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2013 Sportkings Series F Trading Cards

2013 Sportkings Series F Trading Cards

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The Sportkings name has a long and storied history in the hobby for including some of the world's greatest athletes. 2013 Sportkings Series F is another modern spin on the brand. It mixes several sports, artwork, autograph, memorabilia and more.

The 2013 Sportkings Series F roster is as varied as ever. Among the featured athletes are Shaquille O'Neal, Cristiano Ronaldo, Scottie Pippen, Tito Ortiz, Fernando Valenzuela, Bill Parcells and Kerri Strugg. They will be featured on both the base card and autograph checklists. All 2013 Sportkings Series F autographs are signed on-card.

Original artwork pops up in a couple of places. At first glance, Body of Work looks like a high-end memorabilia set led by over-sized swatches. However, each also has an original sketch used to make the player image. The Body of Work checklist has 60 different athletes, each with nine cards. The artwork makes each one unique.

Memorable Moments is another art-based insert. Showcasing the detailed artwork of Jared Kelley, 20 different moments are captured as original art cards. Instead of each sticking to just one card, they're done as four-card puzzles.

Boxes of 2013 Sportkings Series F come with one pack. Each includes three base cards, a Premium Back base card and either an autograph or memorabilia card. Mini card base set parallels fall every other box.

Both the autograph and memorabilia lineups are extensive. Basic autographs come with on-card signatures. Signers include Christian Ronaldo, Shaquille O'Neal and Mariano Rivera. While individual cards are somewhat scare, they come with as many as six different variations. The Miami Dolphins' perfect season in 1972 is honored in Anthology. Bob Griese and Don Shula are among those appearing. Memorabilia cards fall under several different themes including several jumbo swatch and multi-swatch options.

Box tops are once again be eligible for an exclusive redemption.

Product Configuration: 1 pack per box, 5 cards per pack
Price Point: Mid-End Multi-Sport Card
Target Audience: Sportkings Collectors, Autograph Collectors, Collectors Who Like an Eclectic Mix of Athletes, Memorabilia Card Collectors

2013 Sportkings Series F Box Break

  • 1 Autograph or Memorabilia Card
  • 1 Premium Back Base Card
  • 3 Base or Mini Cards
  • 5 Total Cards
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Set Checklist

2013 Sportkings Series F Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

Featuring 48 cards
3 per box
PARALLEL CARDS: Premium Back 1 per box, Mini 1:2 boxes, Mini Silver - print run of 7, Mini Gold - print run of 3

257 Conrad Anker
258 Julius Boros
259 Sir Donald Bradman
260 Adolfo Cambiaso
261 Julio Cesar Chavez
262 Jim Clark
263 Cookie Gilchrist
264 Fausto Coppi
265 Jean Cruguet
266 Mountain Man Dean
267 Alfredo Di Stéfano
268 Clyde Drexler
269 Margaret Osborne DuPont
270 Ric Flair
271 Dick Fosbury
272 Gorgeous George
273 Josh Gibson
274 Frank Gifford
275 Juan Gomez Gonzalez
276 Umberto Granaglia
277 Jack Ham
278 Bob Hayes
279 Tommy Hearns
280 Gordie Howe
281 Don Hutson
282 Olga Korbut
283 Carl Lewis
284 Pedro Martinez
285 Garrett McNamara
286 Lenny Moore
287 Shaquille O'Neal
288 David Ortiz
289 Tito Ortiz
290 Bill Parcells
291 Scottie Pippen
292 Bobby Riggs
293 Mariano Rivera
294 Brooks Robinson
295 Eddie Robinson
296 Spectacular Bid
297 Teofilo Stevenson
298 Kerri Strug
299 Bert Sugar
300 Frank Thomas
301 Fernando Valenzuela
302 Toe Blake
303 Walter Ray Williams Jr.
304 Kristi Yamaguchi
2013 Sportkings Series F Trading Cards 23
2013 Sportkings Series F Trading Cards 24

1933 Sportkings Art Card Set Checklist

Featuring 24 cards

1. Ty Cobb
2. Babe Ruth
3. Nat Holman
4. Red Grange
5. Ed Wachter
6. Jim Thorpe
7. Bobby Walthour, Sr.
8. Walter Hagen
9. Ed Blood
10. Anton Lekang
11. Charles Jewtraw
12. Bobby McLean
13. Laverne Fator
14. Jim Londos
15. McNamara
16. William Tilden
17. Jack Dempsey
18. Gene Tunney
19. Eddie Shore
20. Duke Kahanamoku
21. Johnny Weissmuller
22. Gene Sarazen
23. Vincent Richards
24. Howie Morenz

Anthology - Perfect Season Autographs Set Checklist

Featuring 13 cards
Print run of 72

AN-BG1 Griese, Bob
AN-BG2 Griese, Bob
AN-BK Kuechenberg, Bob
AN-BK Kuechenberg, Bob
AN-DA1 Anderson, Dick
AN-DA2 Anderson, Dick
AN-DS1 Shula, Don
AN-DS2 Shula, Don
AN-GY1 Yepremian, Garo
AN-GY2 Yepremian, Garo
AN-HT1 Twilley, Howard
AN-HT2 Twilley, Howard
AN-JK1 Kiick, Jim
AN-JK2 Kiick, Jim
AN-JL1 Langer, Jim
AN-JL2 Langer, Jim
AN-LL1 Little, Larry
AN-LL2 Little, Larry
AN-MF1 Fernandez, Manny
AN-MF2 Fernandez, Manny
AN-MM1 Morris, Mercury
AN-MM2 Morris, Mercury
AN-NB1 Buoniconti, Nick
AN-NB2 Buoniconti, Nick
AN-PW1 Warfield, Paul
AN-PW2 Warfield, Paul
2013 Sportkings Series F Trading Cards 25

Anthology - Perfect Season Autographed Memorabilia Set Checklist

Featuring 13 cards
Print run of 5.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold - print run of 1

APS-DA Dick Anderson
APS-MF Manny Fernandez
APS-BG Bob Griese
APS-JK Jim Kiick
APS-BK Bob Kuechenberg
APS-JL Jim Langer
APS-LL Larry Little
APS-MM Mercury Morris
APS-HT Howard Twilley
APS-PW Paul Warfield
APS-GY Garo Yepremian
APS-DS Don Shula
APS-NB Nick Buoniconti

Autograph Set Checklist

Featuring 76 cards
Print run indicated below.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold - print run of 10 (Cards A-CR1 to A-CR5 #/5)
* The card backs refer to Series E and should refer to Series F.

