CR Cal Ripken Jr.
FSQA-CS Chris Sale
FSQA-DF David Freese
FSQA-DM Don Mattingly
FSQA-DP Dustin Pedroia
FSQA-DW David Wright
FSQA-ED Eric Davis
FSQA-FM Fred McGriff
FSQA-FT Frank Thomas
FSQA-GG Gio Gonzalez
FSQA-JB Jose Bautista
FSQA-JBE Johnny Bench
FSQA-JH Josh Hamilton
FSQA-JS John Smoltz
FSQA-KL Kenny Lofton
FSQA-MM Matt Moore
FSQA-MS Mike Schmidt
FSQA-MW Matt Williams
FSQA-NG Nomar Garciaparra
FSQA-PG Paul Goldschmidt
FSQA-RB Ryan Braun
FSQA-SM Shelby Miller
FSQA-TG Tom Glavine
FSQA-TGW Tony Gwynn

Silver Signatures Set Checklist

51 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Blue #/25, Red #/20, Purple #/15, Gold #/10, Rainbow #/5, Five Star 1/1
2013 Topps Five Star Baseball Cards 21

FSSS-AD Andre Dawson
FSSS-AG Adrian Gonzalez
FSSS-AK Al Kaline
FSSS-AR Anthony Rizzo
FSSS-CB Craig Biggio
FSSS-CF Carlton Fisk
FSSS-CH Cole Hamels
FSSS-CK Clayton Kershaw
FSSS-CS Chris Sale
FSSS-DB Dylan Bundy
FSSS-DE Dennis Eckersley
FSSS-DF David Freese
FSSS-DM Dale Murphy
FSSS-DS Dave Stewart
FSSS-DSN Deion Sanders
FSSS-DW David Wright
FSSS-ED Eric Davis
FSSS-FF Freddie Freeman
FSSS-FL Fred Lynn
FSSS-FM Fred McGriff
FSSS-HA Hank Aaron
FSSS-HR Hyun-Jin Ryu
FSSS-JBA Jose Bautista
FSSS-JC Johnny Cueto
FSSS-JF Jose Fernandez
FSSS-JM Juan Marichal
FSSS-JP Jurickson Profar
FSSS-JR Jim Rice
FSSS-JS John Smoltz
FSSS-JSH James Shields
FSSS-JU Justin Upton
FSSS-LS Lee Smith
FSSS-MB Madison Bumgarner
FSSS-MC Matt Cain
FSSS-MM Matt Moore
FSSS-MMA Manny Machado
FSSS-MMU Mike Mussina
FSSS-MTR Mike Trout
FSSS-MW Matt Williams
FSSS-NG Nomar Garciaparra
FSSS-OC Orlando Cepeda
FSSS-PG Paul Goldschmidt
FSSS-PM Paul Molitor
FSSS-PO Paul O'Neill
FSSS-SM Shelby Miller
FSSS-SP Salvador Perez
FSSS-TG Tom Glavine
FSSS-TR Tim Raines
FSSS-WM Wil Myers
FSSS-YC Yoenis Cespedes
FSSS-ZW Zack Wheeler

