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2012 Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings III Trading Cards

2012 Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings III Trading Cards

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2012 Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings III concludes on of the more ambitious comic-based trading card sets in recent times.

From the outset, the Marvel Beginnings line was planned as a three-part series, giving collectors a small encyclopedia of character-themed cards about the Marvel Universe.

2012 Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings III Set Details

The 2012 Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings III base set includes another 180 base cards, bringing the full set to 540 cards. Numbering starts at 361, maintaining the line's continuity.

Inserts continue to be abundant in the release, adding angles beyond just the characters. Every pack has a Breakthrough Issues card that looks at key issues from big-time lines. Villains Die-Cut Cards focus on the bad guys of the Marvel Universe. Fall every other pack, these cards follow in the footsteps of similar X-Men and Avengers inserts from the first two Marvel Beginnings sets. Marvel Prime Micromotion cards return, inserted 1:2 packs.

Every 2012 Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings III box has either a sketch card or a Breakthrough Issues Autograph. Sketch cards include original art done directly on the card. Because they come from a wide variety of artists, their styles can vary greatly. On top of that, the huge number of characters provides even more variety. Autographs come from both writers and artists. Past Marvel Beginnings sets have included the likes of Stan Lee and Brian Michael Bendis.

Avengers HoloFX gives Earth's mightiest heroes the hologram treatment. A rare hit, they fall 1:72 packs. Inserted at the same rate are Ultimate Panel Focus cards, which include an embedded piece of an original comic book.

Product Configuration: 7 cards per pack, 24 packs per box

2012 Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings III Box Break

  • 1 Total Sketch Card or Autograph
  • 12 Die-Cut Cards
  • 12 Prime Micromotion Cards
  • 24 Breakthrough Issues Cards
  • 154 Total Cards


Set Checklist

2012 Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings III Checklist

Base Set Checklist

180 cards. Numbering begins at #361.

361 Deadpool
362 Power Princess
363 Wingfoot
364 Scarlet Witch
365 Sasquatch
366 Mesmero
367 Justice
368 Klaw
369 Rocket Raccoon
370 Ultimate Iron Man
371 Half-Life
372 Dum Dum Dugan
373 Ultimate Thor
374 Siryn
375 Contemplator
376 Man-Thing
377 Nocturne
378 Captain America
379 Silvermane
380 Cyclops
381 Ant-Man
382 Rusty
383 Blue Blade
384 Sentry
385 Penance
386 Yellowjacket
387 Mystique
388 Mysterio
389 Firelord
390 Puppet Master
391 Spider-Man Noir
392 Ultimate Spider-Man
393 Grey Gargoyle
394 Husk
395 Doctor Octopus
396 Odin
397 Silver Surfer
398 Kang The Conquerer
399 Mister Sinister
400 Aries
401 Jack O'Lantern
402 Star Brand
403 Hydro-Man
404 Pulsar
405 Bruiser
406 Songbird
407 Echo
408 Ronin
409 Magneto
410 Daredevil
411 Mastermind
412 Blazing Skull
413 Viper
414 Scorpion
415 Bishop
416 Ka-Zar
417 Tombstone
418 Owl
419 Beetle
420 Revanche
421 Korath
422 Guardsman
423 Jubilee
424 Human Torch
425 Ricochet
426 The Rawhide Kid
427 US Agent
428 Union Jack
429 Glob
430 Wolverine Noir
431 Brother Voodoo
432 Northstar
433 Aurora
434 Jean Grey
435 Rose
436 Big Wheel
437 Sandman
438 Nomad
439 Jack of Hearts
440 Red Ghost
441 Armor
442 Baron Zemo
443 Batroc the Leaper
444 Bob The Agent of Hydra
446 Thunderbolt Ross
447 Blob
448 Punisher
449 Bug
450 Neutron
451 Ezekiel
452 Grim Reaper
453 Anti-Venom
454 Sauron
455 Lizard
456 Drax The Destroyer
457 Black Knight
458 Kaine
459 Hawkeye
460 3-D Man
461 Darkhawk
462 Talkback
463 Stepford Cuckoos
464 Cassandra Nova
465 Ms. Marvel
466 Luke Cage
467 Starhawk
468 Valkyrie
469 Crossbones
470 Dreadknight
471 Titanium Man
472 Psylocke
473 Exodus
474 Mockingbird
475 Living Laser
476 Armageddon
477 Omega Red
478 Rogue
479 Enchantress
480 Shadow King
481 Dazzler
482 Havok
483 Groot
484 Ares
485 Jimmy Woo
486 Holocaust
487 Banshee
488 Vanisher
489 Forge
490 Valerie Cooper
491 Master Mold
492 Sentinels
493 Emma Frost
494 Kitty Pryde
495 Tusk
496 Dead Girl
497 Mary Jane Parker
498 Bonebreaker
499 Gateway
500 Leech
501 S'ym
502 Caliban
503 Ultimate Nick Fury
504 Ulik
505 Ezekiel Stane
506 Super-Adaptoid
507 Ultimo
508 Fin Fang Foom
509 Gamora
510 Umar
511 Dormammu
512 Nightmare
513 Wong
514 Mephisto
515 Warlock
516 Magus
517 Meggan
518 Longshot
519 Tyr
520 Fandral
521 Hogan
522 Volstagg
523 Thanos
524 Scourge
525 Dead Girl
526 Betty Banner
527 Sugar Man
528 Norman Osborn
529 Maker
530 Maximus
531 Terminus
532 Skrulls
533 Uatu the Watcher
534 Kro
535 Ultimate Spider-Man
536 Vision
537 Nebula
538 Star-Lord
539 Silver Sable
540 Luke Cage Noir


