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2013 Bowman Sterling Football Cards

2013 Bowman Sterling Football Cards

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2013 Bowman Sterling Football is a high-end set that gets to the point: rookies, relics and autographs. It doesn't dance around with fancy names. It's about delivering the ink, memorabilia and first-year standouts. Every pack includes both an autograph and a jumbo relic with bigger cards promised as both box and case hits.

The 2013 Bowman Sterling Football base set has 100 cards. True to the Bowman brand, most of the focus is on rookies. First-year players take up 80 slots on the base checklist. Cards are printed on thick chrome stock. Refractor parallels come in five numbered levels: Blue (#/99), Black (#/75), Gold (#/50), Prism (#/25) and SuperFractor (1/1). There are also Printing Plates.

More than 70 players are signing for the set. While rookies make up a good portion of the Autographs checklist, there are a handful of veterans. Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III are among them. Among the 2013 rookies with autographs in 2013 Bowman Sterling Football are E.J. Manuel, Geno Smith and Eddie Lacy. Autographs have a similar parallel structure as the base set: Blue Refractors (#/99), Black Refractors (#/50), Gold Refractors (#/25), Prism Refractors (#/15), Printing Plates and SuperFractors (1/1).

Jumbo relic cards are one per pack with a patch parallel in every box. Both rookies and veterans are included, although they have slightly different parallel levels. The Jumbo Rookie Relics checklist has more than 30 players. Refractor versions include Blue (#/99), Black (#/75), Gold (#/50), Prism (#/30), Printing Plates and SuperFractors (1/1). All Refractors except Blue use patch swatches. For the Veteran Jumbo Relics, the checklist is much smaller. Refractors also come with smaller print runs: Blue (#/75), Black (#/50), Gold (#/30), Prism (#/15), Printing Plates and SuperFractors (1/1). Gold, Prism, Printing Plates ad SuperFractors have patches.

Every box includes two numbered Rookie Autograph Relics, one of which is a patch parallel. Patch versions come in five tiers: Blue Refractor (#/99), Gold Refractor (#/50), Prism Refractor (#/25), Printing Plates and SuperFractor (1/1).

2013 Bowman Sterling has several levels of multi-autograph cards. These come in both signed and signed relic versions featuring anywhere from two to six players. All are numbered to 25 or less. There is also another set of Prism Refractor Dual Autographed Dual Relic cards. These numbered cards are considered to be a case hit. They have autographs and jersey pieces from a pair of rookies.

Box toppers return, delivering one final hit. Jumbo Rookie Patch cards are exactly like they're named, with a massive patch piece. Parallels run the gamut of Refractors in the rest of the set and are numbered to 87 or less. There is also a handful of Multiple Rookie Autograph Patch Box Loader cards that have four rookie autographs and four patch pieces.

Product Configuration: 6 packs per box, 5 cards per pack
Price Point: High-End Football Card
Target Audience: Autograph Collectors, Hit Seekers, Rookie Collectors

2013 Bowman Sterling Football Box Break

  • 4 Autographs
  • 1 Autographed Patch Rookie
  • 1 Autographed Patch Rookie
  • 1 Jumbo Patch
  • 5 Jumbo Relics
  • 1 Jumbo Rookie Patch Box Topper
  • 31 Total Cards
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Set Checklist

2013 Bowman Sterling Football Set Checklist

Base Set Checklist

Featuring 100 cards, including 80 rookies and 20 veterans.
3 per pack
32 PT Chrome Stock
PARALLEL CARDS: Blue Refractor #/99, Black Refractor #/75, Gold Refractor #/50, Prism Refractor #/25, SuperFractor 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1

