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2012 Topps UFC Knockout Cards

2012 Topps UFC Knockout Cards

Product Review

2012 Topps UFC Knockout Product Review

Reviewed by Kerwin Leong

Good: You are guaranteed eight hits per 2012 Topps UFC Knockout box, which gives you a variety of autographs, relics and autographed relics. Autograph highlights include Arianny Celeste, Brock Lesnar, Anderson Silva, Georges St. Pierre, and Miesha Tate. Fisto-graphs have a great innovative design with a fighter's knuckles inked directly on the card. I love the design and overall look of the Triple Threads Autographed Relics, Three-of-a-Kind Triple Autographs, Full Contact Autographs, and SickSigs Autograph Book Card.

Bad: Like all high-end products, the autographs and relics can be hit or miss. You get 40 cards per box, 24 of which are base cards. It takes more than four boxes to put together the full 100-card base set. I don't really like the base card designs. It seems very bland compared to past Topps UFC sets. More color would have been better. Perhaps Topps could have incorporated the Octagon cage as a border. Despite being on the autograph and relic checklists, Arianny Celeste and Miesha Tate don't have base cards.

The Bottom Line: 2012 Topps UFC Knockout is a high-end MMA product that cost around $180 a box at release. Even though the cost is high, the end results can be rewarding with so many autographs of top fighters. Each pack gives you one hit, one parallel card and three base cards. Even though you know every pack will have either an autograph or relic card, the excitement is still there as you wonder what the main card is.

Staff Rating:
4.3 / 5.0

Card Design: 4.5/5.0

The base cards are made on thick stock cardboard. The majority of the cards showcase action shots, fighter poses or victory celebrations. The background is greyish color, which puts the emphasis on the fighter. The fighter's first and last name are at the bottom center of the card. Missing on the card front is the weight class. The back of the cards lack fighter information and win-loss records.

There are five different parallels: Gold, Silver, Green, Red, and Mat Stock. They are difficult to distinguish at first glance unless you have two cards side by side to compare them.

The Fight Mat Relics have a swatch of the actual mat, which is bordered around an octagon. The Fighter Gear Relics have a simple solid-looking design behind a plain silver background. The Premium Pieces Relics have multi-colored, fighter-worn memorabilia swatches. The Triple Thread Relics are the nicest looking cards in this product. I have loved the design since Topps first produced them.

Fighter Autographs are essentially the base card with an on-card signature. Full Contact Autographs have a sharp-looking black background with a nice silver signature on the card. The Notable Nicknames Autographs have sticker autographs with the fighter's nickname penned on it. The Three-of-a-Kind Triple Autographs look amazing, despite their use of sticker autographs. The Fist-ographs are a hobby first. They have the knuckles of the fighter actually imprinted on the card. All of the autographed relics are unfortunately sticker autographs, but they still look amazing.

Checklist: 4.0/5.0

The base set is composed of 100 cards, which is a lot smaller than Topps' past UFC releases. There is a nice mixture of current fighters, MMA legends and rising rookies. We get the first UFC-produced card of Heavyweight contender Alistair Overeem. There are no base cards of the Octagon Girls or female Strikeforce fighters. With each new Topps UFC Product, they have to balance who to include in the set from their ever-expanding UFC roster.

One highlight of 2012 Topps UFC Knockout is that the majority of the UFC's top stars have autographs. These include Jose Aldo, Arianny Celeste, Urijah Faber, Matt Hughes, Jon Jones, Brock Lesnar, Tito Ortiz, BJ Penn, Anderson Silva, Georges St. Pierre, Miesha Tate, and Cain Velasquez.

Value: 4.0/5.0

Each box of 2012 Topps UFC Knockout has eight packs of five cards. You are guaranteed eight hits, including two autographed relics, two autographs and four relics. You also get one parallel card per pack. Considering this is a high-end box, there is a lot of risk involved. It has a huge upside if you are willing to take the chance.

The Fun Factor: 4.5/5.0

Topps has made a great UFC product, introducing different designs and innovations.There are enough nice looking card designs in 2012 Topps UFC Knockout to appeal to MMA collectors of all ages. The Topps Triple Threads Relics especially stand out. Each pack comes with the same excitement since you know you are going to get a hit. Even though the base card design is lacking, the autographs and relics more than make up for it.

