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2013 Rittenhouse Marvel Greatest Battles Trading Cards

2013 Rittenhouse Marvel Greatest Battles Trading Cards

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Spider-Man versus Dr. Octopus, the Fantastic Four versus Dr. Doom, the X-Men versus Magneto -- the Marvel Universe was built on epic encounters of good taking on evil. That's the focus of 2013 Rittenhouse Marvel Greatest Battles, a set that boasts a pair of sketch cards in every box.

The 2013 Rittenhouse Marvel Greatest Battles base set has 90 cards that center on the biggest match-ups in the company's rich history. These battles really are the centerpiece of it all. Without Red Skull, there probably wouldn't be a Captain America. Thor would be a lot less interesting if it weren't for Loki. And comic fans would have a lot less to talk about if it weren't for the occasional match-up pitting hero against hero, like Thing and Hulk. The base set has a pair of parallels. Red cards fall 1:3 packs while Gold cards are inserted one per box. Gold parallels are also numbered to 75.

Every 2013 Rittenhouse Marvel Greatest Battles box comes with a pair of sketch cards that fit together to make a puzzle. Every puzzle has a minimum of two characters. Artists contributing to the set include Andy Price, Charles Hall, Matias Streb, Pablo Marcos, Anthony Tan and Cezar Razek.

Other inserts include Avengers vs. X-Men (18 cards, 1:12 packs), Battle Scars (nine cards, 1:12 packs) and Gold Plastic (nine cards, 1:24 packs).

As with most of the company's sets, there are several dealer incentives based on the number of cases ordered. Those committing to six cases get a two-card sketch puzzle by Meghan Hetrick. A four-card puzzle by Warren Martineck is a nine-case incentive. Those ordering 18 cases get a special Archive Box. Archive Boxes come with a complete set of Red parallels, ten two-card puzzle sketches (20 total sketch cards), a pair of case toppers and all three basic insert sets.

Sold separately, 2013 Rittenhouse Marvel Greatest Battles has a custom binder that comes packaged with an exclusive promo card.

Product Configuration: 24 packs per box, 5 cards per pack
Price Point: Mid-End Entertainment Card
Target Audience: Comic Card Collectors, Marvel Fans, Sketch Card Collectors, Set Builders

2013 Rittenhouse Marvel Greatest Battles Box Break

  • 2-Card Sketch Puzzle
  • 5 Inserts
  • 1 Numbered Gold Parallel
  • 8 Red Parallels
  • 120 Total Cards
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Set Checklist

2013 Rittenhouse Marvel Greatest Battles Checklist

Base Set Checklist

90 cards. Click here to shop for base sets on eBay.

