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2012 Topps Skylanders Giants Trading Cards

2012 Topps Skylanders Giants Trading Cards

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2012 Topps Skylanders Giants is based on the popular video game that includes both traditional gaming elements and action figures.

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The low-end crams several different elements onto a checklist that has 196 total cards. Aimed mainly at young collectors, the set includes character cards, creature cards, screen shots, and magic item and location cards. Rainbow Foil cards explore Giants and Light Core characters. Among the Mirror Foil cards are eight all-new Skylanders. Adding a little interactivity are seven Color Me In cards.

2012 Topps Skylanders Giants card fronts have a character in their action pose. Card backs go into the character's background.

Toys 'R Us carries an exclusive collecting kit. It has a small album, two packs of cards and a handful of Glow-in-the-Dark and Legendary Foil cards not available anywhere else.

2012 Topps Skylanders Giants Card Types:

  • 32 original Skylanders characters
  • 46 Skylanders world creature and supporting characters
  • 33 Skylanders screen shots
  • 12 magic item and location cards
  • 8 Rainbow Foil Giants
  • 8 Rainbow Foil Skylanders Light Core characters
  • 32 Mirror Foil new Skylanders pose characters
  • 18 Puzzle Cards that form two different nine-card puzzle
  • 7 Skylander Character Coloring Cards

Product Configuration: 24 packs per box, 6 cards per pack
Price Point: Low-End Entertainment Card
Target Audience: Skylanders Fans, Young Collectors, Set Builders

2012 Topps Skylanders Giants Box Break

  • 144 Total Cards

Card Gallery:

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Set Checklist

2012 Topps Skylanders Giants Checklist

Base Set Checklist

123 cards.

1 Zap
2 Wham-Shell
3 Gill Grunt
4 Slam Bam
5 Spyro
6 Double Trouble
7 Voodood
8 Wrecking Ball
9 Ignitor
10 Sunburn
11 Eruptor
12 Flameslinger
13 Drill Sergeant
14 Boomer
15 Drobot
16 Trigger Happy
17 Cynder
18 Chop Chop
19 Hex
20 Ghost Roaster
21 Sonic Boom
22 Whirlwind
23 Lightning Rod
24 Warnado
25 Camo
26 Stump Smash
27 Zook
28 Stealth Elf
29 Bash
30 Dino-Rang
31 Prism Break
32 Terrafin
33 Zap Screenshot
34 Wham-Shell Screenshot
35 Gill Grunt Screenshot
36 Slam Bam Screenshot
37 Spyro Screenshot
38 Dark Spyro Screenshot
39 Double Trouble Screenshot
40 Voodood Screenshot
41 Wrecking Ball Screenshot
42 Ignitor Screenshot
43 Sunburn Screenshot
44 Eruptor Screenshot
45 Flameslinger Screenshot
46 Dril Sergeant Screenshot
47 Boomer Screenshot
48 Drobot Screenshot
49 Trigger Happy Screenshot
50 Cynder Screenshot
51 Chop Chop Screenshot
52 Hex Screenshot
53 Ghost Roaster Screenshot
54 Sonic Boom Screenshot
55 Whirl Wind Screenshot
56 Lightning Rod Screenshot
57 Warnado Screenshot
58 Camo Screenshot
59 Stump Smash Screenshot
60 Zook Screenshot
61 Stealth Elf Screenshot
62 Bash Screenshot
63 Dino-Rang Screenshot
64 Prism Break Screenshot
65 Terrafin Screenshot
66 Pirate Seas
67 Hidden Treasure
68 Ghost Swords
69 Darklight Crypt
70 Healing Elixir
71 Time Twister
72 Empire of Ice
73 Sky-Iron Shield
74 Anvil Rain
75 Dragon's Peak
76 Sparx Dragonfly
77 Winged Boots
78 Bone 'N Arrow
79 Chompy
80 Water Dragon
81 Stone Golem
82 Squidface Brute
83 Spider Swarmer
84 Shadow Knight
85 Rotting Robbie
86 Rock Walker
87 Rocket Imp
88 Rhu-Barb
89 Dark Phoenix Dragon
90 Pyro-Ranger
91 Moon Widow
92 Life Spell Punk
93 Lava King
94 Hob 'N' Yard
95 Goliath Drow
96 Flame Imp
97 Fire Spell Punk
98 Evil Eruptor
99 Cyclops Chucker
100 Blastaneer
101 Evil Witch Minion
102 Dark Knight
103 Cyclops Mammoth
104 Blitzer Bully
105 Blade Witch
106 Arkeyan War Machine
107 Arkeyan Defender
108 Evil Imp Minion
109 Kaos
110 Cali
111 Flynn
112 Persephone
113 Diggs
114 Combat Hat
115 Anvil Hat
116 Birthday Hat
117 Fex
118 Propeller Cap
119 Plunger Head Hat
120 Viking Helmet
121 Coonskin Hat
122 Trojan Helmet
123 Kaos Hydra

Foil Characters Set Checklist

32 cards.