A-BPA1 Parcells, Bill 20
A-BPA2 Parcells, Bill 20
A-BPA3 Parcells, Bill 20
A-BPA4 Parcells, Bill 20
A-BRO1 Robinson, Brooks 40
A-BRO2 Robinson, Brooks 40
A-CA1 Anker, Conrad 50
A-CA2 Anker, Conrad 50
A-CA3 Anker, Conrad 50
A-CA4 Anker, Conrad 50
A-CD1 Drexler, Clyde* 50
A-CD2 Drexler, Clyde* 50
A-CL1 Lewis, Carl 50
A-CL2 Lewis, Carl 50
A-CL3 Lewis, Carl 50
A-CL4 Lewis, Carl 50
A-CR1 Ronaldo, Cristiano 15
A-CR2 Ronaldo, Cristiano 15
A-CR3 Ronaldo, Cristiano 15
A-CR4 Ronaldo, Cristiano 15
A-CR5 Ronaldo, Cristiano 15
A-DFO1 Fosbury, Dick 50
A-DFO2 Fosbury, Dick 50
A-DFO3 Fosbury, Dick 50
A-DFO4 Fosbury, Dick 50
A-FG1 Gifford, Frank 50
A-FG2 Gifford, Frank 50
A-FG3 Gifford, Frank 50
A-FG4 Gifford, Frank 50
A-FT1 Thomas, Frank* 30
A-FT2 Thomas, Frank* 30
A-FT3 Thomas, Frank* 30
A-FV1 Valenzuela, Fernando* 30
A-FV2 Valenzuela, Fernando* 30
A-FV3 Valenzuela, Fernando* 30
A-GH1 Howe, Gordie 20
A-GH2 Howe, Gordie 20
A-GH3 Howe, Gordie 20
A-GH4 Howe, Gordie 20
A-JC1 Cruguet, Jean 60
A-JC2 Cruguet, Jean 60
A-JC3 Cruguet, Jean 60
A-JH1 Ham, Jack 60
A-JH2 Ham, Jack 60
A-JH3 Ham, Jack 60
A-KST1 Strug, Kerri 30
A-KST2 Strug, Kerri 30
A-KST3 Strug, Kerri 30
A-KY1 Yamaguchi, Kristi 40
A-KY2 Yamaguchi, Kristi 40
A-LM1 Moore, Lenny 50
A-LM2 Moore, Lenny 50
A-LM3 Moore, Lenny 50
A-LM4 Moore, Lenny 50
A-MR1 Rivera, Mariano 20
A-MR2 Rivera, Mariano 20
A-MR3 Rivera, Mariano 20
A-OK1 Korbut, Olga 50
A-OK2 Korbut, Olga 50
A-OK3 Korbut, Olga 50
A-OK4 Korbut, Olga 50
A-RFL1 Flair, Ric 50
A-RFL2 Flair, Ric 50
A-SO1 O'Neal, Shaquille 20
A-SO2 O'Neal, Shaquille 20
A-SO3 O'Neal, Shaquille 20
A-SP1 Pippen, Scottie* 40
A-SP2 Pippen, Scottie* 40
A-SP3 Pippen, Scottie* 40
A-TH1 Hearns, Tommy 50
A-TH2 Hearns, Tommy 50
A-TH3 Hearns, Tommy 50
A-TH4 Hearns, Tommy 50
A-TOR1 Ortiz, Tito 40
A-TOR2 Ortiz, Tito 40
A-TOR3 Ortiz, Tito 40
2013 Sportkings Series F Trading Cards 26
2013 Sportkings Series F Trading Cards 27

Autographed Memorabila Set Checklist

Featuring 30 cards
Print run indicated below.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold - print run of 10 (Cards A-CR1 to A-CR5 #/5)
* The card backs refer to Series E and should refer to Series F.

AM-BRO1 Robinson, Brooks 40
AM-BRO2 Robinson, Brooks 40
AM-CD1 Drexler, Clyde* 50
AM-CD2 Drexler, Clyde* 50
AM-FT1 Thomas, Frank* 30
AM-FT2 Thomas, Frank* 30
AM-FT3 Thomas, Frank* 30
AM-FV1 Valenzuela, Fernando* 30
AM-FV2 Valenzuela, Fernando* 30
AM-FV3 Valenzuela, Fernando* 30
AM-KST1 Strug, Kerri 30
AM-KST2 Strug, Kerri 30
AM-KST3 Strug, Kerri 30
AM-KY1 Yamaguchi, Kristi 40
AM-KY2 Yamaguchi, Kristi 40
AM-KY3 Yamaguchi, Kristi 40
AM-MR1 Rivera, Mariano 30
AM-MR2 Rivera, Mariano 30
AM-MR3 Rivera, Mariano 20
AM-RFL1 Flair, Ric 50
AM-RFL2 Flair, Ric 50
AM-SO1 O'Neal, Shaquille 20
AM-SO2 O'Neal, Shaquille 30
AM-SO3 O'Neal, Shaquille 30
AM-SP1 Pippen, Scottie* 40
AM-SP2 Pippen, Scottie* 40
AM-SP3 Pippen, Scottie* 40
AM-TOR1 Ortiz, Tito 40
AM-TOR2 Ortiz, Tito 40
AM-TOR3 Ortiz, Tito 40
2013 Sportkings Series F Trading Cards 28
2013 Sportkings Series F Trading Cards 29

