2013 Press Pass Parks and Recreation Trading Cards

2013 Press Pass Parks and Recreation Trading Cards


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2013 Press Pass Parks and Recreation is the first trading card set for the popular and critically acclaimed sitcom. The show mixes traditional elements like autographs and relic cards, but the freshness of both the license and the signature lineup make for a big first impression for collectors.

Autographs fall two per box with all being signed on-card. Regular cast members and guest stars have signatures in the release including several first-time signers who are making big impressions on the Hollywood comedy scene. Series regulars Amy Poehler (Leslie Knope), Rob Lowe (Chris Traeger), Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson), Aubrey Plaza (April Ludgate) and Aziz Ansari (Tom Haverford) all have autograph cards in the set. High-profile guest stars signing for the set include Paul Rudd, Parker Posey and Fred Armisen. Basic autographs come unnumbered and have silver foil. Parallel Gold Metallic Autographs are numbered to 99 or less while Red Metallic Autographs are limited to 25 numbered copies. Collectors can also look for special inscribed autographs.

Inserted one per box, Relic Cards include pieces of show-worn costumes. Relics come from wardrobe pieces worn by all the main cast members, including Poehler, Plaza, Lowe, Offerman, Rashida Jones and Adam Scott. They come in three levels: Silver, Gold (#/99) and Blue Holofoil (#/25). Relic cards include a photo of the full costume on the back of the card along with which episode they were used in.

The 2013 Press Pass Parks and Recreation base set has 90 cards. They focus on episodes from the first four seasons, capturing many of the quirkiest moments of the sitcom about municipal politics. Foil parallels are inserted one per pack.

Product Configuration: 24 packs per box, 5 cards per pack
Price Point: Low- to Mid-End Entertainment Card
Target Audience: Parks and Recreation Fans, Autograph Collectors, Set Builders

2013 Press Pass Parks and Recreation Box Break

  • 2 Autographs
  • 1 Relic Card
  • 24 Foil Parallels
  • 120 Total Cards

Card Gallery

Please note, these are sample mock-ups, not final cards.

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Set Checklist

2013 Press Pass Parks & Recreation Trading Card Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

Featuring 90 cards
PARALLEL CARDS: Foil - 1 per pack

1    S1    E1    Pilot
2    S1    E2    Canvassing
3    S1    E3    Reporter
4    S1    E4    Boys' Club
5    S1    E5    The Banquet
6    S1    E6    Rock Show
7    S2    E1    Pawnee Zoo
8    S2    E2    The Stakeout
9    S2    E3    Beauty Pageant
10    S2    E4    The Practice Date
11    S2    E5    Sister City
12    S2    E6    KaBOOM!
13    S2    E7    Greg Pikitis
14    S2    E8    Ron and Tammy
15    S2    E9    The Camel
16    S2    E10    Hunting Trip
17    S2    E11    Tom's Divorce
18    S2    E12    Christmas Scandal
19    S2    E13    The Set-Up
20    S2    E14    Leslie's House
21    S2    E15    Sweetums
22    S2    E16    Galentine's Day
23    S2    E17    Woman of the Year
24    S2    E18    The Possum
25    S2    E19    Park Safety
26    S2    E20    Summer Catalog
27    S2    E21    94 Meetings
28    S2    E22    Telethon
29    S2    E23    The Master Plan
30    S2    E24    Freddy Spaghetti
31    S3    E1    Go Big or Go Home
32    S3    E2    Flu Season
33    S3    E3    Time Capsule
34    S3    E4    Ron and Tammy Part 2
35    S3    E5    Media Blitz
36    S3    E6    Indianapolis
37    S3    E7    Harvest Fest
38    S3    E8    Camping
39    S3    E9    Andy and April's Fancy Party
40    S3    E10    Soulmates
41    S3    E11    Jerry's Painting
42    S3    E12    Eagleton
43    S3    E13    The Fight
44    S3    E14    Road Trip
45    S3    E15    The Bubble
46    S3    E16    Li'l Sebastian
47    S4    E1    I'm Leslie Knope
48    S4    E2    Ron and Tammy's
49    S4    E3    Born and Raised
50    S4    E4    Pawnee Rangers
51    S4    E5    Meet 'N' Greet
52    S4    E6    End of the World
53    S4    E7    The Treaty
54    S4    E8    Smallest Park
55    S4    E9    Trial of Leslie Knope
56    S4    E10    Citizen Knope
57    S4    E11    The Comeback Kid
58    S4    E12    Campaign Ad
59    S4    E13    Bowling for Votes
60    S4    E14    Operation Ann
61    S4    E15    Dave Returns
62    S4    E16    Sweet Sixteen
63    S4    E17    Campaign Shake-up
64    S4    E18    Lucky
65    S4    E19    Live Ammo
66    S4    E20    The Debate
67    S4    E21    Bus Tour
68    S4    E22    Win, Lose, or Draw
69 Amy Poehler
70 Rashida Jones
71 Aziz Ansari
72 Nick Offerman
73 Aubrey Plaza
74 Chris Pratt
75 Jim O'Heir
76 Retta
77 Adam Scott
78 Rob Lowe
79 Jay Jackson
80 pawneeindiana.com
81 snakeholelounge.com
82 hoosiermate.com
83 misspawnee.com
84 entertainment720.com
85 rentaswag.com
86 knope2012.com
87 ronswansongrill.com
88 dukesilver.com
89 scarecrowboat.com
90 awesomesaucewedding.com
2013 Press Pass Parks and Recreation Trading Cards 10