1 Peyton Manning
2 Cordarrelle Patterson RC
3 Denard Robinson RC
4 LeSean McCoy
5 DeAndre Hopkins RC
6 Lonnie Pryor RC
7 Eric Fisher RC
8 Tyler Wilson RC
9 Dez Bryant
10 Tom Brady
11 Josh Boyce RC
12 Eli Manning
13 Luke Joeckel RC
14 Tyler Eifert RC
15 Andre Ellington RC
16 Le'Veon Bell RC
17 Stepfan Taylor RC
18 Chris Harper RC
19 Ezekiel Ansah RC
20 Aaron Rodgers
21 Kenny Vaccaro RC
22 Desmond Trufant RC
23 Barkevious Mingo RC
24 Knile Davis RC
25 Geno Smith RC
26 Jamar Taylor RC
27 Jordan Reed RC
28 Theo Riddick RC
29 Tyler Bray RC
30 Drew Brees
31 Ryan Swope RC
32 J.J. Watt
33 Ray Graham RC
34 Zach Ertz RC
35 D.J. Hayden RC
36 Stedman Bailey RC
37 Kenjon Barner RC
38 Damontre Moore RC
39 Keenan Allen RC
40 Joe Flacco
41 Corey Fuller RC
42 Kenny Stills RC
43 John Jenkins RC
44 Zac Dysert RC
45 Dion Jordan RC
46 Robert Woods RC
47 Christine Michael RC
48 Tavarres King RC
49 Justin Hunter RC
50 Andrew Luck
51 Vance McDonald RC
52 Montee Ball RC
53 A.J. Green
54 Matt Barkley RC
55 Manti Te'o RC
56 Kerwynn Williams RC
57 Gavin Escobar RC
58 Aaron Mellette RC
59 Cam Newton
60 Adrian Peterson
61 Markus Wheaton RC
62 Alex Okafor RC
63 Xavier Rhodes RC
64 Eddie Lacy RC
65 Aaron Dobson RC
66 Chris Gragg RC
67 Ryan Nassib RC
68 Rodney Smith RC
69 Ace Sanders RC
70 Calvin Johnson Jr.
71 Cobi Hamilton RC
72 Jamaal Charles
73 Marcus Lattimore RC
74 Chris Thompson RC
75 E.J. Manuel RC
76 Jarvis Jones RC
77 Da'Rick Rogers RC
78 Marquise Goodwin RC
79 Blidi Wreh-Wilson RC
80 Russell Wilson
81 Brandon Marshall
82 Miguel Maysonet RC
83 Jordan Poyer RC
84 Matt Ryan
85 Mike Glennon RC
86 Giovani Bernard RC
87 Sheldon Richardson RC
88 Dan Buckner RC
89 Eric Reid RC
90 Colin Kaepernick
91 Mike Gillislee RC
92 Tavon Austin RC
93 Quinton Patton RC
94 Dee Milliner RC
95 Johnathan Franklin RC
96 Terrance Williams RC
97 Landry Jones RC
98 Joseph Randle RC
99 Dion Sims RC
100 Robert Griffin III
2013 Bowman Sterling Football Cards 23

Autographs Set Checklist

Featuring 80 cards
4 per box
AUTOGRAPH PARALLEL CARDS: Blue Refractor #/99, Black Refractor #/50, Gold Refractor #/25, Prism Refractor #/15, SuperFractor 1/1, Printing Plates 1/1

