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2013 Leaf Power Showcase Baseball Cards

2013 Leaf Power Showcase Baseball Cards

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2013 Leaf Power Showcase Baseball is an all-autograph release that combines two things a lot of collectors love: prospecting and the long ball. The set highlights standouts competing in the 2012 Power Showcase World Classic, an international home run derby with high school players from all over the world. Players in the set include David Denson, Rowdy Tellez and Jon Denney. The event was held at Marlins Park in Miami.

2013 Leaf Power Showcase Baseball comes with 12 autographs in every box. The base autographs checklist has more than 100 players. All are numbered to 50 or less with parallels running as low as 1/1. Long Ball Autographs spotlight the standout performances at the event. Also numbered to 50 or less, the horizontally designed cards note length of the longest homers. Long Ball Autographs also have several tiers of parallels.

The release also has autographed jersey and autographed patch cards featuring swatches from gear worn at the event.

2013 Leaf Power Showcase is limited to 99 cases. Each case has 12 boxes.

Product Configuration: 1 pack per box, 12 autographs per box
Price Point: Mid-End Baseball Card
Target Audience: Prospectors, Autograph Collectors

2013 Leaf Power Showcase Baseball Box Break

  • 12 Autographs
  • 12 Total Cards
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Set Checklist

2013 Leaf Power Showcase Baseball Checklist

Base Autograph Set Checklist


PARALLEL CARDS: Green #/10, Red #/5, Purple 1/1, Press Plates

PSA-AA1 Alan Archer
PSA-AC1 Alex Cain
PSA-ADF Anthony DiFabio
PSA-AG1 Angel Garced
PSA-AG2 Anif Gordon
PSA-AG3 Austin Garcia
PSA-AJ1 Alvie James
PSA-AK1 Austin Kubala
PSA-ALL Andy LaLonde
PSA-AR1 Alffredi Ramos
PSA-BB1 Bobby Bradley
PSA-BD1 Brent Diaz
PSA-BG1 Brandon Gomez
PSA-BL1 Ben Lowe
PSA-BM1 Bryce McMullen
PSA-BO1 Baylor Obert
PSA-BR1 Brent Rooker
PSA-BR2 Brian Rapp
PSA-BW1 Blake Wiggins