PARALLEL CARDS: Red 1:3 packs, Gold 1:24 packs #/75

01 Iron Man vs. Mandarin
02 Iron Man vs. Titanium Man
03 Iron Man vs. Iron Monger
04 Iron Man vs. Captain America
05 Iron Man vs. Dr. Doom
06 Iron Man vs. Ezekiel Stane
07 Iron Man vs. Hulk
08 Iron Man vs. Melter
09 Iron Man vs. Controller
10 Captain America vs. Task Master
11 Captain America vs. Wolverine
12 Captain America vs. Scourge
13 Captain America vs. Baron Zemo
14 Captain America vs. Red Skull
15 Captain America vs. Punisher
16 Captain America vs. Cyclops
17 Captain America vs. Kang
18 Captain America vs. Iron Man
19 Hulk vs. Thing
20 Hulk vs. Zeus
21 Hulk vs. Hercules
22 Hulk vs. Abomination
23 Hulk vs. Red Hulk
24 Hulk vs. Sentry
25 Hulk vs. Red She-Hulk
26 Hulk vs. Skaar
27 Hulk vs. Punisher
28 Thor vs. Loki
29 Thor vs. Executioner
30 Thor vs. Hercules
31 Thor vs. Odin
32 Thor vs. Beta-Ray-Bill
33 Thor vs. Destroyer
34 Thor vs. Wrecker
35 Thor vs. Tanarus
36 Thor vs. Blastaar
37 Wolverine vs. Omega Red
38 Wolverine vs. Mystique
39 Wolverine vs. Sabretooth
40 Wolverine vs. Magneto
41 Wolverine vs. Deadpool
42 Wolverine vs. Silver Samurai
43 Wolverine vs. Cyclops
44 Wolverine vs. Daken
45 Wolverine vs. Gorgon
46 Spider-Man vs. Doctor Octopus
47 Spider-Man vs. Vulture
48 Spider-Man vs. Sandman
49 Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin
50 Spider-Man vs. Rhino
51 Spider-Man vs. Electro
52 Spider-Man vs. Venom
53 Spider-Man vs. Lizard
54 Spider-Man vs. Scorpion
55 Fantastic Four vs. Mole Man
56 Fantastic Four vs. Klaw
57 Fantastic Four vs. Super Skrull
58 Fantastic Four vs. Galactus
59 Fantastic Four vs. Annihilus
60 Fantastic Four vs. Dr. Doom
61 Fantastic Four vs. Psycho-Man
62 Fantastic Four vs. Ramades
63 Fantastic Four vs. Diablo
64 Rogue vs. Ms. Marvel
65 Rogue vs. She-Hulk
66 Rogue vs. Iron Man
67 Rogue vs. Ares
68 Rogue vs. Danger
69 Rogue vs. X-Men
70 Rogue vs. Sunfire
71 Rogue vs. Psylocke
72 Rogue vs. Mystique
73 Ms. Marvel vs. Rogue
74 Ms. Marvel vs. Tigra
75 Ms. Marvel vs. Moonstone
76 Ms. Marvel vs. Brood
77 Ms. Marvel vs. Warbird
78 Ms. Marvel vs. Mystique
79 Black Widow vs. Mockingbird
80 Black Widow vs. Bullseye
81 Black Widow vs. Magik
82 Black Widow vs. Elektra
83 Black Widow vs. Wolverine
84 Black Widow vs. Daredevil
85 Elektra vs. Echo
86 Elektra vs. Hawkeye
87 Elektra vs. Red Hulk
88 Elektra vs. Hercules
89 Elektra vs. Shroud
90 Elektra vs. Daredevil
2013 Rittenhouse Marvel Greatest Battles Trading Cards 23

High Number Base Set Checklist

18 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Red, Gold #/75

91 Thor vs Malekith
93 Thor vs. Gorr
99 Thor vs. Red Hulk

Avengers vs. X-Men Checklist

18 cards. Inserted 1:12 packs.

VS1 Captain America, Cyclops
VS2 Hulk, Emma Frost
VS3 Ms. Marvel, Rogue
VS4 Spider-Man, Ice Man
VS5 Juggernaut, Thing
VS6 Storm, Thor
VS7 Hawk Eye, Gambit
VS8 Luke Cage, Beast
VS10 Spider Woman, Gambit
VS11 Psylocke, Black Widow?
VS12 Iron Man, Magneto
VS13 Iron Man, Magneto
VS14 Captain America, Wolverine
VS15 Captain America, Iron Man
VS16 Cyclops, Emma Frost?
VS17 Cyclops, Ms. Marvel
VS18 Colossus, Iron Man
2013 Rittenhouse Marvel Greatest Battles Trading Cards 24

Battle Scars Checklist

9 cards. Inserted 1:23 packs.

BS1 Spider-Man
BS2 Iron Man
BS3 Thor
BS4 Captain America
BS5 Hulk
BS6 Wolverine
BS7 MS. Marvel
BS8 Rogue
BS9 Cyclops
2013 Rittenhouse Marvel Greatest Battles Trading Cards 25

Gold Plastic Checklist

10 cards. Inserted 1:24 packs. GC10 available only through Rittenhouse Rewards program and not inserted in packs.