BSA-AD Aaron Dobson
BSA-AE Andre Ellington
BSA-AL Andrew Luck
BSA-AO Alex Okafor
BSA-AS Ace Sanders
BSA-BGE BenJarvus Green-Ellis
BSA-BM Barkevious Mingo
BSA-BO Brian Orakpo
BSA-CG Chris Gragg
BSA-CH Cobi Hamilton
BSA-CHA Chris Harper
BSA-CJS C.J. Spiller
BSA-CM Christine Michael
BSA-CP Cordarrelle Patterson
BSA-CS Cecil Shorts
BSA-DH DeAndre Hopkins
BSA-DJ Dion Jordan
BSA-DM Dee Milliner
BSA-DR Denard Robinson
BSA-DRO Da'Rick Rogers
BSA-EA Ezekiel Ansah
BSA-EF Eric Fisher
BSA-EJM E.J. Manuel
BSA-EL Eddie Lacy
BSA-ER Eric Reid
BSA-FG Frank Gore
BSA-GB Giovani Bernard
BSA-GE Gavin Escobar
BSA-GO Greg Olsen
BSA-GS Geno Smith
BSA-GT Golden Tate
BSA-HN Haloti Ngata
BSA-JAJ Janoris Jenkins
BSA-JB Joique Bell
BSA-JBO Josh Boyce
BSA-JF Johnathan Franklin
BSA-JG Jermaine Gresham
BSA-JH Justin Hunter
BSA-JJ Jarvis Jones
BSA-JJE John Jenkins
BSA-JK Jeremy Kerley
BSA-JR Joseph Randle
BSA-JRE Jordan Reed
BSA-JW Jarius Wright
BSA-KA Keenan Allen
BSA-KB Kenjon Barner
BSA-KD Knile Davis
BSA-KS Kenny Stills
BSA-LB Le'Veon Bell
BSA-LJ Landry Jones
BSA-LJO Luke Joeckel
BSA-MB Matt Barkley
BSA-MBA Montee Ball
BSA-MC Michael Crabtree
BSA-MG Mike Glennon
BSA-MGI Mike Gillislee
BSA-MGO Marquise Goodwin
BSA-ML Marcus Lattimore
BSA-MT Manti Te'o
BSA-MW Markus Wheaton
BSA-PM Peyton Manning
BSA-QP Quinton Patton
BSA-RC Randall Cobb
BSA-RG Ray Graham
BSA-RG3 Robert Griffin III
BSA-RN Ryan Nassib
BSA-RS Ryan Swope
BSA-RW Robert Woods
BSA-SB Stedman Bailey
BSA-SJ Steve Johnson
BSA-SR Stevan Ridley
BSA-ST Stepfan Taylor
BSA-TA Tavon Austin
BSA-TB Tyler Bray
BSA-TE Tyler Eifert
BSA-TK Tavarres King
BSA-VM Vance McDonald
BSA-XR Xavier Rhodes
BSA-ZD Zac Dysert
BSA-ZE Zach Ertz
2013 Bowman Sterling Football Cards 24

Autographed Rookie Relic Set Checklist

Featuring 40 cards
Serial numbered
1 per box
PARALLEL CARDS: Blue Refractor Patch #/99, Gold Refractor Patch #/50, Prism Refractor Patch #/25, SuperFractor Patch 1/1, Printing Plate Platch 1/1

BSAR-AD Aaron Dobson
BSAR-AE Andre Ellington
BSAR-CM Christine Michael
BSAR-CP Cordarrelle Patterson
BSAR-DH DeAndre Hopkins
BSAR-DJ Dion Jordan
BSAR-DR Denard Robinson
BSAR-EJM E.J. Manuel
BSAR-EL Eddie Lacy
BSAR-GB Giovani Bernard
BSAR-GE Gavin Escobar
BSAR-GS Geno Smith
BSAR-JF Johnathan Franklin
BSAR-JH Justin Hunter
BSAR-JR Joseph Randle
BSAR-JRE Jordan Reed
BSAR-KA Keenan Allen
BSAR-KD Knile Davis
BSAR-KS Kenny Stills
BSAR-LB Le'Veon Bell
BSAR-LJ Landry Jones
BSAR-MB Matt Barkley
BSAR-MBA Montee Ball
BSAR-MG Mike Glennon
BSAR-MGI Mike Gillislee
BSAR-MGO Marquise Goodwin
BSAR-ML Marcus Lattimore
BSAR-MT Manti Te'o
BSAR-MW Markus Wheaton
BSAR-QP Quinton Patton
BSAR-RN Ryan Nassib
BSAR-RW Robert Woods
BSAR-SB Stedman Bailey
BSAR-ST Stepfan Taylor
BSAR-TA Tavon Austin
BSAR-TE Tyler Eifert
BSAR-TW Tyler Wilson
BSAR-TWI Terrance Williams
BSAR-VM Vance McDonald
BSAR-ZE Zach Ertz
2013 Bowman Sterling Football Cards 25

Dual Autographs Set Checklist

Featuring 10 cards
Serial numbered #/25

BSDA-AB Tavon Austin
BSDA-AB Stedman Bailey
BSDA-BD Knile Davis
BSDA-BD Montee Ball
BSDA-BW Matt Barkley
BSDA-BW Robert Woods
BSDA-EE Zach Ertz
BSDA-EE Tyler Eifert
BSDA-JA Dion Jordan
BSDA-JA Ezekiel Ansah
BSDA-LF Johnathan Franklin
BSDA-LF Eddie Lacy
BSDA-MH D.J. Hayden
BSDA-MH Dee Milliner
BSDA-MS Geno Smith
BSDA-MS E.J. Manuel
BSDA-TE Manti Te'o
BSDA-TE Tyler Eifert
BSDA-TEL Stepfan Taylor
BSDA-TEL Andre Ellington