2012 Topps UFC Knockout Cards 1Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission

Set Checklist

2012 Topps UFC Knockout Set Checklist

2012 Topps UFC Knockout Base Set Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Gold Parallel, Silver Parallel #/188, Green Parallel #/88, Red Parallel #/8, Mat Stock Parallel 1/1, Printing Plates (four plates per fighter) 1/1

1 Ben Henderson
2 Carlos Condit
3 Brian Stann
4 Nate Diaz
5 Brad Pickett
6 Matt Wiman
7 Alistair Overeem
8 Tyson Griffin
9 Tim Kennedy
10 Shane Carwin
11 Brian Ebersole
12 Cheick Kongo
13 Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
14 Mauricio Rua
15 Junior dos Santos
16 Yushin Okami
17 Jake Ellenberger
18 Rashad Evans
19 Quinton Jackson
20 Frank Mir
21 Demetrious Johnson
22 Jorge Santiago
23 Brendan Schaub
24 Lyoto Machida
25 Dan Henderson
26 Dominick Cruz
27 Jose Aldo
28 Miguel Angel Torres
29 Tony Ferguson
30 Forrest Griffin
31 Anthony Pettis
32 Miesha Tate
33 Erik Koch
34 Brian Bowles
35 Alan Belcher
36 Gray Maynard
37 Jeff Curran
38 Frankie Edgar
39 Rory MacDonald
40 Stanislav Nedkov
41 Demian Maia
42 BJ Penn
43 Jon Jones
44 Brandon Vera
45 Jon Fitch
46 Vitor Belfort
47 Jason Miller
48 Wanderlei Silva
49 Dan Hardy
50 Josh Koscheck
51 Kyle Kingsbury
52 Joseph Benavidez
53 Cris Cyborg
54 Rafael dos Anjos
55 Yoshihiro Akiyama
56 Urijah Faber
57 Nick Diaz
58 Thiago Alves
59 Matt Hughes
60 Ryan Bader
61 Scott Jorgensen
62 Michael McDonald
63 Clay Guida
64 Antonio Silva
65 Bart Palaszewski
66 Phil Davis
67 Melvin Guillard
68 Diego Nunes
69 Roy Nelson
70 Daniel Cormier
71 Tyron Woodley
72 Gilbert Melendez
73 Cain Velasquez
74 Ronaldo Souza
75 Alessio Sakara
76 Alexander Gustafsson
77 Cung Le
78 Kenny Florian
79 Renzo Gracie
80 Brock Lesnar
81 Charlie Brenneman
82 Ryan Couture
83 Chris Weidman
84 Matt Mitrione
85 Anderson Silva
86 Diego Sanchez
87 Robbie Lawler
88 JZ Cavalcante
89 Tito Ortiz
90 Mark Hominick
91 Stipe Miocic
92 Travis Browne
93 Hatsu Hioki
94 Chad Mendes
95 Chael Sonnen
96 Jake Shields
97 Anthony Johnson
98 Chan Sung Jung
99 Jim Miller
100 Georges St-Pierre
2012 Topps UFC Knockout Cards 16

2012 Topps UFC Knockout Fight Mat Relics Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/288

PARALLEL CARDS: Silver #/188, Green #/88, Red #/8, Mat 1/1

FM-AG Alexander Gustafsso
FM-AP Anthony Pettis
FM-BE Brian Ebersole
FM-CC Carlos Condit
FM-CG Clay Guida
FM-CM Chad Mendes
FM-CS Chael Sonnen
FM-CW Chris Weidman
FM-DC Dominick Cruz
FM-DC Donald Cerrone
FM-DH Dave Herman
FM-FE Frankie Edgar
FM-JA Jose Aldo
FM-JDS Junior dos Santos
FM-JJ Jon Jones
FM-JK Josh Koscheck
FM-KF Kenny Florian
FM-KK Kyle Kingsbury
FM-MM Mark Munoz
FM-RDA Rafael dos Anjos
FM-RE Rashad Evans
FM-RM Rory MacDonald
FM-SC Shane Carwin
FM-SJ Scott Jorgensen
FM-SS Sam Stout
FM-TF Tony Ferguson
FM-TO Tito Ortiz
FM-UF Urijah Faber
FM-VB Vitor Belfort
FM-YA Yoshihiro Akiyama
2012 Topps UFC Knockout Cards 17