Autographs Set Checklist

Featuring 13 cards
2 per box
Aziz Ansari signed all his cards using red ink. The announced print run for his base autograph is 148.
PARALLEL CARDS: Red Ink (print run of 55 or less), Gold #/99 or less, Red #/25, Inscriptions (print runs vary - see inscription tab)

Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope
Aubrey Plaza as April Ludgate
Aziz Ansari as Tom Haverford
Fred Armisen as Raul
Jay Jackson as Perd Hapley
Jim O'Heir as Jerry Gergich
Megan Mullally as Tammy Swanson
Mo Collins as Joan Callmezzo
Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson
Parker Posey as Lindsay Carlisle Shay
Paul Rudd as Bobby Newport
Retta as Donna Meagle
Rob Lowe as Chris Traeger
2013 Press Pass Parks and Recreation Trading Cards 11

Relics Set Checklist

Featuring 9 cards
Combine with other relics to fall 1 per box
PARALLEL CARDS: Gold #/99, Blue Holo #/25

R-AA           Aziz Ansari
R-AP2          Aubrey Plaza
R-AS           Adam Scott
R-CP           Chris Pratt
R-NO           Nick Offerman
R-RL           Rob Lowe
R2-RL          Rob Lowe
R1-AP          Amy Poehler
R2-AP          Amy Poehler
2013 Press Pass Parks and Recreation Trading Cards 12

Dual Relics Gold Set Checklist

Featuring 4 cards
Serial Numbered #/99 or as indicated below
Combine with other relics to fall 1 per box
PARALLEL CARDS: Blue Holo #/25

RD-AP2         Aubrey Plaza
RD-AA          Aziz Ansari
RD-AS          Adam Scott #/50
RD-AP          Amy Poehler
2013 Press Pass Parks and Recreation Trading Cards 13

Triple Relics Set Checklist

Featuring 2 cards
Combine with other relics to fall 1 per box
PARALLEL CARDS: Blue Holo #/25

RT-AP Amy Poehler #/99
RT-RL Rob Lowe #/50
2013 Press Pass Parks and Recreation Trading Cards 14

Amy Poehler Alternate Autograph Set Checklist

4 case purchase incentive

Amy Poehler


2013 Press Pass Parks and Recreation Autograph Inscriptions

The following is a detailed list and print runs of inscriptions added to various autographs. It includes the autograph level, ink color, inscription  and quantity.

Aziz Ansari

  • Silver, Red Ink - "Tom" 25

Total Inscriptions: 25

Fred Armisen

  • Gold, Blue Ink - "Venezuela!" - 16
  • Gold, Blue Ink - "Caracas!" - 9

Total Inscriptions: 25

Mo Collins

  • Gold, Blue Ink - "Pawnee's Own 'Joan' XO" - 26

Total Inscriptions: 26

Jay Jackson

  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Ya Heard!" - 3
  • Gold, Blue Ink - "Ya Heard!" - 25

Total Inscriptions: 28

Rob Lowe

  • Gold, Blue Ink - "Literally" - 2
  • Gold, Blue Ink - "Ann Perkins" - 1

Total Inscriptions: 3

Megan Mullally

  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Tammy" - 10
  • Red, Blue Ink - "Tammy" - 7

Total Inscriptions: 17

Nick Offerman

  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Christian Becksvoort!" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Salty Jazz" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "RON SWANSON" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "AMERICA" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Funerals + the Grand Canyon" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "L'il Sebastian" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Bacon" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Axe" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Brunettes" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Sweet-ass  pistol" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Breakfast  food" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Red Meat" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "I have the toes I have" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Block Plane" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Spoke shave" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Freedom" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Maple" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Lagavulin" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Duke Silver" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Canoe" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Hatchet" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Scotch" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Oak" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Constitution" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Food 'n' Stuff" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Pork" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Liberty" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Rasp" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Walnut" - 1

Total Inscriptions: 29

Jim O'Heir

  • Gold, Blue Ink - "DAMMIT JERRY" - 24
  • Gold, Blue Ink - "DAMMIT JERRY!" -  1

Total Inscriptions: 25

Aubrey Plaza

  • Silver, Blue Ink - "help" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "whatever" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "April/Janet Snakehole" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "No" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "I hate Ann" - 2
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "People suck" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "people suck" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Jerry sucks" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "thank you, alcohol" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "I hate people" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Die, Jerry" - 1
  • Gold, Blue Ink - "Ann sucks" - 1
  • Gold, Blue Ink - "Ann sucks" - 1
  • Gold, Blue Ink - "Die, Jerry" - 1
  • Gold, Blue Ink - "Andy is the smartest man alive" - 1
  • Red, Blue Ink - "April" - 1
  • Red, Blue Ink - "I quit" - 1
  • Red, Blue Ink - "Shut up, Jerry" - 3
  • Red, Blue Ink - "ugh" - 1
    Red, Blue Ink - "Help" - 1
    Red, Blue Ink - "no." - 1
    Red, Blue Ink - "no" - 1
    Red, Blue Ink - "Die, Jerry" - 1