Dual Autographed Patch Relics Set Checklist

Featuring 10 cards
Serial Numbered #/5

BSDAP-AB Tavon Austin
BSDAP-AB Stedman Bailey
BSDAP-BD Knile Davis
BSDAP-BD Montee Ball
BSDAP-BW Matt Barkley
BSDAP-BW Robert Woods
BSDAP-EW Gavin Escobar
BSDAP-EW Terrance Williams
BSDAP-GW Tyler Wilson
BSDAP-GW Mike Glennon
BSDAP-JA Ezekiel Ansah
BSDAP-JA Dion Jordan
BSDAP-LF Johnathan Franklin
BSDAP-LF Eddie Lacy
BSDAP-MS Geno Smith
BSDAP-MS E.J. Manuel
BSDAP-TE Manti Te'o
BSDAP-TE Tyler Eifert
BSDAP-TEL Stepfan Taylor
BSDAP-TEL Andre Ellington

Triple Autographs Set Checklist

Featuring 5 cards
Serial numbered #/10

BSTA-AHP DeAndre Hopkins
BSTA-AHP Tavon Austin
BSTA-AHP Cordarrelle Patterson
BSTA-BLB Montee Ball
BSTA-BLB Giovani Bernard
BSTA-BLB Eddie Lacy
BSTA-EWR Terrance Williams
BSTA-EWR Joseph Randle
BSTA-EWR Gavin Escobar
BSTA-JBW Le'Veon Bell
BSTA-JBW Markus Wheaton
BSTA-JBW Landry Jones
BSTA-MSG Geno Smith
BSTA-MSG E.J. Manuel
BSTA-MSG Mike Glennon

Triple Autographed Patch Relics Set Checklist

Featuring 5 cards
Serial Numbered #/5

BSTAP-AHP DeAndre Hopkins
BSTAP-AHP Tavon Austin
BSTAP-AHP Cordarrelle Patterson
BSTAP-BLB Montee Ball
BSTAP-BLB Giovani Bernard
BSTAP-BLB Eddie Lacy
BSTAP-EWR Terrance Williams
BSTAP-EWR Joseph Randle
BSTAP-EWR Gavin Escobar
BSTAP-JBW Le'Veon Bell
BSTAP-JBW Markus Wheaton
BSTAP-JBW Landry Jones
BSTAP-MSG Geno Smith
BSTAP-MSG Mike Glennon

Quad Autograph Booklets Set Checklist

Featuring 5 book cards
Serial numbered #/10

BSQA-ABLP Marcus Lattimore
BSQA-ABLP Quinton Patton
BSQA-ABLP Tavon Austin
BSQA-ABLP Stedman Bailey
BSQA-BBBL Montee Ball
BSQA-BBBL Le'Veon Bell
BSQA-BBBL Giovani Bernard
BSQA-BBBL Eddie Lacy
BSQA-EEEM Vance McDonald
BSQA-EEEM Tyler Eifert
BSQA-EEEM Gavin Escobar
BSQA-JGTA Manti Te'o
BSQA-JGTA Mike Gillislee
BSQA-JGTA Keenan Allen
BSQA-JGTA Dion Jordan
BSQA-MSGB Geno Smith
BSQA-MSGB Mike Glennon
BSQA-MSGB Matt Barkley

Quad Autographed Patch Relics Book Set Checklist

Featuring 5 cards
Serial Numbered #/5

BSQAP-ABLP Marcus Lattimore
BSQAP-ABLP Quinton Patton
BSQAP-ABLP Tavon Austin
BSQAP-ABLP Stedman Bailey
BSQAP-BBBL Montee Ball
BSQAP-BBBL Giovani Bernard
BSQAP-EEEM Vance McDonald
BSQAP-EEEM Tyler Eifert
BSQAP-EEEM Gavin Escobar
BSQAP-JGTA Mike Gillislee
BSQAP-JGTA Keenan Allen
BSQAP-JGTA Dion Jordan
BSQAP-MSGB Mike Glennon
BSQAP-MSGB Matt Barkley