2012 Topps UFC Knockout Fighter Gear Relics Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/88

FG-­ASI Anderson Silva
FG-­AS Antonio Silva
FG-­BH Ben Henderson
FG-­CV Cain Velasquez
FG-­CCO Carlos Condit
FG-­CS Chael Sonnen
FG-­CC Cris Cyborg
FG-­DJ Demetrious Johnson
FG-­DN Diego Nunes
FG-­DC Dominick Cruz
FG-­FE Frankie Edgar
FG-­GSP Georges St-­Pierre
FG-­JM Jason Miller
FG-­JJ Jon Jones
FG-­JA Jose Aldo
FG-­JB Joseph Benavidez
FG-­KK Kyle Kingsbury
FG-­MH Matt Hughes
FG-­MW Matt Wiman
FG-­MT Miesha Tate
FG-RE Rashad Evans
FG-­RS Ronaldo Souza
FG-­SJ Scott Jorgensen
FG-­SC Shane Carwin
FG-­SM Stipe Miocic
FG-­TK Tim Kennedy
FG-­TB Travis Browne
FG-­UF Urijah Faber
FG-­VB Vitor Belfort
FG-­YA Yoshihiro Akiyama
2012 Topps UFC Knockout Cards 18

2012 Topps UFC Knockout Premium Pieces Relics Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/88

PP-­ASI Anderson Silva
PP-­AS Antonio Silva
PP-­BH Ben Henderson
PP-­CV Cain Velasquez
PP-­CCO Carlos Condit
PP-­CS Chael Sonnen
PP-­CC Cris Cyborg
PP-­DJ Demetrious Johnson
PP-­DN Diego Nunes
PP-­DC Dominick Cruz
PP-­FE Frankie Edgar
PP-­GSP Georges St-­Pierre
PP-­JM Jason Miller
PP-­JJ Jon Jones
PP-­JA Jose Aldo
PP-­JB Joseph Benavidez
PP-­KK Kyle Kingsbury
PP-­MH Matt Hughes
PP-­MW Matt Wiman
PP-­MT Miesha Tate
PP-­RE Rashad Evans
PP-­RS Ronaldo Souza
PP-­SJ Scott Jorgensen
PP-­SC Shane Carwin
PP-­SM Stipe Miocic
PP-­TK Tim Kennedy
PP-­TB Travis Browne
PP-­UF Urijah Faber
PP-­VB Vitor Belfort
PP-­YA Yoshihiro Akiyama
2012 Topps UFC Knockout Cards 19

2012 Topps UFC Knockout Between Rounds Relics Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/25

BRR-­CP Chandella Powell
BRR-­AC Arianny Celeste
BRR-­RL Rachelle Leah
2012 Topps UFC Knockout Cards 20

2012 Topps UFC Knockout Triple Thread Relics Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/36

PARALLEL CARDS: Sepia #/27, Emerald #/18, Gold #/9, Sapphire #/3, Platinum #1/1

TTR-­AC Arianny Celeste
TTR-­AS Antonio Silva
TTR-­ASI Anderson Silva
TTR-­BL Brock Lesnar
TTR-­CC Cris Cyborg
TTR-­CV Cain Velasquez
TTR-­DC Dominick Cruz
TTR-­DCO Daniel Cormier
TTR-­DH Dan Hardy
TTR-­FE Frankie Edgar
TTR-GM Gilbert Melendez
TTR-­GSP Georges St-­Pierre
TTR-­JA Jose Aldo
TTR-­JJ Jon Jones
TTR-­JM Jason Miller
TTR-­MH Matt Hughes
TTR-­MT Miesha Tate
TTR-­RS Ronaldo Souza
TTR-­SB Stephan Bonnar
TTR-­TK Tim Kennedy
TTR-­TO Tito Ortiz
TTR-­WS Wanderlei Silva
TTR-­YA Yoshihiro Akiyama
TTR-­YO Yushin Okami
2012 Topps UFC Knockout Cards 21

