2012 Topps Heritage Variations Short Prints Revealed

2012 Topps Heritage Variations Short Prints Revealed

Topps has confirmed several 2012 Topps Heritage variation short prints to keep collectors busy.

The 25 Image Swap variations see the position of the two front photos switched up. The main photo becomes the one in the inset circle and the circle photo becomes the main photo. The 25 Color Swap variations are much subtler. They have the bottom color of the border and the background color of the inset circle switched.

Both Walmart and Target each have an exclusive 25-card border variation. Walmart exclusives have blue borders, while Target variations have red borders.

Even the relics are in on the variation chase this year. Twenty-five Image Swap Variation Relics are numbered to 63.

Although not yet confirmed, early indications point to Image Swap variations seem to be appearing every other box combined. The 25 Color Swap and ten Short Print Errors look to be much tougher. It's also interesting to note that Topps' checklist has two Ryan Madson errors. That may or may not be an error itself. Image Swap Relics appear to be falling one per hobby case.

With 2012 Topps Heritage just starting to arrive, more concrete info will appear in the coming days. We'll be sure to update this page as more details become available.

2012 Topps Heritage Variation Short Prints

Image Swap Variations

Click here to see a gallery of all 25 Image Swap variations.

44 Justin Verlander
52 Dustin Pedroia
56 Cliff Lee
91 Roy Halladay
106 Tim Lincecum
183 Mark Teixeira
186 Joe Mauer
193 Starlin Castro
197 Ian Kennedy
200 Curtis Granderson
246 Felix Hernandez
276 Ryan Braun
279 Matt Kemp
289 Mariano Rivera
348 Miguel Cabrera
415 Chris Carpenter
453 Troy Tulowitzki
468 Nelson Cruz
476 Prince Fielder
481 Justin Upton
483 Mike Stanton
486 Josh Hamilton
489 Jose Bautista
494 Ryan Zimmerman
497 Jered Weaver

2012 Topps Heritage Jose Bautista

(First card is the regular version, the second is the Image Swap variation.)

Color Swap Variations

20 Derek Jeter
83 Lance Berkman
85 Buster Posey
87 Andrew McCutchen
90 Joey Votto
115 Jacoby Ellsbury
137 Nyjer Morgan
177 Evan Longoria
201 Yovani Gallardo
215 B.J. Upton
217 Dexter Fowler
264 Robinson Cano
277 David Price
282 Jeff Francoeur
285 Adrian Gonzalez
290 Albert Pujols
356 David Ortiz
373 Michael Young
408 Ian Kinsler
414 Corey Hart
415 Chris Carpenter
468 Nelson Cruz
480 Carlos Gonzalez
485 Mike Napoli
495 James Shields

(First card is the regular version, the second is the Color Swap variation.)

Error Short Prints

15 Darwin Barney - No position listed on front of card.
113 Kerry Wood - Aramis Ramirez pictured in main photo.
231 Dan Haren - Mark Trumbo pictured in main photo.
341 Ryan Madson - Red stripe in circular black and white photo.
341 Ryan Madson - White stripe in circular black and white photo.
380 Carlos Pena - Reads "Complete Major and Minor League Batting Record" on back of card.
454 Julio Teheran - No box around number on back.

2012 Topps Heritage Error Variation 454 Julio Teheran Back

483 Mike Stanton - Run column on back is headed by a 'W.'

Error Short Print Rookie Stars

The Rookie Stars errors say "1962 Rookie Stars" on the front, not 2012.

29 Brad Peacock, Devin Mesoraco, Justin De Fratus, Joe Savery
54 John Gaub, Addison Reed, Adron Chambers, Dellin Betances

2012 Topps Heritage Error Variation 54

Blue-Border Variations (Walmart Exclusives)

14 Justin Masterson
34 Josh Collmenter
72 Carlos Santana
76 Jon Lester
84 Doug Fister
85 Buster Posey
115 Jacoby Ellsbury
122 Hanley Ramirez
130 David Freese
164 Austin Jackson
172 Yadier Molina
177 Evan Longoria
185 Freddy Sanchez
217 Dexter Fowler
225 Aroldis Chapman
232 Kevin Youkilis
250 Jon Jay
275 Dan Uggla
285 Adrian Gonzalez
290 Albert Pujols
296 Jim Thome
319 Adam Jones
325 Brian Wilson
453 Troy Tulowitzki
468 Nelson Cruz

Red-Border Variations (Target Exclusives)

22 Edwin Jackson
32 Domonic Brown
44 Justin Verlander
60 Jesus Montero
87 Andrew McCutchen
96 Carl Crawford
98 Torii Hunter
100 Paul Konerko
174 Jose Reyes
186 Joe Mauer
190 Matt Holliday
193 Starlin Castro
201 Yovani Gallardo
210 Clayton Kershaw
221 Chase Utley
224 Alex Avila
227 Ubaldo Jimenez
260 Anthony Rizzo
264 Robinson Cano
276 Ryan Braun
277 David Price
279 Matt Kemp
445 Gaby Sanchez
483 Mike Stanton
484 Todd Helton

Image Swap Variation Relics

Photos on front are switched. Hand-numbered to 63.

ISR-MC Miguel Cabrera
ISR-NC Nelson Cruz
ISR-JB Jose Bautista
ISR-JH Josh Hamilton
ISR-SC Starlin Castro
ISR-CC Chris Carpenter
ISR-RZ Ryan Zimmerman
ISR-TL Tim Lincecum
ISR-RB Ryan Braun
ISR-MT Mark Teixeira
ISR-IK Ian Kennedy
ISR-JU Justin Upton
ISR-MS Mike Stanton
ISR-MR Mariano Rivera
ISR-JM Joe Mauer
ISR-CL Cliff Lee
ISR-DP Dustin Pedroia
ISR-RH Roy Halladay
ISR-JW Jered Weaver
ISR-PF Prince Fielder
ISR-FH Felix Hernandez
ISR-TT Troy Tulowitzki
ISR-DO David Ortiz
ISR-JE Jacoby Ellsbury
ISR-EL Evan Longoria

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  1. As usual, topps makes collecting the complete Heritage set a near impossible task but this years set looks great. +The Cardboard Connection

  2. thank you for posting this. it’s helping me alot as i sort through the boxes ive bought. i do have a question for you. i pulled a starlin castro game used card. according to becket.com’s checklist there are 2 versions of this card. would you happen to have any idea what the variations are? thank you for your time.

  3. The more common Clubhouse relic of Castro is a jersey. There’s also one that has a wood piece that I’d guess is a bat piece, but it might be a seat relic too. Both have the same design.

  4. ok, of course the one i pulled was the jersey, but thats good to know for future packs i buy. thanks again for your time to answer.

  5. Is The 2012 topps Heritage Jarrod Parker a Error or a Short Print No Rookie Sign on base card

  6. acowboydan2001 (ID 43061) I don’t think so. If you’re referring to the Rookie Card logo, for whatever reason (likely oversight), it’s left off of many cards.

  7. The Oversight would make it an Error right? Like the other oversights on here.

  8. I don’t think it’s an error exactly. Maybe an oversight, but it’s not an official error card, nor was there a different version.

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