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2012 Upper Deck Football College Mascots Patch Card Guide

2012 Upper Deck Football College Mascots Patch Card Guide

Quirky and sports cards don't often go together. Companies usually like to play it somewhat safe, at least on a widespread scale. That's not the case with 2012 Upper Deck Football College Mascots. Although mascot cards are nothing new, these ones are done as manufactured patches.

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The 2012 Upper Deck Football College Mascots Patch cards fall at an average of four per case, or one in every three boxes. An entire set consists of 60 cards released in four levels of rarity.

So far, online prices for the 2012 Upper Deck Football College Mascots Patch Cards have been all over the place. Some have gone for more than $40, while several have dipped below $10. The average range seems to be $15-25, which isn't bad if seen as a bonus.

The 2012 Upper Deck Football College Mascots Patch Cards likely aren't for everyone, but they do offer something different, particularly for school alumni.

Below you will find a gallery of 2012 Upper Deck Football College Mascots Patch Cards. We've also included a checklist with their school affiliation and short print info.

Please note that our gallery is not quite complete. We will add the missing images as we find them.

The set continues in 2013 Upper Deck Football. Click here for a comprehensive guide.

2012 Upper Deck Football College Mascots Patch Card Gallery

 2012 Upper Deck Football College Mascots Patch Card Checklist

Short Print info noted for each card in parenthesis. Level A - 1:99 packs, Level B - 1:158 packs, Level C: 1:1,752 packs, Level D - 1:7,595)

CM-1 Big Al - Alabama (A)
CM-2 Sparky - Arizona State (B)
CM-3 Willie the Wildcat - K-State (B)
CM-4 Tusk - Arkansas (A)
CM-5 Black Jack - Army (C)
CM-6 War Eagle - Auburn (C)
CM-7 Aubie - Auburn (A)
CM-8 Bruiser - Baylor (B)
CM-9 Buster Bronco - Boise State (B)
CM-10 Baldwin the Eagle - Boston College (B)
CM-11 Cosmo - BYU (A)
CM-12 Oski - California (A)
CM-13 Knightro - University of Central Florida (B)
CM-14 Ralphie - Colorado (B)
CM-15 Youdee - Delaware (C)
CM-16 Peedee - East Carolina (B)
CM-17 Albert - Florida (A)
CM-18 Uga - Georgie (D)
CM-19 Hairy Dog - Georgia (A)
CM-20 Buzz - Georgia Tech (A)
CM-21 Herky the Hawk - Iowa (A)
CM-22 The Wildcat - Kentucky (B)
CM-23 Mike the Tiger - LSU (D)
CM-24 Mike the Tiger - LSU (A)
CM-25 Sebastian the Ibis - Miami (C)
CM-26 Sparty - Michigan State (A)
CM-27 Goldy Gopher - Minnesota (B)
CM-28 Bully - Mississippi State (A)
CM-29 Turman the Tiger - Missouri (A)
CM-30 Monte - Montana (B)
CM-31 Herbie Husker - Nebraska (A)
CM-32 Lil Red - Nebraska (D)
CM-33 Ramses - North Carolina (B)
CM-34 The Leprechaun - Notre Dame (A)
CM-35 Brutus Buckeye - Ohio State (A)
CM-36 Sooner Schooner - Oklahoma (A)
CM-37 Pistol Pete - Oklahoma State (A)
CM-38 The Duck - Oregon (A)
CM-39 Benny Beaver - Oregon State (C)
CM-40 Roc the Panther - Pittsburgh (A)
CM-41 The Tiger - Clemson (A)
CM-42 Purdue Pete - Purdue (A)
CM-43 Cocky - South Carolina (B)
CM-44 Rocky D Bull - South Florida (B)
CM-45 Superfrog - TCU (B)
CM-46 Smokey - Tennessee (A)
CM-47 Reveille - Texas A&M (A)
CM-48 Bevo - Texas (D)
CM-49 Hook Em - Texas (A)
CM-50 Raider Red - Texas Tech (A)
CM-51 Joe and Josephine Bruin - UCLA (A)
CM-52 Traveler - USC (D)
CM-53 Trojan Warrior - USC (A)
CM-54 Cavman - Virginia (A)
CM-55 Hokiebird - Virginia Tech (A)
CM-56 Demon Deacon - Wake Forest (A)
CM-57 Harry the Husky - Washington (A)
CM-58 Big Red - Western Kentucky (A)
CM-59 Bucky Badger - Wisconsin (A)
CM-60 Handsome Dan - Yale (A)

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