Body of Work Art Memorabilia Set Checklist

Featuring 630 cards
1 of 1

BOW-01 Cal Ripken, Jr.
BOW-02 Cal Ripken, Jr.
BOW-03 Cal Ripken, Jr.
BOW-04 Cal Ripken, Jr.
BOW-05 Cal Ripken, Jr.
BOW-06 Cal Ripken, Jr.
BOW-07 Cal Ripken, Jr.
BOW-08 Cal Ripken, Jr.
BOW-09 Cal Ripken, Jr.
BOW-10 Derek Jeter
BOW-11 Derek Jeter
BOW-12 Derek Jeter
BOW-13 Derek Jeter
BOW-14 Derek Jeter
BOW-15 Derek Jeter
BOW-16 Derek Jeter
BOW-17 Derek Jeter
BOW-18 Derek Jeter
BOW-19 Paul Molitor
BOW-20 Paul Molitor
BOW-21 Paul Molitor
BOW-22 Paul Molitor
BOW-23 Paul Molitor
BOW-24 Paul Molitor
BOW-25 Paul Molitor
BOW-26 Paul Molitor
BOW-27 Paul Molitor
BOW-28 Nolan Ryan
BOW-29 Nolan Ryan
BOW-30 Nolan Ryan
BOW-31 Nolan Ryan
BOW-32 Nolan Ryan
BOW-33 Nolan Ryan
BOW-34 Nolan Ryan
BOW-35 Nolan Ryan
BOW-36 Nolan Ryan
BOW-37 Roger Clemens
BOW-38 Roger Clemens
BOW-39 Roger Clemens
BOW-40 Roger Clemens
BOW-41 Roger Clemens
BOW-42 Roger Clemens
BOW-43 Roger Clemens
BOW-44 Roger Clemens
BOW-45 Roger Clemens
BOW-46 Dave Winfield
BOW-47 Dave Winfield
BOW-48 Dave Winfield
BOW-49 Dave Winfield
BOW-50 Dave Winfield
BOW-51 Dave Winfield
BOW-52 Dave Winfield
BOW-53 Dave Winfield
BOW-54 Dave Winfield
BOW-55 Ken Griffey, Jr.
BOW-56 Ken Griffey, Jr.
BOW-57 Ken Griffey, Jr.
BOW-58 Ken Griffey, Jr.
BOW-59 Ken Griffey, Jr.
BOW-60 Ken Griffey, Jr.
BOW-61 Ken Griffey, Jr.
BOW-62 Ken Griffey, Jr.
BOW-63 Ken Griffey, Jr.
BOW-64 Reggie Jackson
BOW-65 Reggie Jackson
BOW-66 Reggie Jackson
BOW-67 Reggie Jackson
BOW-68 Reggie Jackson
BOW-69 Reggie Jackson
BOW-70 Reggie Jackson
BOW-71 Reggie Jackson
BOW-72 Reggie Jackson
BOW-73 Bo Jackson
BOW-74 Bo Jackson
BOW-75 Bo Jackson
BOW-76 Bo Jackson
BOW-77 Bo Jackson
BOW-78 Bo Jackson
BOW-79 Bo Jackson
BOW-80 Bo Jackson
BOW-81 Bo Jackson
BOW-82 Carl Yastrzemski
BOW-83 Carl Yastrzemski
BOW-84 Carl Yastrzemski
BOW-85 Carl Yastrzemski
BOW-86 Carl Yastrzemski
BOW-87 Carl Yastrzemski
BOW-88 Carl Yastrzemski
BOW-89 Carl Yastrzemski
BOW-90 Carl Yastrzemski
BOW-91 Hank Aaron
BOW-92 Hank Aaron
BOW-93 Hank Aaron
BOW-94 Hank Aaron
BOW-95 Hank Aaron
BOW-96 Hank Aaron
BOW-97 Hank Aaron
BOW-98 Hank Aaron
BOW-99 Hank Aaron
BOW-100 Stan Musial
BOW-101 Stan Musial
BOW-102 Stan Musial
BOW-103 Stan Musial
BOW-104 Stan Musial
BOW-105 Stan Musial
BOW-106 Stan Musial
BOW-107 Stan Musial
BOW-108 Stan Musial
BOW-109 Mike Schmidt
BOW-110 Mike Schmidt
BOW-111 Mike Schmidt
BOW-112 Mike Schmidt
BOW-113 Mike Schmidt
BOW-114 Mike Schmidt
BOW-115 Mike Schmidt
BOW-116 Mike Schmidt
BOW-117 Mike Schmidt
BOW-118 Mark McGwire
BOW-119 Mark McGwire
BOW-120 Mark McGwire
BOW-121 Mark McGwire
BOW-122 Mark McGwire
BOW-123 Mark McGwire
BOW-124 Mark McGwire
BOW-125 Mark McGwire
BOW-126 Mark McGwire
BOW-127 Wayne Gretzky
BOW-128 Wayne Gretzky
BOW-129 Wayne Gretzky
BOW-130 Wayne Gretzky
BOW-131 Wayne Gretzky
BOW-132 Wayne Gretzky
BOW-133 Wayne Gretzky
BOW-134 Wayne Gretzky
BOW-135 Wayne Gretzky
BOW-136 Charles Barkley
BOW-137 Charles Barkley
BOW-138 Charles Barkley
BOW-139 Charles Barkley
BOW-140 Charles Barkley
BOW-141 Charles Barkley
BOW-142 Charles Barkley
BOW-143 Charles Barkley
BOW-144 Charles Barkley
BOW-145 Larry Bird
BOW-146 Larry Bird
BOW-147 Larry Bird
BOW-148 Larry Bird
BOW-149 Larry Bird
BOW-150 Larry Bird
BOW-151 Larry Bird
BOW-152 Larry Bird
BOW-153 Larry Bird
BOW-154 Kobe Bryant
BOW-155 Kobe Bryant
BOW-156 Kobe Bryant
BOW-157 Kobe Bryant
BOW-158 Kobe Bryant
BOW-159 Kobe Bryant
BOW-160 Kobe Bryant
BOW-161 Kobe Bryant
BOW-162 Kobe Bryant
BOW-163 Kevin Durant
BOW-164 Kevin Durant
BOW-165 Kevin Durant
BOW-166 Kevin Durant
BOW-167 Kevin Durant
BOW-168 Kevin Durant
BOW-169 Kevin Durant
BOW-170 Kevin Durant
BOW-171 Kevin Durant
BOW-172 Patrick Ewing
BOW-173 Patrick Ewing
BOW-174 Patrick Ewing
BOW-175 Patrick Ewing
BOW-176 Patrick Ewing
BOW-177 Patrick Ewing
BOW-178 Patrick Ewing
BOW-179 Patrick Ewing
BOW-180 Patrick Ewing
BOW-181 Magic Johnson
BOW-182 Magic Johnson
BOW-183 Magic Johnson
BOW-184 Magic Johnson
BOW-185 Magic Johnson
BOW-186 Magic Johnson
BOW-187 Magic Johnson
BOW-188 Magic Johnson
BOW-189 Magic Johnson
BOW-190 Michael Jordan
BOW-191 Michael Jordan
BOW-192 Michael Jordan
BOW-193 Michael Jordan
BOW-194 Michael Jordan
BOW-195 Michael Jordan
BOW-196 Michael Jordan
BOW-197 Michael Jordan
BOW-198 Michael Jordan
BOW-199 Shaquille O'Neal
BOW-200 Shaquille O'Neal
BOW-201 Shaquille O'Neal
BOW-202 Shaquille O'Neal
BOW-203 Shaquille O'Neal
BOW-204 Shaquille O'Neal
BOW-205 Shaquille O'Neal
BOW-206 Shaquille O'Neal
BOW-207 Shaquille O'Neal
BOW-208 David Robinson
