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2013 Enterplay G.I. Joe Retaliation Trading Cards

2013 Enterplay G.I. Joe Retaliation Trading Cards

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Not every trading card set today needs to be driven by autographs, inserts and other chase elements. It can still be about putting a set together. That's the approach of 2013 Enterplay G.I. Joe Retaliation.

The set covers various aspects of the live-action film with a total of 48 base cards. The first 12 are character cards, covering the Joes and their enemy, Cobra. The movie's story is covered in the next 27 cards. Finally, nine puzzle cards bookend the set.

2013 Enterplay G.I. Joe Retaliation also has six tattoos that fall one per pack.

Product Configuration: 3 cards, 1 tattoo per pack
Price Point: Entry-Level Entertainment Card
Target Audience: G.I. Joe Fans, Young Collectors, Set Builders

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2013 Enterplay G.I. Joe Retaliation Checklist

Base Set Checklist

48 cards. #1-12 Character Cards, #13-39 Story Cards, #40-48 Puzzle

1 Zartan
2 Firefly
3 Mouse
4 Jinx
5 Snake Eyes
6 Lady Jaye
7 Cobra Commander
8 Roadblock
9 Storm Shadow
10 Duke
11 Flint
12 Joe Colton
13 "The World Ain't Saving Itself!"
14 "The Time Has Come"
15 Blade of Justice
16 "You Have No Idea"
17 "The Ear That Sees"
18 One Nation, Under Cobra
19 "His Favorite Mistake"
20 Firefly's Fireflies
21 "Making More Things Go BOOM by 9 AM"
22 Solitary Confinement
23 "We Can Start Being Soldiers Again"
24 In Too Deep
25 Escape From Hell
26 "Nothing Wrong With Taking A Victory Lap"
27 High Stakes
28 "She Idles a Little Rough in Neutral"
29 On Top of the World
30 "The Mantle of Leadership"
31 "Security's Early"
32 Settling Old Scores
33 Enemy Waters
34 Project Zeus
35 Dangerous Cargo
36 Seeing Stars
37 "I want it all!"
38 "There is one man"
39 Crashing the Compound
40 Snake Eyes
41 Roadblock
42 Firefly
43 Mouse
44 Lady Jaye
45 Storm Shadow
46 Cobra Commander
47 Jinx
48 Clutch
2013 Enterplay G.I. Joe Retaliation Trading Cards 1

Tattoos Checklist

6 cards. Inserted 1 per pack.


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