Avengers Holograms Set Checklist

42 cards.

HA-1 Ant-Man
HA-2 Beast
HA-3 Black Panther
HA-4 Black Widow
HA-5 Captain America
HA-6 Captain Britain
HA-7 Captain Marvel
HA-8 Daredevil
HA-9 Doctor Strange
HA-10 Falcon
HA-11 Giant-Man
HA-12 Hawkeye
HA-13 Hellcat
HA-14 Hercules
HA-15 Hulk
HA-16 Iron Fist
HA-17 Iron Man
HA-18 Luke Cage
HA-19 Maria Hill
HA-20 Mockingbird
HA-21 Moon Knight
HA-22 Ms. Marvel
HA-23 Nova
HA-24 Quicksilver
HA-25 Red Hulk
HA-26 Scarlet Witch
HA-27 Sentry
HA-28 Shang-Chi
HA-29 She-Hulk
HA-30 Spider-Man
HA-31 Spider-Woman
HA-32 Squirrel Girl
HA-33 Storm
HA-34 Thing
HA-35 Thor
HA-36 Tigra
HA-37 US Agent
HA-38 Vision
HA-39 War Machine
HA-40 Wasp
HA-41 Wolverine
HA-42 Wonder Man


Breakthrough Issues Set Checklist

45 cards.

B-91 Fantastic Four #1
B-92 X-Men (vol. 1) #137
B-93 X-Men (vol. 2) #1
B-94 Daredevil #227
B-95 Spider-Man (vol. 1) #1
B-96 The Incredible Hulk (vol. 1) #181
B-97 Future Foundation #1
B-98 The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #1
B-99 Daredevil (vol. 2) #1
B-100 Tales of Suspense (vol. 1) #39
B-101 Immortal Iron Fist #1
B-102 The Amazing Spider-Man #3
B-103 X-Men #2
B-104 X-Men #3
B-105 X-Men #12
B-106 Ultimate Spider-Man (vol. 2) #1
B-107 The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #129
B-108 Fantastic Four #4
B-109 X-Men #9
B-110 Iron Fist #14
B-111 The New Mutants #1
B-112 Uncanny X-Men #129
B-113 X-Men (vol. 2) #30
B-114 Uncanny X-Men #172
B-115 X-Factor (vol. 1) #6
B-116 Uncanny X-Men #266
B-117 Fantastic Four Annual #3
B-118 The Avengers #57
B-119 X-Men (vol. 2) #53
B-120 Marvel Super Heroes: Secret Wars #8
B-121 Captain Marvel (vol. 1) #34
B-122 Iron Man (vol. 3) #1
B-123 Fantastic Four (vol. 1) #232
B-124 Astonishing X-Men (vol. 3)
B-125 Young Avengers #1
B-126 Ultimate Spider-Man #160
B-127 Captain America (vol. 4) #1
B-128 The Hood #1
B-129 "Luke Cage
Hero for Hire #1"
B-130 New Mutants #87
B-131 Civil War #1
B-132 Punisher Noir #1
B-133 Iron Man Noir #1
B-134 Marvel Comics #1
B-135 Daredevil #168


Breakthrough Issues Autographs Set Checklist

49 cards.