Six Autograph Booklets Set Checklist

Featuring 5 book cards
Serial numbered #/10

BSSA-1 Matt Barkley
BSSA-1 Geno Smith
BSSA-1 Tyler Wilson
BSSA-1 Ryan Nassib
BSSA-1 E.J. Manuel
BSSA-1 Mike Glennon
BSSA-2 Montee Ball
BSSA-2 Le'Veon Bell
BSSA-2 Eddie Lacy
BSSA-2 Christine Michael
BSSA-2 Giovani Bernard
BSSA-2 Knile Davis
BSSA-3 DeAndre Hopkins
BSSA-3 Cordarrelle Patterson
BSSA-3 Aaron Dobson
BSSA-3 Tavon Austin
BSSA-3 Robert Woods
BSSA-3 Justin Hunter
BSSA-5 Markus Wheaton
BSSA-5 Giovani Bernard
BSSA-5 Eddie Lacy
BSSA-5 Landry Jones
BSSA-5 Johnathan Franklin
BSSA-5 Tyler Eifert
BSSA-7 Aaron Dobson
BSSA-7 Marquise Goodwin
BSSA-7 Josh Boyce
BSSA-7 Dion Jordan
BSSA-7 E.J. Manuel
BSSA-7 Mike Gillislee

Six Autographed Patch Relics Book Set Checklist

Featuring 5 cards
Serial Numbered #/5

BSSAP-1 Matt Barkley
BSSAP-1 Geno Smith
BSSAP-1 Tyler Wilson
BSSAP-1 Ryan Nassib
BSSAP-1 E.J. Manuel
BSSAP-1 Mike Glennon
BSSAP-2 Montee Ball
BSSAP-2 Le'Veon Bell
BSSAP-2 Eddie Lacy
BSSAP-2 Christine Michael
BSSAP-2 Giovani Bernard
BSSAP-2 Knile Davis
BSSAP-3 DeAndre Hopkins
BSSAP-3 Cordarrelle Patterson
BSSAP-3 Aaron Dobson
BSSAP-3 Tavon Austin
BSSAP-3 Robert Woods
BSSAP-3 Justin Hunter
BSSAP-5 Markus Wheaton
BSSAP-5 Giovani Bernard
BSSAP-5 Eddie Lacy
BSSAP-5 Landry Jones
BSSAP-5 Johnathan Franklin
BSSAP-5 Tyler Eifert
BSSAP-7 Aaron Dobson
BSSAP-7 Marquise Goodwin
BSSAP-7 Josh Boyce
BSSAP-7 Dion Jordan
BSSAP-7 E.J. Manuel
BSSAP-7 Mike Gillislee

Jumbo Rookie Relics Set Checklist

Featuring 40 cards
Serial numbered
Combine with Jumbo Veteran Relics to fall 1 per box
PARALLEL CARDS - Combine with Jumbo Veteran Patch Relics to fall 1 per box: Blue Refractor #/99, Black Refractor Patch #/75, Gold Refractor Patch #/50, Prism Refractor Patch #/30, SuperFractor Patch 1/1, Printing Plate Platch 1/1

BSJRR-AD Aaron Dobson
BSJRR-AE Andre Ellington
BSJRR-CM Christine Michael
BSJRR-CP Cordarrelle Patterson
BSJRR-DH DeAndre Hopkins
BSJRR-DJ Dion Jordan
BSJRR-DR Denard Robinson
BSJRR-EL Eddie Lacy
BSJRR-GB Giovani Bernard
BSJRR-GE Gavin Escobar
BSJRR-GS Geno Smith
BSJRR-JF Johnathan Franklin
BSJRR-JH Justin Hunter
BSJRR-JR Joseph Randle
BSJRR-JRE Jordan Reed
BSJRR-KA Keenan Allen
BSJRR-KD Knile Davis
BSJRR-KS Kenny Stills
BSJRR-LB Le'Veon Bell
BSJRR-LJ Landry Jones
BSJRR-MB Matt Barkley
BSJRR-MBA Montee Ball
BSJRR-MG Mike Glennon
BSJRR-MGI Mike Gillislee
BSJRR-MGO Marquise Goodwin
BSJRR-ML Marcus Lattimore
BSJRR-MT Manti Te'o
BSJRR-MW Markus Wheaton
BSJRR-QP Quinton Patton
BSJRR-RN Ryan Nassib
BSJRR-RW Robert Woods
BSJRR-SB Stedman Bailey
BSJRR-ST Stepfan Taylor
BSJRR-TA Tavon Austin
BSJRR-TE Tyler Eifert
BSJRR-TW Tyler Wilson
BSJRR-TWI Terrance Williams
BSJRR-VM Vance McDonald
BSJRR-ZE Zach Ertz

