2013 Topps Archives Football Variations Guide

2013 Topps Archives Football Variations Guide

Check your cards carefully. 2013 Topps Archives Football variations are surfacing, offering another tough base set chase. They're also extremely rare.

Although a final checklist has yet to be released, it looks as though the variation short prints cover key members of the 2012 rookie class. Unlike some other sets, the 2013 Topps Heritage Football variations do not follow a pattern. They're simply different photos printed in much small quantities.

Variations are also in the Gold parallel set.

2013 Topps Archives Football variations are inserted 1:384 hobby packs. They're even tougher at retail, falling 1:692 packs. Gold parallels appear to be about twice as rare.

Below you'll find a full list of 2013 Topps Archives Football variations with images for both versions as well as short descriptions of what to look for.

2013 Topps Archives Football Variations Visual Guide

The first image shows the base version of the card. The second image is the short print variation.

1 Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts

Regular: white jersey
Variation: blue jersey

2013 Topps Archives Football Variations Andrew Luck

19 Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

Regular: two hands on ball
Variation: pink ribbon on ball

51 Justin Blackmon, Jacksonville Jaguars

Regular: Nike swoosh on glove
Variation: NFL logo on football

75 Trent Richardson, Cleveland Browns

Regular: two hands on ball
Variation: number on jersey front, one hand on ball

92 Brandon Weeden, Cleveland Browns

Regular: white jersey
Variation: black jersey (Gold version pictured)

101 Doug Martin, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Regular: red jersey
Variation: orange jersey

146 Alfred Morris, Washington Redskins

Regular: NFL logo on ball
Variation: turned sideways (Gold version pictured)

150 Robert Griffin III, Washington Redskins

Regular: white jersey
Variation: red jersey

151 Ryan Tannehill, Miami Dolphins

Regular: white jersey
Variation: teal jersey (Gold version pictured)

199 Robert Turbin, Seattle Seahawks

Regular: no helmet
Variation: helmet

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User Comments

  1. Here’s a gold sparkle variation…I wonder how rare this one will be!


  2. I pulled a Andrew Luck Super Action and would like to sell if intrested.

  3. Justin Blackmon Variation on ebay:


  4. Jason Crazy! I was literally just looking at the same card. Turns out a base version went quickly a couple of days ago thanks to a low BIN. Will add to the gallery in the AM. Thanks!

  5. It’s really weird it seems the Luck, Doug Martin and Russell Wilson are easier to find then RG3, Tannehill and Blackmon. I saw an RG3 gold sold for $400! It would make sense if RG3 was a super short print but Blackmon?

  6. Jason Some have been showing up more often than others, but there could be several factors for that. RG3 and Luck command the most excitement, no matter the card. That means people are more likely to list so it could give the appearance of one card being more plentiful than the other. Plus, I suspect we’ll see a couple of more Blackmon’s surface now that we know what to look for.

  7. Ryan >> I agree those two guys have the most card excitement but there have been a lot less RG3’s surface on eBay then Luck, and the variations were discovered about the same time that seems odd to me.

  8. RGlll variation up on Ebay for $325. Some people are such idiots

  9. I have a Ryan Tannehill GOLD / TEAL Jersey Variation RC,and I can’t find a similar one anywhere.
    Does anyone know how rare this card is,and maybe “ballpark” a value on it? (not that I’m going to sell it)

  10. It is the EXACT card shown in the above photo.

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