BOW-209 David Robinson
BOW-210 David Robinson
BOW-211 David Robinson
BOW-212 David Robinson
BOW-213 David Robinson
BOW-214 David Robinson
BOW-215 David Robinson
BOW-216 David Robinson
BOW-217 Dominique Wilkins
BOW-218 Dominique Wilkins
BOW-219 Dominique Wilkins
BOW-220 Dominique Wilkins
BOW-221 Dominique Wilkins
BOW-222 Dominique Wilkins
BOW-223 Dominique Wilkins
BOW-224 Dominique Wilkins
BOW-225 Dominique Wilkins
BOW-226 Larry Holmes
BOW-227 Larry Holmes
BOW-228 Larry Holmes
BOW-229 Larry Holmes
BOW-230 Larry Holmes
BOW-231 Larry Holmes
BOW-232 Larry Holmes
BOW-233 Larry Holmes
BOW-234 Larry Holmes
BOW-235 Joe Frazier
BOW-236 Joe Frazier
BOW-237 Joe Frazier
BOW-238 Joe Frazier
BOW-239 Joe Frazier
BOW-240 Joe Frazier
BOW-241 Joe Frazier
BOW-242 Joe Frazier
BOW-243 Joe Frazier
BOW-244 Muhammed Ali
BOW-245 Muhammed Ali
BOW-246 Muhammed Ali
BOW-247 Muhammed Ali
BOW-248 Muhammed Ali
BOW-249 Muhammed Ali
BOW-250 Muhammed Ali
BOW-251 Muhammed Ali
BOW-252 Muhammed Ali
BOW-253 Arturo Gatti
BOW-254 Arturo Gatti
BOW-255 Arturo Gatti
BOW-256 Arturo Gatti
BOW-257 Arturo Gatti
BOW-258 Arturo Gatti
BOW-259 Arturo Gatti
BOW-260 Arturo Gatti
BOW-261 Arturo Gatti
BOW-262 Dan Marino
BOW-263 Dan Marino
BOW-264 Dan Marino
BOW-265 Dan Marino
BOW-266 Dan Marino
BOW-267 Dan Marino
BOW-268 Dan Marino
BOW-269 Dan Marino
BOW-270 Dan Marino
BOW-271 Eddie Mathews
BOW-272 Eddie Mathews
BOW-273 Eddie Mathews
BOW-274 Eddie Mathews
BOW-275 Eddie Mathews
BOW-276 Eddie Mathews
BOW-277 Eddie Mathews
BOW-278 Eddie Mathews
BOW-279 Eddie Mathews
BOW-280 Lance Armstrong
BOW-281 Lance Armstrong
BOW-282 Lance Armstrong
BOW-283 Lance Armstrong
BOW-284 Lance Armstrong
BOW-285 Lance Armstrong
BOW-286 Lance Armstrong
BOW-287 Lance Armstrong
BOW-288 Lance Armstrong
BOW-289 Troy Aikman
BOW-290 Troy Aikman
BOW-291 Troy Aikman
BOW-292 Troy Aikman
BOW-293 Troy Aikman
BOW-294 Troy Aikman
BOW-295 Troy Aikman
BOW-296 Troy Aikman
BOW-297 Troy Aikman
BOW-298 Tom Brady
BOW-299 Tom Brady
BOW-300 Tom Brady
BOW-301 Tom Brady
BOW-302 Tom Brady
BOW-303 Tom Brady
BOW-304 Tom Brady
BOW-305 Tom Brady
BOW-306 Tom Brady
BOW-307 Tony Dorsett
BOW-308 Tony Dorsett
BOW-309 Tony Dorsett
BOW-310 Tony Dorsett
BOW-311 Tony Dorsett
BOW-312 Tony Dorsett
BOW-313 Tony Dorsett
BOW-314 Tony Dorsett
BOW-315 Tony Dorsett
BOW-316 John Elway
BOW-317 John Elway
BOW-318 John Elway
BOW-319 John Elway
BOW-320 John Elway
BOW-321 John Elway
BOW-322 John Elway
BOW-323 John Elway
BOW-324 John Elway
BOW-325 Peyton Manning
BOW-326 Peyton Manning
BOW-327 Peyton Manning
BOW-328 Peyton Manning
BOW-329 Peyton Manning
BOW-330 Peyton Manning
BOW-331 Peyton Manning
BOW-332 Peyton Manning
BOW-333 Peyton Manning
BOW-334 Joe Montana
BOW-335 Joe Montana
BOW-336 Joe Montana
BOW-337 Joe Montana
BOW-338 Joe Montana
BOW-339 Joe Montana
BOW-340 Joe Montana
BOW-341 Joe Montana
BOW-342 Joe Montana
BOW-343 Barry Sanders
BOW-344 Barry Sanders
BOW-345 Barry Sanders
BOW-346 Barry Sanders
BOW-347 Barry Sanders
BOW-348 Barry Sanders
BOW-349 Barry Sanders
BOW-350 Barry Sanders
BOW-351 Barry Sanders
BOW-352 Emmitt Smith
BOW-353 Emmitt Smith
BOW-354 Emmitt Smith
BOW-355 Emmitt Smith
BOW-356 Emmitt Smith
BOW-357 Emmitt Smith
BOW-358 Emmitt Smith
BOW-359 Emmitt Smith
BOW-360 Emmitt Smith
BOW-361 Lawrence Taylor
BOW-362 Lawrence Taylor
BOW-363 Lawrence Taylor
BOW-364 Lawrence Taylor
BOW-365 Lawrence Taylor
BOW-366 Lawrence Taylor
BOW-367 Lawrence Taylor
BOW-368 Lawrence Taylor
BOW-369 Lawrence Taylor
BOW-370 Steve Young
BOW-371 Steve Young
BOW-372 Steve Young
BOW-373 Steve Young
BOW-374 Steve Young
BOW-375 Steve Young
BOW-376 Steve Young
BOW-377 Steve Young
BOW-378 Steve Young
BOW-379 Jack Nicklaus
BOW-380 Jack Nicklaus
BOW-381 Jack Nicklaus
BOW-382 Jack Nicklaus
BOW-383 Jack Nicklaus
BOW-384 Jack Nicklaus
BOW-385 Jack Nicklaus
BOW-386 Jack Nicklaus
BOW-387 Jack Nicklaus
BOW-388 Byron Nelson
BOW-389 Byron Nelson
BOW-390 Byron Nelson
BOW-391 Byron Nelson
BOW-392 Byron Nelson
BOW-393 Byron Nelson
BOW-394 Byron Nelson
BOW-395 Byron Nelson
BOW-396 Byron Nelson
BOW-397 Payne Stewart
BOW-398 Payne Stewart
BOW-399 Payne Stewart
BOW-400 Payne Stewart
BOW-401 Payne Stewart
BOW-402 Payne Stewart
BOW-403 Payne Stewart
BOW-404 Payne Stewart
BOW-405 Payne Stewart
BOW-406 Mario Lemieux
BOW-407 Mario Lemieux
BOW-408 Mario Lemieux
BOW-409 Mario Lemieux
BOW-410 Mario Lemieux
BOW-411 Mario Lemieux
BOW-412 Mario Lemieux
BOW-413 Mario Lemieux
BOW-414 Mario Lemieux
BOW-415 Patrick Roy
BOW-416 Patrick Roy
BOW-417 Patrick Roy
BOW-418 Patrick Roy
