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2013 Enterplay My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Series 2 Trading Cards

2013 Enterplay My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Series 2 Trading Cards

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Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and Applejack are back in 2013 Enterplay My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Series 2. The follow-up to the smash first series once again mixes basic trading cards with foil inserts, tattoos, stickers and more.

The 2013 Enterplay My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Series 2 base set returns to the land of Equestria, catching up with the magical ponies that live there and their friends. Every pack comes with a total of four base cards.

Complimenting the set are several simple and fun inserts. Foil Cards fall 1:2 packs. Some of the most popular cards in Series 1, foils offer a shimmering look. Pop-Up Standees and Stickers are each inserted 1:4 packs. Pop-Ups can be folded so that they stand on a desk, table or a hip dad's dashboard. FunTat Tattoo Cards come one per pack, let collectors young and old decorate themselves with cutie marks.

Every pack also has a Sweepstakes Card offering some My Little Pony-themed prizes.

Finally, every 2013 Enterplay My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Series 2 box comes with a special box topper. There are four different box toppers to collect.

Product Configuration: 30 packs per box, 7 cards per pack

Price Point: Entry-Level Entertainment Card
Target Audience: Young Collectors, Bronies, Set Builders

2013 Enterplay My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Series 2 Box Break

  • 15 Foil Cards
  • 15 Total Pop-Up and Sticker Cards
  • 24 Tattoos
  • 24 Sweepstakes Cards
  • 120 Base Cards
  • 1 Box Topper
  • 211 Total Cards

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Set Checklist

2013 Enterplay My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Series 2 Checklist

Base Set Checklist

82 cards. Characters #1-40, Inanimate Objects #41-47, Equestrian Magic #48-59, Moments of Friendship #60-82

1 Twilight Sparkle-Student
2 Pinkie Pie-Party Pony!
3 Rainbow Dash-Weather Pony
4 Applejack-Apple Farmer
5 Rarity-Seamstress
6 Fluttershy-Animal Caretaker
7 Spike-Twilight's Assistant
8 Apple Bloom
9 Sweetie Belle
10 Scootaloo
11 Princess Celestia & Princess Luna
12 Great & Apologetic Trixie
13 Babs Seed
14 Crackle
15 Fancy Pants
16 The Flower Ponies
17 Flitter & Cloudchaser
18 Auntie Applesauce & Apple Rose
19 Little Strongheart & Chief Thunderhooves
20 Joe
21 Twist
22 Pipsqueak
23 Sapphire Shores
24 Jet Set & Upper Crust
25 Filthy Rich
26 Granny Smith & Stinkin' Rich
27 Discord
28 King Sombra
29 The Olden Pony
30 Lightning Dust
31 Timberwolves
32 Iron Will
33 Diamond Dogs
34 The Flim Flam Bros
35 Ahuizotl
36 Bon Bon
37 Berry Punch
38 Aloe & Lotus
39 Minuette
40 Untitled
41 Bloomberg
42 Tom
43 Smarty Pants
44 Mr. Turnip
45 Rocky
46 Sir Lintsalot
47 Madame le Flour Equestrian Magic
48 Elements of Harmony
49 The Crystal Heart
50 Mirror Pool
51 Alicorn Amulet
52 Starswirl the Bearded's Book
53 Poison Joke
54 Zap Apples
55 Love Poison
56 Starswirl's Time Travel Spell
57 Seeds of Truth
58 The Fire of Friendship
59 Super Cider Squeezy 6000 Moments of Friendship
60 Three Strikes
61 Stitch by Stitch
62 This Day is Going to be Perfect
63 Clock is TICKING!
64 Buzz Off!
65 More Gabby Gums
66 The Stare Master
67 Behold the Crystal Princess!
68 The Real Pinkie?
69 Unlearn What You Have Learned
70 Face Your Fears
71 Under Your Wing
72 You're a Leader
73 Raise This Barn!
74 Damsel in Distress
75 That's What Friends Do
76 Spike's Got it All Under Control
77 Becoming Popular
78 800 Wing Power!
79 I Just Can’t Decide!
80 Fancy Mathematics
81 A Bad, Bad Seed!
82 Sweet Apple Memories

Filly Foils Checklist

6 cards.

F1 Twilight Sparkle
F2 Rarity
F3 Rainbow Dash
F4 Pinkie Pie
F5 Fluttershy
F6 Applejack

Foil Parallel Cards Checklist

13 cards.

F7 Twilight Sparkle-Student
F8 Pinkie Pie-Party Pony!
F9 Rainbow Dash-Weather Pony
F10 Applejack-Apple Farmer
F11 Rarity-Seamstress
F12 Fluttershy-Animal Caretaker
F13 Spike-Twilight's Assistant
F14 Princess Celestia & Princess Luna
F15 Apple Bloom
F16 Scootaloo
F17 Sweetie Belle
F18 Discord
F19 King Sombra

Crystal Empire Checklist

9 cards.

F20 Cadance
F21 Pinkie Pie
F22 Twilight Sparkle
F23 Rarity
F24 Rainbow Dash
F25 Fluttershy
F26 Shining Armor
F27 Applejack
F28 Spike

Princess Twilight Checklist

6 cards.

F29 Applejack
F30 Twilight Sparkle
F31 Pinkie Pie
F32 Rainbow Dash
F33 Rarity
F34 Fluttershy

Special Cards Checklist

10 cards. Not available in packs.

F35 Pinkie Pie
F37 Rainbow Dash
F39 Fluttershy

FunTat Tattoos Checklist

9 cards.


Gold Foils Checklist

4 cards.

G1 Princess Celestia
G2 Princess Luna
G3 Princess Cadance
G4 Twilight Sparkle

Gold Box Toppers Checklist

4 cards.

G5 King Sombra
G6 Discord
G7 Trixie
G8 Timberwolves

Standees Checklist

9 cards.

S1 Queen Chrysalis
S2 Changelings
S3 Discord
S4 Nightmare Moon
S5 King Sombra
S6 Trixie
S7 Flim Flam Bros
S8 Gilda
S9 Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon

Stickers Checklist

9 stickers.

S1 20% Cooler
S2 Join the Crusade
S3 Never Judge a Book
S4 Make a Difference
S5 Creepy Town
S6 Making Sense
S7 Harmony
S8 Dorkin' Up Skies
S9 Have Tuba. Will Travel.

Foil Stickers Checklist

6 stickers.

S10 Rainbow Dash
S11 Twilight Sparkle
S12 Fluttershy
S13 Pinkie Pie
S14 Rarity
S15 Applejack

Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

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