2012 Topps UFC Knockout Triple Threads Combo Relics Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/36

PARALLEL CARDS: Sepia #/27, Emerald #/18, Gold #/9, Sapphire #/3

TTCR-FBA Urijah Faber, Mike Brown, Jose Aldo
TTCR-CCH Randy Couture, Daniel Cormier, Dan Henderson
TTCR-FMB Urijah Faber, Chad Mendes, Joseph Benavidez
TTCR-DSM Nate Diaz, Jake Shields, Gilbert Melendez
TTCR-MBM Jim Miller, Charlie Brenneman, Dan Miller
TTCR-MCV Frank Mir, Shane Carwin, Cain Velasquez
TTCR-SSJ Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre, Jon Jones
TTCR-LMB Brock Lesnar, Jon Madsen, Pat Barry
TTCR-FSM Kenny Florian, Georges St-Pierre, Rory MacDonald
TTCR-GAO Takanori Gomi, Yoshihiro Akiyama, Yushin Okami
TTCR-KHE Erik Koch, Dave Herman, Brian Ebersole
TTCR-BJM Brian Bowles, Scott Jorgensen, Michael MacDonald
2012 Topps UFC Knockout Cards 22

2012 Topps UFC Knockout Triple Threads Double Combo Relics Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/36

TTRDC-SPSMGM Georges St-Pierre, BJ Penn, Anderson Silva, Demian Maia, Royce Gracie, Frank Mir
TTRDC-LHHLCA Chuck Liddell, Matt Hughes, Matt Hamill, Chris Lytle, Randy Couture, Ricardo Almeida
TTRDC-MCPLPH Pat Miletich, Mark Coleman, Bart Palaszewski, Robbie Lawler, Jens Pulver, Matt Hughes
TTRDC-PNSOSM Rousimar Palhares, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Anderson Silva, Yushin Okami, Brendan Schaub, Dan Miller
TTRDC-GSBBBF Forrest Griffin, Diego Sanchez, Michael Bisping, Ryan Bader, Jonathan Brookins, Tony Ferguson
TTRDC-AGEBHD Jose Aldo, Melvin Guillard, Jake Ellenberger, Vitor Belfort, Dan Henderson, Junior dos Santos

2012 Topps UFC Knockout Fighter Autographs Set Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Red #/8, Mat 1/1

FA-AB Alan Belcher
FA-AS Alessio Sakara
FA-ASI Anderson Silva
FA-ANS Antonio Silva
FA-AP Anthony Pettis
FA-BH Ben Henderson
FA-BB Brian Bowles
FA-BE Brian Ebersole
FA-BS Brian Stann
FA-BL Brock Lesnar
FA-CV Cain Velasquez
FA-CC Carlos Condit
FA-CS Chael Sonnen
FA-CL Cung Le
FA-DCO Daniel Cormier
FA-DJ Demetrious Johnson
FA-DN Diego Nunes
FA-DC Dominick Cruz
FA-FE Frankie Edgar
FA-GSP Georges St-Pierre
FA-GM Gray Maynard
FA-JE Jake Ellenberger
FA-JS Jake Shields
FA-JM Jason Miller
FA-JMI Jim Miller
FA-JJ Jon Jones
FA-JSA Jorge Santiago
FA-JA Jose Aldo
FA-JDS Junior dos Santos
FA-JZC JZ Cavalcante
FA-KK Kyle Kingsbury
FA-MAT Miguel Angel Torres
FA-MM Michael McDonald
FA-MT Miesha Tate
FA-ND Nate Diaz
FA-RG Renzo Gracie
FA-RL Robbie Lawler
FA-RM Rory MacDonald
FA-RCO Ryan Couture
FA-SM Stipe Miocic
FA-TK Tim Kennedy
FA-TF Tony Ferguson
FA-TB Travis Browne
FA-TW Tyron Woodley
2012 Topps UFC Knockout Cards 23