PSA-CC1 Chris Cook
PSA-CC2 Corey Campbell
PSA-CD1 Cameron Davis
PSA-CJB C.J. Bates
PSA-CJC C.J. Chatham
PSA-CS1 Conner Stevenson
PSA-CT1 Carlos Tapia
PSA-CW1 Casey Worden
PSA-CW2 Corbin Weeks
PSA-DB1 Dylan Brooks
PSA-DC1 Dominick Cammarata
PSA-DD1 David Denson
PSA-DD2 Derek Dickerson
PSA-DD3 Drew Doornenbal
PSA-DG1 Dylan Gillies
PSA-DH1 David Hamilton
PSA-DL1 David Logan
PSA-DM1 Dane McFarland
PSA-DM2 Dylan Manichia
PSA-DR1 Dakota Robbins
PSA-DT1 Douglas Taylor
PSA-EB1 Eric Birklund
PSA-EC1 Easton Chenault
PSA-GH1 Griffin Helms
PSA-GL1 Gabriel Lozada
PSA-HH1 Hunter Hope
PSA-HR1 Hezekiah Randolph
PSA-IB1 Ihan Bernal
PSA-JB1 Justin Bellinger
PSA-JB2 Jacob Barfield
PSA-JB3 Justin Bard
PSA-JD1 Jon Denney
PSA-JF1 Johnny Flading
PSA-JG1 Jorge Gil
PSA-JH1 Jordan Hand
PSA-JJ1 Jenner Jackson
PSA-JJ2 Jordan Jackson
PSA-JK1 Julsan Kamara
PSA-JN1 Josh Naylor
PSA-JP1 Jacob Parrott
PSA-JP2 Jextin Pugh
PSA-JP3 Joey Pinney
PSA-JR1 Jake Rosenberg
PSA-JR2 Johnny Ruiz
PSA-JR3 Jovan Robinson
PSA-JS1 Joey Swinarski
PSA-JS2 Jacob Schmidt
PSA-JS3 Johnny Sims
PSA-KB1 Khevin Brewer
PSA-KC1 Kyle Carter
PSA-KS1 Kyle Simon
PSA-LA1 Luis Asuncion
PSA-LB1 Logan Blackfan
PSA-LD1 Lewin Diaz
PSA-LD2 Luis Diaz
PSA-LH1 Luke Harris
PSA-LM1 Luis Miranda
PSA-MB1 Matt Brown
PSA-MC1 Malik Collymore
PSA-MDV Michael DiViesti
PSA-MP1 Manuel Pazos
PSA-MR1 Manny Ramirez
PSA-MS1 Mason Studstill
PSA-NB1 Nick Browne
PSA-NF1 Nick Fannerson
PSA-NG1 Nick Goldsmith
PSA-NK1 Noah Kelly
PSA-PC1 Peter Crocitto
PSA-PJH P.J. Harris
PSA-RH1 Ronnie Healy
PSA-RN1 Ricky Negron
PSA-RT1 Rowdy Tellez
PSA-RV1 Ruar Verkerk
PSA-SB1 Steven Brizuela
PSA-TC1 Trevor Courtney
PSA-TG1 Tyler Garrison
PSA-TF1 Taylor Flores
PSA-TF2 Travis Flores
PSA-TJ1 Tyler Jones
PSA-TL1 Tarik Latchmansigh
PSA-TM3 Trey Mathis III
PSA-TON Tyler O'Neill
PSA-TV1 Tyler Vandenbark
PSA-TW1 Trey Walding
PSA-VO1 Victor Ortiz
PSA-WS1 Will Simpson
PSA-YDA Yeffry DeAza
PSA-ZJB Z.J. Buster
PSA-ZM1 Zachary Michalski
PSA-ZR1 Zachary Ramzy
PSA-ZR2 Zachary Risedorf
PSA-ZT1 Zachary Taylor
2013 Leaf Power Showcase Baseball Cards 22

