2013 Topps Archives Baseball New Errors Variations Guide

2013 Topps Archives Baseball New Errors Variations Guide

A few things in 2013 Topps Archives Baseball don't look quite right. And it's meant to be that way. Five 2013 Topps Archives Baseball New Errors are an insert-variation hybrid that pays homage to a handful of notable mistakes from the past. Well, there are four errors and an updated version of an extremely rare card that wasn't intended to be distributed to the public.

Inserted 1:1,717 packs, the New Errors are tough to find. If you're flipping quickly through your cards, they can be easy to miss as well.

Below is a detailed look at each of the 2013 Topps Archives Baseball New Errors as well as the cards that inspired them.

2013 Topps Archives Baseball New Errors Guide

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20 Jason Heyward

2013 Topps Archives New Errors Variation Jason Heyward 1957 Topps Hank Aaron

Based on: 1957 Topps Hank Aaron #20

The 1957 Topps Hank Aaron shows a flipped image of the power-hitting legend. Not only is Aaron standing wrong, but if you look closely you can see the four on the front of his jersey reversed as well. The 2013 Topps Archives New Errors Jason Heyward is much easier to spot. Both the writing on the front of his jersey and hat are clearly in the wrong direction.

400 Joey Votto

Based on: 1982 Topps Blackless Johnny Bench #400

For some mysterious reason, half of the 1982 Topps Baseball set has some rare Blackless variations that are missing black ink. Johnny Bench was one of them. The easiest way to spot most of these is the lack of facsimile signature. Joey Votto's New Errors card recreates this mistake.

414 Chris Sale

1990 Topps Frank Thomas No Name on Front

Based on: 1990 Topps Frank Thomas No Name on Front #414

The 1990 Topps Frank Thomas No Name on Front remains one of the hobby's greatest mysteries. It's also one of the most coveted early-90s cards, bolstered by the fact that it's an error centered on one of baseball's all-time greats. The mistake is simple: Thomas' name was left off the front of a handful of his cards. Chris Sale gets the same fate for his New Errors variation. The card also has the #1 Draft Pick icon, which isn't on his regular card.

497 Dylan Bundy

2013 Topps Archives New Errors Dylan Bundy

Based on: 1985 Topps Gary Pettis #497

That's not Dylan Bundy! And that's not Gary Pettis. The baseball card landscape is riddled with cards featuring someone other than the player named on the front. It's one of the most embarrassing of mistakes. In 1985, Topps put Gary Pettis' brother Lynn on his card. Likewise, the 2013 Topps Archives New Errors Dylan Bundy pictures the young pitcher's brother, Bobby Bundy, who is part of Baltimore's farm system. In a nod to the Pettis card, Bobby is resting his finger on his chin.

USA1 George W. Bush

2013 Topps Archives Baseball New Errors George W Bush 1990 Topps George Bush USA1 Baseball Card

Based on: 1990 Topps George Bush #USA1

In 1990, Topps produced a small run of cards for President Bush. They were a gift and not intended to be packed out. Although not an error, the card has become iconic given its rarity and back story. For 2013 Topps Archives Baseball, it's his son, George W. Bush, who gets the 1990 Topps treatment.

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  1. Are these in Hobby only boxes ? or can you find them in retail too.?

  2. Not sure. I personally haven’t seen any retail yet so can’t confirm or deny.

  3. The Frank Thomas card did not have the name left off. Something got on the printing plate and obscure the name.

  4. Wow yes easily missed yipes. Ill have to check my cards.. I know I have a Heyward and seeing this I’m gonna have to check when I get home. Will update if it is. Love the old school looks in archives and heritage

  5. I remember my dad telling me he remembers me pulling a Frank Thomas with no name on front, but I have yet to find it.

  6. I thought the Votto variation was a tribute to the Pascual Perez “no position” error card from 1982

  7. Chris B. Looks like a combination of the two. It’s definitely Blackless as his base card has the black facsimile autograph.

  8. I pulled a topps originals redemption card from 2013 archives baseball but can’t seem to bring up the redemption site different things keep popping up anything else I can do? thanks

  9. sonny dickson Could be possible the codes haven’t been loaded into the system yet. You could try giving Topps customer service a call.

  10. How rare is the Bush card? I have been looking for some time now and haven’t ever seen one for sale. Anyone have any ideas how rare this one is?

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