Jumbo Veteran Relics Set Checklist

Featuring 15 cards
Serial numbered
Combine with Jumbo Rookie Relics to fall 1 per box
PARALLEL CARDS - Combine with Jumbo Rookie Patch Relics to fall 1 per box: Blue Refractor #/75, Black Refractor #/50, Gold Refractor Patch #/30, Prism Refractor Patch #/15, SuperFractor Patch 1/1, Printing Plate Platch 1/1

BSJVR-AD Andy Dalton
BSJVR-AL Andrew Luck
BSJVR-CK Colin Kaepernick
BSJVR-DB Dez Bryant
BSJVR-DJ DeSean Jackson
BSJVR-DM Doug Martin
BSJVR-ED Eric Decker
BSJVR-JC Jamaal Charles
BSJVR-JJ Julio Jones
BSJVR-JL Jake Locker
BSJVR-MJD Maurice Jones-Drew
BSJVR-RC Randall Cobb
BSJVR-RG3 Robert Griffin III
BSJVR-VM Von Miller
2013 Bowman Sterling Football Cards 26

Prism Refractor Dual Autographed Dual Relic Set Checklist

Featuring 35 cards
Serial numbered
1 per case

BSPDAR-AB Stedman Bailey
BSPDAR-AB Tavon Austin
BSPDAR-AG Marquise Goodwin
BSPDAR-AG Tavon Austin
BSPDAR-AT Manti Te'o
BSPDAR-AT Keenan Allen
BSPDAR-BE Giovani Bernard
BSPDAR-BE Tyler Eifert
BSPDAR-BER Matt Barkley
BSPDAR-BK Tavarres King
BSPDAR-BK Montee Ball
BSPDAR-BW Robert Woods
BSPDAR-BW Matt Barkley
BSPDAR-BWH Markus Wheaton
BSPDAR-DB Knile Davis
BSPDAR-DB Tyler Bray
BSPDAR-ER Jordan Reed
BSPDAR-ER Tyler Eifert
BSPDAR-EW Gavin Escobar
BSPDAR-EW Terrance Williams
BSPDAR-FR Joseph Randle
BSPDAR-FR Johnathan Franklin
BSPDAR-GR Mike Gillislee
BSPDAR-GR Jordan Reed
BSPDAR-HP DeAndre Hopkins
BSPDAR-HP Cordarrelle Patterson
BSPDAR-JA Ezekiel Ansah
BSPDAR-JA Dion Jordan
BSPDAR-LB Eddie Lacy
BSPDAR-LB Montee Ball
BSPDAR-LF Johnathan Franklin
BSPDAR-LF Eddie Lacy
BSPDAR-LP Marcus Lattimore
BSPDAR-LP Quinton Patton
BSPDAR-LR Denard Robinson
BSPDAR-LR Marcus Lattimore
BSPDAR-MH Christine Michael
BSPDAR-MH Chris Harper
BSPDAR-MS Geno Smith
BSPDAR-MW Robert Woods
BSPDAR-PH Justin Hunter
BSPDAR-PH Cordarrelle Patterson
BSPDAR-PM Vance McDonald
BSPDAR-PM Quinton Patton
BSPDAR-RP Denard Robinson
BSPDAR-RP Quinton Patton
BSPDAR-SA Geno Smith
BSPDAR-SA Tavon Austin
BSPDAR-SB Kenny Stills
BSPDAR-SB Kenjon Barner
BSPDAR-SBA Matt Barkley
BSPDAR-SM Geno Smith
BSPDAR-SM Dee Milliner
BSPDAR-SN Geno Smith
BSPDAR-SN Ryan Nassib
BSPDAR-TE Stepfan Taylor
BSPDAR-TE Andre Ellington
BSPDAR-TEI Tyler Eifert
BSPDAR-WA Robert Woods
BSPDAR-WA Keenan Allen
BSPDAR-WG Mike Glennon
BSPDAR-WG Tyler Wilson
2013 Bowman Sterling Football Cards 27