BOW-419 Patrick Roy
BOW-420 Patrick Roy
BOW-421 Patrick Roy
BOW-422 Patrick Roy
BOW-423 Patrick Roy
BOW-424 Steve Yzerman
BOW-425 Steve Yzerman
BOW-426 Steve Yzerman
BOW-427 Steve Yzerman
BOW-428 Steve Yzerman
BOW-429 Steve Yzerman
BOW-430 Steve Yzerman
BOW-431 Steve Yzerman
BOW-432 Steve Yzerman
BOW-433 Mark Messier
BOW-434 Mark Messier
BOW-435 Mark Messier
BOW-436 Mark Messier
BOW-437 Mark Messier
BOW-438 Mark Messier
BOW-439 Mark Messier
BOW-440 Mark Messier
BOW-441 Mark Messier
BOW-442 Joe Sakic
BOW-443 Joe Sakic
BOW-444 Joe Sakic
BOW-445 Joe Sakic
BOW-446 Joe Sakic
BOW-447 Joe Sakic
BOW-448 Joe Sakic
BOW-449 Joe Sakic
BOW-450 Joe Sakic
BOW-451 Seattle Slew
BOW-452 Seattle Slew
BOW-453 Seattle Slew
BOW-454 Seattle Slew
BOW-455 Seattle Slew
BOW-456 Seattle Slew
BOW-457 Seattle Slew
BOW-458 Seattle Slew
BOW-459 Seattle Slew
BOW-460 Bruce Lee
BOW-461 Bruce Lee
BOW-462 Bruce Lee
BOW-463 Bruce Lee
BOW-464 Bruce Lee
BOW-465 Bruce Lee
BOW-466 Bruce Lee
BOW-467 Bruce Lee
BOW-468 Bruce Lee
BOW-469 Pelé
BOW-470 Pelé
BOW-471 Pelé
BOW-472 Pelé
BOW-473 Pelé
BOW-474 Pelé
BOW-475 Pelé
BOW-476 Pelé
BOW-477 Pelé
BOW-478 David Beckham
BOW-479 David Beckham
BOW-480 David Beckham
BOW-481 David Beckham
BOW-482 David Beckham
BOW-483 David Beckham
BOW-484 David Beckham
BOW-485 David Beckham
BOW-486 David Beckham
BOW-487 Annika Sorenstam
BOW-488 Annika Sorenstam
BOW-489 Annika Sorenstam
BOW-490 Annika Sorenstam
BOW-491 Annika Sorenstam
BOW-492 Annika Sorenstam
BOW-493 Annika Sorenstam
BOW-494 Annika Sorenstam
BOW-495 Annika Sorenstam
BOW-496 Evel Knievel
BOW-497 Evel Knievel
BOW-498 Evel Knievel
BOW-499 Evel Knievel
BOW-500 Evel Knievel
BOW-501 Evel Knievel
BOW-502 Evel Knievel
BOW-503 Evel Knievel
BOW-504 Evel Knievel
BOW-505 Hulk Hogan
BOW-506 Hulk Hogan
BOW-507 Hulk Hogan
BOW-508 Hulk Hogan
BOW-509 Hulk Hogan
BOW-510 Hulk Hogan
BOW-511 Hulk Hogan
BOW-512 Hulk Hogan
BOW-513 Hulk Hogan
BOW-514 Tito Ortiz
BOW-515 Tito Ortiz
BOW-516 Tito Ortiz
BOW-517 Tito Ortiz
BOW-518 Tito Ortiz
BOW-519 Tito Ortiz
BOW-520 Tito Ortiz
BOW-521 Tito Ortiz
BOW-522 Tito Ortiz
BOW-523 Alexander Ovechkin
BOW-524 Alexander Ovechkin
BOW-525 Alexander Ovechkin
BOW-526 Alexander Ovechkin
BOW-527 Alexander Ovechkin
BOW-528 Alexander Ovechkin
BOW-529 Alexander Ovechkin
BOW-530 Alexander Ovechkin
BOW-531 Alexander Ovechkin
BOW-532 Barry Bonds
BOW-533 Barry Bonds
BOW-534 Barry Bonds
BOW-535 Barry Bonds
BOW-536 Barry Bonds
BOW-537 Barry Bonds
BOW-538 Barry Bonds
BOW-539 Barry Bonds
BOW-540 Barry Bonds
BOW-541 Gale Sayers
BOW-542 Gale Sayers
BOW-543 Gale Sayers
BOW-544 Gale Sayers
BOW-545 Gale Sayers
BOW-546 Gale Sayers
BOW-547 Gale Sayers
BOW-548 Gale Sayers
BOW-549 Gale Sayers
BOW-550 Rusty Wallace
BOW-551 Rusty Wallace
BOW-552 Rusty Wallace
BOW-553 Rusty Wallace
BOW-554 Rusty Wallace
BOW-555 Rusty Wallace
BOW-556 Rusty Wallace
BOW-557 Rusty Wallace
BOW-558 Rusty Wallace
BOW-559 Robby Gordon
BOW-560 Robby Gordon
BOW-561 Robby Gordon
BOW-562 Robby Gordon
BOW-563 Robby Gordon
BOW-564 Robby Gordon
BOW-565 Robby Gordon
BOW-566 Robby Gordon
BOW-567 Robby Gordon
BOW-568 Eli Manning
BOW-569 Eli Manning
BOW-570 Eli Manning
BOW-571 Eli Manning
BOW-572 Eli Manning
BOW-573 Eli Manning
BOW-574 Eli Manning
BOW-575 Eli Manning
BOW-576 Eli Manning
BOW-577 Mario Andretti
BOW-578 Mario Andretti
BOW-579 Mario Andretti
BOW-580 Mario Andretti
BOW-581 Mario Andretti
BOW-582 Mario Andretti
BOW-583 Mario Andretti
BOW-584 Mario Andretti
BOW-585 Mario Andretti
BOW-586 Willie Shoemaker
BOW-587 Willie Shoemaker
BOW-588 Willie Shoemaker
BOW-589 Willie Shoemaker
BOW-590 Willie Shoemaker
BOW-591 Willie Shoemaker
BOW-592 Willie Shoemaker
BOW-593 Willie Shoemaker
BOW-594 Willie Shoemaker
BOW-595 Picabo Street
BOW-596 Picabo Street
BOW-597 Picabo Street
BOW-598 Picabo Street
BOW-599 Picabo Street
BOW-600 Picabo Street
BOW-601 Picabo Street
BOW-602 Picabo Street
BOW-603 Picabo Street
BOW-604 Dwyane Wade
BOW-605 Dwyane Wade
BOW-606 Dwyane Wade
BOW-607 Dwyane Wade
BOW-608 Dwyane Wade
BOW-609 Dwyane Wade
BOW-610 Dwyane Wade
BOW-611 Dwyane Wade
BOW-612 Dwyane Wade
BOW-613 Greg Norman
BOW-614 Greg Norman
BOW-615 Greg Norman
BOW-616 Greg Norman
BOW-617 Greg Norman
BOW-618 Greg Norman
BOW-619 Greg Norman
BOW-620 Greg Norman
BOW-621 Greg Norman
BOW-622 Manny Pacquiao
BOW-623 Manny Pacquiao
BOW-624 Manny Pacquiao
BOW-625 Manny Pacquiao
BOW-626 Manny Pacquiao
BOW-627 Manny Pacquiao
BOW-628 Manny Pacquiao
BOW-629 Manny Pacquiao
BOW-630 Manny Pacquiao
2013 Sportkings Series F Trading Cards 30