B-91 Stan Lee
B-92 Glynis Oliver Marsh
B-94 Christie Scheele
B-95 Jim Salicrup
B-96 Len Wein
B-96 Glynis Oliver Marsh
B-97 Steve Epting
B-98 Stan Lee
B-99 Dan Kemp
B-100 Stan Lee
B-101 Matt Hollingsworth
B-102 Stan Lee
B-103 Stan Lee
B-104 Stan Lee
B-105 Stan Lee
B-106 Brian Michael Bendis
B-108 Stan Lee
B-109 Stan Lee
B-110 Dan Green
B-111 Chris Claremont
B-111 Mike Gustovich
B-112 Chris Claremont
B-113 Fabian Nicieza
B-115 Jackson Guice
B-116 Tom DeFalco
B-116 Mike Collins
B-117 Stan Lee
B-118 Stan Lee
B-119 Mark Waid
B-120 John Beatty
B-120 Mike Zeck
B-122 Sean Chen
B-123 Jim Salicrup
B-124 Laura Martin
B-125 Justin Ponsor
B-125 Jim Cheung
B-126 Andy Lanning
B-126 Brian Michael Bendis
B-126 Mark Bagley
B-127 John Ney Rieber
B-127 Stuart Moore
B-128 Kyle Hotz
B-129 Stan Lee
B-130 Louise Simonson
B-131 Steve McNiven
B-131 Dexter Vines
B-131 Chris Eliopoulos
B-132 Tim Bradstreet
B-133 Marta Martinez Garcia


Breakthrough Issues Dual Autographs Set Checklist

B-92 Chris Claremont
B-92 Jim Salicrup
B-93 Tom DeFalco
B-93 Chris Claremont
B-95 Jim Salicrup
B-95 Tom DeFalco
B-96 Roy Thomas
B-96 Len Wein
B-107 Len Wein
B-107 Roy Thomas
B-111 Chris Claremont
B-111 Glynis Oliver Marsh
B-115 Jackson Guice
B-115 Jackson Guice
B-115 Louise Simonson
B-115 Joe Rubinstein
B-116 Joe Rubinstein
B-116 Mike Collins
B-119 Mark Waid
B-119 Richard Starkings
B-120 Mike Zeck
B-120 John Beatty
B-121 Len Wein
B-121 Roy Thomas
B-124 Laura Martin
B-124 Chris Eliopoulos
B-127 Richard Starkings
B-127 John Ney Rieber
B-130 Tom DeFalco
B-130 Louise Simonson
B-126 Justin Ponsor
B-126 Mark Bagley
B-126 Andy Lanning


Prime Micromotion Set Checklist

60 cards.

M3-1 A-Bomb
M3-2 American Panther
M3-3 Black Bolt
M3-4 Black Panther
M3-5 Black Widow
M3-6 Cable
M3-7 Captain America
M3-8 Cyclops
M3-9 Daredevil
M3-10 Dark Phoenix
M3-11 Deadpool
M3-12 Death
M3-13 Doctor Doom
M3-14 Doctor Strange
M3-15 Franklin Richards
M3-16 Ghost Rider
M3-17 Hawkeye
M3-18 Hood
M3-19 Hope
M3-20 Hulk
M3-21 Human Torch
M3-22 Invisible Woman
M3-23 Iron Lad
M3-24 Iron Man
M3-25 Iron Patriot
M3-26 Lady Deadpool
M3-27 Lockjaw
M3-28 Medusa
M3-29 Moon Knight
M3-30 Ms. Marvel
M3-31 Namorita
M3-32 Nathaniel Richards
M3-33 Night Thrasher
M3-34 Nightcrawler
M3-35 Patriot
M3-36 Power-Man
M3-37 Psylocke
M3-38 Ragnarok
M3-39 Scarlet Spider
M3-40 Sentry
M3-41 She-Hulk
M3-42 Silver Samurai
M3-43 Silver Surfer
M3-44 Speedball
M3-45 Spider-Man
M3-46 Spider-Woman
M3-47 Steve Rogers
M3-48 Thing
M3-49 Thor
M3-50 Toxin
M3-51 Ultimate Green Goblin
M3-52 Ultimate Spider-Man
M3-53 Ultron
M3-54 War Machine
M3-55 White Tiger
M3-56 Winter Soldier
M3-57 Wolverine
M3-58 World War Hulk
M3-59 X-23
M3-60 X-Man