Triple Patch Relics Set Checklist

20 cards
Serial Numbered #/5
2013 Topps Five Star Baseball Cards 22

FSTP-BRJ Alex Rodriguez
Derek Jeter
Yogi Berra
FSTP-CFJ Miguel Cabrera
Austin Jackson
Prince Fielder
FSTP-CLW Miguel Cabrera
Evan Longoria
David Wright
FSTP-CVF Prince Fielder
Justin Verlander
Miguel Cabrera
FSTP-DHS Yu Darvish
Stephen Strasburg
Matt Harvey
FSTP-DSV Justin Verlander
Stephen Strasburg
Yu Darvish
FSTP-FWH Matt Holliday
David Freese
Adam Wainwright
FSTP-HGS Johan Santana
Matt Harvey
Dwight Gooden
FSTP-HLH Cole Hamels
Cliff Lee
Roy Halladay
FSTP-HPT Albert Pujols
Josh Hamilton
Mike Trout
FSTP-HSZ Ryan Zimmerman
Stephen Strasburg
Bryce Harper
FSTP-HTB Ryan Braun
Bryce Harper
Mike Trout
FSTP-HVL Tim Lincecum
Justin Verlander
Felix Hernandez
FSTP-KPS David Price
CC Sabathia
Clayton Kershaw
FSTP-MLP David Price
Evan Longoria
Matt Moore
FSTP-MSJ Greg Maddux
Chipper Jones
John Smoltz
FSTP-OEP David Ortiz
Jacoby Ellsbury
Dustin Pedroia
FSTP-PMM Buster Posey
Yadier Molina
Joe Mauer
FSTP-SPM CC Sabathia
Andy Pettitte
Mike Mussina
FSTP-UHU Jason Heyward
B.J. Upton
Justin Upton

25 Signatures Book Set Checklist

Serial Numbered 1/1

FS25A-1 Adrian Gonzalez
Paul Goldschmidt
Prince Fielder
Jurickson Profar
Starlin Castro
Mike Trout
Bryce Harper
Yoenis Cespedes
Mike Zunino
Buster Posey
Joe Mauer
Brandon Phillips
Anthony Rizzo
Giancarlo Stanton
Mark Trumbo
Josh Hamilton
Dustin Pedroia
Adam Jones
Jose Bautista
Ryan Braun
Evan Longoria
Carlos Gonzalez
David Wright
Manny Machado
Miguel Cabrera
FS25A-2 Matt Cain
Johnny Cueto
Cole Hamels
Madison Bumgarner
Roy Halladay
Mike Minor
Felix Hernandez
Gio Gonzalez
Hyun-Jin Ryu
Yu Darvish
Clayton Kershaw
Yovani Gallardo
Hisashi Iwakuma
Jered Weaver
Chris Sale
Max Scherzer
James Shields
Gerrit Cole
Matt Moore
R.A. Dickey
David Price
Dylan Bundy
Jose Fernandez
CC Sabathia
Shelby Miller
FS25A-3 Reggie Jackson
Ken Griffey Jr.
Dennis Eckersley
John Smoltz
Tom Glavine
Hank Aaron
Nolan Ryan
Pedro Martinez
Bob Gibson
Jim Palmer
Sandy Koufax
Rickey Henderson
Tony Gwynn
Stan Musial
Frank Thomas
Ernie Banks
Orlando Cepeda
Steve Carlton
Ryne Sandberg
Johnny Bench
Cal Ripken Jr.
Fergie Jenkins
Goose Gossage
Mike Schmidt
Juan Marichal
FS25A-4 Nolan Arenado
Shelby Miller
Adam Eaton
Didi Gregorius
Hyun-Jin Ryu
Zack Wheeler
Jackie Bradley Jr.
Mike Olt
Aaron Hicks
Allen Webster
Yasiel Puig
Nick Franklin
Jurickson Profar
Mike Zunino
Dylan Bundy
Gerrit Cole
Wil Myers
Evan Gattis
Manny Machado
Anthony Rendon
Oswaldo Arcia
Jedd Gyorko
Tony Cingrani
Tyler Skaggs
Jose Fernandez

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Ryan Cracknell  |  E-Mail Author
Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews

  1. I’d rather take a bullet to the crotch than buy this stuff again. I’ll stick to National Treasures.

  2. Loved last years. Glad QC issues are fixed. Waaay too pricey to bust but will buy singles. National pastimes is for people that like airbrushing.