Cityscapes Dual Memorabilia Set Checklist

Featuring 6 cards
Print run of 40.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold - print run of 10

CSD-01 Scottie Pippen
Bobby Hull
CSD-02 David Ortiz
Pedro Martinez
CSD-03 Mariano Rivera
Wade Boggs
CSD-04 Fernando Valenzuela
Shaquille O'Neal
CSD-05 Gordie Howe
Clyde Drexler
CSD-06 Mariano Rivera
Roberto Alomar
2013 Sportkings Series F Trading Cards 31

Cityscapes Triple Memorabilia Set Checklist

Featuring 3 cards
Print run of 30.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold - print run of 10

CST-01 Mariano Rivera
Wade Boggs
Dave Winfield
CST-02 Frank Thomas
Scottie Pippen
Bobby Hull
CST-03 Shaquille O'Neal
Fernando Valenzuela
Terry Sawchuk
2013 Sportkings Series F Trading Cards 32

Decades Memorabilia Set Checklist

Featuring 4 cards
Print run of 40.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold - print run of 10

D-01 David Ortiz
Mariano Rivera
Shaquille O'Neal
Tito Ortiz
D-02 Frank Thomas
Scottie Pippen
Kerri Strug
Steve Yzerman
D-03 Fernando Valenzuela
Clyde Drexler
Wade Boggs
Julio Cesar Chavez
D-04 Gordie Howe
Bob Hayes
Brooks Robinson
Reggie Jackson
2013 Sportkings Series F Trading Cards 33

First Class Art Card Set Checklist

Featuring 5 cards

FC-01 Ty Cobb
FC-02 Babe Ruth
FC-03 Honus Wagner
FC-04 Christy Mathewson
FC-05 Walter Johnson

First Pitch Art Card Set Checklist

Featuring 12 cards

TFP-01 John F. Kennedy
TFP-02 Franklin D. Roosevelt
TFP-03 Ronald Reagan
TFP-04 Calvin Coolidge
TFP-05 Barack Obama
TFP-06 Woodrow Wilson
TFP-07 Harry S. Truman
TFP-08 Herbert Hoover
TFP-09 Richard Nixon
TFP-10 Dwight D. Eisenhower
TFP-11 William Howard Taft
TFP-12 Warren G. Harding

Four Sport Quad Memorabilia Set Checklist

Featuring 4 cards
Print run of 19.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold - print run of 1

FSQM-02 Fernando Valenzuela
Scottie Pippen
Bob Hayes
Tito Ortiz
FSQM-01 Frank Thomas
Shaquille O'Neal
Sasha Cohen
Walter Ray Willimas Jr.
FSQM-03 Mariano Rivera
Clyde Drexler
Gordie Howe
Kerri Strug
FSQM-04 David Ortiz
David Robinson
Julio Cesar Chavez
Kristi Yamaguchi
2013 Sportkings Series F Trading Cards 34

Game-Gear Memorabilia Set Checklist

Featuring 10 cards
Print run of 9.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold - print run of 1

GG-01 Shaquille O'Neal
GG-02 Scottie Pippen
GG-03 Pedro Martinez
GG-04 Frank Robinson
GG-05 Roberto Alomar
GG-06 Cal Ripken, Jr.
GG-07 Pete Rose
GG-08 Patrick Roy
GG-09 Mario Lemieux
GG-10 Jacques Plante
2013 Sportkings Series F Trading Cards 35

Greatest Moments Memorabilia Set Checklist

Featuring 4 cards
Print run of 19.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold - print run of 1

GM-01 David Ortz
GM-02 Fernando Valenzuela
GM-03 Shaquille O'Neal
GM-04 Kristi Yamaguchi
2013 Sportkings Series F Trading Cards 36

King-Sized Memorabilia Set Checklist

Featuring 14 cards
Print run of 1.

KSM-01 Walter Ray Williams Jr.
KSM-02 David Ortiz
KSM-03 Shaquille O'Neal
KSM-04 Shaquille O'Neal
KSM-05 Mariano Rivera
KSM-06 Pedro Martinez
KSM-07 Julio Cesar Chavez
KSM-08 David Ortiz
KSM-09 Fernando Valenzuela
KSM-10 Tito Ortiz
KSM-11 Frank Thomas
KSM-12 Gordie Howe
KSM-13 Scottie Pippen
KSM-14 Clyde Drexler

Logo Cards Set Checklist

Featuring 48 cards
Print run of 1.