Jersey Autograph Set Checklist


PARALLEL CARDS: Silver #/10, Gold #/5, Red 1/1

JA-AJ1 Alvie James
JA-ALL Andy LaLonde
JA-BB1 Bobby Bradley
JA-BW1 Blake Wiggins
JA-DC1 Dominick Cammarata
JA-DD1 David Denson
JA-DR1 Dakota Robbins
JA-FO1 Felix Osorio
JA-GH1 Griffin Helms
JA-HH1 Hunter Hope
JA-HR1 Hezekiah Randolph
JA-IB1 Ihan Bernal
JA-JB1 Justin Bellinger
JA-JD1 Jon Denney
JA-JH1 Jordan Hand
JA-JK1Julsan Kamara
JA-JS1 Joey Swinarski
JA-LA1 Luis Asuncion
JA-LB1 Logan Blackfan
JA-LD1 Lewin Diaz
JA-MC1 Malik Collymore
JA-MR1 Manny Ramirez
JA-RH1 Ronnie Healy
JA-RT1 Rowdy Tellez
JA-TON Tyler O'Neill
JA-VO1 Victor Ortiz
JA-ZT1 Zachary Taylor
2013 Leaf Power Showcase Baseball Cards 23

Longball Autograph Set Checklist


PARALLEL CARDS: Green #/10, Red #/5, Purple 1/1

LB-AA1 Alan Archer
LB-AC1 Alex Cain
LB-ADF Anthony DiFabio
LB-AG3 Austin Garcia
LB-AJ1 Alvie James
LB-AK1 Austin Kubala
LB-ALL Andy LaLonde
LB-AR1 Alffredi Ramos
LB-BB1 Bobby Bradley
LB-BD1 Brent Diaz
LB-BG1 Brandon Gomez
LB-BL1 Ben Lowe
LB-BR1 Brent Rooker
LB-BW1 Blake Wiggins
LB-CC1 Chris Cook
LB-CD1 Cameron Davis
LB-CJC C.J. Chatham
LB-CS1 Conner Stevenson
LB-CW1 Casey Worden
LB-DC1 Dominick Cammarata
LB-DD1 David Denson
LB-DG1 Dylan Gillies
LB-DM1 Dane McFarland
LB-DR1 Dakota Robbins
LB-GH1 Griffin Helms
LB-HH1 Hunter Hope
LB-IB1 Ihan Bernal
LB-JB1 Justin Bellinger
LB-JB2 Jacob Barfield
LB-JD1 Jon Denney
LB-JF1 Johnny Flading
LB-JG1 Jorge Gil
LB-JH1 Jordan Hand
LB-JJ1 Jenner Jackson
LB-JJ2 Jordan Jackson
LB-JN1 Josh Naylor
LB-JP3 Joey Pinney
LB-JR1 Jake Rosenberg
LB-JR2 Johnny Ruiz
LB-JS1 Joey Swinarski
LB-JS2 Jacob Schmidt
LB-JS3 Johnny Sims
LB-KB1 Khevin Brewer
LB-KS1 Kyle Simon
LB-LA1 Luis Asuncion
LB-LB1 Logan Blackfan
LB-LD2 Luis Diaz
LB-LH1 Luke Harris
LB-MB1 Matt Brown
LB-MC1 Malik Collymore
LB-MP1 Manuel Pazos
LB-MS1 Mason Studstill
LB-NB1 Nick Browne
LB-NF1 Nick Fanneron
LB-NG1 Nick Goldsmith
LB-PC1 Peter Crocitto
LB-RH1 Ronnie Healy
LB-RN1 Ricky Negron
LB-RT1 Rowdy Tellez
LB-RV1 Ruar Verkerk
LB-SL1 Shedric Long
LB-TC1 Trevor Courtney
LB-TF1 Tayor Flores
LB-TG1 Tyler Garrison
LB-TJ1 Tyler Jones
LB-TM3 Trey Mathis III
LB-TON Tyler O'Neill
LB-TV1 Tyler Vandenbark
LB-TW1 Trey Waldin
2013 Leaf Power Showcase Baseball Cards 24

Patch Autograph Set Checklist


PARALLEL CARDS: Silver #/10, Gold #/5, Red 1/1

PA-AJ1 Alvie James
PA-ALL Andy LaLonde
PA-BB1 Bobby Bradley
PA-BW1 Blake Wiggins
PA-DC1 Dominick Cammarata
PA-DD1 David Denson
PA-DR1 Dakota Robbins
PA-FO1 Felix Osorio
PA-GH1 Griffin Helms
PA-HH1 Hunter Hope
PA-HR1 Hezekiah Randolph
PA-IB1 Ihan Bernal
PA-JD1 Jon Denney
PA-JH1 Jordan Hand
PA-JK1 Julsan Kamara
PA-JS1 Joey Swinarski
PA-LA1 Luis Asuncion
PA-LB1 Logan Blackfan
PA-LD1 Lewin Diaz
PA-MC1 Malik Collymore
PA-MR1 Manny Ramirez
PA-RH1 Ronnie Healy
PA-RT1 Rowdy Tellez
PA-TON Tyler O'Neill
PA-VO1 Victor Ortiz
PA-ZT1 Zachary Taylor
2013 Leaf Power Showcase Baseball Cards 25

Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews

Dave Karpinski
Dave Karpinski

Cool product with limited production. How can you not like it? Question is Leaf coming out with 2013 Leaf Baseball draft and Valiant? Thank You

Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

Dave Karpinski They haven’t announced any officially, although they have teased a new set based on the Perfect Game Showcase that I believe will be out late next month or sometime in October.

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