2012 Topps UFC Knockout Notable Nicknames Autograph Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/25

NN-­AJ Anthony Johnson
NN-­AP Anthony Pettis
NN-­AS Antonio Silva
NN-­ASA Alessio Sakara
NN-BS Brendan Schaub
NN-­BST Brian Stann
NN-­CC Cris Cyborg
NN-­CCO Carlos Condit
NN-­DJ Demetrious Johnson
NN-­GM Gilbert Melendez
NN-­JM Jason Miller
NN-­JS Jorge Santiago
NN-­MT Miesha Tate
NN-­PD Phil Davis
NN-­RM Rory MacDonald
NN-­RS Ronaldo Souza
NN-­TB Travis Browne
NN-­UF Urijah Faber
NN-­YO Yushin Okami
2012 Topps UFC Knockout Cards 24

2012 Topps UFC Knockout Three of a Kind Triple Autographs Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/10

TA-AGO Yoshihiro Akiyama, Takanori Gomi, Yushin Okami
TA-CSH Carlos Condit, Brian Stann, Ben Henderson
TA-EMS Jake Ellenberger, Mark Munoz, Krzysztof Soszynski
TA-GEH Renzo Gracie, Frankie Edgar, Roy Nelson
TA-HTC Dan Henderson, Miesha Tate, Cris Cyborg
TA-JKB Quinton Jackson, Cheick Kongo, Michael Bisping
TA-KSC Tim Kennedy, Brian Stann, Randy Couture
TA-MFB Chad Mendes, Urijah Faber, Joseph Benavidez
TA-MSF Rory MacDonald, Georges St-Pierre, Kenny Florian
TA-PMK Anthony Pettis, Matt Mitrione, Erik Koch
2012 Topps UFC Knockout Cards 25

2012 Topps UFC Knockout SickSigs Autograph Book Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/5

SS-NSNAMN Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Anderson Silva, Diego Nunes, Jose Aldo, Lyoto Machida, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
SS-BDSMLK Michael Bisping, Junior dos Santos, Georges St-Pierre, Jason Miller, Brock Lesnar, Josh Koscheck
SS-NFBBSG Roy Nelson, Tony Ferguson, Ryan Bader, Michael Bisping, Matt Serra, Forrest Griffin
SS-SCJSCG Brendan Schaub, Shane Carwin, Jon Jones, Georges St-Pierre, Donald Cerrone, Clay Guida
SS-CCRRML Mark Coleman, Randy Couture, Bas Rutten, Kevin Randleman, Frank Mir, Brock Lesnar
SS-GSFBCM Royce Gracie, Dan Severn, Don Frye, Vitor Belfort, Randy Couture, Pat Miletich

2012 Topps UFC Knockout Full Contact Autograph Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/99

FC-ASA Alessio Sakara
FC-AS Antonio Silva
FC-BH Ben Henderson
FC-CS Chael Sonnen
FC-DC Daniel Cormier
FC-GSP Georges St-Pierre
FC-GM Gray Maynard
FC-JM Jason Miller
FC-JB Joseph Benavidez
FC-JDS Junior dos Santos
FC-MT Miesha Tate
FC-ND Nick Diaz
FC-PD Phil Davis
FC-RE Rashad Evans
FC-TK Tim Kennedy
FC-TW Tyron Woodley
FC-UF Urijah Faber
FC-WS Wanderlei Silva
2012 Topps UFC Knockout Cards 26

2012 Topps UFC Knockout Fist-ograph Box Topper Set Checklist

Hand Numbered #/10

F-­BS Brian Stann
F-­CS Chael Sonnen
F-­DCO Daniel Cormier
F-­FE Frankie Edgar
F-­JE Jake Ellenberger
F-­MT Miesha Tate
F-­UF Urijah Faber
F-­MM Michael McDonald
F-­TW Tyron Woodley
F-­GSP Georges St-­Pierre
F-­CCO Carlos Condit
F-­BH Ben Henderson
2012 Topps UFC Knockout Cards 27

2012 Topps UFC Knockout Dual Autographed Fight Mat Relics Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/10

DA-EM Frankie Edgar, Gray Maynard
DA-DC Junior dos Santos, Shane Carwin
DA-GP Clay Guida, Anthony Pettis
DA-OB Tito Ortiz, Ryan Bader
DA-BA Vitor Belfort, Yoshihiro Akiyama
DA-ES Jake Ellenberger, Jake Shields
DA-DG Nate Diaz, Takanori Gomi
DA-BS Pat Barry, Stefan Struve
DA-SS Chael Sonnen, Brian Stann
DA-CF Dominick Cruz, Urijah Faber
2012 Topps UFC Knockout Cards 28