Total Inscriptions: 26

Amy Poehler

  • Silver, Blue Ink - "I (heart) Pawnee" 10
  • Gold, Blue Ink - "I (heart) Pawnee" 10

Total inscriptions: 20

Parker Posey

  • Gold, Blue Ink - "as Lyndsay" - 49
  • Red, Blue Ink - "as Lyndsay" - 25

Total Inscriptions: 74


  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Treat Yo Self!" - 25

Total Inscriptions: 25

Paul Rudd

  • Silver, Blue Ink - "VOTE NEWPORT!" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "VOTE KNOPE!" - 3
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "JUST SAY KNOPE!" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Wanna play bowling?" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Bobby Newport" - 2
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "We did it!" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Vote for me!" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Bobby Newport!  YAY!" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "VOTE NEWPORT" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "VOTE FOR LESLIE" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "VOTE KNOPE" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Let's do this!" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Don't vote for me."
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "VOTE 4 ME!" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Bobby Rudd as Paul Newport" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Vote for Leslie!" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Bobby Newport for President" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Vote Newport" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "I don't want to win" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Please don't vote 4 me." - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "Let's get a mall on Jupiter!" - 1
  • Silver, Blue Ink - "IS Bobby Newport" - 1

Total Inscriptions: 25

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Product Review

2013 Press Pass Parks and Recreation Product Review

Reviewed by Ryan Cracknell

Good: Phenomenal autograph lineup, nice design on memorabilia cards, captures top moments from the show.

Bad: Base cards have too much going on, foil parallels lack inspiration, no basic inserts.
The Bottom Line: For the autographs alone, 2013 Press Pass Parks and Recreation gets major kudos. Few sets manage to land so many strong autographs, especially without watering the checklist down with lots of less desirable guests. The costume cards may be somewhat overlooked, but they're well done as well. The base set covers a lot of ground, perhaps too much given the small size and multiple seasons. It would have also been more exciting to see something a little more in the way of inserts.

Staff Rating:
4.0 / 5.0

Card Design: 3.0/5.0

The base set has a lot going on. Squeezing four seasons worth of episodes, character cards and "website" cards in a 90-card set means that each card covers a lot of ground. Episode cards have as many as eight images in addition to a lengthy write-up and episode details. While these cards use good lines to separate the various images, it's hard to decide where to focus. It's likes it covers a little bit of everything while dedicating to nothing at the same time.

I'm someone who prefers one image on the front and another on the back. I see why Press Pass is using the many images as it doesn't have the luxury of using three or four cards for every episode. It's just a tough main set to get excited about as far as appearance.

On the other hand, the autographs and memorabilia cards are fantastic. Both use a good amount of open space while still having nice sized images.

Checklist: 4.5/5.0

The 2013 Press Pass Parks and Recreation autograph checklist is one of the best ever assembled. It's a rare feat that so many key cast members are in one set. What makes it even stronger is that they're not outweighed by signatures from guests with bit parts and manufactured scarcity. While some may be a little rarer than others, it's not hugely noticeable.

Similarly, the memorabilia lineup is all main stars. Parallels and multi-swatch cards are a nice bonus.

Although I found the base set to be busy, it does a nice job of succinctly capturing the first four seasons. The write-ups are particularly notable.

Value: 4.5/5.0

Most of the monetary value in a box is going to come from the autographs. With such a strong list, it's tough not to get a good return. Individual cards haven't soared, in part because so many hit the market at the same time, but most are doing decent. This could bode well for the long-term of the cards as many will continue to have strong Hollywood careers. Foil parallels and inscriptions add a fun chase element.

The Fun Factor: 4.0/5.0

Normally, I get excited about a set as a whole. And while I do to a certain extent with 2013 Press Pass Parks and Recreation, what's most exciting are the signatures. They carry the bulk of the set's excitement. I enjoy the show, but I don't watch it every week. But I do know most of the signers from other things as well. Paul Rudd, Amy Poehler and Aubrey Plaza are some of the best names in comedy today. Rob Lowe has had a long and storied career as well.

For future releases, it would be nice to see a little more variety as far as basic inserts go. A parallel is okay, but the plain foil doesn't add much excitement to the mix.

Press Pass has done a great job with in launching Parks and Recreation. It feels fresh and succeeds, particularly if you're a fan of autographs.

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2013 Press Pass Parks and Recreation Trading Cards, reviewed by Ryan Cracknell on 2013-07-10T13:32:03-04:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

Ryan Cracknell  |  E-Mail Author
Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews

  1. I can’t believe no Rashida Jones, Adam Scott, or Chris pratt autographs!

    Maybe for next years set perhaps? A variety of inserts might be nice too. Maybe an auto+wardrobe chase gets added?

    Keep up the good work Press Pass!

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