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2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Variation Short Prints Checklist and Visual Guide

2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Variation Short Prints Checklist and Visual Guide

2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball is taking a slightly different approach to short prints this year. Instead of making them a part of the base set, they're now photo variations.

Most 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Baseball variations use completely different photos that are easy to tell. A handful are much more subtle, with a small bit of cropping as the only difference. Wade Boggs is one such card. On his regular card, you can't see his stirrup on his front foot. However, his variation clearly shows the stirrup.

The Yu Darvish short print is different from the rest. He is #288 on the variation checklist. In the regular base set, C.J. Wilson takes that spot. It is also extremely tough to pull and should be considered an SSP separate from the rest of the variations.

All variations except for the Darvish fall at a rate of 1:4 packs or six per hobby box.

There are also 91 mini card variations. Many match up with the ones below, but there are also additional ones.

Below is a breakdown of what to look for in the variations as well as a complete gallery.

2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Variation Short Prints Checklist and Guide

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1 Jesus Montero - Catcher’s Gear
6 Matt Moore - Ball Over Head
10 Roy Halladay - Fielding
16 Eric Hosmer - Fielding
22 Kevin Youkilis - White Jersey, Red Letters
40 Ichiro - Fielding
44 Matt Kemp - Holding Bat, Blue Seats in Background
50 Miguel Cabrera - Batting
54 Mariano Rivera - Hand on Mouth
60 Jacoby Ellsbury - At Bat
67 Josh Hamilton - Catching
71 Ian Kennedy - Green Fence in Background (Wide Shot)
76 Mike Napoli - Catcher’s Gear
80 Ryan Braun - Fielding
83 Ryan Howard - Running
84 Freddie Freeman - Batting
100 Derek Jeter - At Bat
110 Jose Bautista - Batting
120 Mickey Mantle - Batting
135 Clayton Kershaw Glove at Chest, Mound Showing
141 Roy Oswalt - Glove Held Out, Scoreboard in Background
142 Carlos Gonzalez - Running
143 Dustin Pedroia - Dark Jersey
145 Ian Kinsler - Getting Ready to Throw
147 Mike Stanton - Fielding
149 Ryan Zimmerman - Fielding
150 CC Sabathia - Pinstripe Jersey
157 Nelson Cruz - Batting, Blue Jersey
170 Cliff Lee - Pinstripe Jersey
184 Stephen Strasburg - Red Jersey
190 Robinson Cano - Pinstripes
197 David Freese - Fielding
200 Felix Hernandez - Grey Jersey
210 Justin Upton - Dropping Bat
220 Joey Votto - Bat Down, Green Press Area in Background
226 Johnny Bench - Before Swing (No Cameras in Background)
229 Ty Cobb - Kneeling
230 Evan Longoria - Batting
232 Joe DiMaggio - With Catcher (Wider Shot)
236 Lou Gehrig - Pinstripes
240 Tim Lincecum - Facing Front
248 Wade Boggs - With Stirrup on Back Foot
250 Ken Griffey Jr. - At Bat
252 Tony Gwynn - Tighter Shot (No Mark on Dugout by Front Leg)
258 Mike Schmidt - Batting
260 Curtis Granderson - Brick Wall in Background
270 Roberto Clemente - Batting
271 Jered Weaver - Profile (Looking to Side)
294 Reggie Jackson - White Jersey
296 Tom Seaver - Grey Jersey/Side View

Super Short Print Variation

288 Yu Darvish - Replaces regular C.J. Wilson card.

2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Variation Short Prints Gallery

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User Comments


are some of the autos short print also?
have a guy looking to sell me a griffey jr auto says it an SP but im not sure.
anyone have an idea on value?

Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

mike No short prints were confirmed, but some players are less common than others. You can get by doing a completed search on eBay and seeing who comes up more often (usually the lesser names).

Thanks to Parry at Wonder Water Cards and Comics who pointed out this list!

How do i find 2012 Gypsy Queen short print,s , I have over 25 And need the rest to fill my set.

Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

louis cecilia EBay is probably your best best. Try this link: 2012 Gypsy Queen SP

If you’re looking for a specific number, add that to the search.


Hey, I actually pulled a different Strasburg #184. Wht jersey, side profile windup 2 the plate. Thanks for the list and pics.

Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

Derek (ID 40957) The white jersey version is the regular version of the card.

Matt Kemp
Matt Kemp

Pretty sure the image is wrong for Matt Kemp. The one pictured is just the base card version.

Ryan Cracknell
Ryan Cracknell

Matt Kemp (ID 40901) Thanks. Had the correct description but I guess my eyes went numb adding all the images. Fixed now.

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