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2013 Leaf Metal Draft Baseball Cards

2013 Leaf Metal Draft Baseball Cards

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2013 Leaf Metal Draft Baseball combines several staples that are favorites with prospectors: autographs, chromium card stock and top picks. Promising a more limited print run than last year, Leaf is making a few more tweaks for the all-autograph release.

Every 2013 Leaf Metal Draft Baseball box has six signed cards. This year, all base autographs are Refractor-like Prismatics. Base autographs have multiple levels of colorful Prismatic parallels numbered as low as 1/1. For the checklist, Leaf is focusing on top picks from the 2013 draft as well as key prospects. Mark Appel, Kris Bryant, Byron Buxton, Carlos Correa, Miguel Sano and Jorge Soler are some of the signers in the set. Other players from the international scene are also in the set.

Pride returns with flags incorporated in the background design. Top Picks is another insert set. This one only has players taken early in the 2013 draft. Both insert sets have multiple parallels including one-of-one Super-Prismatic cards.

According to Leaf, they are cutting quantities by more than 33 percent compared to 2012 Leaf Metal Draft Baseball.

Product Configuration: 1 pack per box, 6 cards per pack
Price Point: Mid-End Baseball Card
Target Audience: Prospectors, Autograph Collectors

2013 Leaf Metal Draft Baseball Box Break

  • 6 Autographs
  • 6 Total Cards

Card Gallery:

Please note that the cards below are mock-ups and not the actual autographs.

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Set Checklist

2013 Leaf Metal Draft Baseball Checklist

Base Autograph Checklist

61 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Purple #/50, Blue #/25, Green #/10, Red #/5, Gold Super 1/1

BAAB1 Aaron Blair
BAAB1 Archie Bradley
BAAG1 Alex Gonzalez
BAAG2 Angleo Gumbs
BAAG3 Alexander Guerrero
BAAJ1 Aaron Judge
BAAM1 Austin Meadows
BABB1 Byron Buxton
BABMK Billy McKinney
BABS1 Braden Shipley
BACA1 Chris Anderson
BACB1 Chris Bostick
BACC1 Carlos Correa
BACF1 Clint Frazier
BACK1 Corey Knebel
BACM1 Colin Moran
BADJP D.J. Peterson
BADS1 Domini Smith
BADT1 Domingo Tapla
BAEJ1 Eric Jaglelo
BAEJ2 Eloy Jimenez
BAER1 Eduardo Rodriguez
BAGK1 Gosuke Katoh
BAGP1 Gregory Polanco
BAHD1 Hunter Dozier
BAHH1 Hunter Harvey
BAHR1 Hunter Renfroe
BAHU1 Henry Urrutla
BAIC1 Ian Clarkin
BAJA1 Jorge Alfaro
BAJC1 Jonathon Crawford
BAJG1 Jonathan Gray
BAJH1 Jason Hursh
BAJH2 Josh Hader
BAJPC J.P. Crawford
BAJS1 Jorge Soler
BAKB1 Kris Bryant
BAKC1 Kyle Crick
BAKS1 Kohl Stewart
BAMA1 Mark Appel
BAMA2 Miguel Almonte
BAMF1 Maikel Franco
BAMG1 Marco Gonzales
BAMS1 Miguel Sano
BANC1 Nick Ciuffo
BAOM1 Oscar Mercado
BAOT1 Oscar Taveras
BAPE1 Phillip Ervin
BARDP Rafael de Paula
BARE1 Ryan Eades
BARK1 Rob Kaminsky
BARM1 Rafael Montero
BARMG Reese McGuire
BASM1 Sean Manaea
BATA1 Tim Anderson
BATB1 Trey Ball
BATD1 Travis Demeritte
BATG1 Tyler Glasnow
BATW1 Taijuan Walker

Pride Autographs Checklist

25 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Purple #/25, Blue #/15, Green #/10, Red #/5, Gold Super 1/1

NPMA2 Miguel Almonte
NPMS1 Miguel Sano
NPOT1 Oscar Taveras
SPAG Alex Gonzalez
SPAM1 Austin Meadows
SPBS1 Braden Shipley
SPCA1 Chris Anderson
SPCF1 Clint Frazier
SPCM1 Colin Moran
SPDJP D.J. Peterson
SPDS1 Dominic Smith
SPHD1 Hunter Dozier
SPHH1 Hunter Harvey
SPHR1 Hunter Renfroe
SPJG1 Jonathan Gray
SPJH2 Josh Hader
SPJPC J.P. Crawford
SPKB1 Kris Bryant
SPKS1 Kohl Stewart
SPMA1 Mark Appel
SPMG1 Marco Gonzales
SPNC1 Nick Ciuffo
SPRMG Reese McGuire
SPTB1 Trey Ball
SPTW1 Taijuan Walker

Top Picks Autographs Checklist

14 cards.
PARALLEL CARDS: Purple #/25, Blue #/15, Green #/10, Red #/5, Gold Super 1/1

TP1BS Braden Shipley
TPAM1 Austin Meadows
TPCF1 Clint Frazier
TPCM1 Colin Moran
TPDJP D.J. Peterson
TPDS1 Dominic Smith
TPHD1 Hunter Dozier
TPHR1 Hunter Renfroe
TPJG1 Johathan Gray
TPKB1 Kris Bryant
TPKS1 Kohl Stewart
TPMA1 Mark Appel
TPRMG Reese McGuire
TPTB1 Trey Ball

National Pride Special Autographs Checklist


JA2 Jose Abreu
ML1 Michael Lorenzen

Short Prints

The following short prints have been confirmed by Leaf as well as the noted print runs:

Base Prismatic

Archie Bradley (92)
Austin Meadows - 42
Byron Buxton - 40
Carlos Correa - 40
Chris Bostick - 40
Clint Frazier - 40
Dominic Smith - 55
Eric Jagielo - 44
Gosuke Katoh - 40
Gregory Polanco - 40
Henry Urrutia - 90
J.P. Crawford - 39
Jorge Soler - 40
Josh Hader - 55
Kyle Crick - 40
Taijuan Walker - 42
Trey Ball - 40
Tyler Glasnow - 42


Austin Meadows - 25
Clint Frazier - 25
Dominic Smith - 25
J.P. Crawford - 25
Trey Ball - 25

Top Picks

Austin Meadows - 25
Clint Frazier - 25
Dominic Smith - 25
Trey Ball - 25

Video Box Break

Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews

Larry Benitez
Larry Benitez

beautiful design this year! I love the selection of players. the price for 6 autos is a little much, especially if you end up with no big names. overall I give it to 4 ! Topps better watch their a**, leave is right behind them and catching up fast. most guys I deal with are concerned with the uniform not having the name of the team. they’re more concerned with having a good selection of players, and the great design they produce this year it took leaf a couple of years but I think they finally got it !

vinny g
vinny g

i would give this an almost 4…if not for the redundantecy of the same player,which arent very good..if you break a case** you will most likely get 2 or 3 big name hits..and about 10-12 excellent pulls…out of 72…you can pull a superfractor and printing plate from each case..you can*no guarentees…but the design is very nice imo a step up from previous years especially on the base cards..the inserts are 50/50….but for the price it’s fun and worth the risk…LEAF products are a great value and catching up to the big boys in design and quality, you must know your prospects and rate them on your own dont always believe the hype..Some of these kids wont peak until they hit the major leagues. have patience and hold on to them for 2 or 3 years

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