LC-01 Conrad Anker
LC-02 Julius Boros
LC-03 Sir Donald Bradman
LC-04 Adolfo Cambiaso
LC-05 Julio Cesar Chavez
LC-06 Jim Clark
LC-07 Cookie Gilchrist
LC-08 Fausto Coppi
LC-09 Jean Cruguet
LC-10 Man Mountain Dean
LC-11 Alfredo Di Stéfano
LC-12 Clyde Drexler
LC-13 Margaret Osborne Dupont
LC-14 Ric Flair
LC-15 Dick Fosbury
LC-16 Gorgeous George
LC-17 Josh Gibson
LC-18 Frank Gifford
LC-19 Juan Gomez Gonzalez
LC-20 Umberto Granaglia
LC-21 Jack Ham
LC-22 Bob Hayes
LC-23 Tommy Hearns
LC-24 Gordie Howe
LC-25 Don Hutson
LC-26 Olga Korbut
LC-27 Carl Lewis
LC-28 Pedro Martinez
LC-29 Garrett McNamara
LC-30 Lenny Moore
LC-31 Shaquille O'Neal
LC-32 David Ortiz
LC-33 Tito Ortiz
LC-34 Bill Parcells
LC-35 Scottie Pippen
LC-36 Bobby Riggs
LC-37 Mariano Rivera
LC-38 Brooks Robinson
LC-39 Eddie Robinson
LC-40 Spectacular Bid
LC-41 Teofilo Stevenson
LC-42 Kerri Strug
LC-43 Bert Sugar
LC-44 Frank Thomas
LC-45 Fernando Valenzuela
LC-46 Toe Blake
LC-47 Walter Ray Williams Jr.
LC-48 Kristi Yamaguchi

Memorable Moments Art Card Set Checklist

Featuring 80 cards

MM-1A Get Up and Fight
MM-1B Get Up and Fight
MM-1C Get Up and Fight
MM-1D Get Up and Fight
MM-2A First Masters Win
MM-2B First Masters Win
MM-2C First Masters Win
MM-2D First Masters Win
MM-3A Farewell Speech
MM-3B Farewell Speech
MM-3C Farewell Speech
MM-3D Farewell Speech
MM-4A World Cup Victory
MM-4B World Cup Victory
MM-4C World Cup Victory
MM-4D World Cup Victory
MM-5A Super Coach
MM-5B Super Coach
MM-5C Super Coach
MM-5D Super Coach
MM-6A Guaranteed Victory
MM-6B Guaranteed Victory
MM-6C Guaranteed Victory
MM-6D Guaranteed Victory
MM-7A Calling the Shot
MM-7B Calling the Shot
MM-7C Calling the Shot
MM-7D Calling the Shot
MM-8A Stealing Home
MM-8B Stealing Home
MM-8C Stealing Home
MM-8D Stealing Home
MM-9A Fastest Man on Earth
MM-9B Fastest Man on Earth
MM-9C Fastest Man on Earth
MM-9D Fastest Man on Earth
MM-10A Charlie Hustle
MM-10B Charlie Hustle
MM-10C Charlie Hustle
MM-10D Charlie Hustle
MM-11A Grand Theft
MM-11B Grand Theft
MM-11C Grand Theft
MM-11D Grand Theft
MM-12A Say Hey
MM-12B Say Hey
MM-12C Say Hey
MM-12D Say Hey
MM-13A The Jump
MM-13B The Jump
MM-13C The Jump
MM-13D The Jump
MM-14A The Catch
MM-14B The Catch
MM-14C The Catch
MM-14D The Catch
MM-15A Triple Crown Winner
MM-15B Triple Crown Winner
MM-15C Triple Crown Winner
MM-15D Triple Crown Winner
MM-16A 100 Point Game
MM-16B 100 Point Game
MM-16C 100 Point Game
MM-16D 100 Point Game
MM-17A The Goal
MM-17B The Goal
MM-17C The Goal
MM-17D The Goal
MM-18A The Streak
MM-18B The Streak
MM-18C The Streak
MM-18D The Streak
MM-19A Championship Shot
MM-19B Championship Shot
MM-19C Championship Shot
MM-19D Championship Shot
MM-20A Golden Boy
MM-20B Golden Boy
MM-20C Golden Boy
MM-20D Golden Boy

Numerology Memorabilia Set Checklist

Featuring 12 cards
Print run of 4.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold - print run of 1

N-01 Gordie Howe
N-02 Wade Boggs
N-03 Bob Hayes
N-04 Pedro Martinez
N-05 Shaquille O"Neal
N-06 Shaquille O"Neal
N-07 David Ortiz
N-08 Scottie Pippen
N-09 Mariano Rivera
N-10 Brooks Robinson
N-11 Frank Thomas
N-12 Fernando Valenzuela
2013 Sportkings Series F Trading Cards 37

Owner's Box Cut Autographs Set Checklist

Featuring 58 cards

OB-AM Art Modell
OB-AR Art Rooney
OB-AW Arthur Wirtz
OB-ABJR August Busch Jr.
OB-BH Barron Hilton
OB-BB Bert Bell
OB-BDSR Bill DeWitt Sr.
OB-BG Bill Giles
OB-BV Bill Veeck
OB-BL Bob Lurie
OB-BR Bob Reynolds
OB-BM Bruce McNall
OB-BN Bruce Norris
OB-CG Calvin Griffith
OB-CM Connie Mack
OB-DR Dan Rooney
OB-DMJR Drayton McLane Jr.
OB-EM Ed McGah
OB-ES Ed Snider
OB-ED Eddie DeBartolo
OB-ESH Eddie Shore
OB-EBW Edward Bennett Williams
OB-FH Fred Hanser
OB-FW Fred Wilpon
OB-GA Gene Autry
OB-GK Gene Klein
OB-GS George Steinbrenner
OB-HS Hank Steinbrenner
OB-HM Hartland Molson
OB-HST Horace Stoneham
OB-JDN James D. Norris
OB-JK James Keelty
OB-JV Jeffrey Vanderbeek
OB-JR Joe Robbie
OB-JM John McHale
OB-LH Lamar Hunt
OB-LP Lou Perini
OB-LN Louis Nippert
OB-MS Marge Schott
OB-MI Mike Ilitch
OB-NM Nick Mileti
OB-PB Paul Brown
OB-PA Peter Angelos
OB-PO Peter O'Malley
OB-RWJR Ralph Wilson Jr.
OB-RK Robert Kraft
OB-RC Ruly Carpenter
OB-TT Ted Turner
OB-TS Thomas Shibe
OB-VK Victor Kiam
OB-WBJR Walter Briggs Jr.
OB-WFO Walter F. O'Malley
OB-WM Wellington Mara
OB-WCFSR William Clay Ford Sr.
OB-WHSJR William H. Sullivan Jr.
OB-WW William Wirtz
OB-WWR William Wrigley lII
OB-CC Charles Comiskey
2013 Sportkings Series F Trading Cards 38