GC1 Captain America
GC2 Ghost Rider
GC3 Incredible Hulk
GC4 Iron Man
GC5 Spider-Man
GC6 Thor
GC7 Wolverine
GC8 Cyclops
GC9 Storm
GC10 Nova
2013 Rittenhouse Marvel Greatest Battles Trading Cards 26

Sketch Artist Checklist

Rarity: S=Scare (less than 50 cards), EL=Extremely Limited (51-150 cards), VL=Very Limited (151-250 cards)

Adam Cline S
Adam Cleveland EL
Albert Morales S
Alberto Silva S
Alcione da Silva S
Alex Magno
Alfredo Lopez Jr. S
Allen Geneta EL
Andre Toma S
Andy Price S
Anthony Tan S
António Brandão S
Arley Tucker EL
Aston Roy Cover EL
Bien Flores S
Bill Mancuso S
Brent Ragland S
Bryan Tillman S
Buddy Prince EL
Cezar Razek EL
Charles Hall S
Chris Bradberry S
Chris Gutierrez S
Chris Foreman EL
Dan Borgonos S
Daniel HDR S
Darren Chandler S
Dave Beaty S
Dennis Crisostomo S
Denver Brubaker S
Edde Wagner EL
Edwin David S
Eli Rutten S
Gemma Magno EL
George Calloway S
George Davis S
Greg Kirkpatrick S
Ian Dorian S
Irma Ahmed S
J. David Lee
Jader Correa S
Jake Minor S
Jake Sumbing VL
James Linares S
Jamie Snell S
Jason Sobol S
Jay Fosgit EL
Jayson Kretzer S
JC Fabul VL
Jeanette Swift S
Jeff Confer S
Joe Pekar EL
John Haun S
John Czop S
Johndell Snead S
Jomar Bulda VL
Jon Hughes S
Jordan Butler EL
José Weingartner Jr. S
Joshua Flower S
Jovenal Mendoza S
Juan Fontanez S
Julia Pinto S
Julius Abrera S
Juno Sanchez EL
Kevin West S
Lee Bradley S
Leeahd Goldberg S
Lui Antonio S
Lynne Anderson S
Marcelo Ferreira S
Marco David Carrillo EL
Mark Tannacore S
Mark Marvida VL
Mark Felix Morales VL
Mary Jane Dizon Paragan S
Matias Streb S
Matt Glebe EL
Mauro Fodra VL
Michael Duron S
Mick Glebe EL
Mike Thomas EL
Mitch Ballard EL
MJ San Juan EL
Nestor Celario Jr. S
Norman Jim Faustino EL
Noval Hernawan EL
Nur Hanie Mohd EL
Pablo Marcos EL
Puis Calzada S
Rainier Lagunsad S
Randy Monces EL
Rhiannon Owens S
Rich Molinelli S
Rodjer Goulart S
Rodrio Martins EL
Roger Medeiros S
Rogério DeSouza S
Saiful Mokhtar EL
Sam Agro S
Scott Rorie S
Sean Moore S
Seth Ismart S
Stacey Kardash S
Stefanie Battalene S
Studio Mia VL
Thanh Bui S
Tim Levandoski S
Tony Scott S
Tony Santiago S
Vince Sunico S
Wayne Beeman S
Wendell Rubio Silva S
William Allan Reyes EL
Yonami S
2013 Rittenhouse Marvel Greatest Battles Trading Cards 27

Case Topper Checklist

Inserted one per case.

CT1 Captain America, Nick Fury
CT2 Captain America, Nick Fury
2013 Rittenhouse Marvel Greatest Battles Trading Cards 28

Promo Card Checklist

P1 General Distribution
P2 Binder Exclusive

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I know the base set is from 1-90 but I have base cards numbered from 91 to 108. any information on the extra cards would greatly be appreciated

Boston Biz
Boston Biz

I would HIGHLY recommend this product for those who love sketch cards. I love the fact that when you put them together they form a bigger sketch ! I’ve opened (3) boxes and all three sketches were good !


thanks for the heads up!

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