2012 Topps UFC Knockout Autographed Fighter Relics Set Checklist

PARALLEL CARDS: Green #/88, Red #/8, Mat 1/1

AFG-AB Alan Belcher
AFG-AS Anderson Silva
AFG-ASI Antonio Silva
AFG-BH Ben Henderson
AFG-BE Brian Ebersole
AFG-CV Cain Velasquez
AFG-CCO Carlos Condit
AFG-CS Chael Sonnen
AFG-CC Cris Cyborg
AFG-DJ Demitrious Johnson
AFG-DN Diego Nunes
AFG-DC Dominick Cruz
AFG-FE Frankie Edgar
AFG-GSP Georges St-Pierre
AFG-JM Jason Miller
AFG-JP Jens Pulver
AFG-JJ Jon Jones
AFG-JA Jose Aldo
AFG-JB Joseph Benevidez
AFG-JDS Junior dos Santon
AFG-KK Kyle Kingsbury
AFG-MH Matt Hughes
AFG-MW Matt Wiman
AFG-MT Miesha Tate
AFG-RE Rashad Evans
AFG-RG Renzo Gracie
AFG-RS Ronaldo Souza
AFG-SJ Scott Jorgensen
AFG-SC Shane Carwin
AFG-SM Stipe Miocic
AFG-TK Tim Kennedy
AFG-TB Travis Browne
AFG-UF Urijah Faber
AFG-VN Vitor Belfort
AFG-YA Yoshihiro Akiyama
2012 Topps UFC Knockout Cards 29

2012 Topps UFC Knockout Autographed Premium Pieces Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/88

APP-AS Anderson Silva
APP-ASI Antonio Silva
APP-BH Ben Henderson
APP-CC Cris Cyborg
APP-CCO Carlos Condit
APP-CS Chael Sonnen
APP-CV Cain Velasquez
APP-DC Dominick Cruz
APP-DJ Demitrious Johnson
APP-DN Diego Nunes
APP-FE Frankie Edgar
APP-GSP Georges St-Pierre
APP-JA Joseph Benevidez
APP-JDS Kyle Kingsbury
APP-JJ Jose Aldo
APP-JM Jason Miller
APP-JP Jon Jones
APP-KK Matt Hughes
APP-MH Matt Wiman
APP-MT Rashad Evans
APP-MW Miesha Tate
APP-RG Ronaldo Souza
APP-RS Scott Jorgensen
APP-SJ Shane Carwin
APP-SM Stipe Miocic
APP-TB Travis Browne
APP-TK Tim Kennedy
APP-UF Urijah Faber
APP-VN Vitor Belfort
APP-YA Yoshihiro Akiyama
2012 Topps UFC Knockout Cards 30

2012 Topps UFC Knockout Between Rounds Auto Relics Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/8

BRAR-­AC Arianny Celeste
BRAR-­CP Chandella Powell
BRAR-­RL Rachelle Leah
2012 Topps UFC Knockout Cards 31

2012 Topps UFC Knockout Triple Thread Autograph Relics Set Checklist

Serial Numbered #/18

PARALLEL CARDS: Gold #/9, Sapphire #/3, Platinum 1/1, Leather 1/1, White Whale Printing Plates (four per fighter) 1/1

TTAR-AC Arianny Celeste
TTAR-AS Antonio Silva
TTAR-ASI Anderson Silva
TTAR-BL Brock Lesnar
TTAR-CC Cris Cyborg
TTAR-CV Cain Velasquez
TTAR-DC Dominick Cruz
TTAR-DCO Daniel Cormier
TTAR-DH Dan Hardy
TTAR-FE Frankie Edgar
TTAR-GSP Georges St-Pierre
TTAR-JA Jose Aldo
TTAR-JJ Jon Jones
TTAR-JM Jason Miller
TTAR-MH Matt Hughes
TTAR-MT Miesha Tate
TTAR-RS Ronaldo Souza
TTAR-SB Stephan Bonnar
TTAR-TK Tim Kennedy
TTAR-TO Tito Ortiz
TTAR-WS Wanderlei Silva
TTAR-YA Yoshihiro Akiyama
TTAR-YO Yushin Okami
2012 Topps UFC Knockout Cards 32