Papercuts Autographs Set Checklist

Featuring 13 cards

PC-ADS Alfredo Di Stéfano
PC-BS Bert Sugar
PC-BH Bob Hayes
PC-BR Bobby Riggs
PC-DH Don Hutson
PC-FC Fausto Coppi
PC-GG Gorgeous George
PC-JB Julius Boros
PC-MMD Man Mountain Dean
PC-MOD Margaret Osborne duPont
PC-SDB Sir Donald Bradman
PC-TS Teofilo Stevenson
PC-TB Toe Blake

Patch Cards Set Checklist

Featuring 15 cards
Print run of 4.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold - print run of 1

P-01 Bob Hayes
P-02 Wade Boggs
P-03 Julio Cesar Chavez
P-04 Clyde Drexler
P-05 Pedro Martinez
P-06 Shaquille O'Neal
P-07 Shaquille O'Neal
P-08 Gordie Howe®
P-09 David Ortiz
P-10 Scottie Pippen
P-11 Brooks Robinson
P-12 Kerri Strug
P-13 Frank Thomas
P-14 Fernando Valenzuela
P-15 Mariano Rivera

Single Memorabilia Set Checklist

Featuring 22 cards
18 base Cards have a print Run of 90. 3 limited cards have a print run of 30. 1 extra limited card has a print run of 19.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold - print run of 10 (Extra Limited 1/1)

SM-01 Bert Sugar Limited
SM-02 Bob Hayes
SM-03 Brooks Robinson
SM-04 Clyde Drexler
SM-05 David Ortiz
SM-06 David Ortiz Limited
SM-07 Fernando Valenzuela
SM-08 Frank Thomas
SM-09 Gordie Howe Limited
SM-10 Julio Cesar Chavez
SM-11 Kerri Strug
SM-12 Kristi Yamaguchi
SM-13 Mariano Rivera
SM-14 Pedro Martinez
SM-15 Ric Flair Limited
SM-16 Sasha Cohen
SM-17 Scottie Pippen
SM-18 Shaquille O'Neal
SM-19 Shaquille O'Neal
SM-20 Tito Oritiz
SM-21 Wade Boggs
SM-22 Walter Ray Wiliams Jr.
2013 Sportkings Series F Trading Cards 39

Double Memorabilia Set Checklist

Featuring 6 cards
Print run of 60.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold - print run of 10

DM-01 Kristi Yamaguchi
Keri Strug
DM-02 Ric Flair
Super Star Billy Graham
DM-03 Frank Thomas
David Ortiz
DM-04 David Robinson
Shaquille O'Neal
DM-05 Pedro Martinez
Mariano Rivera
DM-06 Scottie Pippen
Shaquille O'Neal
2013 Sportkings Series F Trading Cards 40

Triple Memorabilia Set Checklist

Featuring 4 cards
Print run of 40.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold - print run of 10

TM-01 Shaquille O'Neal
Scottie Pippen
David Robinson
TM-02 Pedro Martinez
Mariano Rivera
Fernando Valenzuela
TM-03 Tito Ortiz
Ric Flair
Julio Cesare Chavez
TM-04 David Ortiz
Brooks Robinson
Frank Thomas
2013 Sportkings Series F Trading Cards 41

Quad Memorabilia Set Checklist

Featuring 4 cards
Print run of 40.
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold - print run of 10

QM-01 Mariano Rivera
Frank Thomas
Wade Boggs
David Ortiz
QM-02 Shaquille O'Neal
Clyde Drexler
Scottie Pippen
David Robinson
QM-04 Kristi Yamaguchi
Sasha Cohen
Bert Sugar
Walter Ray Williams Jr.
QM-04 Ric Flair
Tito Ortiz
Julio Cesar Chavez
Super Star Billy Graham

Vintage Papercuts Autographs Set Checklist

Featuring 52 cards

VP-AB Ace Bailey
VP-AG Althea Gibson
VP-AD Angelo Dundee
VP-AA Arthur Ashe
VP-BD Babe Didrikson
VP-BH Ben Hogan
VP-BN Bronko Nagurski
VP-BNE Byron Nelson
VP-CH Carl Hubbell
VP-CJ Ching Johnson
VP-DS Duke Snider
VP-EA Eddie Arcaro
VP-ES Eddie Shore
VP-EV Ellsworth Vines
VP-EK Evel Knievel
VP-FP Fred Perry
VP-GS Gene Sarazen
VP-GT Gene Tunney
VP-GM George Mikan
VP-HM Helene Madison
VP-HC Henry Cotton
VP-JD Jack Dempsey
VP-JR Jackie Robinson
VP-JDO Jimmy Doolittle
VP-JJB James J. Braddock
VP-JRW James R. Wedell
VP-JL Jim Londos
VP-JLA Joe Lapchick
VP-JU Johnny Unitas
VP-JMF Juan Manuel Fangio
VP-MR Mauri Rose
VP-MRI Maurice Richard
VP-MB Max Baer
VP-MA Muhammad Ali
VP-SP Satchel Paige
VP-P Pelé
VP-PC Primo Carnera
VP-RG Red Grange
VP-RTJ Robert T. Jones
VP-RT Roscoe Turner
VP-SS Sam Snead
VP-SB Sammy Baugh
VP-SH Sonja Henie
VP-SM Stan Musial
VP-SRR Sugar Ray Robinson
VP-TW Ted Williams
VP-WH Walter Hagen
VP-WTT William T. Tilden
VP-WH Willie Hoppe
VP-WM Willie Mosconi
VP-JW John Wooden
VP-JF Joe Frazier

Premium Back Redemption Set Checklist

Send in one set that spell SPORTKINGS and receive a 1/1 Sportkings Premium Redemption Enshrined Cut Signature Card.
Send in two sets that spell SPORTKINGS and receive a 1/1 Sportkings Premium Redemption Jumbo Memorabilia Card.
Send in five sets that spell SPORTKINGS and receive a 1/1 Sportkings Premium Redemption Art Card*
Send in twenty-five sets that spell SPORTKINGS and Blow-Up Art Card** painted by Jared Kelley
** contact ITG for complete details - info@itgtradingcards.com

Made to Order Set Checklist

Print run of 10.


Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

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