Jumbo Rookie Patch Box Toppers Set Checklist

Featuring 40 cards
Serial numbered
1 per box
PARALLEL CARDS: Blue Refractor Patch #/87, Black Refractor Patch #/50, Gold Refractor Patch #/25, Prism Refractor Patch #/10, SuperFractor Patch 1/1, Printing Plate Platch 1/1

BSJRP-AD Aaron Dobson
BSJRP-AE Andre Ellington
BSJRP-CM Christine Michael
BSJRP-CP Cordarrelle Patterson
BSJRP-DH DeAndre Hopkins
BSJRP-DJ Dion Jordan
BSJRP-DR Denard Robinson
BSJRP-EL Eddie Lacy
BSJRP-GB Giovani Bernard
BSJRP-GE Gavin Escobar
BSJRP-GS Geno Smith
BSJRP-JF Johnathan Franklin
BSJRP-JH Justin Hunter
BSJRP-JR Joseph Randle
BSJRP-JRE Jordan Reed
BSJRP-KA Keenan Allen
BSJRP-KD Knile Davis
BSJRP-KS Kenny Stills
BSJRP-LB Le'Veon Bell
BSJRP-LJ Landry Jones
BSJRP-MB Matt Barkley
BSJRP-MBA Montee Ball
BSJRP-MG Mike Glennon
BSJRP-MGI Mike Gillislee
BSJRP-MGO Marquise Goodwin
BSJRP-ML Marcus Lattimore
BSJRP-MT Manti Te'o
BSJRP-MW Markus Wheaton
BSJRP-QP Quinton Patton
BSJRP-RN Ryan Nassib
BSJRP-RW Robert Woods
BSJRP-SB Stedman Bailey
BSJRP-ST Stepfan Taylor
BSJRP-TA Tavon Austin
BSJRP-TE Tyler Eifert
BSJRP-TW Tyler Wilson
BSJRP-TWI Terrance Williams
BSJRP-VM Vance McDonald
BSJRP-ZE Zach Ertz
2013 Bowman Sterling Football Cards 28

Multiple Rookie Autograph Patch Box Toppers Set Checklist

Featuring 5 cards
Serial numbered #/10

MRA-BBRE Tyler Eifert
MRA-BBRE Montee Ball
MRA-BBRE Denard Robinson
MRA-BBRE Le'Veon Bell
MRA-BLHP Giovani Bernard
MRA-BLHP Cordarrelle Patterson
MRA-BLHP DeAndre Hopkins
MRA-BLHP Eddie Lacy
MRA-JATJ Manti Te'o
MRA-JATJ Jarvis Jones
MRA-JATJ Dion Jordan
MRA-JATJ Ezekiel Ansah
MRA-MSGB Geno Smith
MRA-MSGB Mike Glennon
MRA-MSGB E.J. Manuel
MRA-MSGB Matt Barkley
MRA-WDAW Markus Wheaton
MRA-WDAW Keenan Allen
MRA-WDAW Aaron Dobson
MRA-WDAW Robert Woods

Ultimate Rookie Autograph Book Set Checklist

Serial numbered

RPURA-1 Vance McDonald
RPURA-1 Montee Ball
RPURA-1 Jordan Reed
RPURA-1 Stedman Bailey
RPURA-1 Le'Veon Bell
RPURA-1 Gavin Escobar
RPURA-1 Tyler Wilson
RPURA-1 Landry Jones
RPURA-1 Johnathan Franklin
RPURA-1 Knile Davis
RPURA-1 Matt Barkley
RPURA-1 Keenan Allen
RPURA-1 Marquise Goodwin
RPURA-1 Markus Wheaton
RPURA-1 Terrance Williams
RPURA-1 Mike Glennon
RPURA-1 Aaron Dobson
RPURA-1 Eddie Lacy
RPURA-1 Christine Michael
RPURA-1 Ryan Nassib
RPURA-1 Robert Woods
RPURA-1 Mike Gillislee
RPURA-1 Andre Ellington
RPURA-1 DeAndre Hopkins
RPURA-1 Joseph Randle
RPURA-1 Kenny Stills
RPURA-1 Tavon Austin
RPURA-1 E.J. Manuel
RPURA-1 Tyler Eifert
RPURA-1 Cordarrelle Patterson
RPURA-1 Justin Hunter
RPURA-1 Giovani Bernard
RPURA-1 Manti Te'o
RPURA-1 Geno Smith
RPURA-1 Stepfan Taylor
RPURA-1 Denard Robinson
RPURA-1 Zach Ertz
RPURA-1 Quinton Patton
RPURA-1 Marcus Lattimore
RPURA-1 Dion Jordan