124 Chill
125 Zap
126 Gill Grunt
127 Slam Bam
128 Spyro
129 Double Trouble
130 Wrecking Ball
131 Pop Fizz
132 Ignitor
133 Eruptor
134 Flameslinger
135 Hot Dog
136 Drill Sergeant
137 Sprocket
138 Drobot
139 Trigger Happy
140 Cynder
141 Chop Chop
142 Hex
143 Fright Rider
144 Sonic Boom
145 Whirldwind
146 Lightning Rod
147 Jet-Vac
148 Stump Smash
149 Zook
150 Stealth Elf
151 Shroomboom
152 Bash
153 Prism Break
154 Terrafin
155 Flashwing

Lightcore Characters Set Checklist

8 cards.

156 Lightcore Drobot
157 Lightcore Prism Break
158 Lightcore Eruptor
159 Lightcore Jet-Vac
160 Lightcore Shroomboom
161 Lightcore Pop Fizz
162 Lightcore Chill
163 Lightcore Hex

Giants Set Checklist

8 cards.

164 Tree Rex
165 Hot Head
166 Swarm
167 Bouncer
168 Crusher
169 Thumpback
170 Ninjini
171 Eye-Brawl

Puzzle Cards Checklist

18 cards.


Color Me In Checklist

7 cards.

C1 Stealth Elf
C2 Eruptor
C3 Gill Grunt
C4 Spyro
C5 Stump Smash
C6 Trigger Happy
C7 Boomer

Glow-in-the-Dark Checklist

6 cards.

G1 Stealth Elf
G2 Eruptor
G3 Gill Grunt
G4 Spyro
G5 Stump Smash
G6 Trigger Happy

Legendary Foil Checklist

8 cards.

L1 Bouncer
L2 Trigger Happy
L3 Chop Chop
L4 Slam Bam
L5 Jet-Vac
L6 Ignitor
L7 Spyro
L8 Stealth Elf

Ryan is a former member of The Cardboard Connection Writing Staff.   His collecting origins began with winter bike rides to the corner store, tossing a couple of quarters onto the counter and peddling home with a couple packs of O-Pee-Chee hockey in his pocket. Today, he continues to build sets, go after inserts with cool technologies, chase Montreal Expos and finish off his John Jaha master collection.

User Reviews


where do you get the cards

Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

They have been out for about a year now. Some retail stores may have a few left but eBay is probably your best bet to find them.

i’m looking for skylanders giants card # 142. can you help? And any legendary cards, A master Eon card.

shelly grantham
shelly grantham

go to Topps website

Andrew Baik
Andrew Baik

Can this franchise get any bigger?

George Ridley
George Ridley

I went to asda to look at magazines. I think they got in earlier that day so i thought If they have just come out I definetlt have atleast six months to get all. Got it and got limited edition master eon card and card 12 flameslinger (normal) card 35 gill grunt pose (normal) card 86 rock walker (normal) card 102 dark night (normal) card 143 fright rider (mirror foil cards.)

The best place to buy these cards is eBay. They are actually already for sale. There are both domestic and international sellers offering them at this point. Just click on this link to view all the listings: http://www.cardboardconnection.com/shop/Topps-Skylander/

ryan o connell
ryan o connell

where can you buy these? we live in limerick , ireland

Lou Napoleon
Lou Napoleon

I’ve watching videos on this cards. I am so excited can’t wait. Where can they be purchase?

Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

Lou Napoleon (ID 84754) They are scheduled to be out next week (although that may change because of the the hurricane). eBay, dealers and retail outlets should all have them.

Kelle Johnson
Kelle Johnson

Where can we buy these we r in newtown pa 18940 267-994-1462 my son is 5 and loves

Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

The cards are scheduled to release in November.

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