Ultimate Panel Focus Set Checklist

11 cards. Each has a custom-cut panel from an original comic.

UM-11 The Amazing Spider-Man #7
UM-17 Journey into Mystery #103
UM-19 The Amazing Spider-Man #3
UM-22 Journey into Mystery #112
UM-24 Journey Into Mystery #107
UM-25 Daredevil (vol 1.) #7
UM-26 Fantastic Four #52
UM-27 Fantastic Four #5
UM-28 Fantastic Four #4
UM-29 The Amazing Spider-Man (vol. 1) #42
UM-30 Marvel Spotlight #32


Villains Die-Cuts Set Checklist

45 cards.

V-1 Abomination
V-2 Apocalypse
V-3 Baron Zemo
V-4 Black Cat
V-5 Bullseye
V-6 Carnage
V-7 Dark Phoenix
V-8 Doctor Doom
V-9 Doctor Octopus
V-10 Electro
V-11 Emma Frost
V-12 Galactus
V-13 Green Goblin
V-14 Hobgoblin
V-15 Hood
V-16 Jackel
V-17 Juggernaut
V-18 Kang The Conquerer
V-19 Kingpin
V-20 Kraven
V-21 Leader
V-22 Lizard
V-23 Loki
V-24 Magneto
V-25 Mandarin
V-26 Mephisto
V-27 Mister Sinister
V-29 Mole Man
V-30 Mysterio
V-31 Mystique
V-32 Radioactive Man
V-33 Red Skull
V-34 Rhino
V-35 Sabretooth
V-36 Sandman
V-37 Satana
V-38 Scorpion
V-39 Sentinels
V-40 Shocker
V-41 Super Skrull
V-42 Thanos
V-43 Ulik
V-44 Ultron
V-45 Venom


Sketch Card Artists

76 different artists.

Adrian Nelson
Adriana Melo
Ajahy Cerezo
Alan Myers
Albert Morales
Alex Magno
Anthony Tan
Arley Tucker
Ashleigh Popplewell
Babisu Kourtis
Bienifer Flores
Blake Wilkie
Bob Stevlic
Bridgit Scheide
Bryan Tillman
Chadwick Haverland
Charles Hall
Chris Foreman
Cris Santos
Cruddie Torian
Dan Borgonos
Dana Black
Darren Chandler
Dave Lynch
David Hindelang
Diana Greenhaigh
Dioscoro "Dong" Beniga Jr
Donato Santos
Edward Cherniga
Elvin Hernandez
Erik Reeves
Francois Chartier
Gary Keezle
Jason Adams
Jason Godwin
Jason Keith Phillips
Jason Saldajeno
Jayson Kretzer
Jed Thomas
Jim Cheung
Jim Jimenez
Joe Hogan
Joel Gomez
John Beatty
John Carlo
Jomar Alejos Bulda
Jonathan Racimo
Jovenal Mendoza
Julius Abrera
Jun Lofamia
Juno Sanchez
Kate Bradley
Kevin Sharpe
Kourtis Charalampos
Lew Fraga
Lord Mesa
Mark Morales
Mark Peasley
Mel Joy San Juan
Melissa Uran
Melvin Serrano
Mike Thomas
Natasa Kourtis
Nicole Virella
Puis Calzada
Rain Lagunsad
Ray-Anthony Height
Rayden Kusumo
Rhiannon Owens
Ron Chan
Stephen Burks
Tina Berardi
Virginia Kakava
Von Randal
Walter Rice


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Just noticed that Base card number 449 is not Bug, it’s Power Man (Victor Alvarez).


These look awesome. I need to get these. I like the color scheme and the inserts. Sketch cards too. More on card autos needed

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