Product Review

2013 Bowman Sterling Football Product Review

Reviewed by Tim Hlavac

Good: 13 guaranteed hits per box. Jumbo box topper as additional hit. Amazing looking multi-player autographs. Outstanding checklist of rookies. Veteran players included, unlike last year.

Bad: Sticker autographs. Redemptions. Relic card designs look similar to last year.

The Bottom Line: 2013 Bowman Sterling Football is a high-end product for serious football collectors. This set is catered towards thrill seekers who are into rookie-heavy products. Each pack contains one autograph and one relic card, which will definitely satisfy the collective flame of football hobbyists.

Staff Rating:
4.0 / 5.0

Card Design: 4.5/5.0

The base cards are produced on premium card stock with a Chrome background. The background features a stylish grayscale, etched with a black metallic look. The player pictured is the sole emphasis of each card, which puts the primary focus directly on them. While not as colorful as some other Topps football base cards, this is a premium release which definitely shows from the start.

Every base card has six different parallels. The Blue and Gold Refractors add their respective coloring to the nameplate and backdrop of the card, which is a nice touch. If it wasn't for the serial numbering on the front of the card, the black refractor is kind of hard to distinguish from the regular base card. The Prism Refractor and Superfractor look absolutely stunning in-person.

The main attraction of this product are the hit cards, along with their parallel iterations. Unfortunately, the base relics look too similar to last year's release. Added as an additional hit, the jumbo patch box topper more than makes up for it. Autograph versions of the box toppers are also inserted. The base autographs are essentially the base cards with a sticker autograph. For such a high-end release, I really wish there were no sticker autographs or redemptions cards in this product.

The highlight of this product are the multi-player autographs, relic autographs, and booklets. The triple autographs, as well as the quad and six autograph booklets, are very rare and extremely hard to pull. Only a select few lucky collectors will feel like they won the Super Bowl if they pull one of these top hits from their box. It will definitely be worth it when you see one of those prized cards in person.

Checklist: 5.0/5.0

The base set is comprised of 100 cards, which breaks down to 80 rookies and 20 veterans. Last year's release omitted the veterans completely, so collectors who felt slighted last year will be happy to know that 20 of the top NFL veterans have been added this year. The autograph and relic checklists are top-heavy with rookies galore. Most of the top rookies are featured, including Geno Smith, Cordarrelle Patterson, Eddie Lacy, Keenan Allen, Eric Fisher, and Manti Te'o. The veteran autograph checklist includes Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, among others.

Value: 3.5/5.0

With boxes ranging from $175 to $200, this product is not for everyone. High-end rookie collectors will salivate over the amount of hits pulled in each box. With one autograph and relic card in every pack, the jumbo patch box topper is the icing in the cake. As with all premium products, there is a lot of risk involved. Since this is a watered down NFL rookie class, there is plenty of gamble and no guarantee of a major hit. The sticker autographs and redemptions slightly tone down the total experience of opening 2013 Bowman Sterling Football.

The Fun Factor: 3.0/5.0

Topps delivers another high-end football product that is sure to score a touchdown with football collectors who can handle the price. Football collectors on a budget may want to sacrifice a few low-end boxes and take their chance on this. Even though the box break will be quick since there are only 6 packs per box, opening each pack will keep you in suspense to see which two hit cards you pull.

Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

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I like the look of the cards, especially some of the multi colored patch cards that I’ve seen so far. Considering the price though I’m surprised that they are sticker autos. Nice review!


Sterling has always been one of the most attractive releases, unfortunately this year’s crops is tough to get excited about.

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