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2013 Rittenhouse Star Trek: TOS Heroes and Villains Trading Cards

2013 Rittenhouse Star Trek: TOS Heroes and Villains Trading Cards



2013 Rittenhouse Star Trek: TOS Heroes and Villains Checklist

Base Set Checklist

001 Captain Kirk
002 Spock
003 Dr. McCoy
004 Lt. Uhura
005 Scotty
006 Lt. Sulu
007 Ensign Chekov
008 Nurse Christine Chapel
009 Yeoman Janice Rand
010 Captain Pike
011 The Keeper
012 Vina
013 Lt. Cmdr. Gary Mitchell
014 Dr. Elizabeth Dehner
015 Balok's Puppet
016 Evil Captain Kirk
017 M-113 Salt Creature
018 Robert Crater
019 Charlie Evans
020 Romulan Commander
021 Ruk
022 Roger Korby
023 Tristan Adams
024 Dr. Helen Noel
025 Miri
026 Jahn
027 Anton Karidian
028 Lenore Karidian
029 Commissioner Ferris
030 Finney
031 Cogley
032 Finnegan
033 Trelane
034 Gorn Captain
035 Lazarus
036 Marplon
037 Landru
038 Anan 7
039 Khan Noonian Singh
040 Marla McGivers
041 Kor
042 Edith Keeler
043 Sylvia
044 Korob
045 Zefram Cochrane
046 Kras
047 Apollo
048 Lt. Palamas
049 T'Pring
050 T'Pau
051 Commodore Matt Decker
052 Harry Mudd
053 Nomad
054 Dr. Janet Wallace
055 Arne Darvin
056 Koloth
057 Henoch
058 Merik
059 Claudius
060 Thelev
061 Nona
062 Galt
063 Shahna
064 Ensign Garrovick
065 Bella Oxmyx
066 Jojo Krako
067 Rojan
068 Kelinda
069 Dr. Ann Mulhall
070 Stonn
071 Melakon
072 Dr. Richard Daystrom
073 Captain Ronald Tracey
074 Gary Seven
075 Elaan
076 Miramanee
077 Romulan Commander
078 Gorgan
079 Kara
080 Dr. Miranda Jones
081 Gem
082 Vians
083 Kang
084 Alexander
085 Parmen
086 Deela
087 Rael
088 Losira
089 Bele
090 Garth
091 Marta
092 Hodin
093 Plasus
094 Droxine
095 Dr. Sevrin
096 Abraham Lincoln
097 Colonel Green
098 Surak
099 Kahless
100 Dr. Janice Lester

Autographs Checklist

16 cards. Inserted 1:24 packs.

PRINT RUN INFO: EL=Extremely Limited (200 copies or less), VL=Very Limited (201-300 copies), L=Limited (301-500)

A202 Maggie Thrett as Ruth Bonaventure L
A236 Victor Brandt as Watson L
A242 Arlene Martel as T'Pring L
A249 Steve Sandor as Lars
A250 Robert Phillips as Space Officer
A251 Carolyn Nelson as Yeoman Atkins
A253 Morgan Jones as Colonel Nesvig
A254 Dyanne Thorne as First Girl
A255 Garth Pillsbury as Wilson L
A257 Brioni Farrell as Tula
A258 Sean Morgan as Phaser Specialist Brenner L
A260 Michael Barrier as Lt. DeSalle L
A262 David L. Ross as Lt. Galloway L
A264 Diana Muldaur as Ann Mulhall VL
A268 Nichelle Nichols as Uhura EL
A269 William Shatner as Captain Kirk EL

Dual Autographs Checklist

17 cards. Inserted 1:24 packs.

PRINT RUN INFO: EL=Extremely Limited (200 copies or less), VL=Very Limited (201-300 copies), L=Limited (301-500)

DA5 Leslie Shatner as Onlie Girl and Lisabeth Shatner EL
DA7 William Shatner as Captain Kirk and Joan Collins as Edith Keller EL
DA8 Grace Lee Whitney as Yeoman Rand and Robert Walker, Jr. as Charlie Evans L
DA14 Nichelle Nichols as Lt. Uhura and Walter Koenig as Ensign Chekov VL
DA20 Venita Wolf as Yeoman Ross and William Campbell as Trelane L
DA21 Anthony Call as Dave Bailey and Clint Howard as Balok
DA22 Bruce Hyde as Lt. Kevin Riley and Stewart Moss as Joe Tormolen L
DA24 Warren Stevens as Rojan and Barbara Bouchet as Kelinda
DA25 Sherry Jackson as Andrea and Harry Basch as Dr. Brown
DA26 Charles Napier as Adam and Victor Brandt as Tongo Rad VL
DA27 Victor Brandt as Tongo Rad and Deborah Downey as Mavig VL
DA28 Charles Napier as Adam and Deborah Downey as Mavig L
DA29 Susan Howard as Mara and Michael Ansara as Kang L
DA30 Gary Combs as Gorn and Bobby Clark as Gorn L
DA31 Michael Forest as Apollo and Leslie Parrish as Lt. Palamas L
DA33 Diana Muldaur as Dr. Miranda Jones and David Frankham as Larry Marvick VL
DA34 Joseph Ruskin as Galt and Steve Sandor as Lars
2013 Rittenhouse Star Trek: TOS Heroes and Villains Dual Autographs William Shatner, Joan Collins

Kirk's Epic Battles Set Checklist

9 cards. Inserted 1:12 packs.