  3. I’m still a waiting for my octo-auto from 2012….
    They should set a guideline for not releasing next generation products till previous commitments are completed…

  4. Grossly overpriced. Chipped edges, so quality control is always a problem with these. Overall, a terrible product.

  5. Richard Bucks Is this out yet? I know chipping was a big thing last year but haven’t seen any of this year’s yet.

  6. Way too pricey for me, but I love watching the box breaks of this stuff on youtube. I’d be interested to see what those 25 sig cards look like.

  7. they have a lot of balls putting redemptions in a 350$ pack of cards.

  8. Gave it a shot. Let’s see $400.00 for a box. Best card in box a Silver Sig’s David Wright Auto #/25. No joke this is a rip off. One auto #/50 and 2 others in the 300’s. The jersey was Bob Feller. Great player but he don’t belong in a $400.00 product. Buyer beware….. save your money and buy singles. At best this product should be $250.00.
    I guess I am the dummy for thinking Topps would actually put out a decent product for once.

  9. Got the production hit of the product in the first box. A book card of the 1927 Yankees all time great lineup with cut signatures of the starting nine. Can’t do any better than this.

  10. I don’t wish to repeat that which has already been said. H/E, in the interest of saving fellow collectors crushing disappointment in a $400 investment? Save your cash! Pulling redemptions from a product at this price point is an utter outrage, and Topps’ redemption fulfillment is shameful; I have recemps’ from ’12 that have yet to be filled.
    My big hit was a Lou Brock and Trumbo autos
    . Awful. Stay away.

  11. No problems in my box. Got a redemption but it’s Darvish /5. Thats sweet, other cards were awesome as well. 350.00 seems about right to me. You’re not going to smash a big hit on every box you open just because theres a high price point. Congrats to the gentleman who got the ’27 Yanks starting 9 cuts. In a 350.00 box, thats incredible, absolutely sick. Redemptions are in every product now. Nobody is forcing you to buy a box….

  12. Ian, while you’re correct, no one forced me to purchase a box at gun-point, the overwhelming consensus is disappointment in the product and manufacturer as a whole.
    Therein lies the beauty of this site; the collective offers advice and experience. We all recognize that not every box will be a grand slam, and that redemptions are a necessary evil (as are sticker autos, for that matter). However, I’m still awaiting fulfillment on a dozen redemptions…12! Two of which date back to 2012…& 2 redemptions from ’11 saw Topps send me “substitute cards” because the redemptions I pulled couldn’t be fulfilled! That, Ian, is an outrage. Had I purchased those redemptions on the 2dry market, I’d have been livid.
    So in conclusion, I’m glad your box was gratifying…but don’t deride other collectors for expressing their frustration and disappointment.

  13. I see about 10 box/case breaks and my card seller ask me more than 1400$ (1150+10 shipping+Canada tax+Quebec tax) I love the product, but too risky. I’m gonna buy singles I don’t ever pulled or buy, Machado rc auto and Harper auto for 160$, more to come but I think I can have what I want for 1400$ in 18 auto cards, no base, no jersey. I’m gonna buy, 2 auto booklets and a 1/1 patch or auto for sure and a Griffey jr auto also.

  14. Understood, I have over 50 redemptions I’m waiting on dating as far back as ’09. That’s on the players not fulfilling their contractual obligation, not Topps. The product is totally awesome as a whole, my point is that you can’t review the product line as 1 star because your box didn’t hit. As a set, the product is absolutely incredible, and a product review is not the forum to express frustration. It’s not topps’ fault that a box was a whiff. There’s so many unbelieveably sick cards in this set that to 1 star it because YOU didn’t hit is absurd. Thats my point. Frustration is a part of cracking any high end product, reviews for the product as a whole should not suffer because of a box not giving you a dream card.

  15. I do not think the argument should be what a box has as far as content. But for the price of these packs there should be. If you open up exquisite, National Treasures anything on these price levels you should get some value in the box. And as far as what I have seen you do from the other two card company’s. Lately …. not from Topps.
    I am not a Topps hatter. There product in my opinion has gone down hill. I think you are absolutly insane for waiting on that many redemptions, you will not get most of them. They will be replaced for lesser players. That is how they operate.
    Promise but don’t deliver.

