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2013-14 Panini Flawless Basketball Hot List

2013-14 Panini Flawless Basketball Hot List

When Flawless first made its debut with collectors last year, the response was strong. The product took premium basketball cards to another level with jewel-encrusted cards and box prices that might rival some mortgage payments. 2013-14 Panini Flawless Basketball marks the line's follow-up offering, and many of the same elements that made it popular return in the luxury product.

Given the price, collectors would not likely be content to just have on-card autographs and jersey pieces. Flawless takes things to the next level in several ways. First, there is extreme rarity. All cards in the entire product are limited to 25 copies or less. Next, even though base cards might conjure up an image of a plain card, Flawless includes two base cards that feature a diamond, emerald, ruby or sapphire fixed within the card.

All autographs are on-card and although the patches may not match up to Immaculate Collection, the jersey cards feature quality patches. Taking things a step further, the cards come in a metal briefcase and some of the biggest hits are protected in sealed magnetic cases.

Another strong selling point for the product is the variety in the checklist. In addition to the expected players, like the top rookies and current stars, there is a good mix of former greats and Hall of Fame players. Big names from the recent history of basketball include Allen Iverson, Shaquille O'Neal, Anfernee Hardaway and Chris Webber, but there are plenty of others. Webber is particularly notable because he has not had pack-pulled autographs in several years.

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Whether you are a high-end collector or just like to window shop, the pulls from 2013-14 Flawless Basketball are quite impressive. The hot list below features the 40 most-watched auctions on eBay. Since it is constantly updating to provide the most current listings, check back to keep an eye on your favorite players or simply to enjoy the many valuable pulls.

2013-14 Panini Flawless Basketball Hot List

120 watchers
Bids: 30
Current Bid/Price (USD): $920.00
Time Left: 2023/02/02 01:30:01
76 watchers
Bids: 18
Current Bid/Price (USD): $117.50
Time Left: 2023/02/01 21:10:54
43 watchers
Bids: 17
Current Bid/Price (USD): $250.00
Time Left: 2023/02/07 04:14:01

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