GB1 Captain Kirk vs. Khan in Space Seed
GB2 Captain Kirk vs. Gary Mitchell in Where No Man Has Gone Before
GB3 Captain Kirk vs. Romulan Commander in Balance of Terror
GB4 Captain Kirk vs. The Gorn in Arena
GB5 Captain Kirk vs. Shahna in The Gamesters of Triskelion
GB6 Captain Kirk vs. Kang in Day of the Dove
GB7 Captain Kirk vs. Spock in Amok Time
GB8 Captain Kirk vs. Romulan Commander in The Enterprise Incident
GB9 Captain Kirk vs. Captain Kirk in The Enemy Within

Mirror, Mirror Set Checklist

9 cards. Inserted 1:24 packs.

MM1 Kirk/Mirror Kirk
MM2 Spock/Mirror Spock
MM3 McCoy/Mirror McCoy
MM4 Scotty/Mirror Scotty
MM5 Uhura/Mirror Uhura
MM6 Sulu/Mirror Sulu
MM7 Chekov/Mirror Chekov
MM8 Marlena/Mirror Marlena
MM9 U.S.S. Enterprise/I.S.S. Enterprise

Star Trek Bridge Crew Shadowbox Set Checklist

6 cards. Inserted 1:48 packs.

S1 Captain Kirk
S2 Spock
S3 Dr. McCoy
S4 Scotty
S5 Uhura
S6 Sulu

Tribute: Season 3 Set Checklist

Inserted 1:4 packs. T50 exclusive to Rittenhouse Rewards program.

T38 Virgil Earp from Spectre of the Gun
T39 Salish from The Paradise Syndrome
T40 Gorgan from And the Children Shall Lead
T41 Thann from The Empath
T42 Deela from Wink of an Eye
T43 Lt. D'Amato from That Which Survives
T44 Garth from Whom Gods Destroy
T45 Cory from Whom Gods Destroy
T46 Plasus from The Cloud Minders
T47 Flint from Requiem for Methuselah
T48 Abraham Lincoln from The Savage Curtain
T49 The Prosecutor from All Our Yesterdays
T50 Roger C. Carmel as Harry Mudd

Case Toppers Checklist

Incentives Checklist

Promo Card Checklist

Product Details

User Rating:

Some collectors may be starting to wonder how many more Star Trek sets the hobby needs. Yet, Rittenhouse continues to take on new angles and introduce new inserts. 2013 Rittenhouse Star Trek: TOS Heroes and Villains mixes the familiar with the fresh, particularly for those who stick mainly to the iconic franchise.

Over the course of 79 episodes, the Star Trek mythology  introduced plenty of good guys and even more bad guys. They come together for a base set that focuses on the many conflicts and enemy encounters.

Every 2013 Star Trek: TOS Heroes and Villains box has both a standard Autograph and a Dual Autograph. Confirmed signers include William Shatner (Captain Kirk), Nichelle Nichols (Uhura), Walter Koenig (Chekov), Clint Howard (Balok) and Grace Lee Whitney (Janice Rand).

Six Bridge Crew Shadowbox cards showcase the main cast members with a distinct 3-D look. Based on one of the most popular episodes in the show's history, not to mention one of the most valuable inserts from the franchise's run with Fleer/SkyBox, are eight new Mirror, Mirror cards. Star Trek Tribute expands by another 18 cards, honoring the actors and actresses from the show who have passed away. Finally, the nine-card Epic Battles set spotlights the most epic conflicts.

Sold separately, a 2013 Rittenhouse Star Trek: TOS Heroes and Villains binder comes with an exclusive promo card.

Product Configuration: 24 cards per pack, 5 cards per pack
Price Point: Mid-End Entertainment Card
Target Audience: Star Trek Collectors, Set Builders, Autograph Collectors

2013 Rittenhouse Star Trek: TOS Heroes and Villains Box Break

  • 1 Dual Autograph
  • 1 Autograph
  • 120 Total Cards
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Ryan Cracknell  |  E-Mail Author
Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews

  1. I heard Captain Kirk AKA William Shatner will only be featured on a double auto card, I could be wrong.

    Call me a fanboy, but I’m very excited for these to come out. With the new Star Trek movie coming out this summer, I’ve been re-watching the original series…nothing can be a better companion than these cards.

    Between this set and the hopefully equally-as-awesome Star Trek: Into Darkness set in the future, I will be doing some serious damage to my wallet. Set phasers to kill.

    I guess the only thing I’d change about this set is perhaps incorporating the new film…
    like a dual auto Shatner/Pine. Could you imagine? Maybe the license agreements prevented it.

    Live long and prosper!

  2. local collectors in Stockton ca?

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