  16. Thats Topps and Panini combined. Immaculate, Flawless, Innovation, prizm prospects and draft, prizm, any sport, any company. All the same complaints. Panini redemptions, worse than Topps, and don’t get me started on Leaf today. Nat Treas Dual RC’s, quality ones, are all chopped sticker autos. I just participated in a break that pulled one of the 1/1 harper/ t. Williams cut autos. EVERY high end set is nothing but a gamble. Atleast this one has some major beasts. 25 auto book? That doesn’t suck.

  17. Mr. Cracknell, whats up with these Active and Retired redemptions. I got a Stanton but his autos are live on eBay, are they different than the base autos? Thanks man, sorry to light a fire under your reviews on Five Star.

  18. Ian Campbell Sometimes players have both live autographs and redemptions in the same product — even for the same card. This looks like one of those cases. For whatever reason, they had some but not enough to go around.

    And no need for misters. We’re a friendly lot around here. And comment away. I love reading what other people think and the community it brings.

  19. Cool, ty, good to know. It has the FSBA card number on the auto redemp. So I figured it was a base, ty.

  20. My biggest complaint was getting 2 redemptions out of a 3 box (pack) case, then the auto cards numbered to over 300, at least they are on-card auto’s and not stickers.
    If I buy anymore of it, I’ll wait for the price to tank, which I believe is already happening.

  21. Just pulled the 25 signature book!! Only one of 4 !! Great product. Beautiful cards.

  22. I love this product seems like chipping is much better this year as it was in 2012 football version! I got a huge WILLIE MAYS auto I really want to redeem it but I am nervous about him not signing and Topps sending me a bogus “sub”!!! Any thoughts on weather i should SELL or REDEEM? Thanks!

  23. Rod Nice pull! From what I’ve heard, Mays issues are usually connected with his health. If you’re able to sell the redemption and turn that into a live autograph from a past product, that may be a way to go.

  24. Ryan–Yes its a 1/1 aswell so thats why i would really like it signed. lol

  25. I waited for this to drop close to half, got a case and just busted it…terrible! The base and base auto’s are beautiful, but the sliver sigs have a few issues around the edges. I didn’t receive a case hit AT ALL. The best card I received out of all three boxes (sealed case) was Wil Myers Auto /386. I did get a Jumbo Bautista Jersey relic /5. Plain not even a patch, I guess you could say that was the “hit”…I guess.

    Bottom line its a good looking product and has some very nice cards worth chasing, but I think you could get by just buying the cards you want/need off the bay. I know and understand that its all about collecting, but the price is WAY to high. I’m out $500+ on the case and that’s at almost half the release price. Hard to swallow, guess I’ll never purchase a case of 5* again.

  26. First time buying this five star box. I had my greatest pull ever. Reggie jackson/ joe dimaggio dual cut book 1/1 redemption. The good thing its a redemption so i dont have to worry about the damage like the other cards in the box. But its still a redmption. I might have to wait ages to get. (If i ever get it). Real nerve racking spending that much money but real exciting on the other hand.

  27. Great product. Great cards. Great time. I ended up with good signatures and relics. Recommended

  28. High risk high reward with this product. Most people might be better off buying singles. With that said the design is fantastic with on card autographs and nice relics.

  29. Ooohh, a little back-and-forth going on in this comment section. Imma throw in my two cents:

    I’ve said it before, and will say it again, and already mentioned in this section:

    If you are going to be upset that you didn’t get a hit from a high-risk, high-reward product like this one, then it is too expensive for your blood. To rate a product based on how well or how bad your box was that you purchased, is absurd.

  30. All around solid product. You won’t get a case hit in every box, but the star studded line up is quite impressive. The base cards are impeccable and the on card autographs are beautiful in person. One of the most eye appealing sets to come around in a long time.

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