2012 Topps UFC Knockout Cards 1Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission

Product Details

User Rating:

The hobby-exclusive 2012 Topps UFC Knockout promises a variety of high-end hits. Offering either an autographed relic, autograph or relic card in every pack, highlights include Triple Threads autographs, Sicksigs book cards featuring six autographs and on-card silver Full Contact Autographs. The Octagon girls get in on the action with Between Rounds relics and autographed relics. The most high-profile new innovation are the Fist-ograph box toppers. The randomly inserted over-sized bonus cards include both a fist print and an autograph from the featured fighter.

Product Configuration: Eight packs per box, five cards per pack
Price Point: High-End MMA Card
Target Audience: UFC Card Collectors, Autograph Collectors, Memorabilia Collectors, UFC Fans

Box Break

  • Two Autographed Relic Cards
  • Two Autographs
  • Four Relic Cards
  • Five Parallels
  • 40 Total Cards

Product Highlights:

  • Hobby-exclusive.
  • 100-card base set combines current fighters, retired legends, Strikeforce fighters and rookies.
  • Base set parallels (inserted one per pack): Gold (numbered), Silver (/188), Green (/88), Red (/8), Mat (/1) features a simulated mat card stock, Printing Plates.
  • New over-sized Fist-ograph box toppers (ten cards, /5) have fighters add their fist-prints to the cards. Also autographed, the checklist includes both UFC and Strikeforce fighters.
  • Double-sided Dual Autographed Fight Mat Relics (ten cards, /10) mix the autographs of two opponents with a mat piece.
  • Autographed Fighter Relics (35 cards) come with the following parallels: Green (/88), Red (/8) and Mat (/1).
  • Autographed Premium Pieces (50 cards, /50) include both a signature and a multi-colored swatch.
  • The Octagon girls are the focus of Between Rounds Autographed Relics (/8). The cards feature a piece of their clothing, robe, round cards and an autograph.
  • The popular Triple Threads brand carries over to UFC with Triple Threads Autographed Relics (24 cards, /18). Each card has three memorabilia pieces displayed in custom die-cut windows. Parallels: Gold (/9), Sapphire (/3), Platinum (/1), Leather (/1), White Whale Printing Plates.
  • Fighter Autographs (50 cards, numbered). First-time signers have a "First Autograph Issue" foil stamp. Parallels: Red (/8), Mat (/1).
  • Notable Nicknames (20 cards, /25) have fighters inscribe their nicknames. Thirty-five fighters will have similar cards in Fighter Red Ink Nickname Autographs (/15).
  • Full Contact Autographs (20 cards, /99) have on-card silver signatures.
  • Three of a Kind Autographs (ten cards, /10) feature three signers with some sort of connection.
  • SickSigs (six cards, /5) book cards have six autographs.
  • A total of 80 redemption cards will be inserted across the product good for an autographed fighter glove. Forty signers are signing two gloves each.
  • Fight Mat Relics (29 cards, /288) include mats from matches where they were featured combatants. Parallels: Silver (/188), Green (/88, multi-colored swatch), Red (/8, jumbo swatch), Mat (/1, jumbo multi-color swatch).
  • Fighter Gear Relics (35 cards, /299) include pieces of event-worn shirt and shorts.
  • Premium Pieces Relics (35 cards, /99) are highlighted by multi-colored swatches.
  • Octagon girls return with Between Round Relics (/25), which feature three memorabilia pieces: outfit, robe and round cards.
  • Triple Threads Relics (24 cards, /36). Parallels: Sepia (/27), Emerald (/18), Gold (/9), Sapphire (/3), Platinum (/1).
  • Three fighters are included on each Triple Threads Relic Combos (12 cards, /36). Parallels: Sepia (/27), Emerald (/18), Gold (/9), Sapphire (/3), Platinum (/1).
  • Triple Threads Double Combos (six cards, /36) book cards include relics from six different fighters. Parallels: Sepia (/27), Emerald (/18), Gold (/9), Sapphire (/3), Platinum (/1).

Card Gallery:

2012 Topps UFC Knockout Cards 1Making purchases through affiliate links can earn the site a commission
Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

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